Prophecy of the Future, from Shirley at River of Life Publications

April 24, 2001
I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No man comes to the Father, except through Me. Be encouraged, My bride, that times of testing will lead to purification, that all the dross will be removed. I am not a man that I should lie. All My promises are "Yes" and "Amen." I have been there through all your fiery trials. I have held your hand. Is it any wonder that I should complete My plan, that I should take the gold refined by fire and use it at My desire? I am the potter and you are the clay so I will model you and make you this way. So don't fear the trials that come, but embrace them. They will strengthen you for the coming day when I come to take My bride to be with Me. And the time is soon, My children, when I shall break through the clouds, roll back the heavens, and the dead in Christ shall rise to meet Me. Didn't I say I would come back the way you saw Me leave? Didn't I say that I would take those of My own to be with Me? Well the time is soon, very soon, and I am preparing My bride for My return. The end is near, nearer than you think, and I am turning the hearts of the people toward Me. I am causing them to leave their worldly pursuits to enter into intimacy with Me. Many have not known Me. They confess Me with their mouths, but they do not know Me. But I am moving in this day and I am turning their hearts to the Father. All their earthly pursuits will fall away. I will transform their thinking, change their understanding. Even those who mocked the message of My Son will come, bow down before Me, and worship Me. So do not be afraid of the testings that come. They will bring in a great harvest of souls from the North, South, East and West. They will turn the hearts of the wayward back to the Father.

Industry will undergo a revolution. I am on the brink of breaking in and taking over. I am speaking to this generation, trumpeting My word forth, and every ear shall hear the voice of My prophets in this day. Great shall be the wake up call, like no other. Like a clap in the heavens. It is time for My church to arise to power. The apostles will be sent out to orchestrate the affairs of the Lord. To them is given the power to be My spokespersons in the earth. Their calling is to counsel and advise and I am raising up My counselors and I shall institute them into positions of leadership throughout the land, no longer confined to the structured church, but positioned throughout the whole earth, for My government shall extend from sea to sea, from one end of the earth to the other. Politics will take a turn. Revolutionary practices will bring a complete turn around. Though wars and rumors of wars, I am establishing My kingdom in the midst of the people. Expect revolution in industry. Expect a complete upheaval. Expect a take over of the present system. Expect that the Lord God Almighty is coming to overthrow the kingdoms of the world. There is coming a man to power who will declare himself to be God, but his kingdom shall fall.

I am ushering in My millennial rule. I am establishing My government in the earth. Many question the word coming forth that speaks about the reign of Christ. But I tell you, it shall come as in the twinkling of an eye. Already I am establishing it in the earth. I am about to overthrow evil in the lives of My people. I am about to pluck them up. I have reserved those who will diligently do My bidding in this day, My end-time church. I am releasing a prophetic apostolic mantle upon My bride and she shall declare My will and My ways to the ends of the earth and it will not be a watered down message that is sent out, but it will go forth with signs and wonders to free people from sin and idolatry. It will pluck people out of the grips of hell and it will gather in the nations.