The Next Wave Is Upon Us

by Rick Joyner
(May 11, 1992)

On May 11, 1992 I saw the church like a surfer floating on a short surfboard, gazing at the beach, lazily drifting and dreaming of the big wave. While this surfer was drifting the very wave he was dreaming about was getting closer and closer but he did not know it. I knew that unless he woke up and looked around very fast it was going to come crashing down on top of him and the result was not going to be a smooth ride! I also knew that his board was too short for the huge wave that was coming. It was obvious that because of his sleepy state, the very wave this surfer dreamed about placed him in serious jeopardy. By the time he did hear the sound of the wave and turned to look, it was too late. What had been the desire of his heart became a terror because, when it came he was not ready for it. The wave turned the surfer over and over, smashing him into the bottom several times and breaking his board. I feared for his life but he did survive, with many cuts, bruises and a few broken bones.

I watched the surfer lying on the beach in great pain. Soon the terror of possibly dying passed and a deep wisdom replaced it. He gazed back out over the sea. Even though he was so broken and hurt that he could hardly move, an awesome resolve and dignity came over him. I knew he would come back to ride the waves again.

I then saw this surfer in a hospital with a room that looked out over the ocean. He was still gazing out over the sea, but I knew that instead of dreaming, he was now planning. I then saw him standing on the beach, not only healed but far more muscular than he had been before. Next to him stood the largest surfboard I have ever seen. Even though the sea was calm, I knew and he knew that the biggest wave of all was already in motion beyond the horizon. He was ready in that he could ride the wave, but fears were rising up in him. I had the knowledge that if he did not quickly dismiss them and get moving, he would not be able to paddle out far enough in time and would again be in great jeopardy from the wave.

There were also many other surfers who looked like professional body builders standing all over the beach. These all had the same kind of short boards that the original surfer had at first. These body builders really did not seem interested in the waves at all, but just in showing off their bodies, which really looked grotesque and I knew that their large, bulging muscles were not really as strong as the real surfer's, whose muscles seemed more natural.  They had build their bodies for show, but he had built himself up for strength.