David Kocurek Sr, July 4, 2005

I dreamed I was on the Pacific Coast and a big storm came.  People were running to and fro.  Then I saw a big cargo ship start to tear away from the dock so I ran and jumped aboard to try and save it when it tore away and went out to sea.  The ship had no pilot house, and I was exposed to the elements.  The storm was bad and the ship's bow went under with each wave. The ship had no steering wheel but I could engage the engines.  The storm grew worse, much worse, of biblical proportions; the sky turned pitch black and I couldn't see.  I had to engage the engines by feel.  Then the storm broke enough where I could see again.  I saw that the sea was muddy from the waves that had beat the ocean floor.  I couldn't believe what I just went through.  All I could say was, "God you are so Awesome," because I knew that only God could make a storm so massive and see me through it on a ship with no wheel.  The Lord was supernaturally directing and piloting the ship.
The ship continued up the coast when I saw a strange thing.  I saw what appeared to be an all-concrete dry dock with two doors on it's back wall, like a fallout shelter right at the sea's edge.  I could see that the ocean was being held back from naturally flooding this place. Only God can do this. Then I saw two Christians who God was protecting from the storm and who were hiding in the shelter come out of the two doors and direct me where the ship was to be put on this dock.  The ship started to turn into the dock.  Then I awoke.
It is clear that the Lord will protect his children from this great and coming storm and guide us through it as our captain. Oh, please America make the Lord Jesus the Captain of your life today!!!  But what could this storm on America mean?  Then I was given another powerful dream from the Lord.
In this dream/vision it was not visual but rather audio. I was in my bed asleep when I heard a lady come on the radio briefing a news bulletin. A US Coastal city had been nuked!  Then she started naming more and more coastal cities.  Cities from Alaska all the way down the Pacific Coast to Southern California.  In the middle of all this I was startled, because of my memories of 911.  I awoke and sat up in bed.  Surprise again, because I could still hear the lady on the radio.  But I have no radio in my room! Then the sound of the lady on the radio just slowly faded off with her still rattling off coastal cities that were nuked...
God Bless, your brother in Jesus
David W Kocurek Sr.
1726 Wall St., Klamath falls Oregon 97601