One Page Remaining

January 1996

 As I was riding in the car from Kansas toward Nebraska, I saw a large star appear before me. This star appeared, and disappeared before my eyes 4 times. I told my grandson what I had seen, and he said, "pray, and see what God shows you.

The next evening as I was praying, I saw the star again. It shone with such intensity, that it took my eyesight away. Two men walked out of this star, dressed in shining garments. One spoke to me: "Dumitru, listen and remember. Your returning to America was my plan, and my decision. I still have names to add to the number before all the things that I have shown you will happen."

They opened a great book and said, "do you remember how many pages were left to fill when I showed you last time? Now, there is but one page left. When this is completed, what I have told you will happen to America." The man proceeded to tell me that the time it would take for this page to be filled, would not be longer, but shorter. He closed the book, and sounds of thunder reverberated.

Frightened of what I had seen, I continued to pray.