Prophecies of the GREAT COMET CHASTISEMENT, by Veronica Lueken


And the globe now is one of the world, but there are flames on one side. I am almost looking now into the area. There are flames, and there's a big hole. Oh, it covers half of the globe, the hole. It's like burned out, as though it's been hit by a tremendous big ball of fire. Oh, it's terrible. I can feel the heat.

Now I notice that there is a tremendous ball now setting out in the sky by the sun. It's like two giant suns in the sky. But the ball on the right has a tail, and it's starting to move now around the sun. And as it goes it's bouncing crazily....

And it's heading now over towards the earth again. It's hit it once, and something happened. And now it's heading for another part of the globe. It's turned its course completely around and is striking the globe; I can see now the whole underside of the globe in flames. -Veronica, April 14, 1984

"The Father has created, and the Father can destroy in an instant."
-Our Lady, August 5, 1973

I see a great light, a flash! It's so hot, this flash! Oh, there's a large ball of fire. Oh, it's very hot, and it's whirling through the sky, and it's shooting off sparks behind it. The sparks-they're large pieces of rock, and they're falling, falling down.

Now the waters, the waters are rising very high. I can see the waters. Oh! Oh! Oh, the waters have come in. They're so high! And I see some cities. I see a large city, and the waters are now-oh, they're pounding against the ground. And now I see the buildings--they're falling! Now the ground is cracking, and the buildings are falling into the holes. Oh! Oh! Oh! -Veronica, June 16, 1973

"Many of you will wait until it is too late, and then what will you say, as in Noe's time, the Ark was closed and the waters descended upon the earth? So it will be in the end days, My children: the Ark of graces, the Ark of knowledge, the Ark of your God, will close upon those who will be saved, but others will be destroyed by the Ball of Redemption."
-Jesus, June 18, 1987

"Pray and wear your sacramentals. And also, My children, I ask you again to place a crucifix upon your door. Both front and back doors must have a crucifix [available from Shrine]. I say this to you because there will be carnage within your areas, and this will pass you by if you keep your crucifix upon your doors."
-Jesus, June 30, 1984

"Have no fear of the days ahead, for with My Rosary and this, the Scapular, We shall crush the head of satan."
-Our Lady, June 15, 1974

"The Ball of Redemption shall take from your earth three-quarters of mankind. Your country, America the beautiful, has not witnessed a massive scale of destruction and death. Is this what you call down upon yourselves? You, My children, hold the balance."
-Jesus, September 28, 1976

"All flesh and nakedness shall burn with the Ball of Redemption. Cover your bodies! They are temples of the Holy Ghost!"
-Our Lady, November 19, 1977

"All sacramentals must be worn and kept in the homes. The monuments, statues, must be kept in the homes and the House of God, for they will not then fall during the trial of chastisement. All who keep My monuments in their houses will not be destroyed."
-Jesus, March 25, 1973

"Woe, woe to man of earth. He calls down upon himself a just punishment for the abominations he commits in his heart and the abominations in the sacred temples of God. Wars, famine, flood, cataclysm, and the Ball of Redemption. Know that in this order man shall be cleansed."
-St. Michael, May 30, 1974

"My child and My children, you will keep a constant vigilance of prayer going throughout your world, because, I repeat again, near the throne of the Eternal Father, He views a ball so immense, so beyond all man's speculation, that it will destroy over three-quarters of the earth. It is in your atmosphere. It has been noticed by few, but the few seek not to bring fear to the hearts of mankind. They do not know that it is the Eternal Father Who now will guide that Ball."
-Jesus, June 18, 1991

"There is in your atmosphere of earth a Ball of Redemption hurrying to earth. It is of supernatural origin. Those who have cast aside the knowledge of the supernatural shall not be given the grace to observe the coming Chastisement. When it enters upon your atmosphere, hearts shall be gripped with fear. Many shall run to hide themselves, recognizing the wrath of their Lord."
-Our Lady, September 13, 1975

"All I can say is I stand before the Eternal Father and continuously plead your cause before Him. If this was not to be, you would have received the Ball of Redemption already. I do not know, My children, how long I can hold the hand of the Eternal Father back."
-Our Lady, June 18, 1991

"But it is a ball of destruction, and I tell you, My children, We have been attempting to hold this back with all manner of graces and fasting and suffering....

"We have asked also, urgently, and have had great cooperation from the earth's masses of people--to Rome to tell them, 'Look up, and see what lies beyond your windows: a Ball that is fast hurtling towards earth! It will be here within this century [a century], if not sooner.' For even the scientists have failed to recognize the speed of this Ball." -Our Lady, June 18, 1988

"The Eternal Father has the Ball poised in His hand; your end can come by day. It will come upon you quickly, and how many shall be prepared? Do you have your candles? Do you have your water, your canned food, and your blankets? It will become an extremely cold day with the start of the tribulation, and you will welcome having these on hand, My children. Do not take this lightly, but abide by Our direction and you shall not be caught short of provisions."
-Jesus, November 1, 1985

"Know that at the time of the Chastisement, the brightness of the coming celestial punishing agent from the Father will light up the night as the day. The heat will turn your winters to summer. Yes, My child, the celestial body will throw off a great amount of heat upon your earth."
-Jesus, November 1, 1974

"Man shall not be prepared for this great trial. Only those who act upon and listen to the counsel from Heaven shall be ready."
-Jesus, June, 1 1978

"I stand upon the head of the serpent. My heel will crush him [Genesis 3:15], but not until man and the world have been cleansed. I come as a Mediatrix of all graces, Representative through My Son in the Father."
-Our Lady, March 18, 1973

Jesus - My children, in the time of your great reward in Heaven will you understand fully how great was your mission upon earth." (10-6-76)