Future Prophecies Revealed.

Cassandra In Greek mythology, a daughter of Priam, king of Troy, and his wife Hecuba. Apollo gave her the gift of prophecy, but because she rejected his love, he ordained that none of her predictions would be believed. Thus her warning to the Trojans about the Wooden Horse of the Greeks was disregarded. After the sack of Troy, Cassandra was taken to Greece as the prize of Agamemnon and was murdered by his wife, Clytemnestra.

Oxford Paperback Encyclopedia, Oxford University Press 1998


Rudolph Gekner (17th Century)

: "His sword will be moved by Divine power......" "He will go through all Europe with a powerful army, uproot every Republic, and exterminate all rebels." "He shall subdue to his dominion the Mohammedan Empire"

Medieval German Prophecy

: "In truth, you will rejoice and after darkness, you will see the light, because before the year 2000, the Beast and the Whore will be thrown in the abyss."..... '' Never again they will leave there and the Sign of the Cross will shine in the glory of the light, with one faith and one shepherd. Oh! Oh! Where the rivers Rhine and Mosela meet, a very bloody battle will be joined against the Turks (Muslims) and Russians, so that the Rhine will blush for 25 leagues".


: " In order to know the future it is nessary to first know the present in all it's details, as well as to know the past. Today is what it is because yesterday is what it was. And if today is like yesterday, tomorrow will be like today. If you want tomorrow to be different, you must make today different. "

Garabandal 1961

: in 1962 ..."there would be only two more popes after Pope Paul VI and that one of the popes would have a very short reign. But this does not mean that the world will come to an end."

Father Gobbi (September 18, 1988)

:.." When this Pope will have completed the task which Jesus has entrusted to him and I will come down from heaven to receive his sacrifice, all of you will be cloaked in a dense darkness of apostasy, which will then become general. " Message # 450, May 19, 1991, Berlin, Germany, Feast of the Pentecost