Prophecy 55 Ray Aguilera

{i.e., the Day of Judgment}

Message of Devastation - Interruption Quenches The Anointing

Devastation is coming. Get ready. Devastation is coming. That's why I'm telling My daughter now, speak it forth in a spoken word. It is not only in the power of the written word. Years ago I commanded these words to be spoken forth, and yet I knew the site managers would not obey. NOW is the time, though. . .

DEVASTATION…IS…COMING!!! But NOT to My babies, NOT to My Bride, NOT to My chosen ones and NOT to My elect. I AM going to protect them just as surely as Noah and his family were protected in the ark. If they can but BELIEVE. Tell them, I will protect them from the flood of ungodliness. I will protect them from the flood of the dangers that await.

Tell them, "GET IN THE ARK!" Find out where they're to be. Tell them to seek My face. If they don't know where they're to be, fast and pray and wail and lament…but find out where their ark is. As long as they are aware of where they are supposed to be. As long as they are underneath the umbrella of My safety, then they are in their ark, no matter where they are in the world. But I tell you again My children, call forth the Apostles and Prophets to interpret the dream I gave Elisabeth. [ click here to read dream, about starving baby, and interpretations ]


My son Chuck, you must post the interpretation of the dream and I will give you ONE interpretation of that dream. But call forth the Apostles, and call forth the Prophets, for each one will have a part if they will but OBEY and they will tell you the FULL REVELATION of that dream. For, My children, the heathen bring devastation…and I allow it. But those that cry out to Me, in My Son YAHU'SHUA's Name, they will be in the ark of My safety, I will protect them from devastation and pain. In BIG LETTERS, put this date and time down along with the dream and tell them, just as in the days of Noah, just as in the days of Lot…


You know not what hour. You know not what day. But on a Sabbath day, you'd better be in prayer! And where your faith is, your safety shall be. Your safety is not… [dependant on you only].

Devastation Is Coming

Just warn the people that devastation is coming...

And whatever they've done for Me, whatever they've done in My Son's Name, however they've helped the Good News to be proclaimed, THESE ARE THE ONES! I will hear their cry. Whatever sacrifices they've made, I will take note on that day. I will take note which one's covered their ears. I WILL TAKE NOTE which ones covered their eyes.…

Warning From YAHU'SHUA (cont'd)

…and say, "Oh, no, He's not talking to me. I WARN THEM NOW! I WILL TAKE NOTE! For I send her forth as an Elijah of Old. I send her forth to the widows of Zarephath, though they knew it not. I WILL take note on the day devastation comes.

Did they help feed My Prophets? Did they offer water? Did they offer an encouraging word? Did they offer shelter? I ask prophets of old again and again in the word that's been foretold. And I always sent them with My message. And it was always the choice whether the people would hear or whether they would respond in godly fear…or would they chase the prophets away? Nothing has changed this very day.

So tell them, My daughter, tell them for Me so they won't say they weren't warned…


Are they ready? Ask them what they have done for Me