A Storm Approaching

By Ron Jennings

I just came in from outside.  A terrible storm front is just west of here a few miles.  Here in the Mountains of Eastern Tennessee, the sky is still clear and the wind is blowing strong, warm air.  I Looked at the Moon and was in for a shock. There was a circular rainbow around it.  I have never seen this before. 

I wiped my eyes and looked again.  It was so clear.  I immediately went and got my father next door to look at it. He is somewhat of an outdoorsman and admitted that never in his life has he ever saw anything close to this.  He went back into his home and I stood there alone looking at the bright/full moon with a rainbow around it.  Standing in AWE and amazement I asked out loud, "Lord, what does this mean?"  Then came the answer.....

"My son, you are getting a glimsp of what I am about to release upon My Church."  I knew immediately the following message.  The moon represents the Church.  See, we only reflect the light of the SON.  We have no light of our own. 


What God is about to unleash upon His Church will be the FULL-fillment of prophecy.  The Church will once and for all be FULL of His Power to bring in the harvest.  The moon actually looked like a harvest moon, IN THE WINTER.  In the most unlikely season God is about to ask us to GO BRING IN THE HARVEST............

RAINBOW--  Covenant. 

It will SOON be clear to the world AND the CHURCH that GOD'S Covenant surrounds the Church and NOTHING can penetrate that Covenant.  All God has spoken in His Word is part of that Covenant. FINALLY, we will be able to physically see the benefits of His promises


Yes, good vs. evil is about to clash!  However, right before it does,  God will lavish His Church with Last Days Power and She will not be moved in the physical by the storm, for the battle is the Lord's!  During this clash of the storm, the light of the Church will be brighter than ever before.  Her being surrounded by a protective/powerful Covenant will be evident to all who are outside.  The harvest will COME TO THE CHURCH...  YES, BE PREPARED for a huge number of people all over the globe running towards the NOW CLEARLY PROTECTED

Some of them will be literally fearful of what they will find.  They may even lie as to why they are there (at a building) or with you in a supermarket or work place.  SO YOU MUST discern their true NEED.  BE BOLD and open the door in your conversation.  THEY WILL BE HUNGRY spiritually. OPEN your mouth and allow the Holy  Spirit to FEED THEM.  Yes, we will
get to help bring in the harvest, but it is THEM who will be fed.


In His Service,

Ron Jennings