Future Prophecies Revealed.  
a remarkable collection of obscure millenial prophecies.....

Origen (d. 254)

: "...another king shall arise out of Syria, born from an evil spirit, the overthrower and destroyer of the human race, who shall destroy that which is left by the former evil, together with himself.... Power will be given him to desolate the whole earth for forty-two months"

St. Odile

: Hear,oh hear, my sisters and brothers: I saw forest and mountains tremble. There will come a time, when war will break out, more terrible than all other wars combined, which have ever visited mankind. A horrible warrior will unlease it, and his adversaries will call him Antichrist. All nations of the earth will fight each other in this war.

The fighters will rise up in the heavens to take the stars and will throw them on the cities, to set ablaze the buildings and to cause immense devastations. Oceans will lie between the great warriors, and the monsters of the sea, terrified by everything that happens on or under the sea, will flee to the deep. Battles of the past will be only skirmishes compared to the battles that will take place, because the earth will be red, and even the sky, the water and the air, since blood will flow in all directions. The earth will shake from the violent fighting. Famine and pestilence will join the war. The nations will then cry "peace, peace," but there will be no peace. Thrice will the sun rise over the heads of the combatants, without having been seen by them. But afterwards there will be peace, and all who have broken peace will have lost their lives. On a single day more men will be killed than the catacombs of Rome have ever held...Strange signs will appear in the skies: both horns of the moon will join the cross..."

Orval, (13th Century)

: "He will join the Lion and the White Flower."..."Many wise laws will restore peace."(i.e. unite England and France).

Coinneach Odhar (Scotland) (d. 1577?)

: "Rome was; London is; Edinburgh will be." .....doom for the entire country of Scotland when . "A dun, hornless, cow (supposed to mean a steamer) will appear in the Minch (off Carr Point, in Gairloch), and make a 'geum,' or bellow, which will knock six chimneys off Gairloch House."

"This bleak moor, ere many generations have passed, shall be stained with the best blood in Scotland. Glad I am that I will not see that day."......(The battle of Culloden 1745) ........Tthe day will come when the Big Sheep will overrun the country to its northmost shore"; and: "the clans will become so effeminate as to flee from their native hills before an army of sheep"....... (Highland Clearances)...... "the day will come when fire and water shall run in streams through all the streets and lanes of Inverness."...... (piped gas and water Installed in 1829). .........."that the day will come when there will be a road through the hills of Ross-shire from sea to sea, and a bridge upon every stream." ........"The time will come when whisky or dram shops will be so plentiful that one may be met with almost at the head of every plough furrow.".........."Policemen will become so numerous in every town that they may be met with at the corner of every street." ........"Travelling merchants" [pedlars and hawkers] "will be so plentiful that a person can scarcely walk a mile on the public highway without meeting one of them."

"When two false teachers shall come across the seas who will revolutionise the religion of the land, and nine bridges shall span the River Ness, the Highlands will be overrun by ministers without grace and women without shame,"......"the people will degenerate as their country improves."

" The day will come when a river in Wester Ross shall be dried up."......."a Loch above Beauly will burst through its banks and destroy in its rush a village in its vicinity."........."When Loch Shiel, in Kintail, shall become so narrow that a man can leap across it, the salmon shall desert the Loch and the River Shiel."

The heir (or chief) of the Mackenzies will take A white rook out of the wood, And will take a wife from a music house (Dancing saloon), With his people against him!

And the heir will be great In deeds and as an orator, When the Pope in Rome Will be thrown off his throne. Over opposite Creag-a-Chow Will dwell a diminutive lean tailor, Also Foolish James as the laird, And Wise James as a measurer. Who will ride without a bridle The wild colt of his choice; But foolish pride without sense Will put in the place of the seed of the deer the seed of the goat, And the beautiful Black Isle will fall Under the management of the fishermen of Avoch.

"A battle will be fought at Ault-nan-torcan, in the Lewis, which will be a bloody one indeed. It will truly take place, though the time may be far hence, but woe to the mothers of sucklings that day. The defeated host will continue to be cut down till it reaches Ard-a-chaolais (a place nearly seven miles from Ault-nan-Torcan), and there the swords will make terrible havoc."

When there shall be two churches in the Parish of Ferrintosh, And a hand with two thumbs in "I-Stiana," Two bridges at "Sguideal" (Conan) of the gormandisers, Soldiers will come from "Carr a Chlarsair" (Tarradale) On a chariot without horse or bridle, Which will leave the "Blar-dubh" (Muir of Ord) a wilderness, Spilling blood with many knives; And the raven shall drink his three fulls Of the blood of the Gael from the Stone of Fionn.

" however unlikely it may now appear, the Island of Lews will be laid waste by a destructive war, which will continue till the contending armies, slaughtering each other as they proceed, shall reach Tarbert in Harris. In the Caws of Tarbert, the retreating host will suddenly halt; an onslaught, led by a left-handed Macleod, called Donald, son of Donald, son of Donald, will then be made upon the persuers. The only weapon in this champion's hands will be a black sooty cabar, taken off a neighbouring hut; but his intrepidity and courage will so inspirit the fugitives that they will fight like mighty men, and overpower their pursuers. The Lews will then enjoy a long period of repose."

"The day will come when there shall be such dire persecution and bloodshed in the county of Sutherland, that people can ford the River Oykel dryshod, over dead men's bodies."

"The day will come when a raven, attired in plaid and bonnet, will drink his full human blood on 'Fionn-bheinn,' three times a day, for successive days."

"Oh, Ard-nan-Ceann, Ard-nan-Ceann, glad am I that I will not be at the end of the South Clachan that day, when the young men will be weary and faint; for Ard-nan-Ceann will be the scene of terrible conflict."

"A severe conflict will be fought at the (present) Ardelve market stance, in Lochalsh, when the slaughter will be so great that the people can cross the ferry over dead men's bodies. The battle will be finally decided by a powerful man and his five sons, who will come across from the Strath (the Achamore district)."

"When a holly bush (or tree) shall grow out of the face of the rock at Torr-a-Chuilinn (Kintail) to a size sufficiently large to make a shaft for a 'carn slaoid' (sledge-cart), a battle will be fought in the locality."

"One day a black rain will fall on the City of Aberdeen".

"The day will come when the jaw-bone of the big sheep, or 'caoirich mhora,' will put the plough on the rafters (air an aradh); when sheep shall become so numerous that the bleating of the one shall be heard by the other from Conchra in Lochalsh to Bun-da-Loch in Kintail they shall be at their height in price, and henceforth will go back and deteriorate, until they disappear altogether, and be so thoroughly forgotten that a man finding the jaw-bone of a sheep in a cairn, will not recognise it, or be able to tell what animal it belonged to. The ancient proprietors of the soil shall give peace to strange merchant proprietors, and the whole Highlands will become one huge deer forest; the whole country will be so utterly desolated and depopulated that the crow of a cock shall not be heard north of Druim-Uachdair; the people will emigrate to Islands now unknown, but which shall yet be discovered in the boundless oceans, after which the deer and other wild animals in the huge wilderness shall be exterminated and drowned by horrid black rains (siantan dubha). The people will then return and take undisturbed possession of the lands of their ancestors."

Osho (1987)

: " Earth can be a splendor, a magic, a miracle. Our hands have the touch - it is just that we have never tried. Man has never given a chance to his own potential to grow, to blossom, to bring fulfillment and contentment. "