(December 29th, 2001) -- Hollie L. Moody

I experienced the following vision:

In the vision, I was standing beside the Lord. We were standing on the earth.

"Daughter of My people," the Lord said to me, "what do you see?" He was
pointing towards the right of where we were standing. I looked to the right and saw the sun rising above the horizon.

"I see the sun rising," I replied.

"Daughter of My people," the Lord said, "what do you see?" The Lord was now
pointing to the left of where we were standing.

"I see the sun setting," I replied.

"Observe," the Lord said to me.

I watched as a man approached the Lord and I. This man stopped a short
distance from the Lord and I. To my amazement, this man appeared almost
identical to the Lord.

I looked from the Lord, then to the man. Their resemblance to one another was
striking. Upon closer inspection, however, I began to notice small details in
the man's appearance which differed from the Lord's appearance. To my eyes,
as I continued to look closer and closer first at the Lord then at the man,
the differences soon became so obvious that it was clear to me who was the
Lord and who was not.

The more aware I became of the differences between this man and the Lord, the
further the man seemed to draw away from where the Lord and I were standing.
Finally, with a tremendous roar of anger, the man turned completely from the
Lord and I.

I watched as wings appeared on the man's back and shoulders. The man flew
into the setting sun.

I then became aware of multitudes of people gathered from the direction of
the setting sun to the direction of the rising sun. There was no division or
spaces between them. They all appeared as one large group of people.

The man with the wings who had flown towards the setting sun began to speak
to the multitudes. The words this man used were words found written in the
Scriptures. The words sounded like the Lord's, yet I felt something evil and
corrupt when the man with wings spoke the words.

Many of the people as they heard the man's voice and listened to his words,
began to turn towards the direction of the man. They began to slowly drift
towards the man with wings.

In the vision, I had somehow stopped hearing the words the man with wings was
uttering. Yet, just the sound of this man's voice sent chills through my

I began to somehow "see" this man's words as if they were physical objects.
They appeared as small darts and fishhooks. As the words went out to the
group of people surrounding this man, the words began to strike them and
became deeply embedded in their flesh. These words from the man with wings
seemed to be numbing the group of people around the man.

I continued to watch as the appearance of the people gathered around the man
with wings began to subtly change. The appearance of the man with wings also
began to change. He no longer closely resembled the Lord. He now resembled a
devil or a demon.

I saw as demons/devils slipped quietly into the group of people gathered
around the man with wings. These demons/devils began to wrap themselves
around each person, enslaving them. The people in this group began to perform
acts of corruption and wickedness with one another.

"They are defiled," the Lord said to me.

I then heard the Lord (Who was still standing next to me in the vision) begin
to speak softly. He was talking so softly it was almost impossible to hear
Him unless you were diligently listening for the sound of His voice.

The words I heard the Lord speaking were also from the Word of God, and
stirred me to the point where I began to weep in the vision.

"My sheep hear My voice. I know them, and they know Me. I sanctify My sheep
through the truth. My word is truth. They who know Me, know truth."

With many other words the Lord continued to speak softly. As He continued to
speak, several of the people in the multitude pressed in closer and closer to
the Lord to be nearer and nearer to Him, and to hear His words. There was a
holy, solemn, intense hush around the Lord. Only the soft sound of His voice
was heard.

As the two groups of people began to divide and separate, I became aware that
the group around the Lord was facing the rising sun.

I then saw a very large angel appear. He had what appeared to be a piece of
chalk in his hand. With the piece of chalk, the angel began to draw a
straight line down the middle of the two groups of people; separating them
from each other. There were now two very distinct groups of people.

The angel with the piece of chalk now approached the group of people
surrounding the Lord. With the same piece of chalk, the angel put the end of
the chalk to each person's forehead and pressed lightly. Each person in the
group around the Lord now had a small smudge of chalk upon their foreheads.

"Behold, I come quickly," the Lord said. "Let the wicked be wicked. Let the
righteous be righteous. There is no middle ground spiritually. I am the first
and the last. I am the beginning and the end. Surely, I come quickly, and My
reward is with Me."

Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus. (Revelation 22:20.)

In Him,
~~ Hollie L. Moody

Isaiah 21:11-12 ~~ "{11} The burden of Dumah. He calleth to me out of Seir,
Watchman, what of the night? Watchman, what of the night? {12} The watchman
said, The morning cometh, and also the night: if ye will inquire, inquire ye:
return, come."
Demarcation: The fixing or marking of boundaries or limits; the limits or
boundaries fixed; a limiting or separating.