Economic Earthquake

Judy Curmi, July 27, 2001


7-27-2001 This was a short dream, but extremely vivid and intense. I was inside a bank in downtown Seattle. The bank was new, posh and very spacious with marble on the floors and outside main entrance. The interior was all open. The bank was 2-3 stories tall, with glass completely across the whole front of the building.

Outside was a one way city street with light traffic. There were parking meters and every parking spot on both sides of the street was filled. There were also young trees in leaf. The whole scene spoke money and prosperity. It was quite attractive for a city scene.

The next thing I knew, an earthquake had started. I have been in earthquakes before. They usually start to build, giving you a chance to decide whether to try and run outside (if near an exit) or run for cover. However, that was not the case in this earthquake. Before I could decide to do anything (that is: within only a couple of seconds), the earthquake was so intense that I was slammed to the floor. It didn't "build" at all.

I was trying to crawl to the revolving door, which was only about ten feet away. But the power of the quake was incredible. I have never experienced anything remotely like it before. It was like gravity kept me stuck on the floor and I was only able to crawl a few feet on my face.

I knew no matter how well built that building had been built to earthquake specifications, that it was going to fall down on top of me. And not only me, but the whole of the buildings in the downtown were going to collapse. The power and the intensity of the thing were absolutely beyond belief. I also knew if I had been outside, there would have been no place outside to hide either.

I woke up and immediately thought, "I should have crawled under a table for protection," however the earthquake was much too powerful and there were no tables in the building anyway, not a single one. In fact, there was no protection anywhere.

While I live in Seattle and Seattle is very earthquake prone, I do not believe the dream was about an earthquake in Seattle but about an earthquake in U.S.A. FINANCIAL MARKETS. I was in a very prosperous bank that practically "smelled" like money. When the "earthquake" struck:

* There was NO warning whatsoever.

* The INTENSITY of the quake was so powerful that EVERYTHING was going to collapse. Everything would be destroyed. Nothing would be left standing. There would be only rubble.

* There was NO time to RUN and NO place to run for protection.

In other words, when the financial and monetary collapse comes, it is going to be sudden, without warning and it is going to be HUGE, far beyond our ability to even begin to comprehend! The scene I saw was "current," not "futuristic." It could have been any sunny work week day.