July 21, 2001
Shirley Lise


As the waters cover the sea, so will My glory cover the earth. All nations, all tribes and tongues will worship Me. I am calling deep unto deep. No more will the enemy prevent My plan and My purposes from being fulfilled. No more will he thwart the call I have placed upon My servants. I have sealed them for this day for the work I am revealing to them. No more will those who hunger and thirst be denied My water that flows from the Rock of Christ. I am pouring out My waters upon the earth. The earth will be covered. The waters will rise. I am about to do something of great magnitude that no eye has seen and no ear has heard. I am about to raise the dead. They shall see with their own eyes that the Lord is God.

Every idol will come crashing down, laying in a heap, broken at Jesus’ feet. This is the day when My people will march out and take the land. They will possess it. All the giants will be smitten by My sword. Every idol in the temple shall be destroyed, and a true and sincere offering will rise unto Me, no more a stench in My nostrils, for I, the Lord God, am calling My people into holiness, into repentance, into a fresh living relationship with their God, the Lord of Heaven and Earth. Every manmade kingdom will topple at My feet, for I am purifying My Bride and preparing her. I am adorning Her with My jewels, gold refined in the fire of affliction.

Do not fear the trials that are coming upon the earth. I am pouring out My bowls of wrath in this day, but those who are mine, I am sealing and they shall not be harmed. Great tribulation is coming upon the earth as has never been seen, but hold on to what you have for I am coming soon, and the glory and the majesty with which I am crowning My elect will outshine the sun. The trumpet shall sound and the angels shall descend. A roar is going forth in the heavenlies, the sound of many waters. My voice is going into all the earth and shall be heard everywhere. I am sending My messengers to and fro with words of life sealed up for this time. You don’t realize the time is almost here when the last trumpet shall blast the sound of the Lord’s coming in all His glory. The sky shall be rolled back and His glory shall descend upon the elect, upon His chosen ones.

He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit is saying. In this day no longer will the well run dry, but the waters will bubble up and run over and flow out into every dry place. All will taste and see that the Lord is good. They will begin to see the things of the world that have held them back fall away and they shall dance and delight themselves in Me, for I am calling My elect together from the ends of the earth, and they shall come streaming into Zion, dancing and shouting and praising God. No longer shall they be held back by the prince of wickedness, but they shall be loosed. I declare, they shall be loosed on the day in which I do these things, says the Lord. Every bondage, every fetter shall be broken, and you shall see the Son of Man coming on the clouds in all glory and majesty.

So be faithful, my dear beloved children. Be faithful to the call I have placed upon your life to rise up in the power of My Spirit, for I am doing a new thing in the earth. Continue to press in to Me. Continue to seek Me. Do not give up. Do not listen to the lies of the enemy, but press in to Me. I am taking you in. You will possess the land, the land flowing with milk and honey that I promised to your forefathers. You shall eat of the land and of its richness. You shall continually drink from the streams of living water that flow from the throne room of your God day and night.

I have raised up many by the power of My Spirit who will proclaim those things that have been hidden. The veil is being removed and they shall see Me as I really am. They will understand, as the key unlocks the door, all the treasures that are stored up for them in that place. Go, therefore, and do not hesitate and don’t be afraid, for I am with you. I have called you. I have placed my seal upon you and I, Myself, am sending you. So go. You have heard My voice concerning those who don’t yet know Me, that I am calling them in from the east and the west, from the north and the south. I am drawing them in by the power of My Spirit and they shall dine with the King of Kings and Lord of Lords at My wedding banquet. The banquet room shall be filled, for I, Myself, will bring them in! Get ready. Be prepared to usher them in one by one. One by one they are coming in. They are entering the net, the great net of the Household of God, for My house shall be full. The time is coming and now is when I shall do these things, says the Lord.


Let the heavens rejoice, let the earth be glad, for I am doing a new thing. As the waters cover the earth, I am pouring out My Spirit upon all flesh and your sons and your daughters will surely prophesy. Get ready. I am about to pour out My Spirit upon your children in portions never seen. I am doing a deeper work in your children than you see. I have entered the recesses of their hearts. No other generation has been raised up the way I am about to raise up this generation. They will go to and fro in the power of My Spirit. The Word of the Lord will pour forth from their mouths. This is the generation I am leading in to take possession of the land. You will be amazed at what you see in your children. I have come to redeem them from the pit of destruction, from the hordes of hell. I have heard the cry of My people and I will heal the land. I will restore and bring back the backslider, those who have known Me, but have gone astray, and those who have known of Me, but have not known Me. I will reveal Myself to them. At every turn they will see Me. They will experience My joy. They will see that I love them, care for them, and am for them and not against them. They will experience My love and they will be healed of all their diseases, of all their addictions, of all that the evil one has afflicted upon them. I am about to set your children free, to release them from captivity, to untie every rope that has bound them. I’ve heard your cry for your children. Did I not say that I would do these things? Did I not say that I have come to release those in darkness and to make for Myself a people who would worship Me in Spirit and in truth, for they shall be called My people and I shall be called their God.

Hear, oh hear, My people. Incline your ear to Me and you will hear of great and marvelous things. I will show you the desires of My heart, and I will put My desires into your heart, and you will be a people after My own heart as David was. Dance before Me. Exalt the Lord your God, for He is great and greatly to be praised. Lift up your voices of exultation. Let the Name of the Lord be lifted up on high. Let His banner be lifted high. Rejoice, rejoice, My people, and again I say rejoice, for I am about to do great and mighty things amongst you. You will marvel at the things I do. The sea is roaring and raging round about humanity. The waters are rising and the people are drowning. Go, you must go. Do not hesitate to pull them up out of the waters. The tide is coming in, and a great tidal wave of destruction is about to hit. Go and get them. Now is the time. My angels are holding back the winds, so you must go now. Leave everything you are doing and go, for the time is now. They are crying out to Me, “Won’t someone help?” I hear their cries. Day and night I hear their cries. I want to rescue them, to pull them out before it is too late. So go, I say go in My name into the highways and byways and into those places. Go! I will go with you. He who has an ear let him hear what the Spirit is saying to the church. I am sending you out into the harvest fields. The sickle is being swung. The trumpet has been sounded, and the sickles have been loosed into the fields. I am speeding up My coming. There will be no more delay.

Rise up, rise up My people, for the glory of the Lord is upon you. I have called you to take My glory to the lost, to those who are drowning. I have prepared an ark and they must enter it, for soon the doors will be closed and the flood waters will come. The tidal wave is coming, and the end is soon. My wrath is about to be poured out upon the sons of disobedience. The grapes will be put in the winepress and the blood will flow. The blood of My Son was spilled for them, yet they refused to repent, to turn from their wicked, perverse ways, and My judgement is coming.

My Beloved, rest in Me. You will find peace under My wing. I will hide you from the wrath that is to come. I will shelter you, says the Lord your God. Draw near to Me. Run into My arms and I will hold you, and the waters will not hurt you, and the winds that swirl around you will not touch you. You will be safe in My arms as in the eye of a tornado. There will be darkness for a time, but the light and love of My Son will be upon you and in you and you will be at peace even in the raging storm. Did I say I would take you out of the world? No, but I said that My peace will be upon you. Destruction will be everywhere, for I am tearing down the kingdoms of this world.

I have shown you the way. It is through My Son. There is no other way. This way leads to life. Tell them there is no other way. Many have tried to enter by the wide gate, but it leads to destruction. The way to life is through the narrow gate. This is a warning to the people. Tell them the way is through My Son and that there is no way to the Father except through the Son, My dearly beloved Son who shed His blood. It was poured out as an offering, the propitiation for all sin. Only the blood of Jesus is acceptable. Tell them My Son died for them, that His blood was shed for them, too. Go and bear fruit for the kingdom. Do the works that the Father sent you to do, to labor with Him till the full number is in.

What I said I would do, I will do, for truly, “all nations shall be blessed” through Him. This is the culmination of the age, and the Son of Righteousness is coming with healing in His wings and He will restore all things. No longer will a man say, “Know the Lord,” for he shall know Him, for from within his innermost parts will come springs of living water. I am about to take you to a higher level in My Spirit if you are willing to go where I send you, to do what I do, to say what you hear Me saying. I will make you ready. I am coming. I am He, Faithful and True, the Son of the Most High God, and I have come with a sword to smite the enemy who has prevented My people from moving forth in the power of My Spirit. I am setting up My kingdom in the midst of you. I am establishing My throne in your midst. You shall come to worship Me. You shall come with fear and trembling to worship Me, says the Lord your God, for I have created all things for My pleasure. All creation shall bow down and worship Me.