This vision was posted on revivalschool.com web site and posted here by permission.

Vision about Taking the Book (bible)

I had a vision many years ago which the Lord has kept dormant in me all this time, not letting me give the Word but keep it in my heart for His timing. I believe He is releasing it now.

I was in my house, and there was a pounding on the door. As I came through the house to open the door, I must have been too slow because the soldiers broke down the door and entered, it must have been a dozen soldiers all with guns that streamed through my door.

One who was the leader of the soldiers grabbed me and shouted, "Where is the book?!" The other soldiers were tearing my house apart, apparently looking for the book which I knew was my Bible. I heard crashes and broken glass all over my house.

I didn't answer quickly enough, so the leader shook me and again shouted, "Where is the book?!" I heard drawers being dumped on the floor, furniture tossed around.

For the third time, the leader shouted, "Where is the book. If you won't tell me, I'll kill you," and he pointed the gun to my head. Finally the Lord opened my mouth to speak, and I said, "It is written in my heart," and the gun went off.

And I woke. The Lord spoke to me of the extreme persecution we are going to experience before our Lord comes, that it will not be in a foreign country as it is now, but in America that becomes a military state. Our Bibles will become illegal, and anyone having a Bible will be arrested for having illegal "hate" books. Many will die for the Word in those days, and the only way we will have any of the Word will be to have it written in our hearts.

It is a warning to read, study, memorize the scriptures, because in the end times our hearts will be the only place God's Word will be found. I am reminded about Christians in China who, when a Bible is smuggled in, they tear it apart page by page handing one page to each of them to memorize so that when they come together they have the whole Word inside them. Anyone caught in these meetings or with a Bible page is sent to prison and eventually executed. Oh that we would have this love of God's Word, that we are consumed with the desire to know Him. We need to be this desperate for God's Word, willing to sacrifice all for it. We have been blessed with the ability to have that Word in front of us, but we need to understand that it will not be so always. Time is short, we must redeem the time we have.

I pray that you all take this seriously, that you all study your Bible to know God, to place the precious Word of God in your heart, so that you may have that comfort during persecution and teach others that may not be prepared for the time of persecution.

In Christ,


The Muslims and the Quran refer to Jews and Christians as "people of the book." So those that are taking the book, the Bible, could be Muslims that have invaded the U.S.