Word from Kim Clement

(Given in Detroit in 1996 in regards to Terrorist attacks on U.S.A)

The Spirit of prophecy is in this building. I am shaking right now. "I am shaking this place. I am shaking your ground. I am shaking the earth. There has been a terrorist act and there will be another.For the Spirit of the Lord says, America will retaliate, but God says, even as they retaliate with natural weapons of war and they say, we will go the place of the east and we will go and we will bring them down for what they did to our people as they  flew in the air, over Long Island.

But the Spirit of the Lord says, another will take place, but I will prevent many deaths, because I will cause a security thing to happen so they will not die.  I will look after you,  America. But God says, the retaliation will not be right. It will not be of my Spirit. It will be a wrong decision, but God says the saints of the Lord, of the most high God, will begin to pray. And your God says, I will strike down the god of the east. I will bring something to pass very soon. I have told you about it. The very god of the east, the very king of the east, the very prince of the east. The one that waged a war against America. They spoke about the mother of wars. For God says, This is going to be the mother of wars as you have never seen. For the Spirit of God will rise up against the prince of the east, and He will bring him down."

"And God says, when He does, I will enter the Muslim countries and I will save their souls. I will bring salvation unto the soil of the Islamic countries. Did you hear what I said? It is drawing nigh, it is drawing nigh, it is drawing nigh, says the Lord. There is a betrayal amongst the princes of the east. There is a betrayal amongst the princes of the east. And God says, I will take the very sheiks and I will let them see the true God of Israel. And God says, listen to me. There will be a major death. It is coming nigh right now. But God says when this death occurs, there will be life that will be transferred from the very throne of God. And I will bring down the god of the east."

"And the Spirit of the Lord says, when that happens, there will be an invasion of my blood into the territories that would never be holy, but shall become holy. I will take the holy places which are actually unholy, and I will lift them up. I will declare, this is NOT holy. I will tear down the idols and their gods. I will tear down the spirits of Allah. I will take the lying spirits and break their power. And I will begin to save hundred of thousands of Islamic people. I will take them out and fill them with my Spirit and they will begin to preach. They will preach in the desert, and they will preach in the highways, in the desert ways. And God says, they will preach by the lakes and they will begin to tell people, and God says great amounts of riches and wealth shall be poured into the United States and America. And God says, by the end of this century, by the end of this millennium, I will take the economy of America and I will raise it up and it shall be a great prosperity that will be in this nation and God says, the poor will say, I am rich."

"Do you hear what I'm saying tonight? The mystery revealed to a people that are in unity. You have united yourselves together and you have said, we are dangerous. But God says, the angels of the Lord have looked upon you with amazement. There is no water that will put out the fire. I said there is no water that will put out the fire. I have emptied any ability that satan has to put out the fire. You can water the sacrifice. You can water it again. And the prophets of Baal will come and they will say, let us hear a voice. And there will be no voice from the god of the east. But God says, Once the fire comes and consumes the watered down sacrifice, God will destroy the prophets of Baal, and the gods of the east, and there will be a revival in the United States of America," says the Lord.

July 25, 1996

Kim Clement        http://www.kimclement.com/