Two Dreams
Sandy Van Eysinga
One night about two weeks before Christmas my husband brought home the movie Deep Impact, and we watched it. I thought it was very well done.

As you know if you have seen the movie, a comet fragment hits the earth in the Atlantic, and a huge tidal wave engulfs America. Everyone who can seeks higher ground, and those who climb high enough survive to see the wave strike and recede.

In the night, I had a dream which seemed to tie in with the movie, which was about God's coming judgment. It was very brief.

First Dream: the Tidal Wave

I was in a high rise building which represents the church. There were many people with me, rushing about and trying to plan what to do because we knew that this great tidal wave was coming--a tidal wave of the same magnitude as that shown in Deep Impact. This is the coming Judgment of God.

I had my young daughter with me. We were racing against the clock, and I was hurrying her up the stairs to reach the roof of the high rise. There was a long, strong pole there, and I took a white sweater and tied her securely on to the pole.

Then I took her face in my hands, and looking directly at her with urgency and firmness, told her, "Look (go) straight into the water, don't be afraid. It's going to cover you, and you're going to have to hold your breath for a long time, so take a deep breath!" I had no thought of my own safety, and knew that I and the people with me might perish. But I thought that my daughter had a good chance of surviving, if she did what I told her to do.

I believe this speaks of the prophets' words to the church in these days just prior to judgment. We have all said that the only sure preparation for judgment is to cling to the tree of life, the cross, to be tied firmly to it by the righteousness of Christ (white sweater). In a sense, it is the Lord who will bring to a place of safety and tie the sweater around us. We simply must be obedient.

Many prophets are instructing people not to run from the coming judgment, but to face it bravely, having breathed deep of the Spirit in preparation. But there is the knowledge that some may sacrifice themselves for others' survival during this time, while others will be totally unprepared and will perish.

Second Dream: During Christmas vacation 1998, The Storm

In the dream, I was with people, the Church. We saw on the horizon a giant, black, monster tornado approaching. It covered the horizon, it was huge and dreadful. It is the coming judgment of the Lord. These dreams concern the judgment of western culture.

People were panicking, were running around, racing for cover, screaming. I instructed people to get into the cellar, which was actually too shallow to provide protection--more like a crawl space.

There was a little window through which we could see this storm approach. Windows represent visionary gifts such as this dream. I instructed people to breath through pillows while lying face down on the floor. This prostration represents humility, the pillow may represent the gift of dreams. There is a filtering process which will be part of our instructions during this coming time.

In both dreams, one of the aspects of the judgment will be a killing inability to breath--drowning or suffocation are implied. This may be either actual or a spiritual inability to breathe. God will deliver from it if we are obedient to His instructions.

I kept raising my head from the pillow, to see the storm approach and to exhort people to keep their heads in the pillows (keep close to the spiritual giftings), not to get up (resist pride), to stay in the place where they were istructed to be (obedience). To wait patiently in trust--though the refuge appeared insufficient, I knew God would protect us if we followed the instructions. "Stay down!" I kept saying. It was so important--more important than they realized.

We waited and waited, and though we could see the storm's slow approach, some people got tired of waiting and got up and left. I knew their lives were lost. Finally, I could see that the window was completely black--the storm was upon us. I put my head down into my pillow and was able to breath through it.

The storm created such a thick dust that anyone not breathing through a pillow as a filter would have died. The force of the storm felt like it was blasting the skin from my back. But after it had passed, I was surprised to see how relatively untouched we had been. We were safe.

Please feel free to add whatever interpretation the Lord gives to you.

Blessings to you in Jesus' name.

Sandy Van Eysinga