August 1968 (VN1970 tape transcription, pp. 22-26)

Veronica--...but I do want everyone to know that nothing is impossible with Heaven, and at any time Our Lord has a plan, this plan is beyond any means of any human to stop. Oh, with satan's promptings through interference, and martyrdom, but actually whatever Our Lord plans will go forward. Though the road will be filled with thorns. And thinking of Our Lord's graces to those He chooses to distribute these graces on, even the most unworthy of souls like myself, I can't help but remember the time, the August 1968, when even I was skeptical, and wondering whether if I should go along with my neighbors and friends and family, who at the time hadn't received the grace, the light from Heaven, to understand what was going on, and they thought that I was just plain crazy, you know, that I had flipped, in the modern way of putting it.

Well, after all, in the beginning before I was giving the full grace of understanding yourself with everyone else telling you that you were crazy, you begin to wonder that how can you stand alone and with everyone telling you, it surely takes investigation on your part. So, that afternoon in August, I was walking down the street to the stores, and I was thinking of this when St. Theresa said to me, "So you still doubt and must have physical proof." Well, of course, I didn't want Heaven to think that it was always necessary to always give me signs, because that would show a awful lack of faith on my part, and I didn't want to offend Heaven or my Family in any way. But I guess that They felt that this small soul needed strengthening, so Theresa said to me, "Look up to the sky!"

Well, it was 10 o'clock, and the sun was really brilliant and burning but it was white, a really white-hot sun, so I says, "Oh, I can't look up, it was hurting my eyes." So Theresa said, "Keep watching," well, I did, I kept watching and ohhh! All of a sudden, instead of a white-hot sun the sun turned a deep gray so it was like shading my eyes, and then as I watched the sun came out of the sky, forward! It was like watching [a] three-dimensional movie or something! But it came out of the sky, and then it starting to spin like a top, but a trillion miles an hour!! Oh did it spin so fast! Now I wasn't frightened of that, because by that time I had been quite used to these wonderful phenomena's from Heaven, and I watched this, and all of sudden around the outside there formed this border, this red border oh, about two inches wide, oh it was just beautiful! All around this gray top-like spinning sun. Well, then after a while, I don't know how many moments it lasted, I saw the sun then go right back to where it started, back into the area of the sky, and then returned to its normal white burning state.

So I just sure wasn't actually convinced by what I saw, and I was thinking of what the neighbors were thinking. Well, this could just be an optical illusion from the sun, and my staring into the sun, so I thought I would try looking from under a tree, so I ran over to the tree in front of me, and I started poking out from behind the leaves--there was good shading over my eyes--and I noticed that the sun was still white-hot and I said, 'I was right.

It was just an illusion.' But then the voice of Theresa said to me, "Aha! Just keep watching!" So I did, and oh my goodness! There again the sun came out of the sky and down towards me--I would say about half-ways from between me and where it came from--and it had turned this deep gray again and started to spin like a top. "Well," I said, "that was beautiful!" But then I noticed that that red line was missing, so I says, "Well, I see that, but it's not like it was before, where there was a red line around it." Well, as I said that, from within the spinning sun itself came outward, right from the very edge, this two--about two-inch border, of this beautiful red, crimson coloring. And then I watched as the whole unit, with the coloring, started to go back into the sky and return to its normal, white state.

Well, I went home so exhilarated and so wonderfully in love with all Heaven for showering such a grace upon me, that there is no way in explaining in the words the happiness that I felt, because I didn't know that anyone in Heaven could care so much for such an undeserving person as myself here on earth. So it only proves that if we open our hearts to Heaven, there isn't anything Our Father wouldn't do for His children, because He does love us so.