Dawn Singelakis, 1986


The Spirit of the Lord has given me many dreams and visions over the years. I always write them down. In 1986 I had a dream that the United States was living under martial law. We were not allowed to travel or share the gospel of Jesus Christ with no one. There were so many militant forces, but they were our own people! Houses were monitored by the militant forces. They were trying to get us to deny Christ. They were very serious about it. They would kill you if you did not deny Christ. I was going and warning people to hold on to Jesus. Call upon the Name of the Lord. Some understood and some didn't.


The dream ended.


I know that we will some day face persecution. This country has been blessed. I pray that when that day comes we hold on to our blessed savior JESUS.


Blessings,  Dawn Singelakis