By Cindy Jacobs
June 1998

And the Lord would say I’m renewing ancient covenants.
I’m calling together ancient kingdoms.
I’m the ancient of days. I’m doing a new thing in Europe.
I’m going to release from this conference and even in the coming days a new
anointing for Europe.

I’m calling back to ancient times when I stirred my people to take Jerusalem
I’m calling out my warriors and my war horses forth.

And as I was standing in the worship, I began to have a vision and the
vision I saw was this:

I saw armies of God coming forth and I saw from Britain, they came forth and
got on black horses. And I saw that they got on these huge war steeds and
they began to head out across the 10/40 window in the middle east and I saw
them come from Spain, France and they were on white steeds –magnificent
white stallions and the Lord says, I’m bringing forth those from France and
Spain and they’re going to join the armies for I’m finding my remnant.
I’m calling forth from all of Europe a remnant for I’m doing a new thing in
this continent –greater than you can imagine!

And I could see from nation after nation, Scotland, Ireland, I saw the Holy
Spirit do a linking between Britain and Germany that was like a forged
covenanted seal and the Lord says, I’m calling back ancient relationships
and what I wanted to do back in years past but Satan perverted it,
destroyed it through man’s sinfulness.

And I saw that they all wore white garments and I said, Lord what are these
and who are these? And the Lord said, these are those whose garments are
washed in the blood of the lamb. These are those who have been through the
fire of my dealings and my purging and they are walking in a level of
holiness where I won’t allow even a single thought of wickedness to go
through their mind without being cast down. I’m calling to a new level that
my people have not known before, of holiness and righteousness for
righteousness exalts a nation, says the Lord.

I can hear the clatter of the horses hooves. Nations after nations came and
entered into righteous covenants, holy covenants. And the Lord says, I am
giving you a second chance.

And I could see a chalice being passed back and forth.
And I said, what is this? And He said, this is my covenant, for they are
coming together with a blood covenant that can not be broken by human hands.

And I could see them begin and they had loaves of bread in their hands and
they were each taken part of these loaves of bread. And the Lord says, This
is symbolic of My body broken that they can be intimate with me.

I could see worshippers going before the ark. And they had banners lifted
up –the banner of the Lord and it said –Salvation unto our God, holiness
unto the Lord. And they had bells on these banners and they were chiming.

And the Lord says, My people is going to walk in the fruit of the Spirit for
I am going to have them march across the nations with a kindness and a
tenderness and they are not coming with triumphalism and a conquering
spirit, but they’ll come to serve.

And I could see behind them huge storehouses and truckloads of food. And the
Lord says, This army is going to have a heart for the poor.
And I am going to change how the Middle East looks at Europe for it is a new
day and it is a turning of a new hour. And the Lord says, I am going to
change the guard of leadership and those who will walk in purity and
holiness will go this way and those who are not are going to fall into

And I’m going to cause the fear of the Lord to fall upon this army
And I’m going to cause my name to be feared from the rising of the sun to
the going down of the same.
And I’m going to rise as the Lawgiver of the nations and I’m going to extend
my anointing and I would say, You have not seen me as I am getting ready to
show myself!

The Lord says, There are places in the Middle East that are getting ready to
have an extreme famine.
Prepare, says the Lord, for I’m going to send the anointing of the Holy
Spirit. Go and give a cup of cold water in my name. And I could see the Lord
establishing churches, mosques turning into churches,
I see a great move of the Holy Spirit.
The Lord says, look at the Muslims in Britain for I am getting ready to
bring a Revival!
Will you be part of the army of God, will you ride with me?
For I’m renewing ancient covenants.
And ancient pacts.
And I am giving Europe a second chance!
Says the Lord your God.