Debbie Rennier, October 4, 2005


This vision has been given to me over the last four days.  I was given full clarity today [10-4-05].

I saw military men from the nations of Korea and China gathered around a very large round table. On the table were maps and other designs. They were involved in a very heated discussion, I could tell this by their animated gestures. I could not understand their language however.

I then saw the American flag flying on top of a huge building. This building was surrounded by numerous smaller buildings. I know this was the United States. I could see fires and explosions everywhere and the noise was deafening. All I could think of were the words of Jesus: "I judge righteously."

Then I saw the nations of China and Korea. There were loud explosions and fires occurring all over these countries as well. The words that came to me were, "I judge the wicked and the righteous."

I once again saw the USA. I could make out the American flag flying amongst the smoke and fire. The smoke was so thick that people were gasping for breath. I could see balls of fire falling from the sky.

I then saw the people of America divided into three parts. One third were fleeing into the mountains, one third were running to the valleys, and the last third were scattered and wandering aimlessly.

I prayed to the Lord for understanding of this which I have seen. His answer to me was: "You want to know the meaning of the vision I gave you. Read MY word and watch."