Barbara Miron 

DREAM: June 29, 1998

Huge fireballs were falling from the sky. People were calling them firestorms, and they were striking terror into hearts. I stood in the downtown area of my community and watched fire fall from the sky and consume part of the town to the east. I felt overwhelming fear and grief for the people who had died. I kept telling people that the only way to survive these firestorms was to find a basement and lie down, prostrate, on the cement floor. Some people were willing to do this, but many weren't.

Soon, there was no more time for warnings. I went to a basement where several people were lying on the floor. I knew that others were in basements in other houses. As I lay on the floor, I couldn't see anything, but I could feel the cold hard concrete on my body. We had to lay there for some time and wait before the fireball came. Then the basement began to shake, and I could hear a deafening roar as the fireball passed overhead. Even though this was a terrifying experience, those of us in basements were totally unharmed. We didn't even feel any heat.

Some time after the noise and shaking stopped, we began to get up and climb the stairs. What I saw above ground was so horrifying. There were no buildings left, just smoking black ruins. There were many dead bodies scattered about. People that were still alive had second and third degree burns all over their bodies. They were screaming in agony, but there was nothing anyone could do to help them. There was no pain medication available. The hospital and all emergency facilties were gone. There was no more community infrastructure. The firestorm had brought utter,utter devastation.

I woke up so gripped by the fear of the Lord, yet also thankful that He is providing a refuge in the midst of the fire. This is one of the most vivid dreams I have ever had.

Barbara Miron