Jerry Golden, August 16, 2005


(The following is from ZionsCRY email, August 17, 2005 from Jerry Golden in Jerusalem.)

While they are saying, Peace and safety! their destruction will come upon them suddenly like labor pains upon a woman with child, and they will not escape. 1 Thessalonians 5:3

My only note is to remind those reading this that GOD re-named Jacob 'ISRAEL,' and I believe the LORD is speaking to all of ISRAEL, all Jews, not one man.

Shalom, After much prayer I have decided to email this, but not put this on my website. A friend of mine here in Jerusalem who loves the Lord as I do called me today and told me about a vision that simply stated says that  we should not pay to much attention to the Disengagement -  it is pale in comparison to what is about to befall us from the north.  As he spoke the Ruach Ha Koddesh (GOD's Holy Spirit) brought a witness on me that took my breath away.  It was then I decided that I should share this vision.  Once again you must be the judge, for God will bear a witness in your soul if it be from Him.

Vision August 16, 2005

I had just looked at my watch, it was 6:00 pm.  Suddenly I felt a touch on my right shoulder and heard a voice saying, Yachov, (a name I never been called) be not troubled or allow your heart to be hardened for the things you will see must be.   Be not concerned over things you have no control but seek the Ruach Ha Koddesh in all things, for it is in Him you will find the way to God.  You have been called for a purpose and God will keep your mind clear for the task set before you.   Disaster will come from the north and many will perish, God's hand will still be on His precious Jewish people and He will not forsake them.

There are many who have brought shame to His Name as they have chosen false idols and ways to worship, believing they are pleasing God yet in their hearts they know it is their bellies they serve. For this sin God will visit them in judgment.

The days ahead will be difficult but God's hand is on you and those who He has chosen, many things will not be understood but God's Will must be done. Be not distracted by events but  keep your eyes on His Word, for disaster will come from the north and when it looks like there is no hope God will still be there and His Will, will be done.

I turned to look at the one who touched me on the shoulder, and I noticed that the room had a white bluish glow in it.  But I saw no one, he spoke as if he knew God and His Will, my conclusion is, it was an Angel. Quickly I typed all this down not knowing what I would do with it.

Shalom, Jerry Golden