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B. W. Johnson
Vision of the Ages (1881)


      The electronic version of B. W. Johnson's Vision of the Ages, or Lectures on The Apocalypse (St. Louis, MO: Christian Publishing Company, 1881) has been produced from a copy of the "Fourth Edition" held by the Disciples of Christ Historical Society.

      In the electronic edition, pagination has been represented by placing the page number in brackets following the last complete word on the printed page. In the printed text, extended quotations are set in smaller type; in the elctronic version, they have been set off as block quotations. The alphabetical order of the "Apendix of Symbols" and the "Alphabetical Index" has been improved. No effort has been made to normalize the text for spelling, capitalization, punctuation, or typography. Emendations for accidental corruptions in the printed text are as follows:

 Page       Printed Text [ Electronic Text
 p. 19:     and Christ, [ and Christ.
 p. 36:     directed, [ directed.
 p. 40:     XVI. [ XVI.
 p. 53:     --5:14.) [ --(5:14.)
 p. 60:     page 49. [ page 49.)
 p. 115:    thew orld. [ the world.
 p. 123:    1, An [ 1. An
 p. 135:    of the the great [ of the great
 p. 176:    before the thousanth [ before the thousandth
            of the of the Christian era, [ of the Christian era,
 p. 179:    all on horsebark. [ all on horseback.
 p. 184:    a a few years ago. [ a few years ago.
 p. 217:    faithfnlly [ faithfully
 p. 244:    true worshipers [ true worshipers.
 p. 300:    decrepid [ decrepit
 p. 304:    king, Any [ king. Any
 p. 326:    earth,' [ earth,"
 p. 353:    tyranical, [ tyrannical,
 p. 357:    Anaylysis of Revelation, 10. [ Anaylysis of Revelation, 11.
 p. 360:    Thyatira, p. 46. [ Thyatira, p. 39.
            Vials, The, 394. [ Vials, The, 294.

      Addenda and corrigenda are earnestly solicited.

Ernie Stefanik
373 Wilson Street
Derry, PA 15627-9770

Created 2 February 1998.

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B. W. Johnson
Vision of the Ages (1881)