Not All True Food

Susan Coble, April 2000


A Vision:

I needed a job and was hired to work in a church.  The Pastor appeared normal to me (i.e. clothes, manners, etc.).  He was willing to pay me nicely.  I was so happy and felt that God had surely blessed me.

I started my work which was cleaning in the church.  People were there.  They were all wandering around.  Appeared to be waiting for something or someone.  Some were very definite in what was to be done as far as the preparation.

This young man comes over to me.  He starts rebuking me for working in the church.  I tell him that I need the money and that the pastor hired me.  The young man tells me that I cannot work in the Lord's house while the Pastor is there.

I then sit down to think.

I notice that people are running to and fro all around me.  Excitement surrounds me.  The young man comes running through shouting, "He is here!!!  He is here!!"

Then the Pastor walks in.  However, it is not the man that hired me.  This man is wearing an expensive Armani suit, fine jewelry, and flaunting great wealth.  His eyes are dull and his smile is fake.

The people all clamor to him.  They want to touch him and be near him.

A service starts.  The people are mesmerized.

I start my job away from the people.  The people start shouting and singing.  They are throwing money unto the man.

I turn and look out the window and see a long powder blue stretch limousine.  Men of the church are wheeling out 5 dead bodies and put them into the limo.  I turn and ask the young man if the limo belongs to the Pastor.  At first he denies it.  Then he tells me how good and holy the pastor is.

Then he admits the car does belong to the pastor, but, justifies him having it.  I inquire about the dead bodies being put into it.  He tells me that is how the pastor keeps it running.  I then noticed that each body had a dollar sign on it.  The young man then looks at me and says, "The people are faithful.  They give because the pastor tells them they have to give.  In return, pastor feeds them with the Word." *

I then challenge the young man and say, "It is not all true food.  It is manipulated to appear as such."

The young man replies, "This is true.  But, by the time the people realize it, it is too late.  They have given all.  The bodies being put into the limo are those people.  For as they were blindly led on their way, they gave their money faithfully.  Yet, they spiritually died because they were malnourished by the man.  And the man becomes bigger and bigger."

Then the young man looks at me and says, "You do not fit in here.  You work here because for a while you believed.  However, you work away from among the people because you see pure and holy truth.  You can never mix in with these people lest you expose the pure truth and ruin it for the man.  So, you are cast away from them.  However, you will never be put into the limo because you see the truth and it has set you free."