The Bear In Leopard Skin


After three and a half weeks of traveling throughout America, I finally made it back home.  Nothing out of the ordinary, other than being a bit tired.  To my suprise, as well as my family's on Halloween day, while shopping at a nearby supermarket, I couldn't breathe anymore.  The children were alarmed and took me to the emergency room.  In a short time I was in a hospital bed.  According to what the doctors said, I was almost dead, having one diagnosis after another confirm their suspicions.  I now realize that if it wasn't for God's intervention, I would not be alive today.  The reason I am still among you, is that God still needs me.  Satan's plan was to end my life.  This was shown to me numerous times while I was in the hospital.  No matter how bad I felt in my body, I was always aware of everything happening around me.  As I was speaking to one of my grandchildren, who was staying with me, I suddenly saw a great beast appear in the doorway of my room.  It leaped at me, with it's jaws open, ready to tear me apart.  It looked like a bear, covered in leopard skin.  It was large enough, that I could stand fully erect inside it's jaws.  Then from my right, a man appeared dressed in white, with a sword in his hand.  He thrust his sword at the beast, saying:   "Enough.  You are not allowed to harm him."  This was shown to me 3 times, and it terrified me.  Nevertheless, I knew that someone was there to protect me.