Jonathan Land, April 19, 1999

I was flying in a jet airliner at an extremely high elevation. I happened to look out the window just in time to witness the most incredible sight that I have ever seen. I have watched many films of atomic explosions from the original atomic testing on bikini atoll to the atomic bombing of Nagasaki and Hiroshima. I even lived in Japan during the '60s and was downtown Fukuoka city in southern Japan when the first films were released to the public that showed the bombing of Hiroshima. Being an American, I barely escaped with my life from the incredibly violent mobs that rioted after they left the theaters. I add this as background as I relate this unbelievable dream or vision or both.

As I looked out the window a great explosion took place. It dwarfed any explosion that I could ever believe was possible. The first thing I saw was the flash and then the terrific concussion from the blast moved at a speed across the landscape that was beyond belief. Then the fire and heat followed again at an incredible speed. The earth seemed to disappear and the column and mushroom cloud encompassed the whole sky. It seemed that it had taken out the center of the whole United States.

Every thing became dark and the sky filled with violent black clouds that were moving in a rapid confused state, but again it was all so incredibly violent. The wind and rain and swirling black clouds. I found myself on the ground in an area of destroyed buildings. Everything was covered in black, nasty wet ash and the ground was a muddy mess. And the rain was dirty and dark. And it just rained and rained from the dark sky. Everything was so dark. I saw people hiding in destroyed houses. Sometimes just a skeleton or half a frame house barely standing. Everyone seemed to be in a state of shock. It was so ugly. A woman that I recognized came up to me and said, "Did you see the blast?" I answered that I did, from an airplane. She was an attractive lady except her face has lesions all over it.

This was a very realistic dream and from my history with dreams it is a very significant one. The last one I had concerned war in the Balkans more than seven years ago. I saw Slavic women holding skulls in their hands and weeping over their loved ones. A few days later the same woman was in a photograph in the newspaper holding her son's skull and weeping!

This is what I saw. Saints, God wants us to be prepared for anything and to preach the Gospel before it is too late to preach.