Ricci Wilson, February 1997


A prophetic dream give me in February of 1997:

I was with my family in a high-rise hotel in a large city on the west coast (probably L.A. or San Francisco). I felt the earth begin to rumble. Outside I saw a storm approaching. Although we were several miles from it we could see the ocean from our hotel window, and realized that a severe storm was approaching from across the ocean. I watched as the waves increased from a rolling surf to waves of tidal wave proportion. As the storm worsened, the waves were hitting our hotel, leaving the part of the city from the ocean to our hotel under water. God had told me a place where we'd be safe, and although we were on the top floor of our hotel this was not the place to be, our hotel was in grave danger. So I told my husband we had to leave and immediately grabbled our children to head toward safety.

Outside there was chaos everywhere. People screaming, seeking safety anywhere they could find it.

When we got safely to the hotel that God directed us toward, I looked from the balcony into the sky and saw a cloud with the hollow shape of a body in it. I watched as the body shape began to fill up with blood. I didn't feel horror or fear, I felt great sorrow. I knew in my spirit that it was the blood of the people of God that was filling up the body--innocent blood was being shed. I wanted desperately for it to stop, but I knew it was for the purification of the church that this was being allowed. I suddenly realized that Satan was standing next to me and asked me, "Do you want it to stop?" I moaned, "It can't, no." I knew if the shedding of blood stopped before the body in the clouds was full that it would greatly hinder and damage the work God was doing in His people. I ran into the bathroom and cried. God spoke to me, "This is the body of Christ--The Church--they must purify themselves. When they have done this, these disasters will not harm them." (Rev. chapters 2-3)

The scene changed. In the next scene I was cutting the sections out of a soccer ball as though cutting cancer out of a body, in front of a huge crowd. (Soccer Ball??? God had to use something I would be able to identify with, and I was a soccer coach for years.) Each piece represented a type of sin that was present in the Church. Sin that God wanted removed. When I was finished, only the core was left and that represented the heart of His children. God wants it soft and pliable, usable to rebuild the church around. A healthy, pure church, one that can win souls without arrogance, or pride and without sin in their own lives--just with the pure, holy love of Christ.

When I awoke my heart was crying for purification and preparedness in the Church. I wept, prayed and mourned throughout the morning.

As a means of comfort the Holy Spirit gave me a song: "There is a love, a love just waiting to be discovered. It's pure, it's holy, it's one that will win the lost. It's a love just waiting, waiting for the pure and holy. It's what God is wanting His people to have--each and every one--to share. It's one without pride, lust or sin, it's pure."

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