(1) Dream: I dreamed that many things were going on all over our country and that many changes had happened. I saw America with the east and west coast areas completely under water (not some local flooding) but completely under water. Everyone drowned that was caught in this flooding of both coasts. Also I saw that the Gulf of Mexico had moved and flooded up into Texas. I did not see what had caused all this but there was a great rising of water from all sides of America and many were drowned. In my dream we were being directed to a place of safety by God and He was protecting us from savage people in the land as we went. Nothing could hurt us as we were obedient to Him and followed His directions.
Ronald J. Wells, P.O. Box 495, Broken Bow,OK. 74728-0495.

(2) Dream: I had a dream of 2 inch stones raining down and creating a lot of damage. Hard to know where they were coming from, but my conclusion in the dream was rather quick.. that it was from a volcanic eruption... don't really remember much more but I did wake up and it was sure plain as day.
Stan Deyo, West Australian Texas Trading, P.O. Box 71, Kalamunda, Western Australia, AUSTRALIA 6076.

(3) Dream: A time in the future - things and circumstances will bear little resemblance to our lives today. Life will not be comfortable or sate (we are used to every modern convenience and feel safe and secure in our country for the most part). Something had happened to make this a backward nation. [Actually in the dream it looked as if we were living in a third world country] The comforts of life enjoyed today were no longer there.
JoAnn Glasco, Rt.1 Box 166-A, Annona,TX. 75550.