Garry Coston, July 28, 2004

In this dream, it appeared I was in my physical body, I knew it was me but my face was never shown. It was as though I was me, right now, in the dream, looking at everything and seeing everything; not dreaming and seeing myself as a participant, but me as though I was in my physical body actually experiencing the dream and event. It was like I was seeing everything, people going about their everyday lives, the wind blowing, regular every day nature like the winds blowing, fluffy clouds in the sky, regular thunderstorms happening, people shopping, the earth and America going about their everyday living and existence without a hitch; much like now with news events happening but at present unaffecting our normal lives.

Then the dream shifted and it appeared I was living or traveling in a remote area of Florida. I know it was Florida by the topography and landscape; I know my state like the back of my hand. But everything was normal, and people were going about their everyday business and lives. It appeared that we were on a bus going somewhere and people had their radios on, and were listening to the news.

Suddenly, something happened. Something extremely catastrophic and sudden. It happened without warning, was sudden, unexpected, and the people who had radios listened intently. No one knew how it happened, or who made the event happen but it was nationwide. The people around me knew what was going on and began talking about that it was just a matter of time before we may get hit. Others felt that maybe we wouldn't get hit because we were in a remote area, far away from the big metro areas. Where we were, everything was still normal, the sun was shining, electricity still worked, but you could see people in a flurry and were trying to get away in their cars.

The people on the bus began to be afraid and began mentioning the fact that we would not be able to get away, and that the highways would soon get clogged. The people around me had portable radios and were trying to listen to them to get some type news of what happened, but the radios, it seemed, became inoperative and now they could only get static; those who had one began trying their cell phones, but all they got was static, or nothing. However, everyone knew something had happened, and they also knew that it was just a matter of time before we would be affected, or even hit. People began talking about God and some of them mentioned that they knew this would happen. I began talking to them and told them that I knew this would happen also, and that I was glad I had warned as many as possible.

All of a sudden, someone in the bus began screaming, we've been hit, we've been hit, look at the mushroom cloud! Everyone went to the back of the bus and the person that had shouted that we had been hit was pointing up to the sky. A huge anvil shaped cloud, which didn't really resemble a mushroom cloud, but was much larger than a mushroom cloud and was much more awesome and frightful; in fact, it resembled a freak, over-sized thunderstorm anvil. Everyone became somber. It was as though we knew that we would soon die. I began thinking about how I would soon die, and that now I must really buckle down and do what God expected; I also began thinking about how it would be to die, and what God and heaven was like. Then we continued talking about God, Jesus and other things of God.

Suddenly the dream switched. We were still on the bus, but nothing was normal; the sky was no longer sunny, everything was gloomy, the highways were full of cars filled with people, and the authorities had set up many checkpoints with these men, who were in ordinary civilian clothes, checking everyone and giving them so-called tickets. Everyone on the bus was talking about what big cities had been hit. Suddenly I shouted, Miami, Orlando, Tampa, St. Petersburg, Jacksonville; but Fort Lauderdale, where I now live, had been spared. It was as though I knew this. And an inner voice mentioned that only the vital cities or cities of significance had been hit. I then began thinking about how sinful Fort Lauderdale was and why it had been spared.

Suddenly the dream switched again of me in a van. The van was old, made loud sounds from the engine, and I knew that it would soon break down. The van finally broke down and now I was on the same highway that the bus I had been on was on which was now very crowded. After the van broke down I had to get out and push it. I was thinking in my mind that now I was on foot, game for robbery or attack, and the authorities would probably figure out I was a Christian and imprison me. I began walking up to the checkpoint where a man with a Haitian accent was talking to people and giving them so-called tickets. He asked me where my ticket was, and I told him that I was on the highway and didn't know anything about tickets, or no one had given me any tickets. He looked at me and told me to stand by the side and wait. I was nervous but I respectfully continued pleading my case but I was very nice to the man, and inside my soul was praying that he would let me go. Finally, he wrote something on the ticket, and then told me to go.

Then the dream switched to a house, which seemed like a broke down mobile home in a remote area, and many people were in the house, laid down, covered up, and it appeared that many were getting sick. I also saw a man, a supposed friend of mine that recently did me very wrong who I've forgiven. He didn't see me, but I saw him. I turned my head and when I turned to look at him again, he was gone; and I thought in my mind that maybe he was ashamed to see me because he was one of the ones I had kept warning about the event that had just happened. All of a sudden, I began seeing snowflake-like particles, like ash falling when you light a fire outside in the wind, and suddenly it occurred to me that nuclear fallout was happening, and all of our deaths were certain. I knew now that we would all die and began talking to the people, trying to cheer them up, encourage them, and also talked about Christ. This was the end of the dream.