Chuck Youngbrandt, 1977


Mid-1977, Fault, Chicago, Illinois

In mid 1997 we met a brother in the Lord who shared that while he was working on a construction job in Chicago, driving pilings in the ground for the foundation of the Marina Towers, they discovered a fault, which he said apparently ran east and west. This struck me as very interesting in that the massive fracture shown to me in 1973 followed the same general line or area he talked about.


Mid-1977, Visions, Chicago EarthQuake


We have met and talked to dozens of Christians who have had a vision of the earthquake destroying Chicago or a vision of the wall of water crushing the city sweeping it away. One minister told us in mid-1977 that he was in Chicago praying when he had a vision of the building he was in; the walls were cracked and everything was ruined. He than said he heard loud ‘banging noises’ and saw the pipes suddenly rupture and explode with considerable force. Next, he heard a roaring noise and suddenly torrents of water broke through the east walls of the building. He had no idea what it meant but someone who had heard our tapes suggested he visit us, and so he did. What hit me was that as the wall of water would move, it could cause intensely high pressure in the city’s water pipes just ahead of it, resulting in the pipes exploding.


Vision Of The Invasion Of The United States Of America


Chuck Youngbrandt estimates the dates for the summer of the GREAT Chicago earthquake, and soon after invasion of the United States of America:


March 28th look for a noteworthy event in economy


June 3rd 67 days later [62 plus 5] a greater event to shake nations foundations


July 5th One summer day, at twelve o’clock noon, the Midwest will be devastated by one of the most destructive earthquakes in recorded history. After the earthquake and subsequent flooding by the Great Lakes, there will be left intact, whole Christian communities much like islands in a sea of destruction. Survivors will stumble in shock into these areas. Christians are to receive the injured, tend to their wounds, feed the hungry. In the Midwest, after the earthquake, most survivors will be children. The earthquake destroys Chicago, Illinois and Midwest [most destructive earthquake in recorded history. For those outside of the Midwest earthquake zone, news of this earthquake will be warning enough. Now, within thirty-seven days, Russia, China and Japan will attack this nation. Anyone living within an area where there is a major airbase, navalbase or missile installation located should consider leaving. The Lord will warn, mostly with angels, and yet those who have a personal relationship with Jesus will get a word from Jesus directly, as He wills. We can not and will not win this war. God’s hand is against this nation. We will be overcome as a nation, we will be humbled in defeat and occupied. Many who will take their lives in these times.


August 4th Jesus’ angels warn his children to flee cities and towns


August 11th Russia and China launch full thermonuclear attack on the United States of America


Autumn, October 21st The War Itself


132,427 Russian troops invade the East coast atSlaughter Beach, Delaware, in the Bay of Delaware, and advance rapidly up Highway 13, up that peninsula towards Wilmington, Delaware. Hours before, a large armored force will have landed on the coast of Virginia, in a daring stroke aimed at causing confusion. This armored force will fan out across the countryside and wreak havoc, setting whole towns afire and destroying widely. This force is designed as a diversionary force, to divert our military leader’s attention away from Slaughter Beach, which is the main landing point. As a result of bad weather, heavy fog and an excellent performance by the Russian diversionary force, it will be some forty-eight hours before the U.S. military leaders recognize that the Slaughter Beach area is the main invasion point.


At Slaughter Beach, Russian armored and infantry forces will race ashore, overrunning the small town of Milford, Delaware. From there, tanks, troop carriers, and mobile artillery still wet from the Atlantic ocean surf, will speed up Highway 13 and take Dover, the capital of Delaware within the hour, without a shot fired. Later, near the junction of Highway 301 and 40, just southeast of Wilmington, Delaware, the first U.S. tank [an M60] will challenge the lead Russian tank, an amphibious T-62.


October 23rd approximately 1,800,000 United States troops will engage the swelling Russian force in and around Wilmington, Delaware. Though American forces will attack and fight with courage and persistence, the Russian troops will have entrenched themselves and will withstand attack after attack until American morale wanes.


After one week of heavy, brutal fighting, the vastly outnumbered Russian forces will mount an unexpected offensive and swiftly pierce U.S. defenses in the center, and break into open countryside. Panic and confusion will sweep the army and with the sudden appearance of large numbers of land based Soviet fighter bombers, terror will become the order of the day. Exploiting the break through, Russians armored units will race westward while the bulk of U.S. armored forces will be withdrawn to defend Washington D.C. However, the object of the Russian forces is not Washington, D.C., but Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Swinging wide to the north, the Russian armies will envelop Philadelphia and trap nearly one million American troops. A vast Russian air lift of troops and equipment will ensue. Our defenses will crumble rapidly under continuous Soviet military pressure. Washington D.C. will be abandoned intact.


Fighting desperate delaying action, the U.S. armed forces will prove unable to stop the advancing Russians.The U.S. Army will be destroyed in the defense of the south, and Russian and East German forces will advance rapidly through Virginia into North Carolina. National guard units will put up a fierce fight in the south, and slow the advance of the Soviet forces in a series of blood battles. With the arrival of a severe winter and due to over-stretched supply lines, the Russians will come to a halt in the Appalachian Mountain range, roughly midway between Pittsburgh and Harrisburg, Pa. and Soviet forces in the south will stop their advance, just past Florence, South Carolina; to re-group and re-equip.


The West Coast A month after the Russian invasion of the East coast, China and Japan, with considerable help from the Soviet Navy, will invade the West Coast at three widely spaced points. One Chinese force will land in Willapa Bay in Washington State; the strongest Chinese force will land somewhere south of San Francisco; and the third Chinese and Japanese force will land some five miles south of the U.S. —Mexican border, in North Baja California, Mexico. The West coast defenses, already stripped of stronger air and ground units which were sent to the East coast, will be hard pressed to contain the widely spaced Chinese – Japanese invasion forces.


The San Francisco Vision Chinese troops will be under orders to take no prisoners, civilian or military, which will cause a great slaughter as their armies advance. Then the Lord showed me that He had warned a large number of Christians to leave San Francisco area and move to the north and east; but they ignored the Lord’s Prophets and were there when the invasion came. Consequently, they were trapped when Chinese army units surrounded and cut off U.S. Army units from the mainland. The Chinese were strong enough to press back the U.S. Army to the east and at the same time close in on the trapped soldiers and terror-stricken civilians.


The Christians came together and began to pray and plead for help from Jesus. Then the Lord showed me a one-star-General, named John, a Charismatic [Spirit-filled] Christian. Jesus spoke to John and said, “Call your officers together and pray.” General John B. was in command of an infantry unit that had been reduced to some 5,200 men after weeks of heavy fighting, and orders had been given to withdraw his forces some 30 miles to the east, to a new line of defense.


I saw General John speak to a large roomful of officers, standing on a desk in a mansion where he had set up headquarters. As I remember, General John said, “…The reason this war has befallen us is that we have turned away from obeying the Lord, our God. I am commanding every man here, whether Christian, Jew or pagan, to fall to his knees and pray to Jesus for help.” A Colonel voiced an objection, saying that he did not believe in Jesus, and that they should address their attention to the war. General John spoke loud and clear and said, “Any officer who will not obey this command will be taken out and shot.” The men present fell silent for an instant, then every one joined John on their knees — and prayed to Jesus. Jesus spoke to General John and said; “John, I have given the Chinese over into your hands for the sake of My children. Order your troops to go into battle singing praises to Jesus. Take alive and treat well any Chinese that will surrender, and if they fight do not take them alive.”


John issued orders to the stunned officers. He said, “Jesus has given us the victory, and by God we are attacking.” There was something contagious about his spirit. Faces lit up, orders were given and the unbelievable communication was sent to headquarters. The unit was under strength and exhausted. They lacked air support and artillery support and were faced by an estimated 200,000 Chinese troops. The whole force trucked up and moved in a body down a one lane highway, convoy fashion, straight for the Chinese. [I thought they were about to commit suicide.] Chinese MIGs flashed out of the sky and made straffing and bombing attacks; but when the smoke cleared, there was no damage. Chinese artillery sent down a thundering barrage of shells to no effect; the troops hit the Chinese front lines and the Chinese panicked, throwing down rifles and weapons, and ran. Within a few hours, they had captured over 100,000 Chinese and killed almost 100,000, with no loss of their units. On freeing the entrapped Christians, General John sternly told them that Jesus told him to inform them to pack up and move north and east. Jesus said to John after the battle, “John, I have given this nation into their hands; yet I will never abandon My children.” Once so routed, the Chinese will quickly abandon the order to kill military and civilian prisoners and the war will go on. The Chinese and Japanese will advance north from Los Angeles, and re-take San Francisco later.


General John B., the praying Christian soldier, will trouble the invaders to the extent that they will offer a high price for his head, [literally] but he will live to see God’s mighty promise fulfilled after occupation ends.


The General War


After the American armies fall back into the Appalachian Mountain range against Soviet pressure and into the Rocky Mountain range against Chinese – Japanese pressure, we will enter into the ‘lull’ of severe winter, while all sides lick their wounds and catch their breath. The U.S. government will initiate massive conscription, ultimately drafting boys from 15 years of age up to men 55 years of age. And the church system, that would not call the nation to prayer and repentance will call this nation to war and to fight. Many in the church authority will challenge Americans to win the war by saying, “God is with us!” Indeed, the Lord or God is with us; but we cannot and will not win this war. God’s hand is against the nation.


Jesus would have us warn you generally that those who fight will die, and that we should generally surrender and live to serve Jesus Christ. This is the general rule. But in every case, we must search our hearts in prayer and know what the Lord would have us do. Outright rejection of lawful authority is lawlessness; thus we must come to the Lord in prayer about draft notices received by any of our brethren. Firstly, from nuclear attack to invasion, through to the military collapse of these United States, military victory is not possible. We are given into the hands of the conquering Communist armies that arrive on our shores. To resist the invaders with the hope of winning will be the equivalent of resisting the will of God. There is no chance of success whatsoever in the normal sense.


Secondly, fathers and mothers, keep your boys at home and out of the armed forces. Do not volunteer for the armed forces; and if you are in the area overrun by Communist troops, do not, under any circumstances, allow yourselves to be joined with the invasion forces. Do not take up arms against your countrymen, even under threat of death.


If you are legally drafted, then go before your fellowship or church for prayer and seek the perfect Will of God. If Jesus approves of the military draft, then go. Christian soldiers are to remain steadfast daily in the Word of God in prayer and in fasting; and so also are their churches, on their behalf. You are to exert your influence in both a physical sense and spiritual sense in the armed forces, if Jesus sends you. If in battle your unit is cut off, attempt to rejoin the main body. If this proves impossible, then withdraw into the hills, forests, or mountains and continue the fight even after total defeat is a reality. That is to say, never give up. Form guerilla bands and trouble the occupation forces all through the occupation. No peace treaty will ever be signed, nor a surrender. The war will continue and the ultimate victory is certain in Christ. If you are surrounded and cannot escape into hiding, then surrender and know the Lord thy God is with you. Roll with the punches. Remember Romans 8:28!


So there will be some who should avoid military service, and some who should not; some who should continue to fight and others who should surrender. In each case, we need remember that we are different parts of the same Body of Christ and that we need to humble ourselves, seek the Will of the Lord for us in prayer and fasting, and obey Jesus above our own ‘feelings’ and above the authority of man.


Civilians, be advised NOT to resist the invaders. Pray for God’s protection about your family, your home; and pray for walls of Jesus’ love all about you. It is easy to die for Christ; but it is not so easy to live for Him. Take up the call to live for Jesus, to live that you may serve Him. This is both for those Christians in the military and those who are not. When Russian troops fight through our defenses, do not surrender to assault troops. They will often be under orders to take no prisoners and will kill anyone trying to give himself up.


The Arm Of Flesh Will Fail


Jesus began to show me a vision of great battle and said to  me, “The arm of flesh will fail utterly.” Then, over a period of time, the Lord showed me this:


After the severe winter weather set in, combined with exhausted troops, and overstretched supply lines, forward movement against the U.S. armed forces stopped on every front. While the winter was hard on Americans, it was equally hard on Russian, Eastern European, Chinese, and Japanese armies. Then as I viewed the United States, I began to see a superhuman effort being made in every dimension of our society to ‘come back.’ In small towns and cities yet intact, factories and workshops began to spring up; and the whole of our technology, matched with our wits, know-how, resources, and strength combined mightily to produce large numbers of modern weapons of war. New tanks, artillery pieces, jet fighters, missiles, ammunition and small arms began to arrive at training centers in a flood; and a whole new army and air force began to rise out of the ruins. Diplomatic moves were being made to draw Western Europe into the conflict against Russia, and the government tried, desperately, to exploit differences Russia was having with Red China and Japan. Russia still had forces standing opposite Western Europe and on China’s border; and our military analysts estimated that Russia could not deploy more military units into the Americas without seriously letting down their guard at home. The President and his military men saw an opportunity to deliver a knock-out blow to the Russian forces and drive them off the continent. Everything now depended upon seizing the ruined city of Philadelphia, which Russia was using as its main naval base to bring in fuel, replacements and heavy equipment. Philadelphia had been converted into a Russian supply port. If U.S. forces could take it, Russian armies would soon run out of fuel, ammunition and other vital supplies and consequently could be easily mopped up and wiped out.


As I watched, I saw a gradual build up of troops and tanks just behind the fighting font that stretched from a rough halfway point between Pittsburgh and Harrisburg, south thru Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Virginia. The military build up continued steadily over a wide area of the front until, after many months, the hills and forests were alive with American troops, tanks, artillery and missiles. It was now late winter and near early spring then, and the U.S. Air Force had reappeared and challenged the Russian air power to the extent that Russia was afraid to fly in supplies while the U.S. Air Force threatened their air routes. Then the day came, in the early morning hours, still dark, with a frozen silence in the forest hills of Pennsylvania and West Virginia; millions of American troops with tanks, cannons and assorted weapons moved up quietly in what seemed a hush. Time seemed suspended and I was not caught up in the vision. My emotions, “Go get ‘em.”


A pale mist lay just over the treetops as the dark began to lift, then it seemed as though the night instantly became daylight, as multiplied thousands of cannon and rocket launchers fired volley after volley of shells into the Russian defenses. The hills literally belched flame, and roared and shook under the weight of the barrage. Millions of men attacked fiercely, and the Russians were stunned. A hundred mile hole was torn in the Russian defenses and the U.S. Army moved forward, engaged the Soviet forces, shattered them and plowed through. Russian reserve units were called up from rest areas and winter quarters on the East coast, and engaged the advancing U.S. forces. The military analysis — was correct, Russia had no reserves left — and they must draw on army units at home, risking the homeland or face the possibility of being driven off the Americas. Unknown to us a man in power in Western Europe delivered assurances to the Soviets of absolute non-intervention by Western Europe.


One of the U.S. Army’s military objective was the retaking of Washington, D.C., as well as Philadelphia, which was a top priority. American forces steadily advanced against thinning Russian armies; the Soviet’s military strength was on the wane. They were outnumbered now, badly battered and constantly falling back. But then, the Spirit of the Lord moved on them, and at King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, they stopped retreating and turned and stood. A battle ensued that is hard to describe. American troops attacked the Soviet forces in waves, and often the fighting was hand-to-hand; but despite heroic efforts, the Russian soldiers still held. Then one of the greatest airlifts in history happened. Russian forces were airlifted out of Russia and flown to the United States in huge numbers; and the U.S. offensive broke down, failing to take the prize, Philadelphia. From then on, the U.S. Army fought frantically in a hopeless cause. The arm of flesh failed utterly!


May 14th The Russian counter-offensive is marked, beginning with the destruction of Washington, D.C. by a nuclear bomb. [page 304] [Many will die and many will go into captivity.] On May 14th, Russia will launch their great offensive which will end up reducing the remains of the U.S. Army in conjunction with Chinese and Japanese forces in the Midwest areas of Kansas, Missouri and Iowa. No surrender will be signed. The United States will cease to exist by the summer of… with a total war, earthquake, famine and pestilence killing some [estimated] 197,000,000 Americans.


Every American who flees to Canada will die there when war comes to Canada at another time. In the war, the invaders will make use of nuclear weapons, poison gas and biological warfare against our nation. The Russians will abandon biological warfare when it backfires on them.


Advice If you see U.S. armed forces appear to be entrenching themselves in or near your town or city, pack up and leave. If possible, avoid remaining in battle zones. For civilians again, the war will have two forms. (1) the fighting zones and (2) the by-passed zones. Fighting zones can be described as the general line along which invading armies will advance, and the general line along which the U.S. armed forces will resist them. Since fighting will no doubt be in tense, most surface structures [homes, factories, etc.] will be either heavily damaged for totally destroyed anywhere with in fifty miles of a fighting zone. Bypassed zones are just that, areas beyond the fifty mile zone where there is likely to be little or no fighting. It can be expected that invading army units will arrive even in by-passed areas, both during and after the war. Civilians, do not resist the invaders. Head for your basements, remain in a corner of the basement until the troops go by. If there is house-to-house fighting, remain in your basement; and it or when you hear troops enter your home, — begin to sing a good loud hymn, and don’t move.


These are the fighting zones: Russians forces will split into two main army fronts past Wilmington, Delaware. The main force will move from Philadelphia west to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and from Pittsburgh to Cleveland, Ohio, and from Cleveland generally west… The second force will move west from Pittsburgh to Columbus, Ohio, then to Indianapolis, Indiana, and then to St. Louis, Missouri. The Soviet forces moving south will advance from Philadelphia to Baltimore, Maryland; to Washington, D.C.; to Richmond, Virginia; to Raleigh, North Carolina; to Columbia, South Carolina; to Knoxville, Tennessee, and to Nashville, Tennessee. The second force will move from Greenville to Atlanta, Georgia and to Montgomery, Alabama.


On the West coast, Chinese forces will advance from the beaches of the State of Washington to Olympia, Washington, moving due south to Portland, Oregon, and from there to Pendleton, Oregon and to Boise, Idaho. The Chinese – Japanese forces landing on the Baja California, Mexico, area will move over the border to Los Angeles, California, and from there east to Phoenix, Arizona, to Tucson, Arizona; to Las Cruces, New Mexico, to El Paso, Texas. The Chinese will send another force from Los Angeles up the cast to San Francisco, and advance from there to Reno, Nevada; to Winnemucca, Nevada — to Salt Lake City, Utah; to Rock Springs, Wyoming to Cheyenne, Wyoming, to North Platte, Nebraska, to Grand Island, Nebraska. These are the main fighting zones. By checking a Road Atlas, you can quickly see the main highways they will follow, and whether or not your dwellings are in a fighting zone or a by-passed zone. Although there will be others, these are the major lines along which most of the battles will take place. No nuclear weapons will fall in the areas devastated by the earthquake.


The conquerors will make use of existing police forces, firemen and local, state and federal officials initially. But beware, within a year of overcoming the nation, the Communist officials will have these same leading police, firemen and government officials arrested and murdered.


During the war, activate the underground church. Hide those who are fleeing from the conquerors. Feed and assist guerilla bands secretly, and also comply with the occupation forces, that it go well with you. The invading armies will not be the scrouge many will fear them to be. Sadly to say, American women will have more to fear from our own troops — than from the invaders. Do not deny invaders loot, and to not resist the plunderers. Give freely. If troops go for women, let all turn to Jesus in prayer; but do not resist, they will kill all who resist.


The Lord will give occupation troops a heart of compassion for His children. You will find that most of the conquering troops are young men, some homesick. Most will be curious about Americans; many will be friendly and helpful. Americans will be scattered over a destroyed land. Our flag, will lie in the dust. We will mourn and bury or dead. Our hearts will be broken. But now we will enter the fires of occupation and persecution. War troubles will come into focus as occupation trials.


We cannot make it as individuals alone. We cannot make it as a twosome or a small group alone. We need Jesus and the Holy Spirit of our Father in Heaven; and we need each other. The future of America, the future of the new nation, is entrusted in our hands by God. For from the children, a new nation will emerge. We are responsible, and America’s future is in our hands. This is our calling.


Jesus showed us that during occupation, American Christians will hide two things, 1st the Bible, and 2nd the American flag. Then Jesus spoke and said: “And so this nation, which I will raise up, will look upon this flag and will know and remember that by these My stripes are you healed; and that these stars are to you as my promise to Abraham, that your descendants will be as many as the stars in heaven.”


When the war is over, the conquering Russian troops will literally dance in the streets and drink themselves into a stupor. Steer clear of them. The Chinese troops will respond to the end of the war in an unexpected but pleasant manner.


Christians, let loose of your worldly-possessions. Do not hesitate to leave everything behind. Place no value on anything except love of Jesus and love of the Body of Jesus Christ. Some will remain fixed where they are. Some will be moved. Some will be deported.


When the shooting stops, another kind of war will begin: a fierce spiritual war. But it will not begin as one might expect. Strangely enough, Christians will initially enjoy greater freedom in Christ than ever before. The vast majority of Christians will dwell safely in the ‘green pastures’ or ‘green patches’ that Jesus has prepared for His people. The conquering armies will number close to ten million armed men when the U. S. armed forces collapse and fighting ceases.


Psalm 46:10a

“Be still and know that I am God”

Photo by Darcy Holverson of Grace Larriuz

Exodus 15:6 “thy right hand Oh Lord is glorious”

Joshua 9:25 “we are in thine hand”

Psalms 18:35 “thy right hand hath holden me up”

Psalms 37:24 “Lord upholdeth him with his han”

“Be Still”


In the time the conquering troops will be curious and seek to know Americans. They will become friendly, even to sharing food and medical supplies. In some places, it will not be uncommon for Russian Christians to join Americans in prayer.


The Chinese and Japanese forces will move on to India and other parts of Asia intending to consolidate Asia into one empire. For this reason, they will begin to withdraw fighting troops in the Americas. Within a year, occupation troop levels will drop to three million, and then slip to near two million after the year’s end. Communist commissars will begin arriving within six months of war’s end. It will take them about another six months to begin to effectively administer city areas where the bulk of surviving Americans are concentrated. It will take another year before they can bring the whole land under control.


Because of the vast destruction of cities, roads, bridges, communications, rail lines and such, it will take the Communists two years to effectively control the continental mass. Even then, the underground church and guerilla bands will be able to operate openly in many areas. The Russians will be interested in taking industrial machinery and mineral resources. China and Japan will go for raw materials, foodstuffs, and technicians.


During occupation, if you are concealing people from occupation authorities and are asked if you know their whereabouts, simply say: “You can have all you can find.” [they will search in any event.] But do not, in the name of Truth betray others to their imprisonment and/or death. It is far better to turn away those seeking your help than to receive them and turn them in later.


If asked whether you are a Christian or not, do not deny this, but openly acknowledge that you belong to Jesus Christ. But in heaven’s name do not seek martyrdom. Do not go down to Communist headquarters and shout aloud of your faith in Christ. That kind of activity is akin to voluntary suicide.


Concerning provisions for our needs; do not limit God. He can and will provide for our needs out of both the natural realm and the miraculous realm. We need to make provision for our needs beforehand as the Lord would lead us, and then simply trust Jesus for all the rest. Many Christians get confused on the issue of preparations, thinking that having things beforehand is a lack of faith, whereas it is clinging to things rather than clinging to Jesus that is the problem. Just recently in the month of January, 1979, I heard Corrie Ten Boon say on Christian TV: “Look around, be depressed, Look within, be distressed, Look at Jesus, and be at rest.”


With the arrival of occupation, we will be living in what can be described as a news blackout, as there will no longer be television, radio, newspapers, or magazines. Christian communities in ‘green patches’ and this underground church will be the only source of real news [outside of occupation news reporting]. Christians will find themselves relying heavily upon the word of prophecy, upon the Holy Spirit of Jesus to know what to do. For instance, some people may want to return to homes left behind—they should seek the Lord in prayer and fasting. The countryside in all of the Americas will be radioactive wasteland in many places. It will remain that way for years. We will need to rely heavily on the word of prophecy in the Body of Christ at this time—. The Lord will speak to us, giving us explicit directions when asked. Submit humbly, to right authority in the occupation forces and in your churches.


During the occupation, we are going to be put to the test. We are going to go through the fire, for American Christians will: 1st be betrayed into Communist hands by some church authorities, 2nd be betrayed into Communist hands by some of our family members, 3rd be betrayed into Communist by brothers and sisters in Christ. In this time of occupation, we must be extremely careful with those we trust and above all, we must endure every trial, every and all betrayal with love and forgiveness. No matter what we face, we must never deny Jesus Christ. We must remain faithful to the Body of Jesus Christ even unto death.


Occupation will be no picnic. If you think it will be an adventure, it indeed will be an adventure—mixed with pain, sorrow and trials, covered over with Jesus’ Spirit of peace, joy and love. We must prepare our hearts even now with prayer and wholly trust in Jesus to see us through every trial with His brilliant love, and boundless faith in God and His goodness.


Those who have not prepared themselves in prayer and who do not cling to Jesus, will be embittered by persecution and trials and confused, thinking the Lord Jesus has failed them. They will withdraw from fellowship, afraid to trust anyone. Their love will grow cold.


It is for this reason that the underground church need be formed, for its foundations will be established upon deep and everlasting relationships between Christians committed to loving and serving Jesus and His Church. The visible church will come under a terrible persecution. It will be run thru with informants, restricted by an endless barrage of laws laid down by the conquerors. Membership in the underground church will be considered treason, punishable by death; even so, the church will grow stronger and come thru occupation intact. The underground church will be built upon the Rock, Jesus Christ. All Christian denominations can be a part of it. Love of Jesus and one another in the unity of the Holy Spirit will be the first love of this underground church.


The Bible is to be the rule book for the underground church, and all decisions to be made are to be prefaced with prayer and fasting. The Lord Jesus Christ is the only recognized head of the underground church, and the Holy Spirit’s direction is to be the foundation of its operation. The members of the underground church need to be in one accord on any major decision; and should be constant in prayer in all things and for one another…


When war comes, each Christian is to make a careful thorough search to find all letters, notes, lists andphotographs of, and from, Christians. Gather these in one place and destroy all duplicates. Ultimately, destroy or hide — records that, if found, could lead to members of the underground church. Use first names only, at all times, and at meetings.


When the Communist Commissars arrive, they will consider ‘speaking the name of Jesus’ as subversive. Preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ will bring a thirty-year prison sentence and later, death. The Chinese will treat proselytizing as revisionist, and execute a sentence of death by beheading or burying alive.


Occupation will last about seven years


Prayer can shorten the time of occupation. The U. S. military units which are cut off from the main body during the war, or have been bypassed or isolated, need to make a decision. The land will not be able to support large military units, so the men must form guerilla bands and go into hiding, or find civilian clothing and try to get back home. Surrendering, will automatically result in being deported to labor camps outside the Americas. The guerilla bands should not be larger than fifteen men per unit. Jesus told us not to discourage guerilla activity - but to encourage it - and that it be Christ centered in both purpose and attitude.


The Communists at first desired to kill off the entire U.S. population. This will prove not only impractical, but also beyond their means. They will attempt to enact and enforce a plan to Russianize the Americas. They will change the names of cities and towns to Russian names. The will uproot whole American communities and disperse them in Russian and Eastern block nations, while transplanting whole Russian families to the Americas. American Christian guerillas will thoroughly trouble these Russian families until they flee to Russian compounds for safety. The Russians will then seize and deport American men as slave labor into their own territory, leaving only a few men in some areas to fulfill the hard-labor tasks. American women will also be compelled to take on hard labor.


Russian leaders will plan to obliterate and totally submerge the American culture by encouraging their troops to take American women as wives. Single women will be compelled to take Russian men as husbands by a variety of ploys. Christian women, will form large families with many children [most of them orphans]; with one man as ‘head of the household.’ This will frustrate the Russianization plan. The children will be the ones who will realize God’s promises of full restoration.


The Chinese will hold endless mock trails of Americans and execute tens of thousands for crimes against American people. Crimes such as being an Army Major, or owning a grocery store, or being the president of a corporation, or holding the office of mayor, and so on, will carry the death penalty. The Chinese and Japanese will launch a massive re-education program, as will the Russians. Some Americans will indeed be re-educated and become supportive of the occupation forces. Through all of this be encouraged, for the hand of God is with us, and Jesus told us, “My body will never be denied the victory.”


American families, captured soldiers, and men deported to eastern Europe or Russia or China will be made up of many born-again Spirit-filled Christians. Though they have gone out in chains, they are free in Christ, and will be empowered by the Holy Spirit for the work before them. Years may pass in captivity but the freedom we have in Christ is irresistible. Russia, its satellites, and Asia will be stirred up by and resound with the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Some will be killed. These will have promoted ahead of us into Jesus’ loving arms. For us, death holds no terror. Those who come through the deportation, will be sent back to the Americas. It is Jesus’ promise that He will bring back home to this land most before He restores the land to us.


When the Communist commissars arrive in the first year of occupation, the sense or feeling of freedom from the bondage to the now dead and destroyed social system of the U.S. will end abruptly. A deep and seemingly sinister cloud of oppression and fear will blanket the Americas. It will almost feel like a physical force. Prayer time will become difficult. We will lose interest in reading the Bible and in daily prayer. Doubt will assail us. It will be demonic oppression. This demonic oppression will dampen the ardor of many Christians who depend upon feelings. We need to learn to pray by faith and not by feelings, to know God’s Word and know it by faith in Jesus, to know that God hears our prayers. Come under the blood of Jesus, and stay under the blood of Jesus. Remain steadfast and trust in the Lord. Maintain a daily discipline of regular Bible study, prayer and meditation on the Word of God. Pray for one another, persevere.


The war and occupation will have the effect of a fiery furnace. The impurities in the Body of Christ, the division, the party spirit, the doctrinal feuds, the indifference, the rebelliousness, all of these and more will be burned away by persecution. These things are in all of us, and not in any one person. But by God’s grace, the Body of Christ can and will emerge united in love of Jesus and each other, obedient to God and mindful of the purpose for which we are called.


Indeed, we can hold onto our prejudices, our doctrinal bondage, our stiffneckedness, and we can also face yet another judgment!


During the occupation, we will find ourselves stripped of everything we have ever leaned on and will find that Jesus is absolutely all we need.


Jesus says… “I Am! The day is coming when you shall look up and see your deliverance at hand, for I shall come with a shout and hosts of heaven, and they shall surround you and your household, yes, even your land, and you shall come together as one in Me, even as I and the Father are One… My Word shall be in your heart; My hand upon your head. Many shall dream dreams and visions shall abound… I will deliver you from the hand of the enemy; I will drive out the occupying armies from the midst of the land and drive them into the sea—their front to the eastern sea and their back to the western sea…


A number of Christians have assumed that this judgment is the ‘Great Tribulation,’ but it is not the Tribulation; it is judgment upon these United States for sin. Too often rapture is an excuse for our own laziness or unwillingness to face trials. Our job as Christians is to be obedient to the Lord each and every day.


Towards the end of the occupation, the Communist nations will plan to murder every known or suspected Christian under their realm of control. The Holy Spirit will move upon Jeffery [code name for the military leader who will lead the guerilla bands to take America back], and Jeffery will lead a small band of Christian men and women against a Russian military base in the Ohio valley area. They will go out full of praise for God, and the Russian Christians will join them; all the other enemy soldiers will be fear-struck and will flee.


Tattered, ragged guerilla bands will slowly emerge from the hills and wooded areas and join the tiny band, and the numbers of this Christian army will swell greatly. On one occasion they will be assembled in a hilly plain somewhere in Ohio, on a sunny day with out a cloud in the sky. The parched land will be brown from lack of rainfall, and this Christian army will be kneeling—and praying—seeking God’s guidance as they face the threat of a Russian air attack with nuclear bombs. As they pray, God the Father will speak in an audible voice and say: “Behold My Hand!” With this, a strong wind will spring up from the west, and dark clouds begin to appear out of nothing in the clear blue sky above. Then wind will be extremely strong; a number who stand will stumble to their knees; hats blown off, and the wind will begin to roar with an intensity that cannot be described. The very earth will shudder. Russian bomber aircraft will blow down, to crash and burst into flames. Aircraft on the ground in the east will be turned up and over and crushed. I saw the fuselage on many planes break into pieces, and wings ripped off. I watched hangers collapse and trees being uprooted.


Then lightening came streaking out of the sky, bolt after bolt, hundreds, then thousands of bolts of lightening struck, killing many soldiers and causing even greater destruction. Then came a heavy rain and even heavier hail. The whole of the eastern area of the former United States felt the impact of this furious storm. The Russians were not only dispersed but panic-stricken as well. The Russian air force in the Americas were destroyed. Yet I also saw the homes of Christians in these parts, with not a window broken, while other houses to the right and left were destroyed or damaged.


We are clearly aware of the fact that the Lord our God is indeed, mightily going to give this enemy into our hands. At that time we will be faced with a decision. Will we obey the Lord when He tells us to drive them into the sea? or will we argue with Him on that point? This army, coming through occupation, will obey the Lord when He says, “Drive them into the sea.” They will obey the Lord their God and the land will be free. After this nation is restored, we will begin at last to judge ourselves and our nation according to God’s Word. World laws will be founded upon His Word, and in His love; and we will deal mercifully with those who see mercy, and justly with those who have hardened their hearts against the Lord. Anybody involved with witchcraft or satan worship will be brought before the people and dealt with as the Lord instructed His people on Mt. Sinai. No longer are we going to allow evil to multiply in our midst.


At this time we are going to have a totally different out look on satan and on sin. God takes a hard line against evil. He is merciful to those who seek mercy. He is a just and loving God. Yet, because we have allowed satan to overrun this land, and because we have backed off and been merciful to satan who has already been judged, for this some 197,000,000 people in this nation shall die in this coming judgment. [In 2000 there is an estimated 260 million people in the U.S.A.] Give satan ground in your life today and tomorrow you will reap a crop of death.


In this restoration, we will see a Church with more than just a few great leaders, or even many leaders; rather we will see the Church restored where all will function as priests and ministers unto the Lord. The head of the woman shall be man, and head of man, shall be Christ. Jesus Christ, will be our Shepherd, Lord and Ruler. He will be the Way, the Truth, and the Life. We will report to the Lord for our instructions, yet remain in loving submission to the whole body of Christ in the unity of the Holy Spirit.


The job of restoration will go on, which is 1st establish His Kingdom on earth; and another 2nd to drive satan into the bottomless pit.”


Out of this war, occupation, and persecution, will emerge an army of spiritual battle-hardened Christians, an army of loving Christians clothed in the whole armor of God. Armageddon…. Satan is taken and thrown into the bottomless pit. The Kingdom of Heaven shall be established on earth and peace shall last for a thousand years [which is like one day to God].


Invasion Details – Of The Map Of The U.S.A.

Take special notice of the five major locations of safety zones: Northern New York, Northern Dakota, Northern Washington State, Central Arkansas, and Northern Florida, these are five places that God stated He will keep many alive – this is from the book and Chuck’s video which he did for “The Prophecy Club®.”


Map by Chuck Youngbrandt



Safety Areas see map above, [horizontal lines] numbered 1,2,3,4, and 5. These are the ‘general areas’ that God the Father circled with His finger during the vision on the Mount of the Most High. It continues to mean to us that God the Father will provide food and lodging here for many Americans during the war. These are not to be confused with, ‘Green Pastures’ which are smaller areas of safety [some just a few acres in size] scattered across the nation. Many will be led by diving inspiration or angels to these places when the need is most apparent.


Earthquake Zonelines slanting from North points to South East] Every city and town within this area can be expected to be destroyed or heavily damaged by the earthquake. Underwater — [criss-crossing lines] Florida’s southern half will be under water. Also some parts of southern Alabama and Louisiana will be under water. The exact areas are not known, but they are quite likely to be low lying areas close to sea level.


Fighting Zones [bold lines with arrows] Generally speaking, everything within fifty [50] miles of these lines will probably be destroyed by advancing enemy forces. These areas will be combat zones, and battle routes, thereby the sites of many pitched battles. Unless the Lord distinctly leads you to stay in one of these zones, plan to move to safety, after the Chicago earthquake.


LAST U.S. Stronghold [lines slanting from North points to South West] Here the U.S. Army surrounded by Russian, Chinese and Japanese and other nations armed forces will fight to the finish. Hutchison, Kansas salt mine is likely to be the headquarters for our government and President during the war after the fall of Washington, D.C.


Jesus had said that the Russian armed forces would invade the East coast, at two points North of New York City and three points South of New York City — and has since shown us that the main Russian invasion will take place at Slaughter Beach in the Bay of Delaware by 132,427 troops. A diversionary invasion force of some strength would land on the coast of Virginia. The other points [with question marks] are unknown to us and we strongly suspect that they are designed to seize airfields, as the Russians will make use of airpower to bring in troops and equipment in the early phase of the invasion and to support their drive inland.


The Chinese-Japanese invasions are widely dispersed, and due to Gods intervention, their San Francisco beachhead will be wiped out. Yet later, they will re-take the city by land route from Los Angeles. You will note that Chinese troops will land in Mexico and cross the U.S. border towards San Diego. You may draw a line in the Rocky Mountains, and in the Appalachian Mountain range [about half way between Pittsburgh and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania] to indicate the general line the U.S. Army will hold against the invaders in the winter of the year of the war…


While China and Japan will give us serious trouble — it will be Russia, who will be the strongest enemy we face in the war and the only one capable of bringing the United States down militarily.


While God is against us as a nation and a people, there is no hope of winning this war. The only hope the nation has rests in repentance, a change of heart, and turning to Jesus Christ wholly.