Watch And Pray!
Hollie L. Moody
(November 10th, 2001)

I saw a long line of women with black shawls over their heads. They were
bowed down, and were weeping and wailing as they walked. A group of people
were following behind these wailing women. The group of people were glancing
around them uneasily.

The Lord was in the midst of this crowd of people. To my dismay, I saw that
satan and his demons were also in the midst of this group of people. The Lord
was speaking quietly to the group of people, and the people were listening to
His words.

I then saw as satan and his demons also began to whisper in the ears of the
people. I heard that the words the enemy spoke were almost identical to the
words the Lord was speaking.

At first, the people shook their heads when the enemy began to whisper in
their ears. They appeared agitated and confused.

The Lord walked through the group of people and to the front of the line of
weeping women. There appeared a fork in the road. One fork went to the left.
The other fork went to the right. The Lord took the right hand fork. Satan
and his demons took the left hand fork.

The group of wailing women followed the Lord. The group of people behind the
weeping women now split into two groups. One group took the right hand fork
in the road. The other group took the left hand fork in the road.

I then saw as the group of people who had taken the right hand fork in the
road changed into sheep. Those who had taken the left hand fork in the road
changed into goats.

The left hand fork in the road led the people who had now changed into goats
into what appeared to be a prison-like building. The goat-people were put in
chains and bound up in this prison house. Satan and his demons then left
these goat-people and followed back after the sheep-people who had followed
the right hand fork in the road.

The right hand fork in the road had led the sheep-people into an isolated
garden type of setting. The weeping women dropped to their knees and began to
cry out to God in prayer. The rest of the sheep-people also fell to their
knees and began to pray also.

As satan and his demons came upon this group of people, I saw as a darkness
began to engulf the group of sheep-people. They began to glance around
uneasily. Lanterns appeared in the hands of the sheep-people. I then saw as
the Lord was lifted up above the darkness until the darkness was beneath His

I saw satan and his demons slip quietly into the midst of the group of
sheep-people. They had what appeared to be thick, heavy blankets in their
hands. With these blankets, they began to cover up the people. Some of the
people threw off the weight of these blankets and continued to pray. Satan
and his demons continued over and over again to throw these heavy blankets
over the sheep-people. I could see that these repeated efforts to cover up
the praying sheep-people was wearying to these sheep-people. It was obvious
to me that they were becoming weary from constantly throwing off the weight
of these blankets.

Some of the sheep-people began to fall asleep. As they did, their lanterns
would begin to grow dim. Then, one or more of the weeping women would
approach them and begin to wail loudly into the slumbering person's ear.

For a while, this ensured that the slumbering person would jerk back awake.
When they began to pray again, their lanterns would also begin to glow
strongly once again. But after a few such episodes, some of the slumbering
people failed to rouse even when one or more of the weeping women wailed
loudly in their ear. They remained asleep and their lanterns went out.

Then, the weeping and wailing women fell suddenly silent. The group of
sheep-people also fell silent. The abrupt silence was unnerving to me. I
noticed that the women and the sheep-people were glancing into the distance
and I followed the direction of their gaze.

I was suddenly up in the air and the Lord was next to me. We seemed to be way
up in the heavens, looking down upon the earth. I saw four extremely large
horses with riders upon their backs. They were galloping back and forth
across the earth.

I then saw a great eagle flying and soaring over a section of the earth. The
eagle was screeching furiously.

The Lord directed my attention to some other places on the earth. I now
sensed that these places were nations. I saw that there were meetings
transpiring secretly behind closed doors. The men who were conducting these
meetings appeared to be threatening and making demands of the people they
were meeting secretly with. Some of the people being threatened nodded their
heads. Some of the people refused whatever was being said. When this
occurred, the men doing the threatening would leave angrily.

The Lord directed my attention back to the spot on earth where the eagle was.
A helicopter lifted off from this spot on the earth. After the helicopter was
clear from this place, a terrific explosion sounded. I saw this place on the
earth being blown up.

I then saw a fleet of ships spread out in the waters below me on the earth.
Explosions came from the right, and many of these ships also began to be
blown up.

Then, it was like a chain reaction of explosions began to occur all over on
the earth in specific places and buildings.

The Lord pointed downwards, and I followed the direction of His finger. I saw
a building which had the appearance almost of a ship. The eagle I had seen
earlier was now over this building.

Then, the Lord and I were within this building. We were in a large room in
which some type of meeting was being held. The eagle was now in this room. A
man was speaking on a platform in this room. The eagle was directly over this
man's head. This man's words angered some of the other people gathered in
this room, and they abruptly left the meeting.

I saw as another group of men quietly entered this room and the building.
They had a darkness surrounding them, and I felt something frighteningly evil
and wicked in regard to them.

When they entered the room, the eagle began to screech furiously once again.
Abruptly, the man whose head the eagle had been hovering over also left the
meeting. A small group of people abruptly left the room with him. The Lord
and I followed them. I saw them quickly leaving the building. Some of them
entered helicopters and were immediately flown far from the building.

Now the Lord and I were once again up in the heavens observing what was
happening on the earth below us.

After this small group of people had left the building, explosions ripped
through the building.

The Lord pointed to a spot on the earth once again, and I looked down where
He was pointing. The eagle was over this spot on the earth to which the Lord
was pointing. The eagle was screeching furiously as it soared back and forth
across this spot on the earth. To my horror and dismay, I saw that the eagle
was wounded, but it was still able to fly.

The Lord pointed to a different place on the earth. I followed the direction
of His pointing finger, and saw a small nation which I somehow knew was the
nation of Israel. Armies were converging on this nation from the south and
from the west.

As this began to occur, a portion of the heavens around the Lord and I split
open. I saw seven large angels appear through this split in the heavens. They
each held a trumpet in their hand and stood silently before the Lord.

"Prepare to sound!" the Lord instructed these seven angels.

I felt an overwhelming fear and dread fill my heart, and I hid my face in my

"Fear not," the Lord said to me, and then He touched me. When He touched me,
a peace and a calm settled over me.

Then, the Lord and I were back in the midst of the weeping women and the
people who had changed into sheep.

"This is the season and the time for My children to remain in prayer," the
Lord said to me. "The enemy is seeking to wear down and wear out My children
in order to silence their prayers. A spirit of perversion has been unleashed
against many nations and peoples. Many of My children are feeling this
spirit, and have had this spirit come against them. I say to My children:
Bind the strongman! I have given unto you all authority in heaven and in
earth through the power of My Name. Watch and pray. Watch and pray."

Jeremiah 13:15-18 ~~ "{15} Hear ye, and give ear; be not proud: for the Lord
hath spoken. {16} Give glory to the Lord your God, before he cause darkness,
and before you feet stumble upon the dark mountains, and, while ye look for
light, he turn it into the shadow of death, and make it gross darkness. {17}
But if ye will not hear it, my soul shall weep in secret places for your
pride; and mine eye shall weep sore, and run down with tears, because the
Lord's flock is carried away captive. {18} Say unto the king and to the
queen, Humble yourselves, sit down: for your principalities shall come down,
even the crown of your glory."

In Him,
~~ Hollie L. Moody