Zelma Kirkpatrick, 1954


I was almost afraid to tell my vision of war and invasion in America, so I called Bro. Roy Johnson and asked him if he thought I ought, and he said I should, as no doubt that God had given it as a warning, but now, a lot of people get stirred up, and left the coast, and I have been told that they are laying the blame to me, saying I told them to go. But Jesus knows the truth and that is all that really matters, only I hope it doesn't hurt my ministry for Jesus' sake. I'd hate for any friends that I love to think such a thing. I only told what God showed me and then told the people to pray.


I was praying at home before I ever went to South Bend, Washington, and God spoke to me in prophecy and said, "You will see what they see, hear what they hear, and you will sit among them and be astonished 7 days, and you will put your hand over your mouth." I couldn't understand what He meant, but I never once doubted that it was from God. And it was, for it came to pass.


I had the first vision two nights before going - it was in the night before I had gone to sleep when I saw a big relief map of the USA - no states marked off, and just in colors of greens and tans. Then I saw a black strip come on the west coast as black as black paint, it came quickly like taking a paint brush and making a quick stripe down the west border from Seattle to lower California. Then it began to spread slowly like ink in a blotter and I cried out, "What is it, Lord?" For I could not understand it and did not think of war. Then all at once the word "invasion" I heard, I believe in an audible voice. I said, "Lord, will they take all of America?" And He answered no, that it would take the Western states. In fact, the exact words were, "They will not be stopped until they reach the Middle West."


I woke my husband and told him. He did not want me to go to South Bend, but I felt I must go, and I went. I was not afraid. In fact, I told him this, "If it's God, He will confirm it. If not, I don't want to listen." So I forgot it entirely the first two weeks in South Bend.


The third week, I awakened out of a sound sleep as if someone had shaken me roughly. Then I saw the terrible war. The soldiers were Chinese and a few Russians, they were dressed in red coats and caps and light khaki trousers almost white. They ran in a sort of hop-skip way and they squealed as they fought, they looked in a fiendish glee. They would plunge their bayonets in the people's belly and rip them up. They were devils. It was fiendish hell turned loose. This time I did not intend to tell it either, but I called Bro. Johnson and he said to go ahead. I still didn't intend to tell it and on Monday evening at Aberdeen Fellowship meeting I told it and 7 Holy Ghost filled people, the best I can remember the number, came and told me visions of the same. For one solid week people came and there was such a stir that I found myself astonished, almost afraid to speak, and finally caught myself with my hand covering my mouth as God had said, and I was determined not to mention it again, and I saw a third vision of Christian martyrs and remembered what God had said and that's how it went. The vision of the Saints suffering was the worst, and I can never forget it. Torture and rape and everything terrible.


When I came home and told Kirk he said we will leave the coast. I cried and begged him not to go. I told him God was our refuge and strength and he said, "God showed you what to do. Do you think He will bless us if you don't obey Him?" So I prayed - I said, "God, if you want us to go, sell my house for me." I'd had it in five Realtors hands in the past three years and it hadn't sold. I said, "Sell it soon if it's you." I listed it one day and it sold the next.


Now I am not telling people what to do. I only know that God directed my move and told me that many would die, many would flee, and some would live through the war. One thing I know: I believe this to have come from God. So much so that I'd stake my life on it. I do not know when, but I do know it is coming.


I never told the visions at Sioux City, but a lady came and told how God gave her a vision of troops being sent west by the train load and by bus over a pavement that was not as yet built when she saw it, but is now built right where she saw it in her vision.


A poem, under a picture of the Washington Monument:


Granite needle to the sky,
Earthquake, many people die.
Solid structures break like glass,
Prophecies have come to pass.

End approaching, few take heed.
Love of money, lust and greed.
War clouds threaten - poison gas,
Prophecies have come to pass.

Chaos, ruin in all lands,
Solid structures? Shifting sands.
People suffering all en-mass,
Prophecies have come to pass.

Invasion - wings of steel overhead,
Panic, devastation spread.
Sky is darkened - Sun overcast,
Prophecies will come to pass.

Dismal picture, but take heart,
Not completed - just a part.
Redemption is approaching fast,
Prophecies MUST come to pass.


Violet Jones 1933