The Wilderness Of Ziph

The Lord and I were standing at a distance from a valley. I saw people
fleeing from the valley. I turned my head from the valley to watch the people
who were fleeing the valley.

"Follow Me," the Lord said to me.

The Lord began to walk towards the valley. I followed Him, and saw multitudes
of people in the valley. They appeared to be holding some type of religious
meeting, for I saw the people with hands raised upwards as if in worship
while others were on their knees as if in prayer.

I then saw armies/soldiers entering into the valley. They came from the north
and the south, the east and the west. It appeared that every nation and
nationality was entering into the valley.

As the armies amassed themselves in the valley, the multitudes of people who
had been in the valley before them joined ranks with the soldiers.

I then saw a dark cloud descending upon the valley. This dark cloud totally
obliterated any light so that I could no longer see what was transpiring
within the valley.

"What is this dark cloud?" I asked the Lord.

"It is deception," the Lord replied.

I turned away from the valley to once again watch the people who were fleeing
from the valley.

The people who had fled from the valley were now in a desolate wilderness
setting. Off in the distance, I saw high mountains of jagged rocks with what
appeared to be a thick, dark forest around the mountains. The wilderness was
a shadowed, gloomy place.

"What is this wilderness place?" I asked the Lord.

"It is the Wilderness of Ziph," the Lord replied. "This is where many of My
children will be refined. This is a time when My children will experience
oppression and suppression which will come to them seemingly from every

When the people had run a short distance into the wilderness, they stopped
and began to turn around in circles as if attempting to discover where they

As a group, they turned around to face the far off mountains. I watched as
they began to walk towards the mountains. I saw that this was not an easy
endeavour at all. The people were weary and exhausted. Yet, even though they
stumbled and at times fell, they continued purposefully going on towards the
far off mountains.

I then heard a rumbling noise coming from behind me. I turned to see what was
causing the noise, and realized that it was coming from within the valley.
The noise began to grow steadily louder and louder. The ground beneath my
feet was shaking from the intensity of the rumbling noise.

I saw as the multitudes of people and the armies from within the valley began
to appear as they climbed out of the valley. With a mighty shout, the people
and the armies from the valley began to chase after the group of people who
were trying to make their way to the far off mountains.

As the multitudes and armies rushed past me, I was shocked and horrified to
see almost hidden in the very center of this vast group of people, the form
of a large dragon. I was also surprised when I looked into the faces of the
people and the armies and saw that each of them had what appeared to be a
blindfold over their eyes.

"Who are these people and armies from within the valley, and why are they
blindfolded?" I asked the Lord. "Who is that dragon who is hiding in the
midst of them?"

"The people and the armies which you see are the peoples and the nations of
the earth," the Lord replied. "They have been gathered together to battle
against My children. This battle has already begun in the spiritual realm. My
children are already feeling the assault of the enemy upon them. The dragon
which you see is the wicked one. He has deceived and blinded the nations and
the people of the world to the glorious light of truth. He is the one who
opposes My will and My children."

The people in the wilderness heard the loud shouts behind them and turned to
see what was causing the sounds. When they saw the large army chasing after
them, they turned back around and began to run as quickly as they could
towards the mountains.

I saw as the dragon who had concealed itself within the army of people spewed
out of its mouth a torrent of water towards the fleeing people. Suddenly,
there was an earthquake. The force of it was so great that the people were
knocked to the ground. I saw as a large cleft opened up in the wilderness
floor. The water from the dragon's mouth rushed into this cleft in the
wilderness floor.

When the torrent of water failed to reach the fleeing people and drown them,
I heard the angry roar of the dragon, along with the shouts of the armies of

"The floods will not overflow My children," the Lord said to me. "I will make
a way of escape for My children from every assault of the enemy against them.
The enemy is aware of My intentions for these fleeing people. He is
attempting to thwart My plans for these people by coming against them through
severe trials and tests."

I watched as the fleeing people entered into the woods that were before the
mountains. The armies of blinded people caught up with the fleeing people and
they also entered into the woods. The fleeing people were exhausted, yet
continued to run through the woods towards the mountains.

I saw as they finally reached the mountains and began to climb quickly up the
sides of the mountains. The armies of blindfolded people also began to climb
up the sides of the mountains. The fleeing people were on one side of the
mountain. The blindfolded people on the other side of the mountain.

Suddenly, there was an earthquake. The mountain split into two sections. The
fleeing people were on one section of the split mountain; the blindfolded
people were on the other section of the mountain that had split in two.

"What is this mountain?" I asked the Lord. "What's happening?"

"This is a place of divisions," the Lord replied. "I will surely cause there
to be a division between those who are Mine, and those who are not Mine."

When the earthquake stopped, the dragon and the blindfolded people rushed
away from the mountain. The people who had been fleeing from the dragon and
the blindfolded armies came down from the mountain they were upon. They
entered into what appeared to be a meadow.

I then saw with surprise that each of these people had on a robe of many
colors. The robes of many colors made me think of Joseph's robe of many
colors that he had received from his father.

I then saw what appeared to be a slain and bloody lamb. I watched as the
people removed their robe of many colors, dipped their robes in the lamb's
blood, then put the bloody robe back on.

"What is this?" I asked the Lord. I was sickened and repulsed at what I had
just witnessed. "Why did the people dip their robes in the blood of that
lamb, then put the robes back on?"

"Each of these robes represents a promise I have given to each of these
people," the Lord said to me. "The promise is of none effect until it is
covered by the blood of the lamb. These people you are observing have each
been called by Me, set aside by Me, to be used by Me. Before that can occur,
they must die to all within themselves that would exalt itself over Me.

I watched as the people began to leave the meadow they were in. They were
still wearing their blood smeared robes. The people went in all four
directions: north, south, east and west. I saw them as they entered into
cities. Each person seemed to have a particular destination in mind as they
entered the cities. Each person then began to approach either individuals,
families, or congregations.

"Now what is happening?" I asked the Lord.

"This is a time for ministering to others on an individual basis," the Lord
replied. "I am sending many of My children to individuals with My message of
truth and salvation. This is not a time for most of My children to be heard
or seen in large gatherings. It is in obscurity and quietness that I am
moving upon the hearts of many and drawing them unto Myself.

"Through the things many of My children are presently suffering, they are
learning humility. They will not strive nor cry out aloud. They will not draw
attention to themselves, but they will point the eyes of others to Me.

"It is a difficult time for many of My children," the Lord continued. "But
surely there is a time and a purpose to it all."

He who has ears to hear, let him hear what the Spirit is saying.

In Him,
~~ Hollie L. Moody