Jan Walker, January 28, 1998

I had never had a dream about judgment coming to America until about two months ago.

I was standing in a building with someone when I looked out the window and saw an enormous dark and ominous cloud fast approaching.   The cloud covered the whole sky.   On the leading edge of the cloud the earth was heaving upward--with the movement of the earth proceeding quickly forward, always staying in front of the cloud.

I looked again and in front of this movement of the earth were three men on horses, and... this is strange... they were all dressed like American cowboys.

Then I heard a voice say,  "They've set off the biggest underground nuclear blast in history."  (I'd like to note that this dream occurred prior to India's recent nuclear testing.    And, in fact, at the time there was no talk of nuclear weapons or testing in the news.)

Then the woman that I was with in the building turned and said something to me and I don't recall exactly what it was.   However, at the same moment, I SAW NUCLEAR MISSLES FLYING TOWARD MAJOR AMERICAN CITIES AND COULD SEE THOSE CITIES BURNING.   IT WAS DEVASTATING.

Prior to this dream...I won't go into heavy details...but I had dreams that I WAS SEPARATED FROM MY FAMILY AND I KNEW WE HAD LOST OUR FREEDOM AND I WAS FORCED TO LABOR FOR SOMEONE.

I believe your visions are from the Lord.   I pray that many people will find your site.   MOST OF ALL, I PRAY THAT THE PEOPLE OF OUR NATION WOULD REPENT. MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON US ALL.

A sister in Christ,
Jan Walker