Death Angel
by Hollie L. Moody
(May 4th, 2001)

I've been just sitting quietly; watching, observing; feeling some type of
tremendous spiritual pressure building not only within me, but around me, and
in those around me. I've seen it being manifested through despair,
discouragement, frustration, impatience, anger, etc., by those who are also
feeling something in the Spirit but don't know exactly what.

I felt the Lord spoke to me at the beginning of this year about hiding myself
in Him, and withdrawing myself into the wilderness / desert to be alone with
Him. (Isaiah 26:20-21 was impressed upon my heart.)

Then, I had a vision of the death angel. In advance of this angel, I
saw people applying blood over their doors
(it reminded me of how the Israelites did this when the death angel passed
through to smite the firstborn in Egypt).

These people who were applying blood over their doors were making other sorts
of preparations also. These preparations appeared confusing / bewildering to
me. I didn't understand all that they were doing, or why. At times, it didn't
even appear that these people fully understood their own actions. It was like
they were somehow moved upon to be doing the preparations they were doing.

The people who had applied blood over their doors, went inside and shut the
door. Others, departed and went into the wilderness.

Then I saw a very large hand with a rod in it, stretched out over America (I
felt the hand was the hand of the Lord, but I could be wrong). This hand with
the rod came crashing down. I saw that the rod first smote churches, then all
of America.

I saw as shepherds began to be wounded and / or flee from the churches. When
this occurred, the sheep in the churches began to mill about in confusion.

The whole scene was extremely troubling to me. I have a heart for those who
are hurting / wounded, and to see the sheep so absolutely confused,
scattered, and frightened, troubled and distressed me.

Anyway, after the hand with the rod fell, the death angel followed closely on
the heels of this happening. The scenes I then "felt" more than "saw" in the
Spirit were horrifying. It was something more spiritual than physical;
something that was occurring in the spiritual realm more than just in the
physical (though it also followed into the physical realm after first
occurring in the spiritual).

I "felt" and "saw" the ground shaking, rising up and down as if in an
earthquake; the ground splitting open, etc. I felt for some reason that this
first happened in the spiritual, then in the physical.

Then, it was like I was above America looking down. It looked like America
was a war zone. Lights began blinking off and on in several areas of America
(blackouts?). I saw and smelt that the water supply in many areas of America
was bad, contaminated (something was wrong with the water, not sure what).
Cars were abandoned by the sides of roads, gas stations either shut down or
with long lines of cars / vehicles at them. There were numerous episodes of
crime. America "smelt" (sanitation bad?).

I'm not at all an alarmist. Yet, in my spirit, I am alarmed and troubled.
Whatever might possibly be going to happen, will happen so suddenly, so
quickly, it will catch most everyone unawares and unprepared. I feel it
increasing in my spirit. It's not at the "breaking" point yet, but it is

Lastly, I "saw" a door that was slightly ajar, but was being closed the rest
of the way. I felt that this was the Lord saying He was allowing a small
period of grace, but that it was almost over.

In Him,
~~ Hollie L. Moody