Nita Johnson, March 31, 1990

I saw myself standing in the midst of several people who were warning me not to go into various countries considering the danger. I insisted that my going was imperative. The need so outweighed the concern of danger. Subsequently, I was walking across miles of terrain that reflected the scourging of fire. The land had been utterly wasted. Only burnt images remained where lush trees once abounded, the soil still heaving with the purifying fire, like lava, blistering over the landscape. Strangely enough, I seemed unaffected by the radiating heat of the ground under my feet.

I saw hundreds of pilgrims walking together in clusters. Each group seemed totally unaware of all the devastation that surrounded them as they were on their way out of the country. I was perplexed by this as the need was so great, I couldn't understand why they were leaving. People would continue to flow past me saying "Don't go any further. It's too dangerous. You'll die in there." But, even as they spoke, I could see into the cities of this country. There was looting, rioting, and murdering. There were food shortages and terrible plagues, and darkness and terror assailed the people on every side. As I saw this, I would nod and say to myself, "I'll be alright. They need the Lord in there."

Suddenly, I realized that I was in Israel, and I began to cry out, "Oh, Israel, Israel, come to the Lord." Then I immediately realized that I had been in country after country all over the world and found the land in the same condition.
In each country I would cry out, "Judgment is coming, judgment is coming - prepare, prepare!" People would walk up to me and say, "Don't be ridiculous. Judgment has already come. Can't you see? Look at the land!" Each time this would happen, I would see a vision of bombs falling on the land and I would declare, "No, this is but a warning." Then I would repeat, "Judgment is coming - judgment is coming -prepare - prepare!."
This took place across America, France, Italy, Canada, Switzerland, Africa, England, virtually every country in the world.

I asked the Lord why the pilgrims seemed totally incognizant of the condition and need of the people. He told me, "It's because of the mindset of the church. My people think they are going to get out before things get too bad. So, instead of concern for the lost, they are thinking about getting out!"