Future Prophecies Revealed.

a remarkable collection of obscure millenial prophecies.....

St. Nilus (5th Century)

: After 1900, toward the middle of the 20th century, the people of that time will become unrecognizable. When the time for the Advent of the Antichrist approaches, people's minds will grow cloudy from carnal passions, and dishonor and lawlessness will grow stronger. Then the world will become unrecognizable. People's appearances will change, and it will be impossible to distinguish men from women due to their shamelessness in dress and style of hair. These people will be cruel and will be like wild animals because of the temptations of the Antichrist. There will be no respect for parents and elders, love will disappear, and Christian pastors, bishops, and priests will become vain men, completely failing to distinguish the right hand from the left. At that time the morals and traditions of Christians and of the Church will change.

People will abandon modesty, and dissipation will reign. Falsehood and greed will attain great proportions, and woe to those who pile up treasures. Lust, adultery, homosexuality, secret deeds and murder will rule in society. At that future time, due to the power of such great crimes and licentiousness, people will be deprived of the grace of the Holy Spirit, which they received in Holy Baptism, and equally of remorse. The Churches of God will be deprived of God-fearing and pious pastors, and woe to the Christians remaining in the world at that time; many will completely lose their Faith because they will lack the opportunity of seeing the light of knowledge from anyone at all. Then they will separate themselves out of the world in holy refuges in search of lightening their spiritual sufferings, but everywhere they will meet obstacles and constraints. And all this will result from the fact that the Antichrist will want to be Lord over everything and become the ruler of the whole universe, and he will produce miracles and fantastic signs. He will also give depraved wisdom to an unhappy man so that he will discover a way by which one man can carry on a conversation with another from one end of the earth to the other. At that time men will also fly through the air like birds and descend to the bottom of the sea like fish. And when they have achieved all this, these unhappy people will spend their lives in comfort without knowing, poor souls, that it is deceit of the Antichrist.

And, the impious one! - he will so complete science with vanity that it will go off the right path and lead people to lose faith in the existence of God and in the mystery of the Most Holy Trinity. Then the All-good God will see the downfall of the human race and will shorten the days for the sake of those few who are being saved, because the enemy wants to lead even the chosen into temptation, if that is possible ... then the sword of chastisement will suddenly appear and kill the perverter and his servants.

Nichiren (1222-82)

: When, at a certain future time, the union of the state law and the Buddhist Truth shall be established, and the harmony between the two completed, both sovereign and subjects will faithfully adhere to the Great Mysteries. Then the golden age, such as were the ages under the reign of the sage kings of old, will be realized in these days of degeneration and corruption, in the time of the Latter Law. Then the establishment of the Holy See will be completed, by imperial grant and the edict of the Dictator, at a spot comparable in its excellence with the Paradise of Vulture Peak. We have only to wait for the coming of the time. Then the moral law (kaiho) will be achieved in the actual life of mankind. The Holy See will be the seat where all men of the three countries [India, China and Japan] and the whole jambudvipa [world] will be initiated into the mysteries of confession and expiation; and even the great deities, Brahma and Indra, will come down into the sanctuary and participate in the initiation. [Sources of Japanese Tradition Columbia University Press, 1958]

Monastery Neamt, Romania. (14th century)

: "Unknown diseases and plagues will accompany the end of the Millennium, because the last beast will liberate gold and poison... and the gold will produce despair, while the poison will produce death. In the time of the seventh seal, the earth will be an abandoned factory of poisons. And the few wise men that will remain, will not be able to make another thing but to invoke the anger of God, so that the impious beast which will have destroyed the life be destroyed".

Nostradamus (1503-1566)

: Born Michel de Nostredame in France,1503, Nostradamus is perhaps the most famous and controversial prophet of the last four-and -a -half centuries. In 1555 he published Centuries, his 942 predictive quatrains of the future history of the world.


 TO CESAR NOSTRADAMUS, MY SON, Life and felicity. Your late advent, C*sar de Nostredame, my son, has forced me to dedicate long evenings writing, for your edification, after my disappearance et for the common good of humanity, what the divine essence, by the intermediary of the science of the movement of the heavenly body, has revealed to me. And since it pleased to the immortal God that you weren't born on this earth with the inner knowledge and since I don't wish to reveal to you the number of years that will be required to acquire the necessary knowledge, but rather the martial months required to do so, which you're not able to understand yet because of your weak understanding, which I'll be forced to enlighten after my extinction: since it is not possible to leave you in writing what could be altered by the ravages of time, for the hereditary word of the occult prediction will disappear with me : considering as well that the events remain uncertain and that the whole is regulated by the invaluable power of God who inspires us, neither by hallucination, nor by delirium, but rather by the truth revealed by the heavenly bodies Only those inspired by God can predict particular facts with a prophetic genius. How many times have I predicted in advance what has since then happened in the given regions, imputing the whole to virtue and divine inspiration, as well as other happy and sinister events written with haste an which, since, have happened in the world : having wanted to conceal and not put in writing, in order to avoid to undergo the ravages, not only of the present times, but also of the greater part of the future, what the kingdoms, sects and religions would modify in a diametrically opposite sense, That if I came to reveal what will happen to kingdoms, to sects and to the Church, these would find my remarks so contrary to their understanding that they would come to deny what, in the centuries to come, will happen and be recognized as true.

Considering also the maim of the true Savior " Don't give holy things to dogs and don't throw pearls to swine in fear that they trample them and that, turning against you, they tear you up ", I judged that it was better to make my writings difficult of access and to withdraw the pen from the paper, and I have wanted to dwell on the coming of the people, by obscure and enigmatic sentences, on the events to come, even the most imminent, that I foresaw, whatever the reaction of the people, the whole composed under nebulous form, more than any other written prophecies, how much " you have hidden those things from the wise and the cautious, in other words to the mighty and the kings, but you have revealed them to the small and the weak ", and to the prophets who, by the intervention of the immortal God et de good angels, have received the gift of predictions, by which they foresee the things of the future and achieve to predict events : Because nothing can be perfected without him, to whom (i.e. the good angels) so great is the might and the goodness towards the subjects (those of God), that while they are in them, every time whence they're submitted to the other effects that akin to the cause of what presides over life, this warmness and this power come in us as it goes for the rays of the Sun, transmitting their heat to the elementary bodies (and to the non-elementary ones). As for us humans, we can't know nothing, neither from our knowledge, nor from our intelligence, of the hidden secrets of God the Creator. Because " it is not for us to know neither the times, nor the moments " .

How much also, from the present moment on, can be shown to us of the personages that God the Creator has wished to reveal to us with the help of pictures generated by creative imagination, thus revealing us some secrets of the future in accord with the judiciary astrology, like it was in the past, when a certain might or voluntary faculty would come in them like the flame of the fire appears and that, by inspiration, we could achieve to distinct those that are of divine origin from those that are human. For the divine deeds, which are all absolute, God comes to perfect them : the second plan which is in the middle, the Angels ; the third, the bad (angels). But, my son, I speak to you here in a too confusing fashion : But about the occult predictions that we come to perceive by the subtle spirit of fire, the one that sometimes, by its overexcited spirit, while still being vigilant and contemplating the star on the zenith, is surprised of the consonance of the words pronounced and written without fear, without impudent verbiage, that which proceed from the might of the great eternal God from whom comes all goodness. Even though, my son, that I have used the name prophet, I don't want to confer myself such a sublime title for the present for the one " that we today call prophet was once in the past called a seer " : because is really prophet, my son, he who see future things by the natural knowledge given to all creature. In the eventuality where the prophet would see, in a precise fashion, all the extent of the future, as much about the divine, than the human, things, which can't be done, since the range of the prediction spans over a long period. For the secrets of God can't be understood and the effective virtue is, since long, contingent to the innate or natural knowledge which takes its farthest origin in free will and makes appear the causes which, by themselves, can't possess this notion, nor be known by the augurs of men or by the occult knowledge, and which is included under the celestial vault which contains the present and all eternity, coming in itself to embrace all time.

  But, despite the fact that eternity is indivisible, the near epileptic crisis state of transe can bring about, with the help of the movement of the stars, the causes to be known. I don't say, my son, in order that you understand well, that the knowledge in this matter can't still impregnate itself in your feeble brain and that the remote events of the future can't be known by the reasonable being ; but if these causes are brought to the attention of the intelligent man, the events of the future will not be too concealed nor too accessible to him. But the perfect knowledge of the causes can't be acquired without this divine revelation, considering that all prophetic inspiration received takes its driving principle from God the creator, then from fate an from nature. In view of the identical causes, whether they have happened or not, the presage realizes itself anyway, in part, at the place where it was predicted. For the understanding created intellectually cannot see what is hidden, except through the voice heard from limbo, by means of the little flame under which, in part, the future causes will come to be inclined.Also, my son, I implore you never to use your brain for these reveries and vanities which dry up the body and push the soul to a state of perdition, troubling those whose senses are already fragile, even the vanity of the very execrable magic reprobated in olden days by the Holy Scriptures and by the divine laws, On top of which is excluded the judgment of the judiciary astrology, by means of which and provided the divine inspiration and revelation, by endless calculations, we have drafted our prophecies. And although this occult philosophy is not outcast, I have not wanted to elaborate on its tremendous power of persuasion, even though many revealing books, hidden during long centuries, have fallen into my hands. But fearing what would become, after the reading, I offered them as a present to Vulcan, and while he was devouring them, the flame licking them, the air took an unwonted brightness, brighter than the normal flame, like the light of the flashing thunder lighting suddenly the house, as if it had been at the center of a conflagration. And in order that in the future you may not be abused, searching the perfect transmutation, in silver as much as in gold, searching the earth and the seas for incorruptible metals, I have preferred to convert them to ashes. But concerning the judgment that is getting completed provided the approbation of heaven, this I do want to manifest to you, in order to have the knowledge of the future causes, moving away from the imaginations pertaining from fantasy that won't fail to happen, delimiting the particularities of the places, by divine and supernatural inspiration, matching to the heavenly bodies the places and a part of the time hidden by divine virtue, might and faculty, in presence of which the three times are understood in eternity, the movement of revolution of those referring to the past, present and future event " because those things are naked and exposed, etc. " That is why, my son, you can easily (despite your weak understanding) understand that the things that must happen may be prophesized by the light of the heavenly bodies which is natural as well as by the spirit of prophecy.

Not that I want to allot myself the name and quality of prophet, but by revealed inspiration, as a mortal man not less apart from heaven by my senses as I have my feet well anchored to the ground. " I cannot therefore be mistaken, neither fail nor be abused ", even if I am sinner greater than any in this world and subject to all human afflictions. But being sometimes surprised, in state of ecstasy and absorbed in long calculations conferring to the nocturnal studies a sweet odor, I have composed divinatory books containing each one hundred quatrains of prophecies pertaining to judiciary astrology, which I have wanted to put end to end in an obscure fashion and that constitute perpetual vaticinations from now until the year 3797. That it is possible that this will make the forefront of some recede by seeing so long an extension, and everywhere, under the concavity of the moon, this will happen and will be understood ; and by that I mean universally, throughout the whole earth (the causes), my son. That if you live the normal age of the human, you will see in the sky of your part of the country, under the very sky of your own birth, the events of the future that are forecast. For the unique eternal God is the only one who knows the eternity of His light, since it proceeds from his person : and I say frankly to those to whom he has wanted to reveal his greatness (which is immeasurable and incomprehensible) by long melancholic inspiration, only under the condition that this occult cause be manifested by the divine intervention : essentially, from two (main) causes which are integral part of the understanding of the one who is inspired and who prophetizes, one comes to infuse the intelligence of the surnatural light to the one who predicts by the science of the stars and prophesizes by inspired revelation, which constitutes a certain participation to divine eternity, provided that the prophet understands that what his spirit has revealed to him comes from the Creator, the other (which comes from) his natural predispositions: It is namely that what he predicts is true and has taken its origin in an ethereal fashion and from such light and slender flame which is of all efficiency and of such greatness, not less than nature, the brightness and the natural light which makes philosophers so sure of themselves, considering that the principles of the main cause have reached the deepest depths and the highest doctrines.

But, to this end, my son, that I do not speculate too much on the future capacity of your understanding, and since I know that the literature will produce such a great and unprecedented bragging over my vision before the universal conflagration to come, which concerns to so many floods and to so many great inundations that there will be hardly any territories that wont be covered by water, and will be so for so long, excepted in certain places, that everything will be destroyed : also, before and after such inundations, in many regions the rain will become so rare and will fall from the skies such an abundance of incandescent stones that nothing will remain that won't be consumed : this will happen, briefly, before the last conflagration. For before the planet Mars has completed his cycle and at the end of its last period, and if it starts it over, gathered together some in Aquarius for several years, the others in Cancer longer and more often. And now that we are driven by the moon, thanks to the all-mighty power of the eternal God before it (the Earth) has accomplished its great cycle, the Sun will come, then Saturn. For, according to the celestial signs, the reign of Saturn will be back and, the whole well calculated, the world is getting nearer of a destructive mutation. and that from the period when I write, before one hundred seventy seven years three months and eleven days, by disease, long famine and wars, and even more by inundations, the world, between the present times and the established term, before and after, in many occasions, will be so diminished and there will be so little people, that we will find no one who will want to work in the fields, which will then become abandoned for a time as long as they have been exploited. and this, concerning the visible judgment of heaven, yet that we are at the seventh number of one thousand which complete the whole, bringing us near to the eighth where the firmament of the eighth sphere, which is of very important dimension, where the great eternal God will come to complete the revolution, where the celestial pictures will begin over their cycle and the superior movement which makes the earth stable and firm to us, " will not be eternally tilted " lest his wishes be accomplished, and not in any way otherwise. How much that, by ambiguous opinions exceeding all natural reasons, by diverting dreams, that is why God the Creator, by the mediation of his messengers, by the flame of fire sent, never comes to propose to the exterior senses, not even to our eyes, the predictions which address the future and manifest themselves to the one who wants to witness them.

For the omen that is cast from the exterior light will infallibly combine and compare in part with the interior light of the seer, even though that the one who thinks he sees by his eyes is but an effect of his passionate imagination. The reason is too obvious, the whole must be predicted by the divine breath and by the intervention of the spirit of the angels, inspired to the man who prophecizes, together with the vaticination that comes to enlighten him, moving him as much by diverse nocturnal apparitions than by the certainty of the day, by its knowledge of the stars, together with the sanctity of the true vision of the future, considering nothing else than the affirmation of self. Come listen at this hour, my son, what I discover by my calculations of the movements of the heavenly bodies that are tuned with the revealed inspiration, that the mortal sword gets nearer to us now, by disease, war more horrible than ever was, by the fact of three men, and drought which will come on earth and will come back on it often, because the heavenly bodies tune themselves to the revolution (translation) and also we say : " I will repress your iniquity with an iron rod and will chastise them with whips. " for the mercifulness of the Lord won't be spread anymore during a certain period, my son, lest that most of my prophecies be accomplished and will come to pass by their accomplishment. So, many times, during the sinister tempests, will say the Lord : "I will trample them under my feet, I will break them and won't have any pity for them." and a thousand more adventures that will happen by waters and continuous rains, as I have in full drawn up in writing my other prophecies which are composed all along " in clear ", delimiting the places, the times and the term fixed that the humans that will come after will see, in full knowledge, the adventures infallibly came to pass. As we have indicated it for the others expressed more clearly (although recovered by a cloud, will be understood by intelligent men : " but when the time will come when ignorance must be dissipated ", the affair will become clear). (To conclude, my son, accept this gift from your father Michel de Nostredame, hoping to give you the span of each of the prophecies of the quatrains presented here) Praying the immortal God that he will want to lend you long life, in good and prosperous felicity.. From Salon, this first day of March 1555. >>>> Comments and interpretation : Michel Dufresne (). (translation Jean Guernon.)

and on 1999.......

L'an mil neuf cens nonante neuf sept mois Du ciel viendra un grand Roy deffraieur Resusciter le grand Roy d'Angolmois. Avant apres Mars regner par bon heur.

Whatever this verse is about, it is not (as most translations claim - to much justified public alarm) 'a great King of terror'. Not as it stands, at least. The last word in line

2, which only acquired an apostrophe (thus making it 'd'effraieur') in corrupt subsequent editions, means 'defraying' or even 'buying off'. The expression 'du ciel'

('of/from heaven' or 'of/from the sky') suggests, as elsewhere in the Propheties, that this big-spending or even appeasing ruler has some kind of divine authority. Far from being some kind of Antichrist,then, the figure concerned looks rather like the Pope himself. In fact comparative horoscopy suggests that he is to be 'another Pope Gregory the Great' (who in fact came from Rome's Mons Caelius [='du ciel'again!]). 'Angolmois' (actually a region in western France) is generally supposed to be ananagram for 'Mongolois', though its first half is also an anagram for the first half of 'Langobardi' - the 'Lombards' who invaded Italy in the 6th century, during Gregory's pontificate. 'Viendra . . . resusciter' is a standard Nostradamian form of future tense, as is 'regner'. 'Resusciter' itself (from Latin 're+sub+citare') originally meant 'to stir up again' - and Nostradamus and his contemporaries were very prone to use classical words in their original senses.

As for 'par bon heur', this means not 'happily' (as many versions would have it) but 'by good luck'.The gist therefore seems to be that in July 1999 a possibly appeasing Pope will in some way stir up a leader with Mongol (or possibly Lombard) connections (some French observers prefer to take the word 'Angolmois' literally, and refer it to the former Fran*ois I, who was duke of Angoul*me), with the result that a previously-raging war may or may not accidentally flare up again. Lemesurier's latest suggested freeish translation therefore reads (in verse, as any proper translation should):

When 1999 is seven months o'er Shall Heaven's great Ruler, anxious to appease, Stir up the Mongol-Lombard king once more And war reign haply where it once did cease.

The exact context, though, (and thus the final interpretation) depends on successfully identifying the other verses that go with it.An alternative, more 'purist' version might read:

When 1999 is seven months o'er Shall Heaven's great Prince, so willing to defray, Revive the king from Angoumois once more And former war perchance resume its sway.

... in which case line 3 would instead suggest that the then Pope will in some way encourage 'a new King Fran*ois I of France' to take up again a war previously undertaken by the original one. (taken from newsgroup FAQ P.Lemesurier)

 and on M A B U S....... Century 2, Quatrain 62

Mabus plus tost alors mourra, viendra, De gens & bestes vn horrible defaite: Puis tout coup la vengeance on verra, Cent, main, faim quand courra la comete.

 Mabus then will soon die, there will come A horrible undoing of people and animals: At once vengeance one will see vengeance, One hundred hands, thirst, famine, when the comet will run.

Peter Lemesurier's Interpretation >>> Not some kind of Antichrist, but a simple 'reincarnation' of the painter Mabuse.(Jan Gossaert de Mabuse,the Flemish painter, died on October 1st 1532)"...... "Thus, the prediction would seem to suggest that, following the death of a prominent painter, a battle will take place in October 2002 to the south of Lisbon during which invading Muslim forces (presumably from North Africa) will be dramatically pushed back and their invasion stalled for a while. A comet will mark the event.

Erika Cheetham's Interpretation >>>> Nostradamus mentions a comet together with destruction and war. The "hundred hands" is evocative of the many refugee camps all over the world, where people are suffering from thirst and hunger. When Halley's Comet passed in 1986 there were famines in Africa, the Far East and South America. Is Mabus the name, possible an anagram, of the Third Antichrist to come? Ms. Cheetham believes it more likely that he is envisaged as a forerunner, so the time of the Antichrist is still awaited. [From: The Final Prophecies of Nostradamus by Erika Cheetham]

John Hogue's Interpretation >>> Nostradamus' Third Antichrist has yet to be positively identified. In contrast with his certainty about Napoleon and Hitler, Nostradamus is less clear who this third tyrant is. Perhaps this is an example of his prophetic myopia that enabled him to be clearest about events of local or European history. When contemplating future events in more distant lands, the prophet's vision tends to be cloudier. What does come through clearly is the fact that this Third and final Antichrist is not a prominent European leader.

He may even be a minor player in a future conflict, an insignificant terrorist such as Gavrilo Princip, the Serbian nationalist who assassinated Archduke Ferdinand of Austria in Sarajevo, triggering World War I. The man we know as Mabus may be some obscure future terrorist who, if he is not identified and restrained in time, will trigger World War III and the extinction of civilization as we have known it. The time we have left to positively decode who or what Mabus is, and how to prevent the foretold terrible destiny, may already have passed.

The final line could date the beginning of his legacy of terror around the time of the appearance of Halley's Comet (1985-86), the collision of the comet Shoemaker-Levi (1994), or the comet Hale-Bopp (1997), which appeared right at the millennium of the Jewish lunar calendar. Mabus could be a cryptogram for Thurbo Majus, the classical Roman name given to the infernal god of Hannibal, or a cryptogram for Megabyzus, one of several conspirators who overthrew a Zoroastrian priest who had usurped the throne of Persia. An argument could be made that upon this classical foundation, Nostradamus is building a prophecy for the near-future debacle of Saddam Hussein from within, by a Persian (Iranian) ally. Try this experiment: Take a piece of paper and write "SAddAM." Hold it in front of a mirror. The mysterious Mabus could be one of dozens of Saddam Hussein's more sophisticated Al Abbas versions of his Scud missiles. Mabus therefore becomes a weapon launched by the Antichrist in a surprise attack. It "will soon die" in the flames of its own successful explosion after its supersonic journey. [From: Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies by John Hogue]

(NB 3079? !!!!!!!!! : The end of Nostradamus' prophecy verses - Anything from this date forward not covered by his prophecies.)


Nicholas of Fluh (15th Century)

: "The Church will be punished because the majority of her members, high and low, will become so perverted. The Church will sink deeper and deeper until she will at last seem to be extinguished, and the succession of Peter and the other Apostles to have expired.".

Sir Issac Newton 1642-1727

: "Our society is built upon the observation of repetitive phenomena which recur as we anticipate them, and we tend to exclude from our 'logic' those phenomena which are not repetitive, or whose cycles are difficult to ascertain. We prize and use electricity even though we cannot understand what it is, because it is predictable.Prophecy is unacceptable until the prophet has been proven accurate. Fact and prediction may organize our lives, but prophecy opens up the mystery and essence of life."

"About the time of the end, a body of men will be raised up who will turn their attention to the Prophecies, and insist upon their literal interpretation, in the midst of much clamor and opposition."

"Seventy weeks are cut out upon thy people and upon thy holy city, to finish trans gression, etc. Here, by putting a week for seven years, are reckoned 490 years from, the time the dispersed Jews should be re-incorporated into a people and a holy city, until the death and resurrection of Christ; whereby transgression should be finished, and sins ended, iniquity be expiated, and everlasting righteousness brought in and this Vision be accomplished and the Prophet consummated, that Prophet whom the Jews expected; and whereby the the most Holy should be anointed, he who is therefore in the next words called the Anointed, that is, the Messiah, or the Christ. For by joining the acconplishment of the vision with the expiation of sins, the 490 years are ended with the death of Christ."

"Now the dispersed Jews became a people and city when they first returned...in the seventh year of Artaxerxes Longimanus when Ezra returned with a body of Jews from captivity, and revived the Jewish worship; ....to judge & govern the people according to the laws of God & the King, Ezra vii.25 There were but two returns from captivity, Zerubbabel's and Ezra's; in Zerubbabel's they had only the commission to build the Temple, in Ezra's they first became a city by a government of their own. Now the years of this Artaxerxes...was in the year (458 B.C.) Count the time from thence to the death of Christ, and you will find it just 490 years."

"And in half a week he shall cause the sacrifice and oblation to cease; that is, by the war of the Romans upon the Jews: which war, after some commotions, began in the 13th year of Nero , A.D. 67, in the Spring when Vespasian with an army invaded them; and ended in the second year of Vespasian, A.D. 70, in autumn, September 7 when Titus took the city, having burnt the Temple 27 days before: so that it lasted three years and an half."

"Thus have we in this short Prophecy, a prediction of all the main periods re lating to the coming of the Messiah; the time of his birth, that of his death, that of the rejection of the Jews, the duration of the Jewish war whereby he caused the city and sanctuary to be destroyed, and the time of his second coming: and so the interpretation here given is more full and complete and adequate to the design, than if we should restrain it to his first coming only, as Interpreters usually do. We avoid also the doing violence to the language of Daniel, by taking the 7 weeks and 62 weeks for one number. Had that been Daniel's meaning, he would have said sixty and nine weeks, and not seven weeks and sixty two weeks, a way of numbering used by no nation."

Fr. Nectou, S.J. (1760)

: " Two parties will be formed in France which will make a war . One will be much more numerous than the other, but it will be weakest which will triumph. one will believe oneself at the end of the world. Blood will stream in several large cities, the elements will be raised, it will be like a small judgement. A great multitude Will perish in this catastrophe , but the malicious ones will not prevail. They will try to destroy the church, but they will not be given time for it. Because this horrible period will be of short duration. At the time when one will believe everything lost, all will be saved "

" During this terrible upheaval which, it appears, will be general and not only for France, Paris will be entirely destroyed. The destruction will be so compl*te that, twenty years after, fathers will walk with their children on its ruins, and to satisfy their questions, they will tell them " my son, there was here a large city, God destroyed it because of its crimes ".

You will be close to this catastrophe when England starts to shake. You will know it with signs , as one knows the approach of summer when the fig tree starts to bud.

England in its turn will be tested by a revolution more terrible than the French revolution, and it will last long enough so that France has time to reserect itself. It will be France which will help England with the re-establishment of peace. When one is close to these events which must bring the triumph of the Church, the disorder will be so complete that you will know nothing any more. When the moment comes for the last crisis, there will be nothing other to do but remain where God will have placed us, to contain themselves in its interior and to request, while waiting for the passage of anger and justice divine.

Following these dreadful events, all will re-enter in the order, justice will be done with everyone; the counter-revolution will be consumed. Then the triumph of the Church will be you el that there will never have been the similar one of it. The happy Christians who will have survived will thank God for having preserved them for such a complete triumph of the Church.

Misfortunes must arrive. Blood will run in torrents in North and the South. The West will be saved because of its faith. But blood will run so much in North and the South, that I see it running like the rain in one day of great storm, and I see the horses treading blood upto thier straps. It is mainly in the cities that blood will run.

The religion will be persecuted, the ministers will be obliged to hide at least temporarily. The churches will be closed a short time...

Paris will be destroyed in the middle of all these calamities, so destroyed that the charm will pass there. At this point in time all will be saved, because between the cry "

All is lost " and " All is saved ", it will so to speak not have there intervals - time to transfer a wafer.

The foreign powers will be armed, will go against France. Russia will come to water its horses in the Rhine, but they will not pass it... Russia will convert and it will help France to return peace and peace in the whole world...

After the crisis, there will be a general council, in spite of some oppositions made by the clergy itself. Then,there will one herd and that only one Pasteur, because all infideles and all heretics (but not the Jews whose mass will convert only after the death of the beast), will return in the Latin Church, whose triumph will be continuos until the destruction of the Antichrist.

 Richard Noone

: "The continent of ice at the South Pole is now larger than the United States and Canada combined. As it continues to grow, pressure from the ice on the crust of the Earth will lead to tectonic plate movement, increasing the number of earthquakes and volcanic disasters world-wide," he said. When the planets align with Earth, they will significantly increase the centrifugal momentum exerted on the Earth's crust. "On that day, the ever-growing ice build up at the South Pole will upset the Earth's axis, sending trillions of tonnes of ice and water sweeping over the surface of our planet."

Therese Neumann, Germany (b1898- d1962)

 : When asked if America will experience war on its soil, "No, but at the end of this century America will be destroyed economically by a series of natural disasters."1997-99 Morgana's Observatory.