Future Prophecies Revealed.

"The soul fortunately, has an interpreter - often an unconscious, but still a truthful interpreter - in the eye." Charlotte Brontė

Leonardo Da Vinci From the notebooks, 1938

COMMON HABIT Some poor wretch will be flattered, and these same flatterers will always be his deceivers, robbers and assassins. 

THE PERCUSSION OF THE SUN'S DISC Something will appear which will cover over the person who shall attempt to cover it. 

OF MONEY AND GOLD That shall come forth from hollow caves which shall cause all the nationsthe world to toil and sweat with great agitation, anxiety and labour, inorder to gain its aid. 

OF THE FEAR OF POVERTY The malevolent and terrifying thing shall of itself strike such terror into that almost like madmen, while thinking to escape from it, they will rush in swift course upon its boundless forces. 

OF ADVICE He who shall be most necessary to whoever has need of him will be unknown, and if known will be held of less account. 

OF SNAKES CARRIED BY SWANS Serpents of huge size will be seen at an immense height in the air fighting with birds. 

OF CANNON WHICH COME FORTH OUT OF A PIT AND FROM A MOULD There shall come forth from beneath the ground that which by its terrific report shall stun all who are near it, and cause men to drop dead at its breath,and it shall devastate cities and castles. 

OF CHRISTIANS There are many who hold the faith of the Son and only build temples in the name of the Mother. 

OF FOOD WHICH HAS BEEN ALIVE A large part of the bodies which have had life will pass into the bodies ofother animals, that is the houses no longer inhabited will pass piecemeal through those which are inhabited, ministering to their needs and bearing away with them what is waste; that is to say that the life of man is made bythe things which he eats, and these carry with them that part of man which is dead. 

OF MEN WHO SLEEP UPON PLANKS MADE FROM TREES Men will sleep and cat and make their dwelling among trees grown in theforests and the fields. 

OF DREAMING It shall seem to men that they see new destructions in the sky, and the flames descending there from shall seem to have taken night and to flee away in terror; they shall hear creatures of every kind speaking human language;they shall run in a moment, in person, to divers parts of the world without movement; amidst the darkness they shall see the most radiant splendours.O marvel of mankind! What frenzy has thus impelled you! You shall holdconverse with animals of every species, and they with you in human language.You shall behold yourselves falling from great heights without suffering anyinjury; the torrents will bear you with them as they mingle in their rapidcourse.  OF ANTS Many communities there will be who will hide themselves and their young and their victuals within gloomy caverns, and there in dark placeswill sustain themselves and their families for many months without any light either artificial or natural. 

OF BEES And many others will be robbed of their store of provisions and theirfood, and by an insensate folk will be cruelly immersed and drowned. Ojustice of God! why dost thou not awake to behold thy creatures thus abused? 

OF SHEEP, COWS, GOATS AND THE LIKE From countless numbers will be stolen their little children, and thethroats of these shall be cut, and they shall be quartered most barbarously. 

OF NUTS, OLIVES, ACORNS, CHESTNUTS, AND THE LIKE Many children shall be torn with pitiless beatings out of the very arms oftheir mothers, and flung upon the ground and then maimed. 

OF CHILDREN WHO ARE WRAPPED IN SWADDLING BANDS O cities of the sea, I behold in you your citizens, women as well as men,tightly bound with stout bonds around their arms and legs by folk who will have no understanding of our speech; and you will only be able to give ventto your griefs and sense of loss of liberty by making tearful complaints, andsighs, and lamentation one to another; for those who bind you will not have understanding of your speech nor will you understand them. 

OF CATS THAT EAT RATS In you, O cities of Africa! your own sons shall be seen torn to pieces within their own houses by most cruel and savage animals of your country. 

OF ASSES WHICH ARE BEATEN O neglectful Nature, wherefore art thou thus partial, becoming to someof thy children a tender and benignant mother, to others a most cruel andruthless stepmother? I see thy children given into slavery to others withoutlever receiving any benefit, and in lieu of any reward for the services theyhave done for them they are repaid by the severest punishments, and they.constantly spend their lives in the service of their oppressor.  DIVISION OF THE PROPHECIES First of things which relate to the reasoning animals, second those which have not the power of reason, third of plants, fourth of ceremonies, fifth of customs, sixth of propositions, decrees or disputes, seventh of propositionscontrary to Nature (as to speak of a substance which the more there is taken from it is the more increased), and reserve the weighty propositions until theend, and begin with those of less import, and show first the evils and then the punishments, eight of philosophical things. 

OF FUNERAL RITES AND PROCESSIONS AND LIGHTS AND BELLSAND FOLLOWERS The greatest honours and ceremonies shall be paid to men without their knowledge.All the astrologers will be castrated, that is the cockerels. 

CONJECTURE Arrange in order the months and the ceremonies which are performed,and do this for the day and for the night. 

OF REAPERS There will be many who will be moving one against another, holding intheir hands the sharp cutting iron. These will not do each other any hurtother than that caused by fatigue, for as one leans forward the other drawsback an equal space; but woe to him who intervenes between them, for inthe end he will be left cut in pieces.  OF SILK-SPINNING There shall be heard mournful cries and loud shrieks, hoarse angry voices of those who are tortured and despoiled and at last left naked and motionless;and this shall be by reason of the motive power which turns the whole. 

OF PLACING BREAD WITHIN THE MOUTH OF THE OVEN ANDDRAWING IT OUT AGAIN In all the cities and lands and castles, villages and houses, men will beseen who through desire of eating will draw the very food out of eachother's mouths, without their being able to make any resistance. 

PROPHECIES OF PLOUGHED LAND The earth will be seen turned upside down and facing the opposite hemi-spheres, and laying bare the holes where lurk the fiercest animals. 

OF SOWING Then a great part of the men who remain alive will throw out of their louses the victuals they have saved, as the free booty of the birds and beastsof the field, without taking any care of them. 

OF THE RAINS WHICH CAUSE THE RIVERS TO BECOME MUDDY AND CARRY AWAY THE SOIL There will come from out the sky that which will transport a great part of Africa which lies beneath this sky (1) towards Europe, and that of Europe towards Africa; and those of the provinces will mingle together in great evolution.(1) MS., si mostra a esso cielo.    

OP BRICK-KILNS AND LIME-KILNS At the last the earth will become red after being exposed to fire for manydays, and the stones will become changed to ashes.

OF WOOD THAT IS BURNT The trees and shrubs of the vast forests shall be changed to ashes.  OF BOILED FISHCreatures of the water will die in boiling water. 

THE OLIVES WHICH DROP FROM THE OLIVE-TREES GIVE US THEOIL WHICH MAKES LIGHT There shall descend with fury from the direction of the sky that whichwill give us nourishment and light. 

OF HORNED AND TAWNY OWLS WITH WHICH ONE GOES FOWLING WITH BIRD-LIME Many will perish by fracturing their skulls, and their eyes will almost startout of their heads on account of fearsome creatures which have come forthout of the darkness. 

OF FLAX WHEREBY PAPER IS MADE OUT OF RAGS That shall be revered and honoured and its precepts shall be listened towith reverence and love, which was at first despised and mangled and tortured with many different blows. 

OF BOOKS WHICH INCULCATE PRECEPTS Bodies without souls shall by their sayings supply precepts which shallhelp us to die well. 

OF THOSE WHO ARE BEATEN AND SCOURGED Men will hide themselves within the bark of hollow trees, and there crying aloud they will make martyrs of themselves by beating their own limbs. 

OF WANTONNESS And they will go wild after the things that arc most beautiful to seek after,to possess and make use of their vilest parts; and afterwards, having returned with loss and penitence to their understanding, they will be filled with great admiration for themselves. 

OF THE AVARICIOUS Many there will be who with the utmost zeal and solicitude will pursue furiously that which has always filled them with awe, not knowing its evil nature. 

OF MEN WHO AS THEY GROW OLDER BECOME MORE MISERLY,WHEREAS, HAVING BUT A SHORT TIME TO STAY, THEY OUGHT TO BE MORE GENEROUS You will see that those who arc considered to be of most experience andjudgment, in proportion as they come to have less need of things, seek and hoard them with more eagerness. 

OF A DITCH (GIVE THIS AS AN INSTANCE OF FRENZY OK CRAZINESS OR MADNESS OF THE BRAIN) There will be many busied in the practice of taking from that thing whichincreases the more the more they take from it. 

OF WEIGHT PLACED ON A FEATHER-PILLOW And with many bodies it will be seen that as you raise your head fromthem they will increase perceptibly, and when the head that has been lifted up returns, their size will immediately diminish. 

OF CATCHING LICE There will be many hunters of animals who the more they catch the fewer they will have; and so conversely they will have more in proportionas they catch less. 

OF DRAWING WATER WITH TWO BUCKETS BY A SINGLE ROPE And many will be busying themselves with a thing which the more they draw it up will tend the more to escape in die contrary direction. 

OF SIEVES MADE OF THE SKIN OF ANIMALS We shall see the food of animals pass through their skins in every way except through the mouth, and penetrate through the opposite side until it reaches the level ground. 

OF THE LIGHTS THAT ARE CARRIED BEFORE THE DEAD They will make light for the dead. 

OF THE LANTERN The fierce horns of powerful bulls will protect the light used at night fromthe impetuous fury of the winds.  OF FEATHERS IN BEDSFlying creatures will support men with their feathers. 

OF MEN WHO PASS ABOVE THE TREES WEARING WOODEN STILTS The swamps will be so great that the men will go above the trees of theircountries. 


Over a great part of the country men shall be seen walking about on theskins of large animals. 

OF SAILING There will be great winds through which the eastern things will become western, and those of the south mingled together in great measure by the course of the winds will follow these through distant lands. 

OF THE WORSHIPPING OF PICTURES OF SAINTS Men shall speak with men who shall not hear them; their eyes shall beopen and they shall not see; they will speak to them and there shall be noreply; they will ask pardon from one who has ears and does not hear; they will offer light to one who is blind, and to the deaf they will appeal with loud clamour.(1)(1) MS.,faran lume a [chi] e' orbo [. . .} sordi con gran [. . .] ore.  

OF DREAMING Men shall walk without moving, they shall speak with those who are absent, they shall hear those who do not speak. 


There shall be seen shapes and figures of men and animals which shall pursue these men and animals where so ever they flee; and the movements of the one shall be as those of the other, but it shall seem a tiling to wonder at because of the different dimensions which they assume. 

OF THE SHADOW CAST BY THE SUN AND OF THE REFLECTION IN THE WATER SEEN AT ONE AND THE SAME TIME Many times one man shall be seen to change into three and all shall proceed together, and often the one that is most real abandons him. 

OF WOODEN COFFERS WHICH ENCLOSE MANY TREASURES Within walnuts and other trees and plants there shall be found very great treasures which lie hidden there.   

OF EXTINGUISHING THE LIGHT WHEN ONE GOES TO BED Many by forcing their breath out too rapidly will lose the power of sight,and in a short time all power of sensation. 

OF THE BELLS OF MULES WHICH ARE CLOSE TO THEIR EARS There shall be heard in many parts of Europe instruments of various sizes making divers melodies, causing great weariness to those who hear the mmost closely.  OF ASSES The many labours shall be repaid by hunger, thirst, wretchedness, blows and goadings. 

OF SOLDIERS ON HORSE BACK Many shall be seen carried by large animals with great speed, to the loss of their lives and to instant death. In the air and on the earth shall be seen animals of different colours, bearing men furiously to the destruction of their lives. 

OF STARS ON SPURS By reason of the stars you will see men moving as swiftly as any swift animal. 

OF A STICK WHICH IS A DEAD THING The movement of the dead shall cause many who arc living to flee away with grief and lamentation and cries. 

OF TINDER With stone and iron things will be rendered visible which were not previously seen. 

OF OXEN WHICH ARE EATEN The masters of the estates will eat their own labourers. 

OF BEATING THE BED TO REMAKE IT To such a pitch of ingratitude shall men come that that which shall give; them lodging without any price shall be loaded with blows, in such a waythat great parts of the inside of it shall be detached from their place, and shallbe turned over and over within it. 

OF THINGS WHICH ARE EATEN WHICH ARE FIRST PUT TO DEATH Those who nourish them will be slain by them and scourged by barbarous death. 

OF THE WALLS OF CITIES REFLECTED IN THE WATER OF THEIR TRENCHES The high walls of mighty cities shall be seen inverted, in their trenches. 

OF THE WATER WHICH FLOWS IN A TURBID STREAM MINGLED WITHEARTH, AND OF DUST AND MIST MINGLING WITH THE AIR, AND OFTHE FIRE WHICH MINGLES ITS HEAT WITH EACH All the elements shall be seen confounded together, surging in huge rolling mass, now towards the centre of the earth, now towards the sky,at one time coursing in fury from the southern regions towards the icy north, at another time from the east to the west, and so again from this hemisphere to the other. 

AT ANY POINT ONE MAY MAKE THE DIVISION OF THE TWO HEMISPHERES All men will suddenly change their hemisphere. 

EVERY POINT FORMS A DIVISION BETWEEN THE EAST AND THE WEST All the animals will move from the east to the west, and so also from the north to the south. 

OF THE MOVEMENT OP THE WATERS WHICH CARRY LOGS THAT ARE DEAD Bodies without life will move of themselves and will carry with them innumerable generations of the dead, plundering the possessions of the living inhabitants. 

OF EGGS WHICH BEING EATEN CANNOT PRODUCE CHICKENS Oh! how many will those be who will never be born. 

OF FISHES WHICH ARE EATEN WITH THEIR ROES Endless generations will perish through the death of the pregnant. 

OF THE BEASTS FROM WHOM CHEESE IS MADE The milk will be taken from the tiny children. 

OF THE LAMENTATIONS MADE ON GOOD FRIDAY In all the parts of Europe there shall be lamentations by great nations for the death of one man. 

OF THE HAFTS OF KNIVES MADE OF RAMS' HORNS In the horns of animals shall be seen sharp irons, which shall take away the lives of many of their species. 

OF THE NIGHT WHEN ONE CANNOT DISTINGUISH ANY COLOUR It shall even come to pass that it will be impossible to tell the difference between colours, for all will become black in hue. 

OF SWORDS AND SPEARS WHICH OF THEMSE LVES NEVER DOANY HARM TO ANYONE That which of itself is gentle and void of all offence will become terribleand ferocious by reason of evil companionship, and will take die lives of manypeople with the utmost cruelty; and it would slay many more if it were notthat these arc protected by bodies which are themselves without life, whichhave come forth out of pits-that is by cuirasses of iron. 

OP GINS AND SNARES Many dead will move with fury, and will take and bind the living, and willI set them before their enemies in order to compass their death and destruction. 

OF THE PRECIOUS METALS There shall come forth out of dark and gloomy caves that which shall cause the whole human race to undergo great afflictions, perils, and death. To many of those who follow it, after much tribulation it will yield delight;but whosoever pays it no homage will die in want and misery. It shall bring to pass an endless number of crimes; it shall prompt and incite wretchedmen to assassinate, to steal, and to enslave; it shall hold its own followers in, suspicion; it shall deprive free cities of their rank: it shall take away life itself from many; it shall make men torment each other with many kinds of subterfuge, deceits, and treacheries.O vile monster! How much better were it for men that thou shouldst go back to hell! For this the vast forests shall be stripped of their trees; forthis an infinite number of creatures shall lose their lives. 

OF FIRE From small beginnings shall arise that which shall rapidly become great;and it shall have respect for no created thing, but its power shall be such as to enable it to transform almost everything from its natural condition. 

OF SHIPS THAT FOUNDER There shall be seen huge bodies devoid of life, carrying great numbers ofmen with fierce speed to the destruction of their lives. 

OF WRITING LETTERS FROM ONE COUNTRY TO ANOTHER Men from the most remote countries shall speak one to another and shall reply.   

OF THE HEMISPHERES WHICH ARE INFINITE AND DIVIDED BY AN INFINITE NUMBER OF LINES, IN SUCH A WAY THAT EVERY MAN HAS ALWAYS ONE OF THESE LINES BETWEEN HIS FEET Men shall speak with and touch and embrace each other while standing each in different hemispheres, and shall understand each other's language.  

OF PRIESTS WHO SAY MASS Many shall there be who in order to practise their calling shall put on the richest vestments, and these shall seem to be made after the manner of aprons. 

OF FRIARS WHO HOLD CONFESSION The unhappy women of their own accord shall go to reveal to men all their wantonness and their shameful and most secret acts. 

OF THE CHURCHES AND HABITATIONS OF FRIARS There will be many who will abandon work and labour and poverty of life and possessions, and will go to dwell among riches and in splendidbuildings, pretending that this is a means of becoming acceptable to God. 

OF THE SELLING OP PARADISE A countless multitude will sell publicly and without hindrance things of the very greatest value, without licence from the Lord of these things, whichwere never theirs nor in their power; and human justice will take no accountof this. 

OF THE DEAD WHO ARE TAKEN TO BE BURIED The simple folk will carry a great number of lights to light up the journeys of all those who have wholly lost the power of sight. O human folly! O madness of mankind! These two phrases stand for the commencement of the matter. 

OF THE DOWRIES OF MAIDENS And whereas at first young maidens could not be protected from the lust and violence of men, either by the watchfulness of parents or by the strength of walls, there will come a time when it will be necessary for the fathers and relatives of these maidens to pay a great price to whoever is willing to marry them, even although they may be rich and noble and exceedingly beautiful.Herein it seems certain that Nature desires to exterminate die human race, as a thing useless to the world and the destroyer of all created things. 

OF THE CRUELTY OF MAN Creatures shall be seen upon the earth who will always be fighting one with another, with very great losses and frequent deaths on cither side.These shall set no bounds to their malice; by their fierce limbs a great number of the trees in the immense forests of the world shall be laid level with the ground; and when they have crammed themselves with food it shall gratify their desire to deal out death, affliction, labours, terrors and banishment to every living thing. And by reason of their boundless pride they shall wish to rise towards heaven, but the excessive weight of their limbs shall hold them down. There shall be nothing remaining on the earth or under the earth or in the waters that shall not be pursued and molested or destroyed,and that which is in one country taken away to another; and their own bodies I shall be made the tomb and the means of transit of all the living bodies which they have slain. O Earth! what delays thee to open and hurl them head long into the deep fissures of thy huge abysses and caverns, and no longer to display in the sight of heaven so savage and ruthless a monster? 

OF SAILING IN SHIPS The trees of the vast forests of Taurus and of Sinai, of the Apennines and of Atlas, shall be seen speeding by means of the air from east to west, and from north to south, and transporting by means of the air a great quantity of men. Oh, how many vows! How many deaths! What partings between friends and relatives shall there be! How many who shall never more behold their own lands or their native country, and shall die unsepulchred and their bones be scattered in divers parts of the world! 

OF REMOVING ON ALL SAINTS' DAY Many shall leave their own dwellings, and shall carry with them all their goods and go to dwell in other lands. 

OF ALL SOULS' DAY How many will there be who will mourn for their dead ancestors, carrying lights for them! 

OF FRIARS WHO BY SPENDING ONLY WORDS RECEIVE GREAT RICHES AND BESTOW PARADISE Invisible money will cause many who spend it to triumph. 

OF BOWS MADE FROM THE HORNS OF OXEN Many there will be who by means of the horns of cattle will die a painfuldeath.Behold a thing which is valued the less the more one has need of it. It is advice.And many have made a trade in deceits and feigned miracles, cozening the foolish herd, and if no one showed himself cognisant of their deceits they would impose them upon all. 

FOR WELL-DOING By the branch of the nut-tree which is struck and beaten just when it has brought its fruit to perfection, is represented those who as the sequel of their illustrious works are struck by envy in divers ways.All these things which in the winter are concealed and hidden beneath thesnow, will be left bare and exposed in summer:-said of a he which cannotremain hidden.You will see the lion tribe tearing open the earth with hooked claws, andburying themselves in the holes that they have made, together with die other animals which are in subjection to them.There shall come forth from the ground creatures clad in darkness who shall attack the human race with tremendous onslaughts, and it shall lave theblood poisoned by their fierce bites even while it is devoured by than.There shall also hurtle through the air a tribe of dreadful winged creatures who shall attack both men and beasts, and feed upon them with loud cries:-They shall fill their bellies full of crimson blood.You will see the blood streaming forth from the rent flesh of men and bedewing the surface parts.You will see men with so cruel a malady that they will tear their flesh withi their own nails:-This will be the itch.You will see plants continuing without leaves, and rivers standing stillin their courses.The water of the sea shall rise above the high summits of the mountainstowards die sky, and it shall fail down again on to the dwellings of men:-That is as clouds.You will sec the greatest trees of the forests borne by the fury of the winds,from the east to the west:-That is across the sea.Men shall cast away their own food:-That is in sowing.The generation of men shall come to such a pass as not to understand oneanother's speech:-That is a German with a Turk.I You will see fathers giving up their daughters to the sensuality of men, and rewarding them, and abandoning all their former care:-When the girls are married.Men shall come forth out of the graves changed to winged creatures, and they shall attack other men, taking away their food even from their handsand tables:The flies.Many there will be who will flay their own mother and fold back herskin:-The tillers of the ground.Happy will be those who give ear to the words of the dead:-The reading;of good works and die observing of their precepts.Feathers shall raise men towards heaven even as they do birds:-That is byletters written with their quills.The works of men's hands will become the cause of their death:-Swordsand spears.Men will pursue the thing they most fear:-That is they will be miserablelest they should fall into misery.Things severed shall be united and shall acquire of themselves such virtuethat they shall restore to men their lost memory:-That is the papyrus sheets,which are formed out of severed strips and preserve the memory of diethoughts and deeds of men.You shall behold the bones of the dead by their rapid movement directingthe fortunes of their mover:-The dice.Oxen shall by their horns protect the fire from death:-The lantern.The forests will bring forth young who will become the cause of theirdeath:-The handle of the hatchet. Men will deal rude blows to that which is the cause of their life:-They will thrash the grain.The skins of animals will make men rouse from their silence with loudcries and oaths:-Balls for playing games.Many times the thing that is severed becomes the cause of great union :-That is the comb made up of split canes, which unites the threads in the silk.The wind which passes through the skins of animals will make men leapup:-That is the bagpipes, which cause men to dance. 

OF NUT-TREES WHICH ARE BEATEN Those which have done best will be most beaten, and their children will be carried off and stripped or despoiled, and their bones broken and crushed. 

OF SCULPTURE Alas! whom do I see? The Saviour crucified again. 

OF THE MOUTH OF MAN WHICH IS A TOMB There shall come forth loud noises out of the tombs of those who have diedby an evil and violent death. 

OF THE SKINS OF ANIMALS WHICH HAVE THE SENSE OFFEELING OF WHAT IS WRITTEN THERE The more you converse with skins covered over with sentiments, the moreyou will acquire wisdom. 

OF PRIESTS WHO BEAR THE HOST IN THEIR BODIES Then almost all the tabernacles where dwells the Corpus Domini will beplainly visible, walking about of themselves on the different roads of theworld.And those who feed the air will turn night into day:-Tallow.And many creatures of the earth and of the water will mount up among the stars:-The Planets.You shall see the dead carrying the living in divers parts of the world:-the chariots and ships.From many the food shall be taken away out of their mouths:-From ovens.And those who have their mouths filled by the hands of others, shall have the food taken away out of their mouths:-The oven. 

OF CRUCIFIXES WHICH ARE SOLD I see Christ again sold and crucified, and his saints suffering martyrdom. 

OF DOCTORS WHO LIVE UPON THE SICK Men will come to such a state of misery that they will be grateful that others should profit by their sufferings, or by the loss of their true riches, that is health.Of the religion of the Friars who live by means of the Saints, who have been dead for a long time : Those who are dead will after a thousand years be those who will make provision for many of the living. 

OF STONES CHANGED INTO LIME WITH WHICH PRISON WALLSARE BUILT Many things which have previously been destroyed by fire will deprive many men of their liberty. 

OF CHILDREN WHO TAKE THE BREAST Many Franciscans, Dominicans, and Benedictines will eat that which has recently been eaten by others, and they will remain many months before being able to speak. 

OF COCKLES AND SEA-SNAILS CAST UP BY THE SEA WHICHROT WITHIN THEIR SHELLS How many shall there be who after they are dead will lie rotting in their own houses, filling all the air around with their foul stench!  PLANT WITH ROOTS UPWARDS For someone who would be on the point of coming to the end of all possessions and favour. 

OF JACKDAWS AND STARLINGS Those who trust themselves to inhabit near him, and these will be in great crowds, will almost all die a cruel death, -and one will see fathers and mothers together with their families being devoured and slain by cruel animals. 

OF PEASANTS WHO WORK IN THEIR SHIRTS Shadows will come from the East which will tinge with much darkness the sky that covers Italy.   

OF THE BARBERS All men will take refuge in Africa.

OF THE SHADOW CAST BY MAN AT NIGHT WITH A LIGHT There shall appear huge figures in human shape, and the nearer to you they approach the more will their immense size diminish. 

OF MULES WHICH CARRY RICH BURDENS OF SILVERAND GOLD Many treasures and great riches will be laid upon four-footed animals,which will carry them to divers places.Those will be drowned who give light for divine service:-The bees which make the wax of the candles.The dead will come forth from under the earth, and by their fierce movenents will drive innumerable human creatures out of the world:-The iron which comes from under the earth is dead, and it makes theweapons wherewith so many men have been slain.The greatest mountains, even though they are remote from the sea borders,fill drive the sea from its place:-That is by the rivers which carry down the soil they have taken fromthe mountains and deposit it upon the sea shores; and where the earthcomes the sea retires.The water fallen from the clouds will so change its nature as to remain fora long space of time upon the slopes of the mountains without making anymovement. And this will happen in many and divers regions:-The snow that falls in flakes which is water.The great rocks of the mountains will dart forth fire, such that they willburn up the timber of many vast forests and many beasts both wild andtame:-The flint of the tinder-box, which makes a fire that consumes all theloads of faggots of which the forests are cleared, and with this the fleshof beasts is cooked.Oh! how many great buildings will be ruined by reason of fire:-By the fire of the guns.The oxen will become in great part the cause of the destruction of cities;and so also will horses and buffaloes:-They draw the guns.Many there will be who will wax great in their destruction:-The ball of snow rolling over the snow.There will be a great host who, forgetful of their existence and their name,will lie as though dead upon the spoils of other dead creatures:-By sleeping upon the feathers of birds.The east shall be seen to rush into the west, the south into the north,whirling themselves round about the universe with great noise, fury and trembling:-The wind from the east which will rush into the west.The rays of the sun will kindle fire on the earth, where by that which isbeneath the sky will be set alight; and, beaten back by that which impedes them, they will return downwards:-The burning-glass kindles the fire with which the oven is heated, andthis has its base standing beneath its vaulted roof.A great part of the sea will fly towards the sky, and for a long time it will not return:-That is in clouds. 

OF CORN AND OTHER SEEDS Men shall throw away out of their houses those victuals which were meant for the sustenance of their lives:-[That is by sowing.] 

OF TREES WHICH GIVE SAP TO GRAFTED-SHOOTS Fathers and mothers shall be seen to bestow much more attention upon their step-children than upon their own children. 

OF THE THURIFER WITH INCENSE Some shall go about in white vestments with arrogant gestures threateningothers with metal and fire, which yet have never done them any harm. 

OF KIDS The time of Herod shall return; for the innocent children shall be torn away from thieir nurses and shall die of great wounds at the hands of cruelmen. 

OF THE MOWING DOWN OF GRASS Innumerable lives will be extinguished, and innumerable vacant spaces created upon the-earth. 

OF THE LIFE OF MEN WHO EVERY TEN YEARS ARE CHANGED IN BODILY SUBSTANCE Men will pass when dead through their own bowels. 

OF SKINS Many animals . . . 

OF LEATHER BOTTLES The goats will carry wine to the cities. 

OF SHOEMAKERS Men will take a pleasure in seeing their own works worn out and destroyed. 

OF BEES They live together in communities. They are drowned in order that their honey may be seized. Many and very great communities will be drowned in their own dwellings. Snow in summer shall be gathered on the high mountain peaks and carried to warm places, and there be let to fall down, when festivals are held in the piazza in the time of summer.

The Didache (90 A.D.)

: In the last days false prophets shall be multiplied, and such as corrupt the word, and the sheep shall be changed into wolves, and love into hatred: for through the abounding of iniquity [injustice] the love of many shall wax cold. For men shall hate, and persecute, and betray one another.

Dionysius of Luxembourg (d.1682)

: "Antichrist will be an iconoclast (even against pagan images). Most of the world will adore him. He will teach that the Christian religion is false, confiscation of Christian property is legal, Saturday is to be observed instead of Sunday, and he will change the ten commandments... He will read people's minds, raise the dead, reward his followers and punish the rest." "Antichrist will fight a successful battle at Megiddo in Palstine after which seven rulers, from fear, will subject themselves to Antichrist and he will thereafter become lord of the world"

St. Louis De Montfort (18th century)

: The power of Mary over all evils will be particularly outstanding in the last period of time. She will extend the Kingdom of Christ over the idolaters and Muslims, and there will come a glorious era when Mary is the Ruler and Queen of Hearts.

Andrew Jackson Davis (1826-1910)

: Authored Penetralia, in 1856, covering most of his accurate predictions about future inventions, including the coming of air travel, and automobiles. He was also a well-respected theorist in the spiritual movement at this time.

"It is a truth that spirits commune with one another while one is in the body and the other in the higher spheres - and this, too, when the person in the body is unconscious of the influx, and hence cannot be convinced of the fact; and this truth will ere long present itself in the form of a living demonstration. And the world will hail with delight the ushering in of that era when the interiors of men will be opened, and the spiritual communion will be established."

Jean Dixon (1918-1997)

: known as the Seeress of Washington who may have correctly predicted the assination of President Kennedy

In 1946 Dixon became a respected world-syndicated horoscope columnist, for predicting the partition of India. In 1956 she predicted in Parade magazine that the 1960 election would be won by a Democrat and that he would be assassinated or would die in office, ......

"although not necessarily in his first term."