Future Prophecies Revealed.

Millennial movements become visible primarily in apocalyptic time, and often do not get noticed until the failure of their expectations. The conviction that "the time has come" galvanizes believers into public action, the vanguard of those now ushering in the millennium. But when the awareness dawns that these were not the end-times, disappointment sets in and with it the cognitive and emotional dissonance of prophecy failed.

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"If we examine the various prophetic texts that have been preserved, it is clear that in most cases, the seer utters images and verses that partake of a mythic tradition, often highly conventionalized. Much of the apparent obscurity of early prophetic texts is nothing more nor less than the fact that modern readers, working at several linguistic removes and totally separated from the mystic tradition inherent within the text, cannot grasp items of cross reference or poetic convention that would have been commonplace to the speaker and his or her listeners or the author and readers of original material " R. J. Stewart

...... Zarathustra (C. 1700 B.C.)

Researchers believe that Zarathustra lived about six hundred to one thousand years before the Christ.  others date the life of Zarathustra up to four thousand years before the birth of Christ.  The birth and living place of Zarathustra is not certain, but some historians suppose that he lived in one of the Khorasan cities, like Neishapour, Harat, or Balkh. Zend-Avesta Ys.46: 11 " When the priest and princes who follow Falsehood come to Thy Judgement Bridge, for all time they shall dwell in the abode of Untruth [Hell]."

...... Nahum (700 BC)

Nahum was one of the Minor Prophets who wrote a short book contained in the Old Testament.The book of Nahum is a prophecy about the destruction of the city of Nineveh, the capital of the ancient pagan Assyrian empire. It was written in poetic form by the Hebrew prophet, Nahum, around 700 B.C., a number of years prior to the fall of the great city. In 612 B.C. the Medes and the Babylonians conquered the city in direct fulfillment of Nahum's prophecy.

"The chariots shall be with flaming torches in the day of his preparation, and the fir trees shall be terribly shaken. The chariots shall rage in the streets, they shall justle one against another in the broad ways: they shall seem like torches, they shall run like the lightnings." (Nahum 2:3-4)

...... Sibylline Oracles (Sibyllae) Heraclitus (615 BC)

Ancient prophecies known as the Sibylline Oracles or Sibyllae are attributed to divinely inspired seeresses who lived in the Greek colonies in the 8th century BC. The earliest reference to a Sibyl was by the philosopher Heraclitus (ca. 500 BC). The Sibyllae were presented to Tarquin I (The Proud), the fifth king of Rome, by the Sibyl of Cumae in 615 BC. She offered him nine books foretelling the destiny of the Romans with instructions to be followed so that the predicted events would follow their course. The Sibyllae were very popular with the Romans, who installed them in the temple of Jupiter Capitolinus, guarded by a special priesthood. The books were destroyed in 83 BC when Rome burned during a civil war. The Senate assigned three senators to reconstruct the remaining book as much as possible. Emperor Augustus later collected all available Sibylline verses from Greece and other Roman colonies and edited them into about 200 spurious oracles. Only fragments of one book survive to this day.

Sibylline Oracles (1:381-388) - prediction of the birth of Christ: "And then the child of the great God to men; Shall come incarnate, being fashioned like; The mortals on the earth. And he shall bear; Four vowels, and the consonants in Him ; Are twice told; and the whole sum I name: ; For eight ones, and as many tens to these, ; And yet eight hundred will the name reveal ; To men who are given up to unbelief."In the Greek language in which this prophecy was written, Jesus is spelled Iota, Eta, Sigma, Omicron, Upsilon, Sigma. The gematrial values are: Iota, 10 (vowel 1); Eta, 8 (vowel 2); Sigma, 200 (consonant); Omicron, 70 (vowel 3); Upsilon, 400 (vowel 4, line 384); Sigma, 200 (consonant, "twice told", line 385); total, 888 (lines 386 and 387).

The Tiburtine Sibyl (ca. 500 AD) "At that time the Prince of Iniquity who will be called Antichrist will arise from the tribe of Dan. He will be the Son of Perdition, the head of pride, the master of error, the fulness of malice who will overturn the world and do wonders and great signs through dissimulation. He will delude many by magic art so that fire will seem to come down from heaven. The years will be shortened like months, the months like weeks, the weeks like days, the days like hours, and an hour like a moment. The unclean nations that Alexander, the Indian king, shut up will arise from the North. These are the 22 realms whose number is like the sand of the sea. When the king of the Romans hears of this he will call his army together and vanquish and utterly destroy them. After this he will come to Jerusalem, and having put off the diadem from his head and laid aside the whole imperial garb, he will hand over the empire of the Christians to God the Father and to Jesus Christ His Son. When the Roman Empire shall have ceased, then the Antichrist will be openly revealed and will sit in the House of the Lord in Jerusalem. While he is reigning, two very famous men, Elijah and Enoch, will go forth to announce the coming of the Lord. Antichrist will kill them and after three days they will be raised up by the Lord. Then there will be a great persecution, such as has not been before nor shall be thereafter. The Lord will shorten those days for the sake of the elect, and the Antichrist will be slain by the power of God through Michael the Archangel on the Mount of Olives"

"A star shall arise in Europe over the Iberians toward the great house of the North, whose beams shall unexpectedly enlighten the whole world. This shall be in a most desired time, when mortal men, being weary of armies, with joint consent embrace peace. Almost at the same time of this star, a light as ancient as the former , of the same age, burning with far more eager flames, shall extend his government to the coasts of the Antipodes. France shall first be yoked by this King or Prince. Britain shall humbly cast herself at his knees. Italy, pausing with great deliberation upon high enterprises, will contribute to him her languishing right hand.But this very light shall hide itself in the clouds of the gods long before his time with the mighty desire of mortal men."

Sibyllae "And then will God speak with a mighty voice To all rude people of an empty mind; And judgments from the mighty God shall come Upon them, and they shall be destroyed By an immortal hand. And fiery swords Shall fall from heaven on earth, and mighty lights Shall come down flaming in the midst of men. And mother earth shall be tossed in those days By an immortal hand... Then shall all the elements of all the world Be desolate, air, earth, sea, flaming fire, And sky and night, and all days to one fire And to one barren shapeless mass to come. For all the luminous stars shall fall from heaven; No more will winged birds fly through the air, Nor footsteps be on ear; for all wild beasts Shall perish, voices of men, beasts and birds Shall be no more. The world, being disarranged, Shall hear no useful sound, but the deep sea Shall echo back a mighty threatening voice, And swimming, trembling creatures of the sea Shall all die; and no longer on the waves Will sail a freighted ship. The earth shall groan Bloodstained by wars; and all the souls of men Shall gnash their teeth --- the souls of lawless men, Wasted by lamentations and by fear, By hunger, thirst and pestilence and murders --- And they shall call it beautiful to die, And death will flee from them, for death no more Nor night shall give them rest. And many things Will they in vain ask God who rules on high, And then he will turn openly his face Away from them... All these things to my mind did God reveal And all that has been spoken by my mouth Will be fulfilled... No more will treacherous gold and silver be Nor earthly wealth, nor toilsome servitude, But one vast friendship and one mode of life Will be with glad people, and all things Will common be, and equal light of life. And wickedness from earth in the vast sea Shall sink away. And then the harvest-time of Mortals is near. Strong necessity Is laid upon these things to be fulfilled. Nor then will any other traveler say, Recalling, that men's perishable race Shall ever cease. And then o'er all the earth A holy nation will the sceptre hold Unto all ages with their mighty sires..."

Anon. Roman Oracles: "When the White Pope and the Black Pope shall die during the same night, then there will dawn upon the Christian nations the Great White Day."... "Woe unto the City of Philosophers, woe unto Lombardy for thy towers of joy shall be broken down; all the tyrants shall be put out of God's church, and there shall occur a general conversion to the faith of Christ under the Great Lion."..."In the first age the nobility will flourish, in the second age the Church will rule; in the third age the law will tyrannize, and thereafter war will destroy everything." 

Anon. Medieval German Sibyl: Last periods before the peace of Christ:"January - Blood will rain one hour in the land of Europe that shall be destroyed first.February - Wars and rumors - everywhere preparing for war - land and sea traffic restricted countries forced to live on their own products. March - Great waves and floods - island of the double cross government submerged because of sins of rulers. April - Terrible naval battle - waters turn red - England in the fight. May - War and bloodshed everywhere: twelve women to each man.June - In the East a whole nation will fight for an evil man. God will rain fire on his army of wealth and treasures.July- Great drought over the world. August- Plagues, pestilences famines - worse than Jerusalem.September- Seasons unnatural - the soil will not be tillable - cattle will rot and vermin poison the earth.October- Famine over Europe.November - 'Great Conqueror' will give peace to the Earth. December- Religion spread universally - peace trumpet sounds."

Anon. Prophecy (16th century):"When the history of mankind starts the year 2000, the egg will break and the three will dry, which was planted by the old Father. The scythe of the moon will burn the leafs. Because in this time, the scythe of the moon will be the law that will slave the world."

...... Plato (427-347 BC)

Greek philosopher and writer (on Atlantis?) - Politicus: At certain periods the universe has its present circular motion, and at other periods it revolves in the reverse direction. There is at that time great destruction of animals in general, and only a small part of the human race survives.


Emergeing as a new genre of literature in early Jewish tradition (3rd century BCE) apokalypsis means in Greek "something uncovered" or "revealed." - IT came to pass in the thirtieth year, on the twenty- second of the month, I was in my house. And I cried out and said to the Most High: Lord, give the glory,(1) in order that I may see Thy mysteries. And when it was night, there came an angel, Michael the archangel, and says to me: O Prophet Esdras, refrain from bread for seventy weeks.(2) And I fasted as he told me. And there came Raphael the commander of the host, and gave me a storax rod. And I fasted twice sixty(3) weeks. And I saw the mysteries of God and His angels. And I said to them: I wish to plead before God about the race of the Christians. It is good for a man not to be born rather than to come into the world. I was therefore taken up into heaven, and I saw in the first heaven a great army of angels; and they took me to the judgments. And I heard a voice saying to me: Have mercy on us, O thou chosen of God, Esdras. Then began I to say: Woe to sinners when they see one who is just more than the angels, and they themselves are in the Gehenna of fire! And Esdras said: Have mercy on the works of Thine hands, Thou who art compassionate, and of great mercy. Judge me rather than the souls of the sinners; for it is better that one soul should he punished, and that the whole world should not come to destruction. And God said: I will give rest in paradise to the righteous, and I have become(4) merciful. And Esdras said: Lord, why dost Thou confer benefits on the righteous? for just as one who has been hired out, and has served out his time, goes and again works as a slave when he come to his masters, so also the righteous has received his reward in the heavens. But have mercy on the sinners, for we know that Thou art merciful. And God said: I do not see how I can have mercy upon them. And Esdras said: They cannot endure Thy wrath. And God said: This is the fate of such. And God said: I wish to have thee like Paul and John, as thou hast given me uncorrupted the treasure that cannot be stolen, the treasure of virginity, the bulwark(5) of men. And Esdras said: It is good for a man not to be born. It is good not to be in life. The irrational creatures are better than man, because they have no punishment; but Thou hast taken us, and given us up to judgment. Woe to the sinners in the world to come! because their judgment is endless, and the flame unquenchable. And while I was thus speaking to him, there came Michael and Gabriel, and all the apostles; and they said: Rejoice, O faithful man of God!

And Esdras said:(6) Arise, and come hither with me, O Lord, to judgment. And the Lord said: Behold, I give thee my covenant between me and thee, that you may receive it. And Esdras said: Let us plead in Thy hearing.(7) And God said: Ask Abraham your father how a son pleads with his father,(8) and come plead with us. And Esdras said: As the Lord liveth, I will not cease pleading with Thee in behalf of the race of the Christians. Where are Thine ancient compassions, O Lord? Where is Thy long-suffering? And God said: As I have made night and day, I have made the righteous and the sinner; and he should have lived like the righteous. And the prophet said: Who made Adam the first-formed? And God said: My undefiled hands. And I put him in paradise to guard the food of the tree of life; and thereafter he became disobedient. and did this in transgression. And the prophet said: Was he not protected by an angel? and was not his life guarded by the cherubim to endless ages? and how was he deceived who was guarded by angels? for Thou didst command all to be present, and to attend to what was said by Thee.(1) But if Thou hadst not given him Eve, the serpent would not have deceived her;(2) but whom Thou wilt Thou savest, and whom Thou wilt Thou destroyest.(3) And the prophet said: Let us come, my Lord, to a second judgment. And God said: I cast fire upon Sodom and Gomorrah. And the prophet said: Lord, Thou dealest with us according to our deserts. And God said: Your sins transcend my clemency. And the prophet said: Call to mind the Scriptures, my Father, who hast measured out Jerusalem, and set her up again. Have mercy, O Lord, upon sinners; have mercy upon Thine own creatures;(4) have pity upon  Thy works. Then God remembered those whom He had made, and said to the prophet: How can I have mercy upon them? Vinegar and gall did they give me to drink,(5) and not even then did they repent. And the prophet said: Reveal Thy cherubim, and let us go together to judgment; and show me the day of judgment, what like it is. And God said: Thou hast been deceived, Esdras; for such is the day of judgment as that in which there is no rain upon the earth; for it is a merciful tribunal as compared with that day. And the prophet said: I will not cease to plead with Thee, unless I see the day of the consummation. And God said:(6) Number the stars and the sand of the sea; and if thou shalt be able to number this, thou art also able to plead with me. And the prophet said: Lord, Thou knowest that I wear human flesh; and how can I count the stars of the heaven, and the sand of the sea? And God said: My chosen prophet, no man will know that great day and the appearing(7) that comes to judge the world. For thy sake, my prophet, I have told thee the day; but the hour have I not told thee. And the prophet said: Lord, tell me also the years. And God said: If I see the righteousness of the world, that it has abounded, I will have patience with them; but if not, I will stretch forth my hand, and lay hold of the world by the four quarters, and bring them all together into the valley of Jehoshaphat,(8) and I will wipe out the race of men, so that the world shall be no more. And the prophet said: And how can Thy right hand be glorified? And God said: I shall be glorified by my angels. And the prophet said: Lord, if Thou hast resolved to do this, why didst Thou make man?

 Thou didst say to our father Abraham,(9) Multiplying I will multiply thy seed as the stars of the heaven, and as the sand that is by the sea-shore;(10) and where is Thy promise? And God said: First will I make an earthquake for the fall of four-footed beasts and of men; and when you see that brother gives up brother to death, and that children shall rise up against their parents, and that a woman forsakes her own husband, and when nation shall rise up against nation in war, then will you know that the end is near.(11) For then neither brother pities brother, nor man wife, nor children parents, nor friends friends, nor a slave his master; for he who is the adversary of men shall come up from Tartarus, and shall show men many things. What shall I make of thee, Esdras? and wilt thou yet plead with me? And the prophet said: Lord, I shall not cease to plead with Thee. And God said: Number the flowers of the earth. If thou shalt be able to number them, thou art able also to plead with me. And the prophet said: Lord, I cannot number them. I wear human flesh; but I shall not cease to plead with Thee. I wish, Lord, to see also the under parts of Tartarus. And God said: Come down and see. And He gave me Michael, and Gabriel, and other thirty-four angels; and I went down eighty-five steps, and they brought me down five hundred steps, and I saw a fiery throne, and an old man sitting upon it; and his judgment was merciless. And I said to the angels: Who is this? and what is his sin? And they said to me: This is Herod, who for a time was a king, and ordered to put to death the children from two years old and under.(12) And I said: Woe to his soul! And again they took me down thirty steps, and I there saw boilings up of fire, and in them there was a multitude of sinners; and I heard their voice, but saw not their forms. And they took me down lower many steps, which I could not measure. And I there saw old men, and fiery pivots turning in their ears. And I said: Who are these? and what is their sin? And they said to me: These are they who would not listen.(13) And they took me down again other five hundred steps, and I there saw the worm that sleeps not, and fire burning up the sinners. And they took me down to the lowest part of destruction, and I saw there the twelve plagues of the abyss. And they took me away to the south, and I saw there a man hanging by the eyelids; and the angels kept scourging him. And I asked: Who is this? and what is his sin? And Michael the commander said to me: This is one who lay with his mother; for having put into practice a small wish, he has been ordered to be hanged. And they took me away to the north, and I saw there a man bound with iron chains. And I asked: Who is this? And he said to me: This is he who said, I am the Son of God, that made stones bread, and water wine. And the prophet said: My lord, let me know what is his form, and I shall tell the race of men, that they may not believe in him. And he said to me: The form of his countenance is like that of a wild beast; his right eye like the star that rises in the morning, and the other without motion; his mouth one cubit; his teeth span long; his fingers like scythes; the track of his feet of two spans; and in his face an inscription, Antichrist. He has been exalted to heaven; he shall go down to Hades.(1) At one time he shall become a child; at another, an old man. And the prophet said: Lord, and how dost Thou permit him, and he deceives the race of men? And God said: Listen, my prophet. He becomes both child and old man, and no one believes him that he is my beloved Son. And after this a trumpet, and the tombs shall be opened, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible.(2) Then the adversary, hearing the dreadful threatening, shall be hidden in outer darkness. Then the heaven, and the earth, and the sea shall be destroyed. Then shall I burn the heaven eighty cubits, and the earth eight hundred cubits. And the prophet said: And how has the heaven sinned? And God said: Since(3) ... there is evil. And the prophet said: Lord, and the earth, how has it sinned? And God said: Since the adversary, having heard the dreadful threatening, shall be hidden, even on account of this will I melt the earth, and with it the opponent of the race of men. And the prophet said: Have mercy, Lord, upon the race of the Christians. And I saw a woman hanging, and four wild beasts sucking her breasts. And the angels said to me: She grudged to give her milk, but even threw her infants into the rivers. And I saw a dreadful darkness, and a night that had no stars nor moon; nor is there there young or old, nor brother with brother, nor mother with child, nor wife with husband. And I wept, and said: O Lord God, have mercy upon the sinners. And as I said this, there came a cloud and snatched me up, and carried me away again into the heavens. And I saw there many judgments; and I wept bitterly, and said: It is good for a man not to have come out of his mother's womb.

And those who were in torment cried out, saying: Since thou hast come hither, O holy one of God, we have found a little remission. And the prophet said: Blessed are they that weep for their sins. And God said: Hear, O beloved Esdras. As a husbandman casts the seed of the corn into the ground, so also the man casts his seed into the parts of the woman. The first month it is all together; the second it increases in size; the third it gets hair; the fourth it gets nails; the fifth it is turned into milk;(4) and the sixth it is made ready, and receives life;(5) the seventh it is completely furnished; the ninth the barriers of the gate of the woman are opened; and it is born safe and sound into the earth. And the prophet said: Lord, it is good for man not to have been born. Woe to the human race then, when Thou shall come to judgment! And I said to the Lord: Lord, why hast Thou created man, and delivered him up to judgment? And God said, with a lofty proclamation: I will not by any means have mercy on those who transgress my covenant. And the prophet said Lord, where is Thy goodness? And God said: I have prepared all things for man's sake, and man does not keep my commandments. And the prophet said: Lord, reveal to me the judgments and paradise. And the angels took me away towards the east, and I saw the tree of life. And I saw there Enoch, and Elias, and Moses, and Peter, and Paul, and Luke, and Matthias, and all the righteous, and the patriarchs. And I saw there the keeping of the air within bounds, and the blowing of the winds, and the storehouses of the ice, and the eternal judgments. And I saw there a man hanging by the skull. And they said to me: This man removed landmarks. And I saw there great judgments.(6) And I said to the Lord: O Lord God, and what man, then, who has been born has not sinned? And they took me lower down into Tartarus, and I saw all the sinners lamenting and weeping and mourning bitterly. And I also wept, seeing the race of men thus tormented. Then God says to me: Knowest thou, Esdras, the names of the angels at the end of the world? Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, Raphael, Gabuthelon, Aker, Arphugitonos, Beburos, Zebuleon. Then there came a voice to me: Come hither and die, Esdras, my beloved; give that which hath been entrusted to thee.(7) And the prophet said: And whence can you bring forth my soul? And the angels said: We can put it forth through the mouth. And the prophet said: Mouth to mouth have I spoken with God,(8) and it comes not forth thence. And the angels said: Let us bring it out through thy nostrils. And the prophet said: My nostrils have smelled the sweet savour of the glory of God. And the angels said: We can bring it out through thine eyes. And the prophet said: Mine eyes have seen the back parts of God.(9) And the angels said: We can bring it out through the crown of thy head.

And the prophet said: I walked about with Moses also on the mountain, and it comes not forth thence. And the angels said: We can put it forth through the points of thy nails. And the prophet said: My feet also have walked about on the altar. And the angels went away without having done anything, saying: Lord, we cannot get his soul. Then He says to His only begotten Son: Go down, my beloved Son, with a great host of angels, and take the soul of my beloved Esdras. For the Lord, having taken a great host of angels, says to the prophet: Give me the trust which I entrusted to thee; the crown has been prepared for thee.(1) And the prophet said: Lord, if Thou take my soul from me, who will be left to plead with Thee for the race of men And God said: As thou art mortal, and of the earth, do not plead with me. And the prophet said: I will not cease to plead. And God said: Give up just now the trust; the crown has been prepared for thee. Come and die, that thou mayst obtain it. Then the prophet began to say with tears: O Lord, what good have I done pleading with Thee, and I am going to fall down into the earth? Woe's me, woe's me, that I am going to be eaten up by worms! Weep, all ye saints and ye righteous, for me, who have pleaded much, and who am delivered up to death. Weep for me, all ye saints and ye righteous, because I have gone to the pit of Hades. And God said to him: Hear, Esdras, my beloved. I, who am immortal, endured a cross; I tasted vinegar and gall; I was laid in a tomb, and I raised up my chosen ones; I called Adam up out of Hades, that I might save(2) the race of men. Do not therefore be afraid of death: for that which is from me--that is to say, the soul--goes to heaven; and that which is from the earth--that is to say, the body--goes to the earth, from which it was taken.(3) And the prophet said: Woe's me! woe's me! what shall I set about? what shall I do? I know not. And then the blessed Esdras began to say: O eternal God, the Maker of the whole creation, who hast measured the heaven with a span, and who holdest the earth as a handful,(4) who ridest upon the cherubim, who didst take the prophet Elias to the heavens in a chariot of fire,(5) who givest food to all flesh, whom all things dread and tremble at from the face of Thy power,--listen to me, who have pleaded much, and give to all who transcribe this book, and have it, and remember my name, and honour my memory, give them a blessing from heaven; and bless him(6) in all things, as Thou didst bless Joseph at last, and remember not his former wickedness in the day of his judgment. And as many as have not believed this book shall be burnt up like Sodom and Gomorrah. And there came to him a voice, saying: Esdras, my beloved, all things whatever thou hast asked will I give to each one. And immediately he gave up his precious soul with much honour, in the month of October, on the twenty-eighth. And they prepared him for burial with incense and psalms; and his precious and sacred body dispenses strength of soul and body perpetually to those who have recourse to him from a longing desire. To whom is due glory, strength, honour, and adoration,--to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit, now and ever, and to ages of ages. Amen.

...... Virgil (70-19 BC)

(Publius Vergilius Maro) discussing his difficulties finding a house to live in: " I see wars, horrible wars, and the Tiber foaming with much blood."

...... Berosus (3 BC)

Chaldean astrologer and historian who collected and translated a three-volume account of Babylonian history into Greek which chronicles the story of Gilgamesh (the Chaldean version of Noah's flood.)

(LVI, 1-55.)  "All terrestrial life and limb shall be consumed by fire during a planetary alignment in [July of CE 2001]. The fire will be followed by a great flood in October when the same planets are conjoined in Capricorn."

"When the Terror descends abasing, exalting, when the earth shall be rocked and the mountains crumbled and become a dust scattered and you shall be three bands... "The ancients, and the later folk shall be gathered to the appointed time of a known day. Then you erring ones, you that cried lies, you shall eat of a tree called Zakkoum, and you shall fill therewith your bellies and drink on top of that boiling water, lapping it down like thirsty camels. This shall be their hospitality on the Day of Doom.

(LXIX, 41-39) "So, when the Trumpet is blown with a single blast and the earth and the mountains are lifted up and crushed with a single blow, then, on that day, the Terror shall come to pass, and heaven shall be split, for upon that day it shall be very frail, and the angels shall stand upon its borders, and upon that day eight shall carry above them the Throne of thy Lord.'

"On that day you shall be exposed, not one secret of yours concealed. Then as for him who is given his book in his right hand, he shall say, 'Here, take and read my book! Certainly I thought that I should encounter thy reckoning.' So he shall be in a pleasing life in a lofty Garden, its clusters nigh to gather.' ....'Eat and drink with wholesome appetite for that you did long ago, in the days gone by.'

"But as for him who is given his book in his left hand, he shall say, 'Would that I had not been given my book and not known my reckoning! Would it had been the end! My wealth has not availed me, my authority is gone from me.' Take him, and fetter him, and then roast him in Hell, then in a chain of seventy cubits' length insert him! Behold, he never believed in God the All-mighty, and he never urged the feeding of the needy; therefore he today has not here one loyal friend, neither any food saving foul pus, that none excepting the sinners eat."

...... Seneca (62 BC - 30 AD)

Roman Stoic philosopher - A.D.50? The Medea of Seneca - part of the chorus at the close of Act II. "already the deep surrenders and receives all laws. No Argo compacted by the hands of Palas and impelled illustrious by the oars of kings is now sought after. Any Kind of a craft wanders over the sea. Every boundary is taken away, and cities have reared walls in new lands. The penetrable earth has left nothing in the place in which it was. The Indian drinks the frozen Araxes. The Persians quaff the Elbe and the Rhine. In late years there shall come a time when the bands of ocean shall be loosened, and the vast earth shall be laid open; another Tiphys shall disclose new worlds, and lands shall be seen beyond Thule" (:"Venient annis - Saecula seris, quibus Oceanus - Pateat Telus, Tiphysque novus - Delegat orbes; nec sit terris - Ulthima Thule.").

...... Hermes Trismegistus (1st Century CE)

Corpus Hermeticum :The Hermetic tradition represents a non-Christian lineage of Hellenistic Gnosticism. The central texts of the tradition, the Corpus Hermeticum were lost to the West in classical times. Their rediscovery and translation during the late-fifteenth century by the Renaissance court of Cosimo de Medici, provided a seminal force in the development of Renaissance thought and culture. The complete Corpus Hermeticum is comprised of 18 tracts. Hermes is responsible for the creation of astronomy and with setting the foundation for nearly all Western mystical teachings, including the Tarot.Excerpted from the dialogue with Asclepius contained in the Gnostic texts. ...."Do you know, Asclepius, that Egypt is an image of Heaven, or to speak more exactly, in Egypt all the operations of the powers which rule and work in Heaven are present in the Earth below? In fact it should be said that the whole Cosmos dwells in this our land as in a sanctuary. And yet, since it is fitting that wise men should have knowledge of all events before they come to pass, you must not be left in ignorance of what I will now tell you. There will come a time when it will have been in vain that Egyptians have honored the Godhead with heartfelt piety and service; and all our holy worship will be fruitless and ineffectual. The gods will return from earth to heaven; Egypt will be forsaken, and the land which was once the home of religion will be left desolate, bereft of the presence of its deities. O Egypt, Egypt, of thy religion nothing will remain but an empty tale, which thine own children in time to come will not believe; nothing will be left but graven words, and only the stones will tell of thy piety. And in that day men will be weary of life,and they will cease to think the universe worthy of reverent wonder and worship.

 They will no longer love this world around us, this incomparable work of God, this glorious structure which he has built, this sum of good made up of many diverse forms, this instrument whereby the will of God operates in that which he has made, ungrudgingly favoring man's welfare; this combination and accumulation of all the manifold things that call forth the veneration, praise, and love of the beholder. Darkness will be preferred to light, and death will be thought more profitable than life; no one will raise his eyes to heaven; the pious will be deemed insane, the impious wise; the madman will be thought a brave man, and the wicked will be esteemed as good. As for the soul, and the belief that it is immortal by nature, or may hope to attain to immortality, as I have taught you, - all this they will mock, and even persuade themselves that it is false. No word of reverence or piety, no utterance worthy of heaven, will be heard or believed. And so the gods will depart from mankind, - a grievous thing! - and only evil angels will remain, who will mingle with men, and drive the poor wretches into all manner of reckless crime, into wars, and robberies, and frauds, and all things hostile to the nature of the soul.

 Then will the earth tremble, and the sea bear no ships; heaven will not support the stars in their orbits, all voices of the gods will be forced into silence; the fruits of the Earth will rot; the soil will turn barren, and the very air will sicken with sullen stagnation; all things will be disordered and awry, all good will disappear." "But when all this has befallen, Asclepius, then God the Creator of all things will look on that which has come to pass, and will stop the disorder by the counterforce of his will, which is the good. He will call back to the right path those who have gone astray; he will cleanse the world of evil, washing it away with floods, burning it out with the fiercest fire, and expelling it with war and pestilence. And thus he will bring back his world to its former aspect, so that the Cosmos will once more be deemed worthy of worship and wondering reverence, and God, the maker and maintainer of the Mighty Fabric, will be adored by the men of that day with continuous songs of praise and blessing. Such is the new birth of the Cosmos; it is a making again of all things good, a holy and awe-inspiring restoration of all nature; and it is wrought inside the process of Time by the eternal Will of the Creator." (The prophecy of Hermes Trismegistus, the dialogues with Asclepius on the nature of the Cosmos)

...... The Didache and Apostolic Constitutions (80 AD)

Eight books of Christian ecclesiastical administrative regulations and instructions for worship. Although its full title is "Ordinances of the Holy Apostles through Clement," and it ends with the 85 "Apostolic Canons," it probably originated in late 4th-century Syria and not from the Apostles. Much of it is derived from the 3rd-century Didascalia Apostolorum and the 2nd-century Didache. - Chapter 16 "Watch for your life's sake. Let not your lamps be quenched, nor your loins unloosed; but be ready, for you know not the hour in which our Lord will come. But come together often, seeking the things which are befitting to your souls: for the whole time of your faith will not profit you, if you are not made perfect in the last time. For in the last days false prophets and corrupters shall be multiplied, and the sheep shall be turned into wolves, and love shall be turned into hate; for when lawlessness increases, they shall hate and persecute and betray one another, and then shall appear the world-deceiver as Son of God, and shall do signs and wonders, and the earth shall be delivered into his hands, and he shall do iniquitous things which have never yet come to pass since the beginning. Then shall the creation of men come into the fire of trial, and many shall be made to stumble and shall perish; but those who endure in their faith shall be saved from under the curse itself. And then shall appear the signs of the truth: first, the sign of an outspreading in heaven, then the sign of the sound of the trumpet. And third, the resurrection of the dead -- yet not of all, but as it is said: "The Lord shall come and all His saints with Him." Then shall the world see the Lord coming upon the clouds of heaven."

...... Esther of Sidon (86 AD)

Esther of Sidon was an Essene who chronicled the life of Jesus (whom she never knew) after interviewing many of his disciples. She was martyred in Athens in 86 AD. Her writings were collected by Emperor Vespasian, and were preserved in the Vatican archives. They emerged in 1997. Esther recorded the "Ten Final Messages of the Savior" which he allegedly gave as promises while he was in the Garden of Gethsemene. These promises are to be fulfilled in the Latter Days.The Ten Great Promises of Jesus are said to be: (1) an herbal panacea, (2) the Rapture, (3) a last chance to repent on Judgment Day, (4) signs in the sky will warn of the Second Coming, (5) angelic guidance for humanity, (6) eternal life, (7) the gospel of Christ will be spread throughout the universe, (8) the Second Coming, (9) Heaven will be located in space by astronomers, (10) a divinely inspired system of space travel will be discovered Esther also is attributed with numerous predictions about modern medicine, world finance and human welfare, war and peace, extreme weather conditions before and during the Apocalypse, the reigns of Satan and of Christ. Esther states: "All that the Lord promised will come to pass in the end times, when men will count on their fingers and marvel that 2,000 years have passed since his death. In those days the gates of Heaven will be opened wide for the angels to carry within the righteous hosts of the Rapture."

...... St. John of Patmos (81-96)

John wrote Book of Revelation - Revelation is the foundation of esoteric and mystic Christianity as well as being the sacred book of the Eleusinian, Egyptian and Greek mystery cults; - simultaneously a work of Christian inspiration. Rev. 7:1-4  --  After this I saw four angels standing at the four corners of the earth, holding back the four winds of the earth to prevent any wind from blowing on the land or on the sea or on any tree...."

...... St. Irenaeus (125?-203)

Born in Proconsular Asia, bishop of Lyons Excerpts from Adversus Haereses "hammer of heresies" :For in as many years as this world was made, in so many thousand years shall it be concluded. And for this reason the Scripture says: "Thus the heaven and the earth were finished, and all their adornment. And God brought to a conclusion upon the sixth day the works that he had made; and God rested upon the seventh day from all His works" (Gen. 2:2) This is an account of the things formerly created, as it is a prophecy of what is to come. For the day of the Lord is as a thousand years; and in six days created things were completed: it is evident, therefore, that they will come to an end at the sixth thousand year. (Book 5, Ch.28.3)

And for this cause tribulation is necessary for those who are saved, that having been after a manner broken up, and rendered fine, and sprinkled by the patience of the Word of God, and set on fire [for purification], they may be filled for the royal banquet. (Book 5, Ch.28.4)

And therefore, when in the end the Church shall be suddenly caught up from this, it is said, "There shall be tribulation such as has not been since the beginning, neither shall be." (Matt.24:21) For this is the last contest of the righteous, in which, when they overcome, they are crowned with incorruption. (Book 5 Ch.29.1)

(Speaking of the Antichrist and the # 666)…that man in whom is concentrated the whole apostasy of six thousand years, and unrighteousness, and wickedness, and false prophecy, and deception; for which things' sake a cataclysm of fire shall also come [upon the earth].(Book 5 Ch.29.2)

But when this Antichrist shall have devastated all things in this world, he will reign for three years and six months, and sit in the temple of Jerusalem; and then the Lord will come from heaven in the clouds, in the glory of the Father, sending this man and those who follow him into the lake of fire; but bringing in for the righteous the times of the kingdom, that is, the rest, the hallowed seventh day; and restoring to Abraham the promised inheritance, in which kingdom the Lord declared, that "many coming from the east and from the west should sit down with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob." (Matt.8:2) (Book 5, Ch.30.4)

…resurrection of the just, and of the [earthly] kingdom which is the commencement of incorruption, by means of which kingdom those who shall be worthy are accustomed gradually to partake of the divine nature (capere Deum - or to gradually comprehend God) and it is necessary to tell them respecting those things, that it behooves the righteous first to receive the promise of the inheritance which God promised to the fathers, and to reign in it, when they rise again to behold God in this creation which is renovated and that the judgment should take place afterwards. For it is just that in that very creation in which they toiled or were afflicted, being proved in every way by suffering, they should receive the reward of their suffering; and that in the creation in which they were slain because of their love to God, in that they should be revived again; and that in the creation in which they endured servitude, in that they should reign. For God is rich in all things and all thing are His. It is fitting, therefore, that the creation itself, being restored to its primeval condition, should without restraint be under the dominion of the righteous; and the apostle has made this plain in the Epistle to the Romans, where he speaks thus: "I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us. For the creation waits with eager longing for the revealing of the sons of God; for the creation was subjected to futility, not of its own will but by the will of him who subjected it in hope; because the creation itself will be set free from its bondage to decay and obtain the glorious liberty of the children of God. We know that the whole creation has been groaning in travail together until now; and not only creation, but we ourselves who have the first fruits or the Spirit groan inwardly as we wait for the adoption as sons, the redemption of our bodies." (Romans 8:18-23) (Book 5, Ch.32.1)

(After saying that the promise to Abraham still needs to be fulfilled - see Genesis 8:13-14, 17)

Now God made promise of the earth to Abraham and his seed; yet neither Abraham nor his seed, that is, those who are justified by faith, do now receive inheritance in it; but they shall receive it at the resurrection of the just. For God is true and faithful; and on this account He said, "Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth." (Matt.5:5) (Book 5, Ch.32.2)

(In reference to Genesis 27:27 not being fulfilled) The predicted blessing, therefore, belongs unquestionably to the times of the kingdom, when the righteous shall bear rule upon rising from the dead…(Book 5, Ch.33.3)

For all these and other words were unquestionably spoken in reference to the resurrection of the just, which takes place after the coming of the Antichrist, and the destruction of all nations under his rule; in [the times of] which [resurrection] the righteous shall reign in the earth, waxing stronger by the might of the Lord: and through Him they shall become accustomed to partake in the glory of God the Father, and shall enjoy in the kingdom intercourse and communion with the holy angels, and union with spiritual beings and those whom the Lord shall find in the flesh, awaiting Him from heaven, and who have suffered tribulation, as well as escaped the hands of the Wicked One. For it is in reference to them that the prophet says, "And those that are left shall multiply upon the earth." (Book 5, Ch.35.1)

Now all these things being such as they are, cannot be understood in reference to super-celestial matters; "For God", it is said, "will show to the whole earth that is under heaven thy glory." But in the times of the kingdom, the earth has been called again by Christ, and Jerusalem rebuilt after the pattern of Jerusalem above…

Irenaeus proceeds to quote the following Scriptures: Isaiah 49:16; Galatians 4:26; Revelation 21:2; Rev. 20:2; Rev. 20:12-14; Matthew 25:41; Rev. 20:15; Rev. 21:1-4; Is. 65:17-18; 1 Cor. 7:31; Matt. 26:35; Ez. 25:40; Rev. 21:5-6; (Book 5, Ch.35.2)

In this last section of Against Heresies, Book 5 Irenaeus also quotes the following verses: Is. 40:6 ff.; Is. 26:19; Ezekiel 37:12 ff.; Ez. 28:25, 26; Matt. 3:9; Jeremiah 23:6-7; Is. 58:14; Luke 7:37-38; Rev. 20:6; Is. 7:2; Daniel 7:27; Dan. 7:13; Jer. 31:10 ff.; Is. 31:9 & 32:1;Is. 54:11-14; Is. 65:18; Baruch 4:36 through chapter 5

From St. Justin Martyr's "Dialogue with Trypho" (he quotes Daniel 7:9-28) then says:But I and others, who are right-minded Christians on all points, are assured that there will be a resurrection of the dead, and a thousand years in Jerusalem, which will then be built, adorned, and enlarged, [as] the prophets Ezekiel and Isaiah and others declare. (Chapter 80)

...... St. Hippolytus (175-235)

Probably born in Alexandria between 170 and 175 AD. He says of himself that he was an intellectual disciple of St. Irenaeus of Lyons. Traditionaly believed to have been bishop of Porto Romanus, a nearby suburban Roman see. "John says, 'I will give power unto my two witnesses, and they shall prophecy a thousand and two hundred and threescore days, clothed in sackcloth. That is the half of the week whereof Daniel spake. These are the two olive trees and the two candlesticks standing before the Lord of the earth.. For this is what the prophets Enoch and Elias will preach.

"Let us observe somewhat in detail what Daniel says in his visions. For in distinguishing the kingdoms that are to rise after these things, he showed also the coming of Antichrist in the last times, and the consummation of the whole world. Daniel says: 'And one week will make a covenant with many, and it shall be that in the midst (half) of the week my sacrifice and oblation shall cease.' By one week, therefore, he meant the last week which is to be at the end of the whole world....

"For in every respect that deceiver seeks to make himself appear like the Son of God. Christ is a lion, and Antichrist is a lion. Christ is the King of things celestial and things terrestial, and Antichrist will be king upon earth. The Savior was manifested as a lamb; and he, too, will appear as a lamb, while he is a wolf within. The Savior was circumcised, and he in like manner will appear in circumcision. The Savior sent the apostles unto all nations, and he in like manner will send false apostles. Christ gathered together the dispersed sheep, and he in like manner will gather together the dispersed people of the Hebrews. Christ gave to those who believed on Him the honorable and life-giving cross, and he in like manner will give his own sign. Christ appeared in the form of man, and he in like manner will come forth in the form of man. Christ arose from among the Hebrews, and he will spring from among the Jews. Christ displayed His flesh like a temple, and raised it up on the third day; and he too will raise up again the temple of stone in Jerusalem." (Appendix to the Works of Hippolytus, The Ante-Nicene Fathers, Volume V, 1926, p.247)

"When Daniel says, 'I shall make a covenant for one week,' he indicated even years; and the one half of the week is for preaching of the prophets, and for the other half of the week--that is to say, for three years and a half--Antichrist will reign upon the earth. And after this his kingdom and his glory will be taken away. And by reason of the scarcity of food, all will go to him and worship him; and he will put his mark on their right hand and on their forehead, that no one may put the sign of the honorable cross upon his forehead with his right hand; but his hand is bound.... And his seal upon the forehead and upon the right hand is the number, six hundred threescore and six."

"These things, then, coming to pass, beloved, and the one week being divided into two parts, and the abomination of desolation being manifested then, and the two prophets and forerunners of the Lord having finished their course, and the whole world finally approaching the consummation, what remains but' the coming of our Lord and Saviour from heaven, for whom we have looked in hope? who shall bring the conflagration and just judgment upon all who have refused to believe on Him."

"And the churches, too, will wail with a mighty lamentation, because neither 'oblation nor incense' is attended to, nor a service acceptable to God; but the sanctuaries of the churches will become like a garden-watcher's hut, and the holy Body and Blood of Christ will not be shown in those days. The public service of God shall be extinguished, psalmody shall cease, the reading of the Scriptures shall not be heard; but for men there shall be darkness, and lamentation on lamentation, and woe on woe" (Saint Hippolytus, Op. cit., pp. 250, 251).

...... Origen / Origenes Adamantius (182-251)

Born probably at Alexandria and died Caesarea. According to Eusebius, Origen was born of Christian parents in Egypt, probably about 185, and spent most of his life in Alexandria as a teacher, but he also visited Antioch, Athens, Arabia, Ephesus, and Rome, and lived for a rather long period at Caesarea in Palestine. In the year 203 Origen was appointed by Demetrius, the bishop, to succeed Clement as head of the catechetical school in Alexandria. For a dozen years he carried on that work with marked success and with increasing numbers of pupils at the school. In 215, however, as a result of the Emperor Caracalla's furious attack upon the Alexandrians, Origen's work at the school was interrupted and he was driven from the city. Origen took refuge at Caesarea in Palestine, where he preached in churches at the request of the bishops of Jerusalem and Caesarea As he was only a layman, this was regarded by his bishop, Demetrius, as a breach of ecclesiastical discipline, in consequence of which he was recalled to Alexandria, where he resumed his scholarly work at the school. In 230 Origen traveled to Greece on some church business and, stopping at Caesarea on his way, was ordained as a presbyter by the same friendly bishops who had invited him to preach on his previous visit. When Demetrius learned of this, he felt that his authority had been flouted, and, on Origen's return, deposed him from his teaching office and excommunicated him from the Alexandrian church on the grounds of irregularity of ordination. Origen now moved back to Caesarea, where he opened a new Biblical and theological school which soon outshone that of Alexandria, and where he continued his extensive literary work, as well as preaching and giving Biblical expositions almost every day. In 250, during the Decian persecution, Origen was imprisoned, cruelly tortured, and condemned to the stake. Although he regained his liberty at the death of the emperor, he died soon afterward, in the year 253 or 254, probably as a result of the torture.

"When the close of the times draws nigh, a great prophet shall be sent from God to turn men to the knowledge of God, and he shall receive the power of doing wonderful things. Wherever men shall not hear him, he will shut up the heavens, and cause it to withhold its rains; he will turn their water into blood; and torment them with thirst and hunger; and if any one shall endeavor to injure him fire shall come forth out of his mouth, and shall burn that man.

"By these prodigies and powers he shall turn many to the worship of God; and when his works shall be accomplished, another king shall arise out of Syria, born from an evil spirit, the overthrower and destroyer of the human race, who shall destroy that which is left by the former evil, together with himself.... "

"But that king will not only disgrace himself, but will also be a prophet of lies; and he will constitute and call himself God; and power will be given him to do signs and wonders, by the sight of which he may entice men to adore him. He will command fire to come down from Heaven, and the sun to stand and leave its course, and an image to speak, and these things shall be done at his words--by which miracles many even of the wise shall be enticed by him.

"Then he will attempt to destroy the temple of God, and persecute the righteous people; and there will be distress and tribulation, such as there never has been from the beginning of the world. Power will be given him to desolate the whole earth for forty-two months. That will be the time in which righteousness will be cast out, and innocence be hated; in which the wicked shall prey upon the good as enemies; neither law, nor order, nor military discipline be preserved."

...... St. Methodius / Methodios (d.310)

Bishop of Patara in Lycia, Asia Minor. Most authoritative scholars now agree that the prophecies are the work of a pseudonymous author who wrote in Syria circa 680 AD. The manuscript in question (Monumenta Patrum Orthodoxographa, 1569) was located in the Patrium Veterum Library nearly 1000 years after the death of St. Methodius.

"A time will come when the enemies of Christ will boast: "We have subjected the earth and all its inhabitants, and the Christians cannot escape our hands." Then a Roman Emperor will arise in great fury against them... Drawing his sword, he will fall upon the foes of Christianity and crush them. Then peace will reign on earth, and priests will be relieved of all their anxieties.

"In the last period Christians will not appreciate the great grace of God who provided a monarch, a long duration of peace, a splendid fertility of the earth. They will be very ungrateful, lead a sinful life, in pride, vanity, unchastity, frivolity, hatred, avarice, gluttony, and many other vices, [so] that the sins of men will stink more than a pestilence before God. Many will doubt whether the Catholic faith is the true and only saving one and whether the Jews are correct when they still expect the Messiah. Many will be the false teachings and resultant bewilderment. The just God will in consequence give Lucifer and all his devils power to come on earth and tempt his godless creatures...

"...Then suddenly tribulation and distress will arise against them. The King of the Greeks, i.e., the Romans, will come out against them in anger, roused as from a drunken stupor like one whom men had thought dead and worthless [Psalms 77:65]. He will go forth against them from the Ethiopian sea and will send the sword and desolation into Ethribus, their homeland, capturing their women and children living in the Land of Promise [Israel]. The sons of the king will come down with the sword and cut them off from the earth. Fear and trembling will rush upon them and their wives and their children from all sides. They will mourn their offspring, weeping over them and all the villages in the lands of their fathers. By the sword they will be given over into the hands of the king of the Romans -- to captivity, death, and decay.

"The King of the Romans will impose his yoke upon them seven times as much as their yoke weighed upon the earth. Great distress will seize them; tribulation will bring them hunger and thirst. They, their wives, and their children will be slaves and serve those who used to serve them, and their slavery will be a hundred times more bitter and hard. The earth which they destituted will then be at peace; each man will return to his own land and to the inheritance of his fathers... Every man who was left captive will return to the things that were his and his fathers', and men will multiply upon the once desolated land like locusts. Egypt will be desolated, Arabia burned with fire, the land of Ausania burned, and the sea provinces pacified. The whole indignation and fury of the King of the Romans will blaze forth against those who deny the Lord Jesus Christ. Then the earth will sit in peace and there will be great peace and tranquillity upon the earth such as has never been nor ever will be any more, since it is the final peace at the End of Time...

"Then the "Gates of the North" will be opened and the strength of those nations which Alexander shut up there will go forth. The whole earth will be terrified at the sight of them; men will be afraid and flee in terror to hide themselves in mountains and caves and graves. They will die of fright and very many will be wasted with fear. There will be no one to bury the bodies. The tribes which will go forth from the North will eat the flesh of men and will drink the blood of beasts like water. They will eat unclean serpents, scorpions, and every kind of filthy and abominable beast and reptile which crawls upon the earth. They will consume the dead bodies of beasts of burden and even women's abortions. They will slay the young and take them from their mothers and eat them. They will corrupt the earth and contaminate it. No one will be able to stand against them.

"After a week of years, when they have already captured the city of Jappa, the Lord will send one of the princes of his host and strike them down in a moment. After this the King of the Romans will go down and live in Jerusalem for seven and a half-seven times, i.e., years. When the ten and a half years are completed the Son of Perdition will appear.

"He will be born in Chorazaim, nourished in Bethsaida, and reign in Capharnaum. Chorazim will rejoice because he was born in her, and Capharnaum because he will have reigned in her. For this reason in the Third Gospel the Lord gave the following statement: "Woe to you, Chorazaim, woe to you Bethsaida, woe to you Capharnaum --- if you have risen up to heaven, you will descend to hell" [Luke 10:13, 15]. When the Son of Perdition has arisen, the King of the Romans will ascend Golgotha upon which the wood of the Holy Cross is fixed, in the place where the Lord underwent death for us. The king will take the crown from his head and place it upon the cross and stretching out his hands to heaven will hand over the kingdom of the Christians to God the Father. The cross and crown of the king will be taken up together to heaven. This is because the Cross on which our Lord Jesus Christ hung for the common salvation of all will begin to appear before him at his coming to convict the lack of faith of the unbelievers. The prophecy of David which says, "In the last days Ethiopia will stretch out her hand to God" [Psalm 67:32] will be fulfilled in that these last men who stretch out their hands to God are from the seed of Chuseth, the daughter of Phol, king of Ethiopia. When the Cross has been lifted up on high to heaven, the King of the Romans will directly give up his spirit. Then every principality and power will be destroyed that the Son of Perdition may manifest...

"When the Son of Perdition appears, he will be of the tribe of Dan, according to the prophecy of Jacob. This enemy of religion will use a diabolic art to produce many false miracles, such as causing the blind to see, the lame to walk, and the deaf to hear. Those possessed with demons will be exorcised. He will deceive many and, if he could, as our Lord has said, even the faithful elect.

"Even the Antichrist will enter Jerusalem, where he will enthrone himself in the temple as a god (even though he will be an ordinary man of the tribe of Dan to which Judas Iscariot also belonged).

"In those days, the Antichrist will bring about many tribulation; but God will not allow those redeemed by the divine blood to be deceived. For that reason, he will send his two servants, Enoch and Elias, who will declare the prodigies of the Antichrist to be false, and will denounce him as an impostor. After the death and ruin of many, he will leave the Temple in confusion; and many of his followers will forsake him to join the company of the righteous. The seducer, upon seeing himself reproached and scorned, will become enraged and will put to death those saints of God. It is then that there will appear the sign of the Son of Man, and he will come upon the clouds of heaven."

Also from Oracular Responses and Prophecies for the Future of the World.: "(…) and the seed (offspring) of Ishmael will come out of the desert… and ahead of them there will go four plagues against the earth, calamities and loss and destruction and depopulation, and it is not out of Divine love towards them that God will give them power to take control over Christian lands, but in order to punish the Christians for their disrespect for his laws."..........."(…) The blond nation will have control over the Seven-Hilled city for the course of five or six months, and many people will eat to render justice to the Saints. There will be three provident leaders to govern in the East. Following them will rise another, independent one to govern; and after him another wolf very wild,… And the nations that are located in the North will be disturbed and will be moved into action with great speed and fierce anger and they will be organized into four groups; one will spend the winter in Ephesus, the second one in Melagia; the third in Pergamum and the fourth in Bythinia… then the nations that are situated in the southern corner will by roused into action and the Great Philip with an army composed of peoples speaking 18 different languages will get together in the Seveth-Hilled City and will begin a war such as one has never happened before; and they will be very swift in invading both the thoroughfares and the narrow streets of the Seventh-Hilled city and the killing of the people will flow like a river, and the sea will turn turbid and darkened by the blood till the bottom of the abyss.

At that time the ox will cry out and the Xirolophos will wail; and then the horses will stand still and a voice from heaven will cry out: let us stop and stand aright, let us stand still, peace be unto you! There has been enough revenge against the disobedient and those who did not want to listen. Now, depart to the right-hand areas of the Seven-Hilled city and there you will find a man who is standing on two columns in very sober mood; (he will be bright in appearance, just, charitable, dressed modestly, severe in appearance but peace loving in character) he will have a sign: a corn in his right foot; and a voice from the Angel will be heard, make him your king!

And they will give a sword to his right hand and they will say to him: take courage, oh John, and be strong and be victorious over your enemies; and taking in his hands the sword indicated by the Angel he will beat the sons of Ishmael and the dark-skinned ones and every infidel nation. And the sons of Ishmael he will divide into three groups: one third he will kill by the sword, one third he will baptize and the rest he will bring under submission in the East. And upon his return from his expeditions and battles the treasures of the earth will be opened and everyone will become rich and nobody will be a poor man, and the earth will give its fruits 100-fold. And all weapons of war will be converted into ploughs and scythes; and he will rule for a period of thirty five years."

...... Lactantius (260-325)

Augusta Treverorum, Belgica [now Trier, Ger.]in full LUCIUS CAECILIUS FIRMIANUS LACTANTIUS, CAECILIUS also spelled CAELIUS, Christian apologist and one of the most reprinted of the Latin Church Fathers.

CHAPTER 14 -- OF THE FIRST AND LAST TIMES OF THE WORLD. God completed the world and this admirable work of nature in the space of six days, as is contained in the secrets of Holy Scripture, and consecrated the seventh day, on which He had rested from His works. But this is the Sabbath-day, which in the language of the Hebrews received its name from the number, whence the seventh is the legitimate and complete number. For there are seven days, by the revolutions of which in order the circles of years are made up; and there are seven stars which do not set, and seven luminaries which are called planets, whose differing and unequal movements are believed to cause the varieties of circumstances and times.Therefore, since all the works of God were completed in six days, the world must continue in its present state through six ages, that is, six thousand years. For the great day of God is limited by a circle of a thousand years, as the prophet shows, who says "In Thy sight, O Lord, a thousand years are as one day." And as God laboured during those six days in creating such great works, so His religion and truth must labour during these six thousand years, while wickedness prevails and bears rule. And again, since God, having finished His works, rested the seventh day and blessed it, at the end of the six thousandth year all wickedness must be abolished from the earth, and righteousness reign for a thousand years; and there must be tranquillity and rest from the labours which the world now has long endured.  

CHAPTER 15 -- OF THE DEVASTATION OF THE WORLD AND CHANGE OF THE EMPIRES. [A]s the end of this world approaches, the condition of human affairs must undergo a change, and through the prevalence of wickedness become worse; so that now these times of ours, in which iniquity and impiety have increased even to the highest degree, may be judged happy and almost golden in comparison of that incurable evil. For righteousness will so decrease, and impiety, avarice, desire, and lust will so greatly increase, that if there shall then happen to be any good men, they will be a prey to the wicked, and will be harassed on all sides by the unrighteous; while the wicked alone will be in opulence, but the good will be afflicted in all calumnies and in want. All justice will be confounded, and the laws will be destroyed. No one will then have anything except that which has been gained or defended by the hand: boldness and violence will possess all things. There will be no faith among men, nor peace, nor kindness, nor shame, nor truth; and thus also there will be neither security, nor government, nor any rest from evils. For all the earth will be in a state of tumult; wars will everywhere rage; all nations will he in arms, and will oppose one another; neighbouring states will carry on conflicts with each other;  

CHAPTER 16 -- OF THE DEVASTATION OF THE WORLD, AND ITS PROPHETIC OMENS. But, lest any one should think this incredible, I will show how it will come to pass. First, the kingdom will be enlarged, and the chief power, dispersed among many and divided, will be diminished. Then civil discords will perpetually be sown; nor will there be any rest from deadly wars, until ten kings arise at the same time, who will divide the world, not to govern, but to consume it. These, having increased their armies to an immense extent, and having deserted the cultivation of the fields, which is the beginning of overthrow and disaster, will lay waste and break in pieces and consume all things. Then a most powerful enemy will suddenly arise against him from the extreme boundaries of the northern region, who, having destroyed three of that number who shall then be in possession of Asia, shall be admitted into alliance by the others, and shall be constituted prince of all. He shall harass the world with an intolerable rule; shall mingle things divine and human; shall contrive things impious to relate, and detestable; shall meditate new designs in his breast, that he may establish the government for himself: he will change the laws, and appoint his own; he will contaminate, plunder, spoil, and put to death. And at length, the name being changed and the seat of government being transferred, confusion and the disturbance of mankind will follow. Then, in truth, a detestable and abominable time shall come, in which life shall be pleasant to none of men. Cities shall be utterly overthrown, and shall perish; not only by fire and the sword, but also by continual earthquakes and floods, and by frequent diseases and repeated famines. For the atmosphere will be tainted, and become corrupt and pestilential -- at one time by unseasonable rains, at another by barren drought, now by colds, and now by excessive heats. Nor will the earth give its fruit to man: no field, or tree, or vine will produce anything; but after they have given the greatest hope in the blossom, they will fail in the fruit. Fountains also shall be dried up, together with the rivers; so that there shall not be a sufficient supply for drinking; and waters shall be changed into blood or bitterness. On account of these things, beasts shall fail on the land, and birds in the air, and fishes in the sea. Wonderful prodigies also in heaven shall confound the minds of men with the greatest terrors, and the trains of comets, and the darkness of the sun, and the colour of the moon, and the gliding of the falling stars. Nor, however, will these things take place in the accustomed manner; but there will suddenly appear stars unknown and unseen by the eyes; the sun will be perpetually darkened, so that there will be scarcely any distinction between the night and the day; the moon will now fail, not for three hours only, but overspread with perpetual blood, will go through extraordinary movements, so that it will not be easy for man to ascertain the courses of the heavenly bodies or the system of the times;for there will either be summer in the winter, or winter in the summer. Then the year will be shortened, and the month diminished, and the day contracted into a short space; and stars shall fall in great numbers, so that all the heaven will appear dark without any lights. The loftiest mountains also will fall, and be levelled with the plains; the sea will be rendered unnavigable. And that nothing may be wanting to the evils of men and the earth, the trumpet shall be heard from heaven, which the Sibyl foretells in this manner:  The trumpet from heaven shall utter its wailing voice.  And then all shall tremble and quake at that mournful sound. But then, through the anger of God against the men who have not known righteousness, the sword and fire, famine and disease, shall reign; and, above all things, fear always overhanging. Then they shall call upon God, but He will not hear them; death shall be desired, but it will not come; not even shall night give rest to their fear, nor shall sleep approach to their eyes, but anxiety and watchfulness shall consume the souls of men; they shall deplore and lament, and gnash their teeth; they shall congratulate the dead, and bewail the living. Through these and many other evils there shall be desolation on the earth, and the world shall be disfigured and deserted, which is thus expressed in the verses of the Sibyl: The world shall be despoiled of beauty, through the destruction of men. For the human race will be so consumed, that scarcely the tenth part of men will be left; and from whence a thousand had gone forth, scarcely a hundred will go forth. Of the worshippers of God also, two parts will perish; and the third part, which shall have been proved, will remain.  

CHAPTER 17 -- OF THE FALSE PROPHET, AND THE HARDSHIPS OF THE RIGHTEOUS, AND HIS DESTRUCTION. But I will more plainly set forth the manner in which this happens. When the close of the times draws nigh, a great prophet shall be sent from God to turn men to the knowledge of God, and he shall receive the power of doing wonderful things. Wherever men shall not hear him, he will shut up the heaven, and cause it to withhold its rains; he will turn their water into blood, and torment them with thirst and hunger; and if any one shall endeavour to injure him, fire, shall come forth out of his mouth, and shall bum that man. By these prodigies and powers he shall turn many to the worship of God; and when his works shall be accomplished, another king shah arise out of Syria, born from an evil spirit, the overthrower and destroyer of the human race, who shall destroy that which is left by the former evil, together with himself. He shall fight against the prophet of God, and shall overcome, and slay him, and shall suffer him to lie unburied; but after the third day he shall come to life again; and while all look on and wonder, he shall be caught up into heaven. But that king will not only be most disgraceful in himself, but he will also be a prophet of lies; and he will constitute and call himself God, and will order himself to be worshipped as the Son of God; and power will be given him to do signs and wonders, by the sight of which he may entice men to adore him. He will command fire to come down from heaven, and the sun to stand and leave his course, and an image to speak; and these things shall be done at his word -- by which miracles many even of the wise shall be enticed by him. Then he will attempt to destroy the temple of God, and persecute the righteous people; and there will be distress and tribulation? such as there never has been from the beginning of the world. As many as shall believe him and unite themselves to him, shall be marked by him as sheep; but they who shall refuse his mark will either flee to the mountains, or, being seized, will be slain with studied tortures. He will also enwrap righteous men with the books of the prophets, and thus burn them; and power will be given him to desolate the whole earth for forty-two months. That will be the time in which righteousness shall be cast out, and innocence be hated; in which the wicked shall prey upon the good as enemies; neither law, nor order, nor military discipline shall be preserved; no one shall reverence hoary locks, nor recognise the duty of piety, nor pity sex or infancy; all things shall be confounded and mixed together against right, and against the laws of nature. Thus the earth shall be laid waste, as though by one common robbery. When these things shall so happen, then the righteous and the followers of truth shall separate themselves from the wicked, and flee into solitudes. And when he hears of this, the impious king, inflamed with anger, will come with a great army, and bringing up all his forces, will surround all the mountain in which the righteous shall be situated, that he may seize them. But they, when they shall see themselves to be shut in on all sides and besieged, will call upon God with a loud voice, and implore the aid of heaven; and God shall hear them, and send from heaven a great king to rescue and free them, and destroy all the wicked with fire and sword.  

CHAPTER 19 -- OF THE ADVENT OF CHRIST TO JUDGMENT, AND OF THE OVERCOMING OF THE FALSE PROPHET. The world therefore being oppressed, since the resources of men shall be insufficient for the overthrow of a tyranny of immense strength, in as much as it will press upon the captive world with great armies of robbers; that calamity so great will stand in need of divine assistance. Therefore God, being aroused both by the doubtfuldanger and by the wretched lamentation of the righteous, will immediately send a deliverer. Then the middle of the heaven shall be laid open in the dead and darkness of the night, that the light of the descending God may be manifest in all the world as lightning: of which the Sibyl spoke in these words: When He shall come, there will be fire and darkness in the midst of the black night. This is the night which is celebrated by us in watchfulness on account of the coming of our King and God: of which night there is a twofold meaning; because in it He then received life when He suffered, and hereafter He is about to receive the kingdom of the world. For He is the Deliverer, and Judge, and Avenger, and King, and God, whom we call Christ, who before He descends will give this sign: There shall suddenly fall from heaven a sword, that the righteous may know that the leader of the sacred warfare is about to descend; and He shall descend with a company of angels to the middle of the earth, and there shall go before Him an unquenchable fire, and the power of the angels shall deliver into the hands of the just that multitude which has surrounded the mountain, and they shall be slain from the third hour until the evening, and blood shall flow like a torrent; and all his forces being destroyed, the wicked one shall alone escape, and his power shall perish from him. Now this is he who is called Antichrist; but he shall falsely call himself Christ, and shall fight against the truth, and being overcome shall flee; and shall often renew the war, and often be conquered, until in the fourth battle, all the wicked being slain, subdued, and captured, he shall at length pay the penalty of his crimes. But other princes also and tyrants who have harassed the world, together with him, shall be led in chains to the king; and he shall rebuke them, and reprove them, and upbraid them with their crimes, and condemn them, and consign them to deserved tortures. Thus, wickedness being extinguished and impiety suppressed, the world will be at rest, which having been subject to error and wickedness for so many ages, endured dreadful slavery. No longer shall gods made by the hands be worshipped; but the images being thrust out from their temples and couches, shall be given to the fire, and shall be burnt, together with their wonderful gifts: which also the Sibyl, in accordance with the prophets, announced as about to take place: But mortals shall break in pieces the images and all the wealth. The Erythraean Sibyl also made the same promise: And the works made by the hand of the gods shall be burnt up.  

CHAPTER 26 -- OF THE LOOSING OF THE DEVIL, AND OF THE SECOND AND GREATEST JUDGEMENT, We have said, a little before, that it will come to pass at the commencement of the sacred reign, that the prince of the devils will be bound by God. But he also, when the thousand years of the kingdom, that is, seven thousand of the world, shall begin to be ended, will be loosed afresh, and being sent forth from prison, will go forth and assemble all the nations, which shall then be trader the dominion of the righteous, that they may make war against the holy city; and there shall be collected together from all the world an innumerable company of the nations, and shall besiege and surround the city. Then the last anger of God shall come upon the nations, and shall utterly destroy them; and first He shall shake the earth most violently, and by its motion the mountains of Syria shall be rent, and the hills shall sink down precipitously, and the walls of all cities shall fall, and God shall cause the sun to stand, so that he set not for three days, and shall set it on fire; and excessive heat and great burning shall descend upon the hostile and impious people, and showers of brim stone, and hailstones, and drops of fire; and their spirits shall melt through the heat, and their bodies shall be bruised by the hail, and they shall smite one another with the sword. The mountains shall be filled with carcasses, and the plains shall be covered with bones; but the people of God during those three days shall be concealed under caves of the earth, until the anger of God against the nations and the last judgment shall be ended. Then the righteous shall go forth from their hiding-places, and shall find all things covered with carcasses and bones. But the whole race of the wicked shall utterly perish; and there shall no longer be any nation in this world, but the nation of God alone. Then for seven continuous years the woods shall be untouched, nor shall timber be cut from the mountains, but the arms of the nations shall be burnt; and now there shall be no war, but peace and everlasting rest. But when the thousand years shall be completed, the world shall be renewed by God, and the heavens shall be folded together, and the earth shall be changed, and God shall transform men into the similitude of angels, and they shall be white as snow; and they shall always be employed in the sight of the Almighty, and shall make offerings to their Lord, and serve Him for ever. At the same time shall take place that second and public resurrection of all, in which the unrighteous shall be raised to everlasting punishments. These are they who have worshipped the works of their own hands, who have either been ignorant of, or have denied the Lord and Parent of the world. But their lord with his servants shall be seized and condemned to punishment, together with whom all the band of the wicked, in accordance with their deeds, shall be burnt for ever with perpetual fire in the sight of angels and the righteous.

...... St. Constantine (b. 274 ? - 288? - d.337)

Flavius Valerius Constantinus. The roman emperor celebrated as a saint in the Orthodox Church, although not the Western Church. His great merit, from a Christian point of view, was in legalizing Christianity. A Prophecy Inscribed on the Cover of St. Constantine's tomb written in Greek Byzantine text, about half the letters in each word were deliberately missing so as to conceal the meaning until the predetermined time of the deciphering. Gennadios the Patriarch interpreted it in the year 1440.

"In the first (period) of the Indiction (Indictus) Ishmael's Royal Power called Mohammed is to defeat the House of the Palaigloguses, and will posses the city of the seven hills; he will reign in the interior. He will dominate a great number of nations, and will desolate the islands as far as the Black Sea. He will conquer the peoples neighboring the Istrus river in the eighth of the Indiction, and will dominate Peloponnesus, in the ninth of the Indiction he is going to make a campaign into the areas of the north. In the tenth of the Indiction he will defeat the Dalmatians and will again return after some time, to make a great war upon the Dalmatians, where he will be crushed partially. And the multitudes and the nations, helped by the Western nations over land and sea, will make the war and defeat Ishmael whose descendant will reign less and minor for a short time. And the Blond race along with it's Agents will defeat the whole of Ishmael and will conquer the city of the seven hills with her privileges. Then they will provoke a savage civil war (to last) until the fifth hour; and a (heavenly) voice will thrice shout: Stand ye, stand in awe and most significantly run to the area on the right, and find there a valiant, wonderful and robust man, this man you shall have as your Ruler, because he is my beloved; so take him with you and fulfill my resolution."

...... St. Zenobius (337 - 417)

Bishop of Florence: "Then the Son of God, Our Lord Jesus Christ, shall come in person. He shall appear on the clouds of heaven surrounded by legions of angels; and, shining with glory, He will put to death Antichrist, the Beast, the Enemy, the Seducer, and all his followers. This shall be the end of time and the beginning of the general judgment."

...... Monk 'Black Spider'

 "1999: the Resurrection of Caim - The barbarians will invade the cities and the civilized people will go to the forest...."

...... The book "Liber Vaticinationem Quodam" (350)

" The third millennium is the moment of the third great war. France is destroyed; the earth shakes...."

...... St. Anastacy - (St. Anastasia? d.471)- (St. Anastasius? d.598)

"The small nations form a great nation. And they will be in wars. In the final part of the millennium, an invisible serpent will shake the people, which will move through the earth, as starving wolves, spreading hunger and plagues. Rome and Moscow will fall in the deepest disorder. The end of the millennium will see a lot of violence and blood. ........The walls of the churches will be spotted with blood".

...... St. Anthony the Abbot (251-356)

Born at Coma, a village near Heraclea, Egypt. - "Men will surrender to the spirit of the age. They will say that if they had lived in our day, faith would be simple and easy. But in their day, they will say, things are complex; the Church must be brought up to date and made meaningful to the day's problems. When the Church and the world are one, then those days are at hand."

...... St. Hilarion (291-371 AD)

Christian hermit - born at Tabatha, south of Gaza, Palestine, about 291; died on the island of Cyprus about 371 :

""After the World War they will make peace but not a lasting peace. They will immediately begin again preparing to strike at one another..."

"Before the Christian Churches are renovated and united, God will send the Eagle, who will travel to Rome and bring much happiness and good. The Holy Man will bring peace between the clergy and the Eagle and his reign will last four years. Then after his death God will send three men who are rich in wisdom and virtue. These men will administer the laws of the Holy Man and spread Christianity everywhere. Then there will be one Flock, one Faith, one Law, one Life, and one Baptism throughout the World.

"The people of the Peninsula of Europe will suffer by unnecessary wars until the Holy Man comes. The people of Pannonia [Austria-Hungary] will be the cause of a great war, overcome a neighbor, and become an independent nation. Then will a Scourge of God come and chastise them, a Lion, which will reign a long time over the nation. The Lion will come from a high mountain in the Enlightened Nation between the Rhine and the North Sea, with a great army meet them by the mouth of the Rhine River and in a fierce battle almost entirely annihilate them.

"From the Northeast, where the People live in crude Houses, they will move out in a swarm and cut their way to the midday Sea [Mediterranean] and swarm over to many kingdoms. There where upwards the Rivers wander [Africa], there with six Armies in the Black Sea will surrender; as soon as they have defeated the Stream from Rome, themselves will turn in the midday Sea...

"Not far from the Outflow of one Plain, the great Eagle with a Leader will again come from the Rock Island. A final battle will be delivered. The wild horde will be defeated and made to pay, when they come, but will not win the Waste nor return to their Homeland...

"One day, before the Comet shines, a lot of People (that inspired present company excepted) from Need and Misery will be wanting a Home. The great Empire in the Sea, who are a different Folk stock and origin, will be devastated by Earthquake, Storm and Flood. This Empire will suffer much Misfortune from the Sea. It will be divided into two islands and part of it will sink. The distant possession in the East will be lost through a Tiger and a Lion."

...... St. Ephrem (?-373 AD)

Syrian churchman and writer born in Mesopotamia - Codex Barberinus XIV (The Utterances of St. Ephrem About the End of the World, and the Consummation of the Universe, and the Tribulation of the Nations)"Let us learn, my friends, in what form shall come on earth the shameless serpent, since the Redeemer, wishing to save all mankind, was born of a Virgin and in human form crushed the enemy with the holy power of his godhead. This then the enemy, having learnt that again shall the Lord come from heaven in the glory of His divinity, thus bethought him to assume the form of His coming and beguile all men. So in very truth shall he be born of a defiled woman, his instrument. In the form of Him shall come the all-polluted, as a wily thief to beguile all beings. Humble and gentle, hating the speech of the unjust, overturning all idols, honoring piety, a good lover of the poor, exceedingly fair, altogether well disposed, pleasant towards all. To conciliate all, he plots craftily, that he may be loved soon by the peoples; neither gifts shall he accept, nor speak in anger. He shows himself not sullen, but ever cheerful. And in all these well-planned schemes he beguileth the world so long as he shall rule. For when the many peoples and nations shall behold such great virtues, fair deeds and powers, all of one mind shall become and with great joy shall crown him, saying one to another, surely there is not found such another man so good and just... For the shameless one, grasping authority, sends his demons unto all the ends of the earth to announce unto all that a great king hath appeared in glory; come thither and behold... The peoples shall be gathered, and they shall come that they may see God, and the crowds of the peoples shall cleave to him, and all shall deny their own God and invite their fellows to praise the son of perdition, and one on another they shall fall and with swords each other destroy... Magnifying his miracles, performing his portents, Deceiver and not in truth manifesting these things, in such fashion the tyrant removeth the mountains, and simulates falsely and not truly while the multitude stands by, many nations and peoples applauding him for his illusions... Again this same dragon stretches out his hands and gathers the multitudes of reptiles and birds; and likewise he moves overthe surface of the deep, andas on dry ground he walks thereon. But he simulates these things... The lightnings shall be his ministers and signify his advent; the demons shall constitute his forces, and the princes of the demons shall be his disciples; to far-distant lands he shall send captains of his bands, who shall impart virtue and healing... A great conflict, Brethren, in those times amongst all men, but especially amongst the faithful, when there shall be signs and wonders wrought by the Dragon in great abundance, when he shall again manifest himself as God in fearful phantasms flying in the air, and show all the demons in the forms of angels flying in terror before the tyrant, for he crieth out loudly, changing his forms also to strike infinite dread into all men...

"Then the skies no longer rain, the earth no longer beareth fruit, the springs run out, the rivers dry up, herbs no longer sprout, grass no longer grows, trees wither from their roots and no longer put forth fruits, the fishes of the sea and the monsters therein die out, and thus they say a fetid stench emits with a fearful roar, that men shall fail and perish through terror. And then in dread shall moan and groan all life alike when all shall see the pitiless distress that compasseth them by night and eke by day, and nowhere find the food wherewith to fill themselves... For stern governors of the people shall be appointed each in his place, and whoso bears with him the seal of the tyrant may buy a little food.

"But before these things be, the Lord sendeth Elias the Thesbite and Enoch the compassionate, that they may proclaim reverence to the race of men, and openly announce unto all the knowledge of God, that they believe not nor obey the false one through fear, crying out and saying, "A deceiver, O men, is he; let no one believe in him." But few are those who shall then obey and believe in the words of these two prophets.

"Many therefore of the saints as many are then found, as soon as they shall hear of the coming of the man of corruption, shall most speedily flee to the deserts and lie hid in the deserts and mountains and caves through fear, and strew earth and ashes on their heads, destitute and weeping both day and night with great humility. And this shall to them be granted by God the Holy One: And grace shall lead them unto the appointed places.

"But all those dwelling in the east of the earth shall fly to the west, through their great fear, and again those dwelling under the setting sun unto its rising shall fly in trembling...

"In the end like lightning flashing from heaven shall come God, our King and the deathless Bridegroom, in the clouds with glory unimaginable. And behold his Glory shall run the serried hosts of angels and archangels, all breathing flames, and a river full of fire, with a frightful crash...

"How may we then endure, my beloved brethren, when we shall see the fiery river coming out in fury like the wild seething ocean, and the hills and the valleys consuming, and all the world and the works therein; then, beloved, with that fire the rivers shall fail, the springs shall vanish, the sea dry up, the air be agitated, the stars shall fall out from the sky; the sun shall be consumed, the moon pass away, the heavens rolled up like a scroll..."

...... St Cyril of Jerusalem (315-386)

Bishop of Jerusalem: "And after these shall arise antichrist and having by the signs and lying wonders of his magical deceit, beguiled the Jews as though he were the expected Christ, he shall afterwards characterize himself by all kinds of excesses of cruelty and lawlessness…and he shall perpetrate such things for 3 years and 6 months

 "Antichrist will exceed in malice, perversity, lust, wickedness, impiety, and ruthlessness and barbarity all men that have ever disgraced human nature.  Hence St. Paul emphatically calls him `the man of sin the son of perdition, the wicked one, whose birth and coming is through the operation of Satan, in all manner of seduction and iniquity.'  (2 Thess., 2).  Through his great power, deceit and malice he shall succeed in decoying or forcing to his worship two thirds of mankind; the remaining third part of men will continue true to the faith and worship of Jesus Christ most steadfastly.  But in his satanic rage and fury, Antichrist will persecute these brave and devout Christians during three years and a half, and torture them with such an extremity of barbarity, with all the old and newly invented instruments of pain, as to exceed all past persecutors of the Church combined.  He will oblige all his followers to bear impressed upon their foreheads or right hands the mark of the Beast and will starve to death all those who refuse to receive it."

 This one shall sieze the power of the Roman Empire and shall falsely style himself Christ. By the name Christ he shall decieve the Jews who are expecting the annointed and he shall seduce the Gentiles by his magickal illusions."

...... St. Ambrose (340-397)

First Bishop of Milan - " The Antichrist will be preceded with the emblem of the Scythe and the Hammer."....." Antichrist will attempt to prove from scripture that he is the Christ "

...... St. John Chrysostom (347-407)

"Chrysostom" occurs for the first time in the "Constitution" of Pope Vigilius (cf. P.L., LX, 217) in the year 553 -- generally considered the most prominent doctor of the Greek Church. - "The world will be faithless and degenerate after the birth of Antichrist. .... Antichrist will be possessed by Satan and be the illegitimate son of a Jewish woman from the East."

...... St. Jerome (340-420)

Priest and transaltor: "Antichrist will be born near Babylon.  He will win the support of many with gifts and money.  He will sell himself to the devil and thereafter will have no guardian angel or conscience."....." Nor do me think him to be the devil or a demon as some others do but one of mankind in whom Satan shall dwell totally…for he is the man of sin, the son of perdition, such that he will seat himself in the Temple as if he were God."...."Satan shall exercise his influence over all the powers of the antichrist both over his body and of his soul &endash; namely his will, his intellect and his memory "

...... St. Augustine (of Hippo) (354-430)

Writer and Monk with a gift for self P.R. - Augustine was born at Tagaste now Souk-Ahras, about 60 miles from Bona (ancient Hippo-Regius), was at that time a small free city of proconsular Numidia..patron Saint of brewers: "A Frankish King will one day rule over the entire Roman Empire.".... " He shall give up the ghost at Jerusalem on the Mount of Olives."......

"Daniel prophesies of the Last Judgment in such a way as to indicate that Antichrist shall first come, and to carry on his description to the eternal reign of the saints....

"But he who reads this passage, even half asleep, cannot fail to see that the kingdom of the Antichrist shall fiercely, though for a short time, assail the Church before the Last Judgment of God has introduced the eternal reign of saints.  For it is patent from the context that the time, times, and half a time, means a year, and two years, and half a year, that is to say, three years and a half.  Sometimes in Scripture the same thing is indicated by months.  For though the word times seems to be used here in Latin in an indefinite manner, that is so only because the Latins have no dual, as the Greeks have, and as the Hebrews also are said to have.  Times, therefore, is used for two times.  It is a familiar theme in the conversations and hearts of the faithful, that in the last days before the Judgment, the Jews shall believe in the true Christ, that is, our Christ, thanks to this great and admirable prophet Elias who shall expound the Law to them.  For not without reason do we hope that before the coming of our Judge and Saviour Elias shall come, because we have good reason to believe that he is now alive; for as Scripture most distinctly informs us, he was taken up from this earth in a chariot of fire.  When therefore, he is come, he shall give a spiritual explanation of the Law which the Jews at present understand carnally ... " 

 "Arise O Lord. Let not man prevail". The psalmist sights for the coming of the judgement, but before it does come, let the gentiles he asks, be judged in thy sight. In secret that is, under the eye of God, since judegment is pronounced in Gods sight and only the handful of saints and just men are aware of it (v21). "Appoint O Lord a lawgiver over them". This if I am not mistaken will be antichrist to whom the apostle Paul refers in the words: when the man of sin be revealed. Let the gentiles know themselves to be but men and since they refuse to be set free by the Son of God, to belong to the son of man and become sons of men, in other words new men, let them be slaves to a human being since they are themselves but men

 "And behold I shall send you Elias the tishbite (Thesbite) before the great and signal day of the lord come: and he shall turn the heart of the father to the son and the heart of a man to his next of kin, lest I come and utterly smite the earth" &endash; It is a familiar theme in conversation and heart of the faithful that in the last days before the judgment the jews shall believe in the true Christ, that is our Chirst by means of this great and admirable prophet Elias who shall expound the law to them. For not without reason do we hope that before the coming of our Judge and saviour, Elias shall come because we have good reason to believe that he is now alive. For as scripture most distinctly informs us he was taken up from this life in a chariot of fire. When therefore he is come, he will give a spiritual explanation of the law which the Jews at present understand carnally and shall thus "turn the heart of the father to the son" that is the heart of the fathers to their children. And the meaning is that the sons, that is the Jews shall understand the law as the fathers, that is the prophets and among them Moses himself understood it. That the Jews also who has previously hated should then love the son who is Our Christ."

...... St. Nilus (b.443)

Nilus of Sora (Nil Sorsky) was born with the family named Maikov.Nilus refers to himself with the epithet poselyanin (rural inhabitant) and many narratives accept his peasant origins. "After 1900, toward the middle of the 20th century, the people of that time will become unrecognizable. When the time for the Advent of the Antichrist approaches, people's minds will grow cloudy from carnal passions, and dishonor and lawlessness will grow stronger. Then the world will become unrecognizable. People's appearances will change, and it will be impossible to distinguish men from women due to their shamelessness in dress and style of hair. These people will be cruel and will be like wild animals because of the temptations of the Antichrist. There will be no respect for parents and elders, love will disappear, and Christian pastors, bishops, and priests will become vain men, completely failing to distinguish the right hand from the left. At that time the morals and traditions of Christians and of the Church will change.

People will abandon modesty, and dissipation will reign. Falsehood and greed will attain great proportions, and woe to those who pile up treasures. Lust, adultery, homosexuality, secret deeds and murder will rule in society. At that future time, due to the power of such great crimes and licentiousness, people will be deprived of the grace of the Holy Spirit, which they received in Holy Baptism, and equally of remorse. The Churches of God will be deprived of God-fearing and pious pastors, and woe to the Christians remaining in the world at that time; many will completely lose their Faith because they will lack the opportunity of seeing the light of knowledge from anyone at all. Then they will separate themselves out of the world in holy refuges in search of lightening their spiritual sufferings, but everywhere they will meet obstacles and constraints. And all this will result from the fact that the Antichrist will want to be Lord over everything and become the ruler of the whole universe, and he will produce miracles and fantastic signs. He will also give depraved wisdom to an unhappy man so that he will discover a way by which one man can carry on a conversation with another from one end of the earth to the other. At that time men will also fly through the air like birds and descend to the bottom of the sea like fish. And when they have achieved all this, these unhappy people will spend their lives in comfort without knowing, poor souls, that it is deceit of the Antichrist.

And, the impious one! - he will so complete science with vanity that it will go off the right path and lead people to lose faith in the existence of God and in the mystery of the Most Holy Trinity. Then the All-good God will see the downfall of the human race and will shorten the days for the sake of those few who are being saved, because the enemy wants to lead even the chosen into temptation, if that is possible ... then the sword of chastisement will suddenly appear and kill the perverter and his servants."....."The Father is my hope; the Son is my refuge; the Holy Spirit is my protector. O All-Holy Trinity, glory toThee."

...... St. Vincent of Lerins (450)

An ecclesiastical writer in Southern Gaul under the pseudonym of Peregrinus he wrote "Commonitorium" (434): "When a foulness invades the whole Church . . . We must return to the Church of the past."

...... Premol, (496)

Ancient document - found at Monestary of Premol, Grenoble, France - 1783.- but dated 496 "With a roll of thunder, the clouds parted and I beheld Jerusalem laid low by a frightful tempest; its walls had fallen as from the blows of a battering ram, and blood ran through the streets; the enemy had taken possession of the city. The abomination of desolation ruled the city. "....."The spirit conducted me into the heavens and said to me: 'It is written that the Archangel Michael will do battle with the Dragon before the Triangle of God.' Then the spirit added: Open the doors of your understanding; the Archangel and the Dragon are the two spirits that will contend for the kingdom of Jerusalem; and the Triangle is the glory of the Almighty. " ......"And a voice fell from the heavens: 'Here are those whom I have chosen'" "(And I saw that) he placed his hand in the Pontiff's hand."

also "Is such a sacrifice not enough to appease your wrath, 0 Lord? But no, what then is this noise of arms? these cries of war and fear? What do the four winds bring? Ah! the dragon has appeared in all countries and has brought terrible confusion everywhere. There is war everywhere. Men and people have risen up one against the other. War, war, war civil war and foreign war. What frightening onsets. Everything is mourning and death; famine reigns in the fields.

"The general revolution has followed. In these future happenings will Paris be destroyed? Jerusalem! Jerusalem! save yourself from the fire of Sodom and Gomorrah, and from the sack of Babylon. Why Lord, do you not stop all this with Your Arm? Is the fury of men not enough without flaming ruins? Must the elements still serve Your wrath? Stop, Lord, stop! Towns are ruined. The elements are let loose. Cities are destroyed by earthquakes. Mercy and grace for Zion; but You are deaf to our cries, and the Mount of Zion tumbles down with a crash. And here it is that the King of Zion along with his cross, with his sceptre and his triple crown, shaking off, on the ruins, the dust of his shoes, hastens to flee towards other shores. And is it not so, 0 Lord, that Your Church is rent asunder by her own children?

"The sons of Zion are divided into two camps--one faithful to the fugitive Pontiff, and the other inclined or disposed to the government of Zion respecting the Sceptre, but breaking in pieces the triple crown.But my spirit wanders and my eyes become obscured at the sight of this terrible cataclysm. But the Spirit said to me, that the man who hopes in God does penance, because the all powerful and merciful God will draw the world out of confusion and a new world will commence. Then the Spirit said to me: 'Here is the beginning of the end of Time which begins!' And I awoke terrified."

...... St. Cataldus of Tarentino (500 AD)

Scholar, born ca. 500 AD at Rathan in Mamonia, Ireland near the great monastery of Lismore. went on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem but was shipwrecked on Tarentum at the heel of Italy.."Greece he will invade and be made King thereof."...." He will conquer England." ......"He shall be made King of Greece.".... ".The Great Monarch will be in war until he is 40 years of age; a King of the House of Lily, he will assemble great armies and expel tyrants from his empire...the Turk and barbarians he will subdue and have all men worship the Crucified One. He will at length lay down his crown in Jerusalem."

...... St. Andrew Salos (450-515 A. D.)

Named " Salos " because he feigned foolishness and idiocy, literally applying for himself St. Paul's saying: "If anyone among you thinks that he is wise in this age, let him become a fool that he may become wise" (I Corinthians, 3: 18). - A Scythian. Diodorus Siculus (1st century B.C. chronicler ) describes Scythians, a vigorous nomadic people, as having "lived in very small numbers at the Araks River....that they gained for themselves a country in the mountains up to the Caucasus, in the lowland on the coast of the Ocean (Caspian Sea) and the Meot Lake (Azov Sea) and other territories up to the Tanais River (Don River)." (Diodorus II, 43).

"This town ruling over many nations will be unconquerable by the nations, and unsubdued, for God's Mother has kept it from such fate through the protection of her own wings; and by her mediation (to her Son) it will be kept invulnerable... And there is a (prophetic) word saying that the Agarene nation will come into it and will slay large crowds with the sword. And I myself say that also the blond nation shall come into the town, the nation whose name is in the 17th letter of the 24 letters recapitulated. But it will come in and they will strew the ground with the corpses of the sinners, and woe to them from the two branches whose swords moving like breeze, and sharp scythes too, mowing wheat in summer, will not return to their places anymore, and neither will they stay here... Because in the last days God the Lord will raise a king from poverty and he will reign in justice; he will become agreeable to everyone through charity, and will abolish every war, and he will take care that the poor become rich. And there will be peace in the way it was in Noah's days, because none will ever make war. In those days men will be very rich, in peace and in deep calmness eating and drinking, getting married and making marriages, living in much freedom, unmindfully relying on earthly things. And owing to the lack of war on earth, they will cut up their swords and change them into scythes and agricultural tools. And after that he will turn toward the east and will humble the sons of Agar. Because the Lord will be angry with them because of their blasphemy blaspheming our Lord Jesus Christ, and of the sodomy they practice. And many of them, receiving the holy baptism, will become agreeable and will be honored by that devout king; as to the rest of them, the king will destroy and burn and put them to death. In those times the planet will be restored; also Illyricon of the kingdom of the Romans (Greeks); and Egypt will bring her treaties. And he will lay his right hand on the nations all around. And he will tame the blond nations; and will defeat those who hate him. For thirty and two years will he govern the kingdom. He will not impose taxes for 12 years, and will not accept presents. And he will raise the shattered altars and will have the holy churches rebuilt. There will not be law suits in those days, and neither wrongdoers or wronged people. Because all the earth shall shrink before his face; and he will, through fear, make the sons of men be prudent. And he will exterminate those magnates who will transgress the law "

...... St. Remy / Remegius (438-535 AD)

Bishop of Rheims - Franks: "The Kingdom of France is predestined by God for the defense of the Roman Church, which is the only true Church of Christ. This kingdom shall one day be great among the kingdoms of the earth, and shall embrace all the limits of the Roman Empire, and shall submit all other kingdoms to its own sceptre. It shall last until the end of time. It shall be victorious and prosperous as long as it will remain faithful to the Holy roman See, and will not be guilty of those crimes which ruin nations; but will be rudely punished every time it will become unfaithful to its vocation."

...... St. Cesaire d' Arles / Caesar (470-542)

Liber Mirabilis are a collection of Medieval prophecies, first published in 1524. Within this books numerous texts can be found this text attributed to St. Cesaire d' Arles - (Archbishop of Arles from 502 to 542 - the papal vicar for Gaul and Spain). He is considered to be one of the truly relevant writers of the patristic age.

Soon the city will be reached by a horrible plague which will involve a pope.But another Pope stops, by his firm dignity, another crueler enemy and persuades it to repair the damage which it caused at the Holy City.Oh, cruel troops of various nations!  The war, the famine, the plague, a sudden flood make the city deserted and similar to a hut of a gardener.

The infamous war agitates the city and Gaule. Flee, enemy. A vigorous leader strongly strikes all.parts with his formidable hammer, leaving to a famous emperor the glory of overcoming the Arabs.Struck of a stab, the devoted father of the people dies, I see it.

"When the entire world, and in a special manner France and in France more particularly the provinces of the North, of the East, and above all that of Lorraine and Champagne, shall have been a prey to the greatest miseries and trials, then the provinces shall be succoured by a prince who had been exiled in his youth, and who shall recover the crown of the lilies." .... "This prince shall extend his dominion over the entire universe. At the same time there will be a Great Pope, who will be the most eminent in sanctity and most perfect in every quality. This Pope shall have with him the Great Monarch, a most virtuous man, who shall be a scion of the holy race of the French kings. This Great Monarch will assist the Pope in the reformation of the whole earth. Many princes and nations that are living in error and impiety shall be converted, and an admirable peace shall reign among men during many years because the wrath of God shall be appeased through repentance, penance and good works. There will be one common law, one only faith, one baptism, one religion. All nations shall recognize the Holy See of Rome, and shall pay homage to the Pope. But after some considerable time fervor shall cool, iniquity shall abound, and moral corruption shall become worse than ever, which shall bring upon mankind the last and worst persecution of Antichrist and the end of the world".

...... St. Benedict of Nursia (480-543)

Hermit founder of  Western Monasticism: "During the three and a half years of Antichrist's reign God will send Henoch and Elias to help the Christians "

...... Mohammed (570?-632)

Prophet and founder of Islam. While in a trance, he dictated the message of the Qu'ran.. 82:1 " When the sky is rent asunder, when the stars scatter and the oceans roll together, when the graves are hurled about, each soul shall know what it has done and what it has failed to do. "

The Qu'ran -"Signs of Qiyamah" "Qiyamah will come... * When it will be regarded as a shame to act on Quranic injunctions. * When untrustworthy people will be regarded as trustworthy and the trustworthy will be regarded as untrustworthy. * When it will be hot in winter (and vice versa). * When the length of days is stretched, i.e. a journey of a few days is covered in a matter of hours. * When orators and lecturers lie openly. * When people dispute over petty issues. * When women with children come displeased on account of them bearing offspring, and barren women remain happy on account of having no responsibility of offspring. * When oppression, jealousy, and greed become the order of the day. * When people blatantly follow their passions and whims. * When lies prevail over the truth. * When violence, bloodshed and anarchy become common. * When immorality overtakes shamelessness and is perpetrated publicly. * When legislation matters pertaining to Deen is handed over to the worst elements of the Ummat, and if people accept them and are satisfied with their findings, then such persons will not smell the fragrance of Jannat. * When the offspring become a cause of grief and anger (for their parents).* Music and musical instruments will be found in every home. * People will indulge in homosexuality. * There will be an abundance of illegitimate children. * There will be an abundance of critics, tale-carriers, back- biters and taunters in society. * People will establish ties with strangers and sever relations with their near and dear ones. * Hypocrites will be in control of the affairs of the community and evil, immoral people will be at the helm of business establishments. * The Masjid will be decorated, but the hearts of the people will be devoid of guidance. * The courtyards of Masjids will be built beautifully and high mimbars (pulpits) will be erected.* Gangsters and evil people will prevail. * Various wines will be consumed excessively.

"Count six things before the advent of Qiyamah: 1 My death - 2 The conquest of Jerusalem - 3 Mass deaths amongst you people, just as when sheep die in large numbers during an epidemic -4 Abundance of wealth to such an extent that if a person were to be given a hundred Dinars he will still not be satisfied - 5 General anarchy and bloodshed, that no Arab household will be spared from it - 6 Then a life of peace as a result of a peace agreement between you and the Banil Asfaar (Romans) which they will break and attack you with a force consisting of eighty flags and under each flag will be an army of twelve thousand men." (Hadith: Sahih Bukhari)."Islam will spread far and wide, across the seas. Horses will cross the land and seas in the cause of Jihaad. Then a time will come wherein a group of people will emerge which recites the Quraan. They will claim, 'We have recited the Quraan and is there anyone who understands the Quraan better than us? There is NO ONE more proficient than us in the study of the Quraan.'

...... St. Columba / St. Columcille (521-597 AD)

Abbot of Iona, b. at Garten, County Donegal, Ireland:

"Hearken, thou, Until I relate things that shall come to pass in the latter ages of the world. Great carnage shall be made, justice shall be outraged, multitudinous evils, great suffering shall prevail, and many unjust laws will be administered. The time shall come when they will not perform charitable acts, and truth shall not remain in them. They will plunder the property of the church, they will be continually sneering at each other, they will employ themselves at reading and writing. They will scoff at acts of humanity, and at irreproachable humility; there shall come times of dark affliction, of scarcity, of sorrow, and of wailing, in the latter ages of the world's existence, and monarchs will be addicted to falsehood. Neither justice nor covenant will he observed by any one people of the race of Adam; they will become hardhearted and penurious, and will be devoid of piety. The clergy will become fosterers, in consequence of the tidings of wretchedness, (that will reach them); churches shall be held in bondage, (i.e., become private property), by the all-powerful men of the day. Judges will administer injustice, under the sanction of powerful, outrageous kings; the common people will adopt false principles, oh, how lamentable shall be their position! Doctors of science shall have cause to murmur, they will become niggardly in spirit: the aged will mourn in deep sorrow, on account of the woeful times that shall prevail.

Cemeteries shall become all red, in consequence of the wrath that will follow sinners; wars and contentions shall rage in the bosom of every family. Excellent men shall be steeped in poverty, the people will become inhospitable to their guests, the voice of the parasite will be more agreeable to them than the melody of the harp touched by the sage's finger. In consequence of the general prevalence of sinful practices, humility shall produce no fruit. The professors of science shall not be rewarded, amiability shall not characterize the people; prosperity and hospitality shall not exist, but nig-gardliness and destitution will assume their place. The changes of seasons shall produce only half their verdure, the regular festivals of the Church will not be observed; all classes of men shall be filled with hatred and enmity towards each other. The people will not associate affectionately with each other during the great festivals of the seasons; they will live devoid of justice and rectitude, up from the youth of tender age to the aged. The clergy shall be led into error by the misinterpretation of their reading, the relics of the saints will be considered power- less, every race of mankind will become wicked! Young women will become unblushing, and aged people will be of irascible temper: the kine will seldom be productive, as of old; lords will become, muderers. Young people will decline in vigour, they will despise those who shall have hoary hair; there shall be no standard by which morals may be regulated, and marriages will be solemnized without witnesses. Troublous shall be the latter ages of the world, the dispositions of the generality of men I will point out; from the time they shall abandon hospitable habits - with the view of winning honour for themselves, they will hold each other as objects for ridicule. The possessors of abundance shall fall through the multiplicity of their falsehoods; covetousness shall take possession of every glutton, and when satiated their arrogance will know no bounds. Between the mother and daughter anger and bitter sarcasms shall continually exist; neighbours will become treacherous, cold, and false-hearted towards each other.

The gentry will become grudgful, with respect to their trifling donations; and blood relations will become cool towards each other; Church livings shall become lay property. Such is the description of the people who shall live in the ages to come; more unjust and iniquitous shall be every succeeding race of men. The trees shall not bear the usual quantity of fruit, fisheries shall become unproductive and the earth shall not yield its usual abundance. Inclement weather and famine shall come and fishes shall forsake the rivers. The people oppressed for want of food, shall pine to death. Dreadful storms and hurricanes shall afflict them. Numberless diseases shall then prevail. Fortifications shall be built narrow during those times of dreadful danger."

"Then a great event shall happen. I fail not to notice it: rectitude shall be its specious motive, and if ye be not truly holy, a more sorrowful event could not possibly happen."

"I cannot observe after the death of Conn, aught but a sameness among his kindred clans - until the son of Ruadh from the glen appear, the span of the kingly reign shall be but brief. After the blameless son of Ruadh, Cathbarr from Cruachin shall assume the sovereign power, though many fraudulent acts will be committed during his reign, he will be upon the whole a friend to the church."

"After the conclusion of a long and bloody rule of Ireland by England the garment of death will descend and the rowing wheels will arrive. Ten hundred compartments shall be in the fleet, and each compartment shall contain ten hundred men. The armament will spread its forces over sea and land and rear up mounds with mangled bones. They will inflict on their enemies a severe, flesh-hew-ing course of warfare to such a degree that scarce a man of them shall escape. The fleet of rowing wheels will remain two short years and a half.'

"This fleet that will come across the sea shall consist of ten ships, ten hundred fairy barks, ten hundred boats, ten hundred cock-boats and ten hundred spacious skiffs. The principal seaport belonging to the country abroad shall look to the west. Such a large assemblage of men never before met in the east or west; and never again shall such a muster congregate while Ireland is a seagirt island.

"The nobility shall sink into humble life before the great war; that war that will be proclaimed against them from beyond the seas, by means of which the frantically-proud race shall be subdued. The enemies of the English shall be aroused into activity - they who reside in the eastern and western parts of the world - so that they will engage in a battle on the circumscribed sea, in consequence of which the English shall be defeated.

"A fleet belonging to a foreign country will come hither, manned by the descendants of Golimh of the gold - embroidered garments, they shall lay prostrate the Galls of the ships, and liberate the people who have been held in bondage. This fleet that will arrive here from the east, cannot be impeded on the mighty ocean; through the impetuosity of its noisy breathing, its strange appearance shall be marked by flaming mouths. They will engage in a furious conflict, it shall be a wonder that it will not be a mutual slaughter, the conflict of those who will come hither to sever the intricate knot.

"After the English shall be defeated in this battle, they shall be harassed from every quarter; like a fawn surrounded by a pack of voracious hounds, shall be the position of the English amidst their enemies. The English afterwards shall dwindle down into a disreputable people, and every obstacle shall be opposed to their future prosperity: Because they did not observe justice and rectitude, they shall be forever after deprived of power! Three warnings will be given them before their final fall: the burning of the Tower of the great kings, the conflagration of the dockyard of the English and the burning of the Treasury where gold is deposited."

"This new Eire shall be Eire the prosperous; great shall be her renown and her power, and there shall not be on the surface of the wide earth a country found to be equal to this fine country... Seven years before the last day, the sea shall submerge Eire by one inundation." ....of the monastry " In Iona of my heart, Iona of my love, Instead of monks' voices shall be lowing of cattle, But ere the world come to an end Iona shall be as it was.".

...... Saint-Almis Templar

"Near the middle of the last year, the signals and the number will appear in the sky. The iron birds will obscure the sun. The beasts of Apocalypse will come out from the sea. The flames from the hell will surround the Earth. At the same time, the sky will burn and the sea will grow and the lands will be swallowed. And the man will know the truth".

...... Melkin (5th Century)

Melkin, a pagan Celtic bard who lived before Merlin. A prophecy included in John of Glastonbury's fourteenth century "Chronicle" is attributed to him wherein Joseph of Arimathea, together with two "cruets" containing the blood and sweat of Christ (which he is said to have brought with him on his mission to Britain in AD 63) were buried near the Old Church on the grounds of Glastonbury Abbey. The prophecy promised that when Joseph's grave was found and opened, Britain would never again know drought. Amid these Joseph in marble . Of Arimathea by name . Hath found perpetual sleep . And he lies on a two-forked line . Next the south corner of an oratory . Fashioned of wattles . For the adoring of a mighty Virgin In his sarcophagus . Two cruets, white and silver . Filled with blood and sweat . Of the Prophet Jesus . When his sarcophagus . Shall be found entire, intact . In time to come, it shall be seen And shall be open unto all the world . Thenceforth nor water nor the dew of heaven . Shall fail the dwellers in that ancient isle . For a long while before . The day of judgment in Josaphat . Open shall these things be . And declared to living men

...... Merlin (5th Century)

According to the (6th century) chronicler, Nennius, Merlin was born from the union of a nun and a spirit lover. Merlin represents the quintessential wizard mythically empowered and immortalized in the legend of King Arthur's court, a bridge between pagan and Celtic ways.  

"Merlin saith that in England shall be seen strange things, as preaching of traitors, great rain and wind, great hunger among the common people, great oppression of blood, great imprisonment of many men and great battle; so that there shall be few or no quiet place to abide in; the Prince shall forsake men of the church, Lords shall forsake righteousness, counsel of the aged shall not be set by; religious men and women shall be thrust out of their houses; the common people for fear shall not know which way to turn; parents shall be hated by their children, men of worship shall have no reverence of others; adultery shall abound among all; with more ill than I can tell of, from which God us defend." [From Sunday Prophecies of Merlin, Becket, and Others, Author Unknown, published in London 1652]

 "Luxury shall overspread the land, and fornication shall not cease to debauch mankind. Famine shall then return, and the inhabitants shall grieve for the destruction of their cities. In those days the oaks of the forests shall burn, and acorns grow upon lime trees! The Severn sea shall discharge itself through seven mouths, and the river Usk burn for seven months! Fishes shall die in the heat thereof, and from them serpents will be born."

 "The baths of Badon [hot springs of Bath] shall grow cold, and their salubrious waters engender death! London shall mourn for the death of twenty thousand, and the river Thames shall be turned to blood! The monks in the cowls shall be forced to marry, and their cry shall be heard upon the mountains of the Alps."

 "The seas shall rise up in the twinkling of an eye, and the dust of the ancients shall be restored." [From The History of the Kings of Britain, The Prophecies of Merlin by Geoffrey of Monmouth.]

  The cult of religion shall be destroyed completely, and the ruin of the churches shall be clear for all to see. The race that is oppressed shall prevail in the end, for it will resist the savagery of the invaders. The Boar of Cornwall shall bring relief from these invaders, for it will trample the necks beneath its feet. The islands of the Ocean shall be given into the power of the Boar, and it shall lord it over the forests of Gaul. The House of Romulus shall dread the Boar's savagery, and the end of the Boar will be shrouded in mystery. The Boar shall be extolled in the mouths of its peoples, and its deeds will be as meat and drink to those who tell tales.

 Six of the Boar's descendants shall hold the sceptre after it, and next after them will rise up the German Worm. The Sea-wolf shall exalt the Worm, and the forests of Africa shall be committed to its care. Religion shall be destroyed a second time and the sees of the primates will be moved to other places. London's high dignity shall adorn Durobernia, and the seventh pastor of York will be visited in the realm of Armorica. Menevia shall be dressed in the pall of the City of the Legions, and the preacher from Ireland shall be struck dumb by a child still growing in the womb. A shower of blood shall fall, and a dire famine shall afflict mankind. The Red One will grieve for what has happened, but after an immense effort it will regain its strength. Calamity will next pursue the White One, and the buildings in its little garden will be torn down. Seven who hold the sceptre shall perish, one of them being canonised. The bellies of mothers shall be cut open, and babies will be born prematurely. Men will suffer most grievously, in order that those born in the country may regain power. He who will achieve these things shall appear as the Man of Bronze, and for long years he shall guard the gates of London upon a brazen horse. Then the Red Dragon will revert to its true habits and struggle to tear itself to pieces. Next will come the revenge of the Thunderer, and every one of the farmer's fields will be a disappointment. Death will lay hold of the people and destroy all the nations.

Those who are left alive will abandon their native soil and will sow their seeds in the fields of others. A king who is blessed will fit out a navy and will be reckoned the twelfth in the court among the saints. The realm shall be deserted in the most pitiful way, and the harvest threshing floors will be overgrown once more by forests rich in fruit. Once again the White Dragon shall rise up and will invite over a daughter of Germany. Our little garden will be stocked again with foreign seed, and the Red

Dragon will pine away at the far end of the pool. After that the German Worm shall be crowned, and the Prince of brass will be buried. A limit was set for him, beyond which he was powerless to pass. For a hundred and fifty years he shall remain in anguish and subjection, and then for three hundred more he shall sit enthroned. The North Wind will rise against him, snatching away the flowers which the West Wind has caused to bloom. There will be gilding in the temples, but the sword's cutting edge will not cease its work. The German Dragon will find it hard to escape to its cavernous lairs, for vengeance for its treason will overtake it. In the end it will become strong again just for a short time, but the decimation of Normandy will be a sorry blow. There shall come people dressed in wood and in iron corselets who will take vengeance on it for its wickedness. This people shall give their dwelling back to the earlier inhabitants, and the destruction of foreigners will be clear for all to see.

The seed of the White Dragon shall be rooted up from our little gardens and what is left of its progeny shall be decimated. They shall bear the yoke of perpetual slavery, and they will wound their own mother with their spades and ploughshares. Two more Dragons shall follow, one of which shall be killed by the sting of envy, but the second will return under the cover of authority. The Lion of Justice shall come next, and at its roar the towers of Gaul shall shake and the island Dragons tremble. In the days of this Lion, gold shall be squeezed from the lily-Bower and the nettle, and silver shall flow from the hooves of lowing cattle. They who have had their hair waved shall dress in woolen stuffs of many colours, and the outer garment shall be an index of the thoughts within. The feet of they that bark shall be cut. Wild animals shall enjoy peace, but mankind will bewail the way in which it is being punished. The balance of trade shall be tom in half; and the half that is left shall be rounded off. Kites will lose their ravenous hunger, and the teeth of wolves will be blunted. The Lion's cubs shall be transformed into salt-water fishes, and the Eagle of Mount Aravia shall nest upon a summit. Venedotia shall be red with the blood of mothers, and the house of Corineus will slaughter six brothers. The island will lie sodden with the tears of the night-time, and everyone will be encouraged to try to do everything. Those who are born later shall strive to fly over even the most lofty things, but the favour given to the newcomers will be loftier even than that. Piety will frown upon the man who has inherited goods from the impious; that is, until he takes his style of dress from his own father. Girded around with a wild boar's teeth, he shall climb over the mountain summits and higher than the shadow of the Helmeted Man. Albany will be angry: calling her near neighbours to her, she shall give herself entirely to bloodshed. Between her jaws there will be found a bit which was forged in the Bay of Armorica.

The eagle of the Broken Covenant shall paint it with gold and will rejoice in her third nesting. The cubs shall roar as they keep watch; they will forsake the forest groves and come hunting inside the walls of cities. They will cause great slaughter among any who oppose them, and the tongues of bulls shall they slice off. They shall load with chains the necks of the roaring ones and live again the days of their forefathers. Thereafter, from the first to the fourth, from the fourth to the third, from the third to the second shall the thumb be rolled in oil. The sixth shall throw down the walls of Ireland and transmute its forests into a level plain. The sixth shall unite the different parts into one whole, and he shall be crowned with the head of a lion. His beginning will yield to his own unstable disposition, but his end shall soar up towards those on high. He shall restore the dwellings of the saints throughout the lands and settle the pastors in places which befit them. Two towns shall he cover with funeral palls and to virgins he will present virgin gifts. By doing this he will earn the favour of the Thunderer, and he will be placed among the blessed. From him there will emerge a She-lynx, and this will nose its way into all things and strive for the downfall of its own race. Because of the She-lynx Normandy will lose both its isles and be deprived of its former dignity. Then the island's inhabitants shall return to it, for a great dissension will arise among the foreigners. A hoary old man upon a mow-white horse shall divert the River Periron, and above the stream he will measure out a mill with his white rod. Cadwallader shall summon Conanus and shall make an alliance with Albany. Then the foreigners shall be slaughtered, and the rivers will run with blood.

The mountains of Armorica shall erupt, and Armorica itself shall be crowned with Brutus' diadem. Kambria shall be filled with joy, and the Cornish oaks shall flourish. The island shall be called by the name of Brutus, and the title given to it by the foreigners shall be done away with. From Conanus there shall descend a fierce Boar, which will try the sharpness of its tusks in the forests of Gaul, for it will lop down all the larger oak trees, taking care to protect the smaller ones. The Arabs shall dread this Boar and so shall the Africans, for the impetus of its onslaught will carry it into the remotest parts of Spain. Next after the Boar shall come the Ram of the Castle of Venus, with golden horns and a beard of silver. It will breathe such a fog from its nostrils that the entire surface of the island will be overshadowed by it. In the days of the Ram there shall be peace, and the harvests will be plentiful because of the richness of the soil. Women shall become snake-like in their gait, and every step they take will be full arrogance. The Castle of Venus will be restored, and Cupid's arrows will continue to wound. The source of the River Amne shall turn into blood, and two kings will fight each other at the Ford of the Staff for the sake of a Lioness. All the soil will be fruitful beyond man's need; and human beings will fornicate unceasingly.

Three generations will witness all that I have mentioned, and then the kings buried in the town of London will be disinterred. Famine will return, and death, and citizens will grieve for their townships. The Boar of Commerce shall come and call back the scattered flocks to the feeding ground which they have forsaken. Its breast will be as food to the hungry, and its tongue will assuage the thirst of those who are dry.

From its mouth shall flow forth rivers which will water the parched gullets of men. Then a Tree shall spring up on the top of the Tower of London. It will be content with only three branches, and yet it will overshadow the whole length and breadth of the island with the spread of its leaves. The North Wind will come as the Tree's enemy, and with its noxious breath it will tear away the third of the branches. The two branches which are left will occupy the place of the one ripped off: this until one of them destroys the other by the very abundance of its leaves. This last branch will fill the place of the other two, and it will offer a roosting place to birds come from foreign parts. To birds native to the country it will seem harmful, for through their dread of its shadow they will lose their power of free flight. The Ass of Wickedness will come next, swift against the goldsmiths, but slow against the wolves' ravenous appetites. In these days the oaks shall burn in the forest glades, and acorns shall burgeon on the lime trees' boughs. The Severn Sea shall flow forth through seven mouths, and the River Usk shall be boiling hot for seven months. Its fish will die because of the heat, and from them serpents will be born. The baths shall grow cold at Bath, and its health-giving waters shall breed death. London shall mourn the death of twenty thousand, and the Thames will be turned into blood. Monks in their cowls shall be forced into marriage, and their lamentation will be heard on the mountain peaks of the Alps. Three springs shall burst forth in the town of Winchester, and the streams which run from them will divide the island into three parts.

 Whoever will drink from the first will enjoy long life and will never be afflicted by the onslaught of illness.Whoever will drink from the second shall perish from insatiable hunger: pallor and dread will be clear to see on his face. Whoever will drink from the third shall die a sudden death. And it will not be possible for his body to be buried. In their effort to avoid so voracious a death, fit men will do their best to cover it over from layers of different materials, but whatever structure is placed on top will immediately take on the form of another substance. As soon as they are placed there, earth will be turned to stones, stones to liquid, wood into ashes, ashes into water. However from a town in Canute's forest, a girl shall be sent to remedy these matters by her healing art.

Once she has consulted all the oracles, she shall dry up the noxious springs simply by breathing on them. Next, when she has restored her own strength by some invigorating drink, she shall carry the Forest of Caledon in her right hand, and in her left the buttressed forts of the walls of London. Wherever she passes she shall leave sulphurous footprints which will reek with a double flame. The smoke from them will stir up the Ruteni and will provide food for the creatures who live in the sea.

Tears of compassion shall flow from her eyes and will fill the island with her dreadful cries. He that will kill her shall be a stag of ten tines, four of which will bear golden coronets; the other six will be turned into the horns of oxen, and these horns will rouse the three islands of Britain with their accursed bellowing. The Daneian Forest shall be wakened from its sleep and, burst into human speech, it shall shout, "Kambria, come here; bring Cornwall at your side! Say to Winchester, 'The earth will swallow you up. Move the see of your shepherd to where the ships come in to harbour. Then make sure that the limbs which remain follow the head! The day approaches when your citizens will perish for their crime of perjury. The whiteness of your wool done you harm, and so too has the variety of their dye. Woe to the perjured people, for their famous city shall come toppling down because of them! The ships shall rejoice at such a great increase, and each one of them will be constructed out of the material of two.' A Hedgehog loaded with apples shall rebuild the town and, attracted by the smell of these apples, birds will flock there from many different forests. The hedgehog shall build a huge palace and then wall it round with six hundred towers. London will view this with envy and will increase her own fortifications threefold.

 The River Thames will surround London on all sides, and the report of that engineering feat will cross the Alps. The Hedgehog will hide its apples inside Winchester and will construct hidden passages under the earth. In that time the stones shall speak. The sea over which men sail to Gaul shall be contracted into a narrow channel. A man on any one of the two shores will be audible to a man on the other, and the land mass of the island will grow greater. The secrets of the creatures who live under the sea shall be revealed, and Gaul will tremble for fear. Next a Heron shall emerge from the Forest of Calaterium and fly around the island for two whole years. By its cry in the night it will call all winged creatures together and assemble in its company every genus of bird. They will swoop down on to the fields which men have cultivated and devour every kind of harvest. A famine will attack the people, and an appalling death rate will follow the famine. As soon as this terrible calamity has come to an end, the accursed Bird will transfer its attention to the Calabes Valley and rise it up into a lofty mountain. On its highest peak the heron will plant in an oak, and on the branches of the oak it shall build its nest; three eggs shall be laid in the nest, and from them will emerge a Fox, a Wolf, and a Bear. The Fox will devour its mother and then put on an Ass's head. Once it has assumed this monstrous guise, it will terrify its brothers and drive them away to Normandy. In that country they will in their turn stir up the tusky Boar. Back they will come in a boat, and in that way they will meet the Fox once more. As it begins the contest, the Fox will pretend that it is dead and will move the Boar to pity. Soon the Boar will go up to the Fox's corpse. and, standing over it, will breathe into its eyes and face. The Fox, not unmindful of its ancient cunning, will bite the Boar's left hoof and sever it completely from the Boar's body. Then the Fox will leap at the Boar and tear off its right ear and its tail and slink off to hide in the mountain caves. The deluded Boar will then ask the Wolf and the Bear to restore to it the parts which it has lost. Once they have agreed to support the Boar, they will promise it two feet, two ears and one tail, from which they will manufacture a truly porcine member.

 The Boar will agree to this and will stand waiting for the promised return of its parts. Meanwhile the Fox will come down from the mountains and will metamorphose itself into a Wolf. Under the pretense of holding a conference with the Bear, it will approach that animal craftily and eat it up. Then the Fox will change itself into a Boar and stand waiting for its brothers, pretending that it, too, has lost some of its members. As soon as they come, it will kill them with its tusk without a moment's delay and then have itself crowned with a Lion's head. In the days of the Fox, a Snake shall be born, and this will bring death to human beings. It will encircle London with its long tail and devour all there who pass by. A Mountain Ox will put on a Wolf's head and grind its teeth white in the Severn's workshop. The Ox will collect round itself the flocks of Albany and those of Wales, and their company will drain the Thames dry as it drinks. An Ass shall call to itself a long-bearded Goat and then will change shapes with it. As a result the Mountain Bull will lose its temper: it will summon the Wolf and then transfix the Ass and the Goat with its horn. Once it has indulged its savage rage upon them, it will eat up their flesh and their bones, but the Ox itself will be burned up on the summit of Urianus. The ashes of its funeral pyre shall be transmuted into swans, which will swim away upon dry land as though in water. These Swans will eat up fish inside fish and they will swallow men inside men. When they grow old they will take the shape of sea-wolves and continue their treacherous behaviour beneath the sea. They will sink ships and gather together quite a treasure house of silver. Then the Thames shall begin to flow again. It will gather together its tributaries and overflow the confines of its bed. It will submerge nearby towns and overturn the mountains in its course. It will join to itself to the Springs of Calabes, filled as they are to the very brim with wickedness and deceit. As a result, a number of mutinies will occur, and these will encourage the Venedoti to make war. The oaks of the forest shall band together and come into conflict with the rocks of the Gewissei. A Raven will fly down with the Kites and eat up the bodies of the dead. An Owl will nest on the walls of Gloucester, and in its nest will be hatched an Ass. The Snake of Malvern will nurture this Ass and teach it many deceitful tricks. The Ass will put on a crown and then clamber above all that is most lofty and terrify the people with its hideous braying. In the days of the Ass the Pacaian Mountains shall totter, and the country districts shall be deprived of their forest lands, for there shall come a Worm which will puff forth fire, and this Worm will burn up the trees with the breath which it exhales.

 Out of the Worm shall come seven lions malformed with goats' heads. With the fetid breath from their nostrils, they will corrupt married women and cause wives so far faithful to one husband to become common prostitutes. The father shall not know his own son, for human beings will copulate wantonly as cattle do. Then indeed shall come a very Giant of wickedness who will terrify everyone with the piercing glance of his eyes. Against him will arise the dragon of Worcester, which will do its best to destroy him; but when they come to grips, the Dragon will be worsted and overwhelmed by its conqueror's wickedness, which will terrify everyone. The Giant will climb on the Dragon, throw off all his clothes, and then ride upon it naked. The Dragon will rear the Giant up in the air and lash his naked body with its erected tail, but the Giant will recover his strength and cut the Dragon's throat with his sword. Finally, the Dragon will become entangled in its own tail and die of poison. The boar of Totnes shall succeed the Giant and will oppress the people with grievous tyranny. Gloucester shall send a lion which will harass the raging Boar in a series of battles. This Lion will trample the Boar under foot and terrify it with its open maw. Finally the Lion will be at odds with all in the kingdom and climb up on the backs of the nobles. A Bull will pursue the Lion through all the narrow byways of the kingdom, but in the end it will break its horns against the walls of Oxford. The Fox of Caerdubalum will wreak vengeance on the Lion and tear it up with its teeth. Then the Adder of Lincoln will coil round the Fox and announce its presence to the assembled Dragon with a terrifying hiss. The Dragons will attack each other and tear each other to pieces. A Dragon with wings will overwhelm the Dragon without wings, driving its venomous claws into the other's muzzle. Two more Dragons will join the battle, and the one will kill the other. A fifth Dragon will replace the two dead ones and will destroy the two left alive by various stratagems. It will climb on the back of one, holding a sword in its claws, and hack its head away from its body.

Then it will cast its slough and climb on the second one with its opponent's tail in its right and left claws. Naked, it will overwhelm the other; when fully covered, it will achieve nothing. It will torment other Dragons by climbing on their backs and will drive them round the kingdom. Then a roaring Lion will intervene, terrifying in its monstrous cruelty. This Lion will reduce fifteen portions to a single entity, and by itself it will hold the people in its power. A Giant, snow-white in colour and gleaming bright, will beget a radiant people. Soft living will enervate the leaders, and those under their command will be changed into beasts.

 In their number will arise a Lion, fat with human blood. A Man with a Sickle will act as the Lion's helper in the harvest, but when the man is perplexed in his mind, the Lion will destroy him. The Charioteer of York will soothe the people. He will throw his master out and climb up into the chariot which he is driving. He will draw his sword and threaten the East, and he will fill with blood the ruts made by his wheels. Next he will turn himself into a Sea-fish and mate with a Snake which has attracted him by its hissing. As a result, there shall be born three Bulls, which will glitter like lightning. They will eat up their pasture lands and then be turned into trees. The first

Bull will carry a whip made of vipers, and it will turn its back on the one born second. The second Bull will struggle to snatch the whip from the first, but the whip will be seized by the third. They will avert their gaze from each other until they have thrown away the poison cup. A Farmer from Albany shall take their place, and down his back a Snake shall hang. He will spend his time ploughing the earth, so that the harvests of his homeland may grow white, but the Snake will busy itself in scattering poison to prevent the green corn from ever coming to harvest. The population shall decrease through some deadly calamity, and the walls of the towns will come tumbling down. The City of Claudius will be proposed as a source of remedy, and this city will put forward the Foster-daughter of the Scourger. She shall come bearing a saucer of medicine, and in next to no time the island will be restored. Two men shall hold the sceptre, one after the other, and a Horned Dragon will serve them both.

The first man will come clad in iron and riding upon a flying Serpent. He will sit astride its back, with his body naked, and he will grasp its tail in his right hand. The seas will be made turbulent by his cry, and he will strike terror into the second man. As a result, the second man will make an alliance with a Lion, but a quarrel will ensue, and they will fight. Each of the two will suffer greatly from the other's blows, but the animal's ferocity will enable it to win. A man shall come with a drum and a lute, and he will soothe the Lion's savageness. The various peoples in the kingdom will be pacified as a result, and they will encourage the Lion to take the saucer of medicine. As it sits in the dwelling allocated to it, it will examine the dose, but it will stretch out its hand toward Albany. The regions of the north will be saddened by this, and they will throw open the gates of their temples. A Wolf will act as standard bearer, and it will coil its tail round Cornwall. A soldier in a chariot will resist the Wolf and transform the Cornish people into a Boar. As a result the Boar will devastate the provinces, but it will hide its head in the depths of the Severn. A man shall wrestle with a drunken Lion, and the gleam of gold will blind the eyes of the onlookers. Silver will shine white in the open space, causing trouble to a number of wine presses.

 Men will become drunk with the wine which is offered to them; they will turn their backs on Heaven and fix their eyes on the earth. The stars will avert their gaze from these men and alter their accustomed course. The harvests will dry up through the star's anger, and all moisture from the sky will cease. Roots and branches shall change their places, and the oddness of this will pass for a miracle. Before the amber glow of Mercury the bright light of the Sun shall grow dim, and this will strike horror into those who witness it. The planet Mercury, born in Arcady, shall change its shield, and the Helmet of Mars shall call to Venus. The Helmet of Mars shall cast a shadow, and in rage Mercury shall overrun its orbit. Iron Orion shall bare its sword. The watery Sun shall torment the clouds. Jupiter shall abandon its preordained paths, and Venus desert its appointed circuits. The malice of the planet Saturn will pour down like rain, killing mortal men as though with a curved sickle. The twelve mansions of the stars will weep to see their inmates transgress so. The Gemini will cease their wanton embraces and will dispatch Aquarius to the fountains. The scales of Libra will hang awry until Aries props them up with its curving horns. The tail of Scorpio shall generate lightning, and Cancer will fight with the Sun. Virgo shall climb on back of Sagittarius and so let droop its maiden blossoms. The Moon's chariot shall run amok in the Zodiac; the Pleiades will burst into tears. None of these will return to the duty expected of it. Ariadne will shut its door and be hidden within its enclosing cloud banks. In the twinkling of an eye the seas shall rise up, and the arena of the winds shall be opened once again. The winds shall do battle together with a blast of ill-omen, making their din reverberate from one constellation to another. [From The History of the Kings of Britain, The Prophecies of Merlin by Geoffrey of Monmouth.]

...... Yuen Tien-kan (643 A.D.)

A pamphlet called "Push Him Out!", a book of Chinese Prophecy. In actuality, it is a translation of the Chinese book of the same name. The translation was printed at the Shanghai Mercury Office. The contents of the original Chinese book included many pictures drawn by some ministers led by Yuen Tien-kan, according to his own preface. According to him, the prophecies were drawn out because the ministers were ordered by the Emperor himself to show His Majesty the future. The prophecies were supposed to foretell the events of the next millenium, starting from that year (643 A.D.). There were over 60 sketches. The current translation is a compilation of five different variations of the original book, ending with 67 descriptions of the sketches in the pamphlet. According to the translator in his preface (there were three prefaces in the pamphlet), tradition had it that the gods were angry about having the future discovered by man so they sent winds to scatter the order of the pictures. This means that the pictures are not in chronological order.

Sketch 01 on the front of the translated version shows "an armored man, with a boy pushing behind him." The description under that picture is - Times and seasons seek ye here; 'Tis not man who governs all Pictures study--PUSH HIM OUT! All is well when Heaven reigns!

Sketch 6. On a tree is a yellow owl, below there are dead bodies innumerable.

Rebels rise and fill our land -- White, nor black, their colors are; Eighteen lands, all desert waste, Parted father is from son.

Sketch 15 shows "A Turk sits on a stone and a (Chinese) king prostrates himself before him."

Sketch 20 shows "Two (Chinese) kings are giving the imperial seal to one another. Behind them are two Turks watching them."

Sketch 53 shows "A boy, on whose head there grows a green branch, drawing his bow to shoot a Foreigner."

Torn hat, colored--watch ye well! Sons of Ming fresh troubles bring; Frightened by the Western gods, Eighteen Turks all rebels turn.

Sketch 66, the description under the picture: "A white-robed elder, with black scarf."

Western dogs at Eastern bark-- Vexing scholars many springs. Guests turn masters--How endure? Wait till ONE comes to avenge.

Allen Tsai for Chinese Daily News, USA in 1994 refers to a short prophecy made 350 years ago that predicted the major events in China's history from the first emperor of the Ching dynasty (1644) to the year of Golden Snake (2001). This prophecy correctly predicted all the names of the emperors and their years of ascending to the throne in the Ching dynasty. It also predicted the Republic of China, (Taiwan) regime, China's civil war and the Kuomintang's (KMT) evacuation to Taiwan.The next to last prophecy was "The southern army arrived at the west side of the nation in the year of Red Rat". The year of Red Rat is year 1996.The last prophecy is "The destiny will end in the year of Golden Snake".(2001)

...... St. Brogan (St.Breccan) (d.544)

Saint and writer on St. Brigid:Abbot of Ross Turic Ossory, Ireland: "After the man whose cognomen will be Ruadh, a spirit of fire will come from the north; he will march towards Dublin;-there will be but one Lord over all Ireland. It is he that will bring affliction on the Galls, by which their savage hordes shall suffer; until he will sail across the azure sea to Rome he will be a great king renowned for feats of arms."

...... St. Senanus / St. Senan (488-560)

Irish Bishop whose birth was prophetically announced by St.Patrick. " Impart to me, 0 Senanus, information concerning the latter ages of the world; What shall be the condition of the race of people who will not observe rectitude in their judgments, who eill entertain false and treacherous intentions; shall any individual of them be admitted into the regal mansions of heaven? Falsehood will characterize that class of men who will sit in judgment to pass sentence according to the law: _between the father and his own son, litigations will subsist. The clergy of the Holy church will be addicted to pride and injustice; the advantages they will aim at shall be the possession of worldly substance. Women will abandon feelings of delicacy, and cohabit with men out of wedlock; they will follow those practices without secrecy, and such habits will become almost unsupressable. All will rush into iniquity against the will of the Son of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The earth will not produce its fruits for the race of people to whom I allude; full mansions will be deserted, and unpleasant will be the tidings concerning them. Dreadful plagues will come upon all the race of Adam.

"They themselves will betray each other; in consequence of which their sovereignty will he broken; they will stain their swords and battle-axes with blood; -they will be a selfish race devoid of benignity. The son of the King of Saxon will come to join them across the sea; he will part with the sovereignty of the English in the country whence he will come. The English and the Irish of Ireland will unite in one confederation against the forces of the Saxons, their confederacy cannot be dissolved. The king of the Saxon's son will come at the head of his forces; in consequence of the protection he will extend to them, Ireland shall be freed from her fears. One monarch will rule in Ireland, over the English and the pure Irish; from the reign of that man, the people shall suffer no destitution."

...... Cadwaladr ap Cadwallon ( - 664)

Son of Cadwallon and ruler of Gwynedd, who appears prominently in the Welsh medieval prophetic tradition. Geoffrey of Monmouth narrated Merlin's prophecy that Cadwaladr would lead the British to victory over the Saxons, and Henry VII in 1485 unfurled the red dragon of Cadwaladr.

...... St. Isidore of Seville (560-636)

Born Cartagena - Spain son of Severianus and Theodora- Isidore was the last of the ancient Christian Philosophers, as he was the last of the great Latin Fathers. He was undoubtedly the most learned man of his age and exercised a far-reaching and immeasurable influence on the educational life of the Middle Ages.: "In the last days a very pious King shall reign over our Great Spain." ......" He shall reign over the House of Agar, and shall possess Jerusalem."

...... St. Ultan of Ardbraccan (d. 656)

Benedictine abbot:"Then the Ruadh will proceed to the south, he will offer much opposition to the English, my confidence is in the Redhead for valour - he will free Eire from her difficulties. In a month after that hard-fought battle, another king will come from the north, I assure you, without the least deception, that three battles will be broken in one day. The battle shall continue during a whole week, it will be fought by the sons of a sovereign prince; it is at the termination of a week; after that, the aliens shall be dispersed. Wednesday will be the day of the battle, by which the aliens shall be driven from their strongholds; none of them shall remain after that but what birds would be able to carry off in their claws!"

...... St. Maeltamblacht (7th century)

"In the latter ages destitution will fall upon many people, and whenever the English will commit great evils against the children of Eire, then the English will be expelled and Eire become the property of her rightful owners."

...... St. Bede / (Venerable Bede) (673-735)

Anglo-Saxon scholar / British monk - writings based on Sibylline books = "While the Colisuem stands, Rome shall stand; when the Coliseum falls, Rome shall fall; when Rome falls, the world shall fall".

"And then will arise a king by name and of steadfast mind. The same will be the steadfast king of the Romans and Greeks... and the King himself will have before his eyes the scripture saying: "The king of the Romans will claim for himself the whole kingdom of the lands; therefore he will lay waste all the islands and cities, and destroy all the temples of the false gods, and all the pagans will he call to baptism, and the cross of Christ shall be raised over all the temples..." Elucidorum of Honorius of Autun and Monumentum (22:146) by Godfrey of Citerbo (ca. 1190)

"For he (The Antichrist) shall work such stupendous marvels, as to bid fire to come down from heaven... and the dead shall rise... he shall raise the dead, not verily, but the devil shall enter some dead man's body... and speak in him, that he may seem alive... "There shall go forth the two most glorious men Enoch and Elias to announce the advent of the Lord, and them shall the Antichrist slay, and after three days they shall be resuscitated... "The sign of the doom: the earth shall be moist with sweat; from heaven the king shall come to reign forever... At midnight in the hour when the angel made Egypt desolate, and when the Lord despoiled hell, in the same hour He shall deliver His elect from this world... "Fire shall burn up earth and sea and heaven... The springs shall fail, and the everlasting flame consume; He shall cast down the hills, and raise up valleys from the depth... From the heavens shall fall both fire and a sulfur stream."

...... St. Odile (d.740)

Born blind to Duke Attich she was miraculously healed by St. Erhard, Bishop of Ratisbon there after she became known as Odile ("Daughter of Light"): Hear,oh hear, my sisters and brothers: I saw forest and mountains tremble. There will come a time, when war will break out, more terrible than all other wars combined, which have ever visited mankind. A horrible warrior will unlease it, and his adversaries will call him Antichrist. All nations of the earth will fight each other in this war. The fighters will rise up in the heavens to take the stars and will throw them on the cities, to set ablaze the buildings and to cause immense devastations. Oceans will lie between the great warriors, and the monsters of the sea, terrified by everything that happens on or under the sea, will flee to the deep. Battles of the past will be only skirmishes compared to the battles that will take place, because the earth will be red, and even the sky, the water and the air, since blood will flow in all directions. The earth will shake from the violent fighting. Famine and pestilence will join the war. The nations will then cry "peace, peace," but there will be no peace. Thrice will the sun rise over the heads of the combatants, without having been seen by them. But afterwards there will be peace, and all who have broken peace will have lost their lives. On a single day more men will be killed than the catacombs of Rome have ever held...Strange signs will appear in the skies: both horns of the moon will join the cross..."Happy will be those who will have survived the war, since the pleasures of life will begin again, and the sun will have a new brilliance...

"Woe to those who, in those days, do not fear the Antichrist, for he is the father of those who are not repelled by crime. He will arouse more homicides and many people will shed tears over his evil customs. Men will set themselves one against the other and at the end will want to re-establish order. Some will try to do so, but this will not succeed and thus will end up even worse off than before! But if things will have reached the summit and if the hand of man can no longer do anything, it will be put in the hands of Him, who can send down a punishment so terrible that it will not have been seen before. God has already sent the Flood, but he has sworn never to send one again. What he will do will be something unexpected and terrible."

...... St. John Damascene (676 -770?)

Born at Damascus:encyclopedic compiler and author: "He will be known as Antichrist who shall come about the end of the world. His mother will proclaim she gave birth to him while remaining a virgin. He will reign from ocean to ocean. Antichrist shall be an illegitimate child, under the complete power of Satan, and God, knowing his incredible future perversity, will allow the devil to take a full and perpetual possession of him from his very sinful conception."

...... St. Tarasius (d.806)

Patriarch of Constantinople, statesman, born Constantinople " (…) Following that, a great civil war will break out and the entire faithless nation will be destroyed; and then will rise a Holy King whose name begins with an I (Iota) and ends with a S (Sigma) "

...... Blessed Maurus Magnentius Rabanus (776-856)

Abbot of Fulda, Archbishop of Mainz, celebrated theological and pedagogical writer. "Our principal doctors agree in announcing to us, that towards the end of time one of the descendants of the kings of France shall reign over all the Roman Empire; and that he shall be the greatest of the Empire; and that he shall be the greatest of the French monarchs, and the last of his race."....."After having most happily governed his kingdom, he will go to Jerusalem, and depose on Mount Olivet his sceptre and crown. This shall be the end and conclusion of the Roman and Christian Empire.".."Antichrist will heal the sick, raise the dead, restore sight to the blind, hearing to the deaf, speech to the dumb, raises storms and calms them, re-names mountains, make trees blossom and wither at a word, re-build the temple of Jerusalem and make Jerusalem the capital city of the world with the vast wealth of hidden treasures"

...... Pope Leo VI (d.911)

Leo the Philosopher - credited with the authorship of "The Oracles of Leo the Wise" : "There will arise an imperial deliverer - an oriental Frederick - who will save the kingdom and the people. He will come from the Mohammedans over whom he will rule - adorned with all virtue - poor but needing nothing - two angels in the form of eunuchs will accompany him - mankind will accept him as their ruler. He will conquer the Arabs - no taxes after twelve years. Immediately after, there will set in a period of darkness, crime and revolution."

...... Monk Adso (Adso of Montier-En-Der) (d.992)

Queen Gerbera of France wanted clarification on the rise and life of the Antichrist. Adso wrote a treatise in answer to her in the form of a saint's life. It is an important document in the history of apocalypticism because it summarizes the traditional stories of the Antichrist in an accessible and popular way. It also helped establish the idea of the "Last World Emperor," who will unite Christianity. "Some of our teachers say that a King of the Franks will possess the entire Roman Empire. This King will be the greatest and last of all monarchs, and after having prosperously governed his kingdom he will come in the end to Jerusalem and he will lay down his scepter and his crown upon the Mount of Olives. This will be the end and consummation of the Empire of Rome and immediately afterwards Antichrist will come "....

"Against the faithful will he rise up in three ways --- that is, by terror, by gifts, and by wonders; to the believers in him will he give gold and silver in abundance; but those whom he shall fail to corrupt by presents he will overcome by fear, and those whom he shall fail to vanquish by fear he will seek to seduce by signs and wonders...

"The ruined Temple also, which Solomon raised to God, he shall build and restore to its former state... and he shall circumcise himself, and lie that he is the Son of God almighty... Thereafter shall he send his messengers and preachers to the whole world...

"Then shall all the Jews flock unto him, and thinking they shall receive Christ they shall receive the devil... Coming to Jerusalem he shall be circumcised, saying to the Jews, I am the Christ promised unto you, who have come for your weal that I may gather and defend you that are scattered...

"Then shall be sent into the world the two great prophets Elias and Enoch, who shall forearm the faithful with godly weapons against the task of the Antichrist, and they shall encourage and get them ready for the war... But after they have accomplished their preaching, the Antichrist shall rise up and slay them, and after three days they shall be raised up by the Lord...

"The doctors also teach, as saith Pope Gregory, that Michael the Archangel shall destroy him on Mount Olivet in his pavilion and seat, in that place where the Lord ascended into heaven..."

...... St. Edward the Confessor (1003-1066)

King of England - Ambrose Lisle Philipps in a letter to the Earl of Shrewsbury dated 28 October, 1850, in giving a sketch of English Catholic history, relates the following vision or prophecy made by St. Edward: "During the month of January, 1066, the holy King of England St. Edward the Confessor was confined to his bed by his last illness in his royal Westminster Palace. St. Aelred, Abbott of Recraux, in Yorkshire, relates that a short time before his happy death, this holy king was wrapt in ecstasy, when two pious Benedictine monks of Normandy, whom he had known in his youth, during his exile in that country, appeared to him, and revealed to him what was to happen to England in future centuries, and the cause of the terrible punishment. They said: 'The extreme coruption and wickedness of the English nation has provoked the just anger of God. When malice shall have reached the fulness of its measure, God will, in His wrath, send to the English people wicked spirits, who will punish and afflict them with great severity, by separating the green tree from its parent stem the length of three furlongs. But at last this same tree, through the compassionate mercy of God, and without any national (governmental) assistance, shall return to its original root, reflourish and bear abundant fruit.' After having heard these prophetic words, the saintly King Edward opened his eyes, returned to his senses, and the vision vanished. He immediately related all he had seen and heard to his virgin spouse, Edgitha, to Stigand, Archbishop of Canterbury, and to Harold, his successor to the throne, who were in his chamber praying around his bed." (See "Vita beati Edwardi regis et confessoris", from manuscript Selden 55 in Bodleian Library, Oxford.)

...... Hepidanus von St.Gallen (1010-1088)

Swiss monk: "From North to South, the world will be split into two mighty hosts. The North will march against the South, the son against the father, and bring misfortune with him across the mountains as the night follows the day... A gloomy cloud will appear, and a terrible tempest will come forth from this cloud. It will consume a third of mankind, still living then. And it will destroy a third of all the crops, villages, and cities, and there will be a great misery and lamentation. "A mighty empire will vanish thereafter, and another will take its place. From the East blows a storm, from the West a hurricane howls; woe to those who come into the sphere of this bloody whirlpool. Thrones a thousand years old will fall from the height... between the Rhine, the Elbe, and the Danube there will be a vast morgue, and a landscape of vultures and ravens... When a sign of fire will appear in the heavens, the time will have come close for these days to engulf humanity... but the date, when this sign will flash across the heavens, no mortal will know."

...... St. Anselm, (d.1109)

Archbishop of Canterbury - born at Aosta on the confines of Lombardy: One Frankish king shall posess the Roman Empire in its entirety. He will be the last and perfect Emperor of Roman and Christian Empire. As soon as he lays down his sceptre and crown (according to the doctors of the church) the antichrist will come. The Last Judgment will be preceded by the imposter Antichrist, who will try to deceive men in four ways:

a)  By a false exposition of Scripture, wherein he will try to prove that he is the Messiah promised by the Law.

b)  By working miracles. (i.e. false miracles)

c)  By handing out gifts.

d)  By inflicting punishments

"You will be ruined, city of seven hills (Rome), when the letter K will be praised in your walls. Then, your fall will be near. (...) And you, man of big beard , you will lose it and you will lose your value in the whole world, for having presided the death of the Pontiff called John Obi "...... "Antichrist will rule the world from Jerusalem which he will make into a magnificent city"..Towards the end of the world antichrist will draw the hearts of the Jews to him by his great generosity and sympathetic attitude so much that they will praise him as a demi-god.  The jews will say to one another "There is not a more virtuous, just and wise man that he to be found in our entire generation.. Of all men he certainly will be able to rescue us from our miseries........For the temple which Solomon built having been destroyed in its place he (antichrist) shall restore it, he shall circumcize himself and he shall give forth the lie that he is the son of the omnipotent God"

...... Malachy (1094-1148)

Born in Ireland, also known as Mael Maedoc Ua Morgain. When he died in 1184, he left behind short, enigmatic statements foretelling the identity of the popes, in sequence, until the end of the 20th century. Malachy's timeline agrees with the prophecy of Nostradamus, that the end of the papacy will occur around the Millennium year 2000.


167 Celstine II (1143-1144) 1 Ex castro Tyberis. (from a castle on the Tiber) Hist.: Celestin II was born in Citta di Castello, Toscany, on the shores of the Tiber

168 Lucius II (1144-1145) 2 Inimicus expulsus.

169 Eugene III (1145-1153) 3 Ex magnitudine montis. (Of the greatness of the mount) Hist.: Born in the castle of Grammont (latin: mons magnus), his family name was Montemagno

170 Anastasius IV (1153-1154) 4 Abbas Suburranus.

171 Adrian IV (1154-1159) 5 De rure albo. (field of Albe) Hist.: Born in the town of Saint-Alban

 * Victor IV (1159-1164) 6 Ex tetro carcere.

 * Paschal III (1164-1168) 7 Via trans-Tyberina.

 * Calistus III (1168-1178) 8 De Pannonia Tusciae.

??? Innocent III (1179-1180) -- this antipope does not seem to be accounted for in Malachy's list. Neither D. Reju nor de Fontbrune include this antipope in their interpretations.

172 Alexander III (1159-1181) 9 Ex ansere custode.

173 Lucius III (1181-1185) 10 Lux in ostio.

174 Urban III (1185-1187) 11 Sus in cribo.

175 Gregory VIII (1187) 12 Ensis Laurentii.

176 Clement III (1187-1191) 13 De schola exiet.

177 Celestine III (1191-1198) 14 De rure bovensi.

178 Innocent III (1198-1216) 15 Comes signatus. (signed Count) Hist.: descendant of the noble Signy, later called Segni family

179 Honorius III (1216-1227) 16 Canonicus de latere.

180 Gregory IX (1227-1241) 17 Avis Ostiensis. (Bird of Ostia) Hist.: before his election he was Cardinal of Ostia

181 Celestine IV (1241) 18 Leo Sabinus.

182 Innocent IV (1243-1254) 19 Comes Laurentius.

183 Alexander IV (1254-1261) 20 Signum Ostiense.

184 Urban IV (1261-1264) 21 Hierusalem Campaniae. (Jerusalem of Champagne) Hist.: native of Troyes, Champagne, later patriarch of Jerusalem

185 Clement IV (1265-1268) 22 Draca depressus.

186 Gregory X (1271-1276) 23 Anguinus vir.

187 Innocent V (1276) 24 Concionatur Gallus.

188 Adrian V (1276) 25 Bonus Comes.

189 John XXI (1276-1277) 26 Piscator Tuscus.

190 Nicholas III (1277-1280) 27 Rosa composita.

191 Martin IV (1281-1285) 28 Ex teloneo liliacei Martini.

192 Honorius IV (1285-1287) 29 Ex rosa leonina.

193 Nicholas IV (1288-1292) 30 Picus inter escas.

194 Nicholas IV (1288-1292) 31 Ex eremo celsus. (elevated from a hermit) Hist.: prior to his election he was a hermit in the monastery of Pouilles

195 Boniface VIII (1294-1303) 32 Ex undarum benedictione.

196 Benedict XI (1303-1304) 33 Concionator patereus.

197 Clement V (1305-1314) 34 De fessis Aquitanicis. (ribbon of Aquitaine) Hist.: was archbishop of Bordeaux in Aquitaine

198 John XXII (1316-1334) 35 De sutore osseo. (of the cobbler of Osseo) Hist.: Family name Ossa, son of a shoe-maker

 * Nicholas V (1328-1330) 36 Corvus schismaticus. (the schismatic crow) Note the reference to the schism, the only antipope at this period

199 Benedict XII (1334-1342) 37 Frigidus Abbas. (cold friar) Hist.: he was a priest in the monastery of Frontfroid (coldfront)

200 Clement VI (1342-1352) 38 De rosa Attrebatensi.

201 Innocent VI (1352-1362) 39 De montibus Pammachii. (of the mount of Pammachius) Hist: born in Mont, Limousin, not much else here

202 Urban V (1362-1370) 40 Gallus Vice-comes.

203 Gregory XI (1370-1378) 41 Novus de Virgine forti. (novel of the virgin fort) Hist.: count of Beaufort, later Cardinal of Ste-Marie La Neuve

 * Clement VII (1378-1394) 42 De cruce Apostilica.

 * Benedict XIII (1394-1423) 43 Luna Cosmedina.

 * Clement VIII (1423-1429) 44 Schisma Barcinonicum.

??? Benedict XIV (1425-?) --????????????????????????!

204 Urban VI (1378-1389) 45 De Inferno praegnanti.

205 Boniface IX (1389-1404) 46 Cubus de mixtione.

206 Innocent VII (1404-1406) 47 De meliore sydere.

207 Gregory XII (1406-1415) 48 Nauta de ponte nigro.

 * Alexander V (1409-1410) 49 Flagellum Solis.

 * John XIII (1410-1415) 50 Cervus Sirenae.

208 Martin V (1417-1431) 51 Corona veli aurei.

209 Eugene IV (1431-1447) 52 Lupa caelestina.

 * Felix V (1439-1449) 53 Amator crucis.

210 Nicholas V (1447-1455) 54 De modicitate lunae.

211 Callistus III (1455-1458) 55 Bos pascens. (grazing ox) Hist.: Alphonse Borgia's arms sported a golden grazing ox

212 Pius II (1458-1464) 56 De capra et Albergo.

213 Paul II (1464-1471) 57 De cervo et Leone.

214 Sixtus IV (1471-1484) 58 Piscator Minorita.

215 Innocent VIII (1484-1492) 59 Praecursor Siciliae.

216 Alexander VI (1492-1503) 60 Bos Albanus in portu.

217 Pius III (1503) 61 De parvo homine. (from a little man) reigned for only 26 days in 1503, . His family name was Piccolomini, Italian for "little man."

218 Julius II (1503-1513) 62 Fructus jovis juvabit.

219 Leo X (1513-1521) 63 De craticula Politiana.

220 Adrian VI (1522-1523) 64 Leo Florentius.

221 Clement VII (1523-1534) 65 Flos pilaei aegri.

222 Paul III (1534-1549) 66 Hiacynthus medicorum.

223 Julius III (1550-1555) 67 De corona Montana.

224 Marcellus II (1555) 68 Frumentum floccidum.

225 Paul IV (1555-1559) 69 De fide Petri.

226 Pius IV (1559-1565) 70 Aesculapii pharmacum.

227 St. Pius V (1566-1572) 71 Angelus nemorosus.

228 Gregory XIII (1572-1585) 72 Medium corpus pilarum.

229 Sixtus V (1585-1590) 73 Axis in medietate signi.

230 Urban VII (1590) 74 De rore caeli.

231 Gregory XIV (1590-1591) 75 De antiquitate Urbis.

232 Innocent IX (1591) 76 Pia civitas in bello.

233 Clement VIII (1592-1605) 77 Crux Romulea.

234 Leo XI (1605) 78 Undosus Vir.

235 Paul V (1605-1621) 79 Gens perversa.

236 Gregory XV (1621-1623) 80 In tribulatione pacis.

237 Urban VIII (1623-1644) 81 Lilium et rosa.

238 Innocent X (1644-1655) 82 Jucunditas crucis.

239 Alexander VII (1655-1667) 83 Montium custos.

240 Clement IX (1667-1669) 84 Sydus Olorum. (constellation of swans) Hist.: upon his election, he was apparently the occupant of the Chamber of Swans in the Vatican.

241 Clement X (1670-1676) 85 De flumine magno.

242 Innocent XI (1676-1689) 86 Bellua insatiabilis

243 Alexander VIII (1689-1691) 87 Poenitentia gloriosa.

244 Innocent XII (1691-1700) 88 Rastrum in porta.

245 Clement XI (1700-1721) 89 Flores circumdati.

246 Innocent XIII (1721-1724) 90 De bona Religione.

247 Benedict XIII (1724-1730) 91 Miles in bello.

248 Clement XII (1730-1740) 92 Columna excelsa.

249 Benedict XIV (1740-1758) 93 Animal rurale.

250 Clement XIII (1758-1769) 94 Rosa Umbriae.

251 Clement XIV (1769-1774) 95 Ursus velox.

252 Pius VI (1775-1799) 96 Peregrinus Apostolicus

253 Pius VII (1800-1823) 97 Aquila rapax.

254 Leo XII (1823-1829) 98 Canis et coluber.

255 Pius VIII (1829-1830) 99 Vir religiosus.

256 Gregory XVI (1831-1846) 100 De balneis hetruriae. (bath of Etruria) Hist.: prior to his election he was member of an order founded by Saint Romuald, at Balneo, in Etruria, present day Toscany.

257 Pius IX (1846-1878) 101 Crux de cruce.

258 Leo XIII (1878-1903) 102 Lumen in caelo.

259 St. Pius X (1903-1914) 103 Ignis ardent. (ardent fire) Hist.: his death coincided with the beginning of the fires of WWI

260 Benedict XV (1914-1922) 104 Religio depopulata.

261 Pius XI (1922-1939) 105 Fides intrepida.

262 Pius XII (1939-1958) 106 Pastor angelicus.

263 John XXIII (1958-1963) 107 Pastor et Nauta. (pastor and marine) Hist.: prior to his election he was patriarch of Venise, a marine city, home of the gondolas ( led his flock to a modernization of the Church through the Ecumenical Council. John chose two symbols for this Council -- a cross and a ship)

264 Paul VI (1963-1978) 108 Flos florum. (flower of flowers) Hist.: his arms displayed three lilies.

265 John Paul I (1978) 109 De medietate Lunae. (of the half of the moon) Hist.: Albino Luciani, born in Canale d'Ogardo, diocese of Belluno, (beautiful moon) Elected pope on august 26, on the first day of the last quarter of the moon which appeared as a perfect half-disk in the sky... The lunar eclipse of the 17th of september was to be the apogee of his reign. His reign lasted about a month, from half a moon to the next half... He died (according to some, assassinated) on september 28 on a night of the last quarter, with again only half of the silver disk visible in the night sky...

266 John Paul II (1978-) 110 De labore Solis. (of the eclipse of the sun) OR ... From the Toil of the Sun [Labore could also be Effort, Distress, Suffering, Trouble, leading to quite a few variations. The preceding is the usual translation.]: John Paul II was born during the solar eclipse of May 18, 1920.

267 Recently  Elected Pope Benedict-- 2005 .

268 ??? In psecutione extre- ma S.R.E. sedebit Petrus Romanus, qui pascet oues in mul- tis tribulationibus : quibus transactis ci- uitas septicollis di- ruetur, & Iudex tre m*dus iudicabit po pulum suum. Finis. And thus ends the prophecy. The following is an approximate translation of the last motto: - 'In extreme persecution, the seat of the Holy Roman Church will be occupied by Peter the Roman, who will feed the sheep through many tribulations, at the term of which the city of seven hills will be destroyed, and the formidable Judge will judge his people. The End.'.

The motto was written exactly as shown above. There is no number 112 in front of the last motto, leaving the reader to wonder if 'Gloria Olivae' IS Peter the Roman, or they are two separate entities. Some authors have speculated that the omission of the number 112 may indicate that Peter the Roman will not acceed to office through orthodox means. The city of seven hills refers to Rome. (Vatican?) Some, including Encyc. Brit., assert that the prophecy was not written by Malachy at all. Others further theorize that Nostradamus conjured up the list, who, not willing to be persecuted for having foretold the end of the Catholic church, 'gave the credit' to Malachy. In support of this theory, it must be said that the prophecy was not known to exist prior to 1595. This could explain the accuracy of some the mottoes prior to that date. Last note: The way it stands, according to this prophecy, and according to the few fitting interpretations, so far we had 110 legitimate popes with 2 more to come.(prophetic.simplenet.com/malachy.txt)

Concerning Ireland - "Ireland will undergo English oppression for a week of centuries but will preserve her fidelity to God and His Church. At the end of this time Ireland will be delivered and the English in turn must suffer severe chastisements. Ireland, however, will be instrumental in bringing back the English to the unity of faith."

...... Chilam Balam (1168)

Mexican / Mayan - The Jaguar Priest - "When the Katun 13 Ahau is coming to an end ... The sign of the true God on high, there will come to us The upright beam [the standard of God], it will manifest itself To light the world. The union ended, envy ended, When the bearer of the future sign came to us, The priest lord, You shall see it from afar Coming. The fame of the beam comes To awaken us. From everywhere It comes to us. To the power of Itzamna Approaches our master, Itza. Your brother is coming now. Receive your bearded guests from the east, Bearers of the standard of God. Receive the word of God which Comes to us on the day of resurrection Which is feared by all in the world, Lord You are the unique God who created us Take advantage of the word of God Whose sign you raise on high Whose beam you raise upright That you raise upright so that it may be seen It changes the splinters that come out of it It changes them after the rainbow appears Shown throughout the world, It is the sign of the true God of heaven. That is the one you shall worship, Itzas You are going to worship its ensigns on high You are going to worship the true faith You are going to worship the True God Believe the word of the One God, For his word came from heaven, And it counsels you, Itzas. It awakens the world, makes them believe. Within another Katun I wept for my words, I, Chilam Balam When I explained the word of the True God Lord forever over the earth."

...... Thomas A'Beckett (1118-1170)

Martyr - Archbishop of Canterbury, England "A knight shall come from the West - he shall capture Milan, Lombardy, and the three crowns, and then sail to Famagoste and Cyprus and land at Jaffa and reach Christ's grave, where he will fight. War and wonders later shall befall till the people believe in Christ - toward the end of the world."

...... St. Hildegard (1098-1179)

Born at Böckelheim on the Nahe.Also known as the Sibyl of the Rhine. Later writers call the saint Hildegard of Böckelheim, of Rupertsberg, or of Bingen. She probably belonged to the illustrious family of Stein, whose descendants are the present Princes of Salm.- Of the visions-"Up to my fifteenth year I saw much, and related some of the things seen to others, who would inquire with astonishment, whence such things might come. I also wondered and during my sickness I asked one of my nurses whether she also saw similar things. When she answered no, a great fear befell me. Frequently, in my conversation, I would relate future things, which I saw as if present, but, noting the amazement of my listeners, I became more reticent."

Prophecy- "The time is coming when princes and people will renounce the authority of the Pope. Individual countries will prefer their own Church rulers to the Pope. The German Empire will be divided. Church property will be secularized. Priests will be persecuted. After the birth of Anti-Christ heretics will preach their false doctrines undisturbed, resulting in 'Christians having doubts about their holy Catholic faith."

"Toward the end of the world, mankind will be purified through sufferings. This will be true especially of the clergy, who will be robbed of all property.... When the clergy has adopted a simple manner of living, conditions will improve.

"A powerful wind will rise in the North carrying heavy fog and the densest dust by divine command and it will fill their throats and eyes so they will cease their savagery and be stricken with a great fear. So after that there will be so few men left that seven women will fight for one man, that they will say to the man: 'marry me to take the disgrace from me,' for in those days it will be a disgrace for a woman to be without child, as it was by the Jews in the Old Testament."

..."Before the comet comes, many nations, the good excepted, will be scourged by want and famine. The great nation in the ocean that is inhabited by people of different tribes and descent will be devastated by earthquake, storm, and tidal wave. It will be divided and, in great part, submerged. That nation will also have many misfortunes at sea and lose its colonies. [After the] great Comet, the great nation will be devastated by earthquakes, storms, and great waves of water, causing much want and plagues. The ocean will also flood many other countries, so that all coastal cities will live in fear, with many destroyed. All sea coast cities will be fearful, and many of them will be destroyed by tidal waves, and most living creatures will be killed, and even those who escape will die from a horrible disease. For in none of those cities does a person live according to the Laws of God.

" Peace will return to the world when the white flower again takes possession of the throne of France. During this period of peace, people will be forbidden to carry weapons, and iron will be used only for making agricultural implements and tools. Also during this period, the land will be very productive, and many Jews, heathens, and heretics will join the Church.

 "The Son of Corruption and Ruin will appear and reign only for a short time, towards the end of the days of the world's duration.... He shall come in the last days of the world. He shall not be Satan himself, but a human being equaling and resembling him in atrocious hideousness. His mother, a depraved woman, possessed by the devil, will live as a prostitute in the desert.... She will maintain that her son was presented to her by God in a supernatural manner, as was the Child of the Blessed Virgin. She will then be venerated as a saint by deceived people....."Antichrist will come from a land that lies between two seas, and will practice tyranny in the East. After his birth false teachers and doctrines will appear, followed by wars, famines, and pestilence.... He will be raised at different secret places and will be kept in seclusion until full grown. He will lure the people to him by giving them complete exemption from the observance of all divine and ecclesiastical commandments, by forgiving them their sins and requiring of them only their belief in his divinity. He will spurn and reject Baptism and the Gospel. He will say Jesus of Nazareth is not the son of God, only a deceiver......."He will say I am the Savior of the world...especially will he try to convince the Jews that he is the Messiah sent by God, and the Jews will accept him as such...yet by his moral laws he will try to reverse all order on earth. Therefore he is called in Holy Writ the 'Lawless One'.... He will discard all laws, morals, and religious principles, to draw the world to himself. He will grant entire freedom from the commandments of God and the Church and permit everyone to live as his passion dictates.... Religion he will endeavor to make convenient. He will say that you need not fast and embitter your life by renunciation.... It will suffice to love God.... He will preach free love and tear asunder family ties...maintain sin and vice are not sin and vice.... Immediately preceding Antichrist there will be starvation and earthquakes ." ............"One of the remaining Mohammedans will be converted, become a priest, bishop and cardinal, and when the new Pope is elected this cardinal will kill the pope before he is crowned, through jealousy, he wishing to be pope himself; then when the other cardinals elect the next pope this cardinal will proclaim himself Anti-Pope, and two thirds of the Christians will go with him."

(Scivias, p. 57) " Her (the church) doesn't have (presently) nor legs, nor feet, because she/it didn't arrive to the strength of his/her/its constitution and the supreme beauty of his/her/its perfection; because about the time of the perdition son (the Antichrist), that must mislead the world in mistake, she/it must suffer abundantly, the violent and bloody persecutions of his/her/its cruel perversity; and being driven by calamities of his/her/its bloody injuries in the state perfects, she/it will run with rejoicing in the celestial Jerusalem; and as well as she/it became the new beloved wife of God's Son, in the effusion of his/her/its blood, she/it will be introduced with the same love in the fullness of life, in the middle of the rejoicing of his/her/its children ".

(Scivias, p.217) Toward the end of times he/it will receive it " however, (the synagogue) as soon as herself, repudiating mistakes of his/her/its disloyalty, comes back in light of the truth. Because the demon took the Synagogue in his/her/its blindness and delivered him to all mistakes of disloyalty; and it won't stop making it, until the arrival of the perdition son, that will fall in the exaltation of his/her/its pride, as Saül perishes on the Gelboë mount, after having hunted David of his/her/its earth. - So the son of the iniquity will endeavor to hunt my Son of the middle of his/her/its elected; and my Son, having repulsed the Antichrist, will bring back the Synagogue to the real faith, as David took his/her/its first wife after the death of Saül ".

...... Vaticinium Erythrian Sibyl (12th Century)

A medieval Latin prophecy known from over 100 extant manuscripts from the mid-eleventh to the sixteenth centuries. The text, describing Sibyllan prophecies in a Christian context from late Rome, has been labeled medieval propaganda, particularly with reference to the twelfth century political crisis in Europe and the struggle of the German emperor for prominence.- Anon. Catholic Sibyl - Part III

"The Last Judgment will follow the Abomination. Signs will precede. There will be four kinds of unusual color in the elements and a change in the course in the heavenly bodies. There will be a celestial sign in that the air will appear at times yellow, at times pitch-black, now green, now clear red. Apollo will be split, now in ten, now in four, now in two parts; the moon will run together with the sun. Those dwelling on the earth will be struck with fear when they see the stars all bloody. At the same time the earth will well up in different places, and there will be a fearful sign of commotion. There will be collision of kingdoms, seizure of thrones, earthquakes, and famines. Out of desire for food mothers will abase their sons and daughters in debauchery... All these things are indications of the Abomination for whom there is no rule.

"When three signs come the inhabitants of the earth should know that he is near. In the city of Aeneas a 100-year old woman will bear twins with the aid of the faithless. A burning river will issue from Mt. Aetna and devour the inhabitants. After this two peaks will crash together in the snowy mountains, the earth there will be opened in an abyss, and a snowy mist will ascend to heaven.

"After these things, there will be a gathering together of many nations bestial in their manner of life and a division of the world into ten sceptres. The vilest forms of copulation will precede pregnancies, the worst of all being that of the Abomination. He will then kill many kings whom he has put under his yoke. The Spouse will be silent, the cock will grow hoarse, and there will be abuse of the Lamb. Heaven, the sun, and the elements will seem to be a testimony to the Abomination in that he will do wonders, make the stars dark, weaken the perfect, regain the Jews. All this will happen so that he may renew what was old and cast out what has been renewed...

"The Last Judgment will be imminent; the signs will precede it. The sun will be frequently eclipsing and stretching out in vast fashion will destroy. The Euphrates will be dried up to a mere trickle; Aetna will be laid open on two sides, Avernus will roar, and three parts of the inhabitants of Sicily will perish. Pharos will swell up most horibly and flood the nearby areas. After this the sea will sink to the depths and the fish gathered together will give forth a roar. Then the heavens will be opened in four parts, there will be thunder, and the inhabitants of the earth will hear the threats of Judgment. Ineffable things will blare forth on the trumpet. Blameless heralds willannounce the destruction of all things, saying: "Let there be humility and repentence!"...

"Then all the kings and princes will appear and behold the Lamb who pays back all men uupon his throne of terror. No discrimination of wealthy or poor will take place there, but only the weighing of merits. Then crimes will be made evident, fear and trembling and horror of the abyss set out for punishment will strike all so that there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. They will stretch out their hands in prayer, but the lamb will be inflexible; he will be fearful in punishing. In his sight there will be lightning and thunder, merit along with sins. Blessing will be on his right; curses will come from his left. He will judge the good and evil to lift the former on high and allow hell to swallow the latter to the fate of the demons. This is the end of the book of the Erythraean Sibyl of Babylon."

...... Aystinger the German (12th Century)

" He shall recover the Land of Promise. "....." A Prince ... who shall reform the Church." "... by whom the ancient glory of the Empire shall be restored."...." He shall be Emperor of Europe."

...... Rigord of St. Denis (12th Century)

French chronicler who wrote a prophetic text in Latin later translated and printed by Fritz Baer.:"At that time from the sea will rise a very strong wind, which will strike terror in the hearts of men, and it will raise sand and dust from the surface of the earth, until it will cover the trees and the towers... And there will be heard in the air quakes and thunder and voices which will strike terror in the hearts of men, and all the countries will be covered with sand and dust... For that wind will rise from the west corner and reach until the west corner, encompassing all the countries of Egypt and Ethiopia... and also the lands of Rome. "After those events of the winds, five miracles will come to pass one after another.

"First, a most wise man will arise from the east, versed in secret wisdom, that is, in wisdom which is beyond man. And he will walk in justice and will teach the law of truth, and he will cause many to return to straight mores from the darkness of ignorance, and from unbelief to the way of truth, and he will instruct the sinners in the way of righteousness, and he will not pride himself with being counted among the prophets.

"Secondly, a man will come forth from Elam and will assemble a multitude of great forces (Daniel 11:1), and will wage a great war against the nations (Zechariah 14), and he will not live long.

"Thirdly, up will rise another man who will say that he is a prophet. He will hold a book in his hand and say that he was sent by God and by His prophets. And with his teachings he will cause many nations to go astray, and will seduce even more. But that which he will prophesy will come upon his own head. And he, too, will not live long.

"Fourthly, a comet will be seen in heaven -- a star, that is, with a tail or appendage -- and this apparition will signify destructions and tumults and hard strifes, and withholding of rains, and dryness of the earth, and mighty battles, and the flowing of blood upon the earth of the east, and from beyond the River Habor it will reach to the very end of the west. And the just and the truly righteous will be oppressed and will suffer persecutions, and the house of prayer will be destroyed.

"Fifthly, there will be an eclipse of the sun, like the color of fire, until the whole body of the sun will be obscured, and at the time of the eclipse there will such darkness over the earth as there is at midnight on those nights when there is no moonlight, in the days of the rains..."

...... Abbot Werdin D'Orante (12th Century)

"The great Monarch and the great Pope will precede Antichrist. The nations will be at war for four years and a great part of the world will be destroyed. The Pope will go over the sea carrying the sign of Redemption on his forehead, and after the victory of the Pope and the Great Monarch peace will reign on earth."

"The Pope will cross the sea in a year when the Feast of St. George (April 23rd) falls on Good Friday, and St. Mark's feast (April 25th) falls on Easter Sunday, and the feast of St. Anthony (June 13th) falls on Pentecost and the feast of St. John the Baptist (June 24th) falls on Corpus Christi" (all these concurrences took place in 1943, not occuring again till 2038)."....."The Great Monarch will come to restore peace and the Pope will share in the victory."

...... Blessed Joachim of Flora (1132-1202)

Cistercian abbot and mystic; b. at Celico, near Cosenza, Italy - Half-mythical Abbot Joachim of Flora seems to have been in real life a worldly young nobleman of Calabria. His books were added-to in the thirteenth century by a series of works popularly attributed to him, The Prophecies of Cyril, Commentaries on Jeremiah, Prophecies of the Popes, The Seven Ages of the Church. The writings of Abbot Joachim were often incoherent. He taught that there were three periods of the world.The second period, in which people were then living, was marred by avarice, lustfulness and irreligion in the church and unhappiness among the people. But this period was approaching its end. The end was supposed to come exactly in the year 1260. Joachim had figured this out by calculating that it was about forty-two generations from the birth of Christ. He arrived at this conclusion by citing the story of Judith, who the scriptures said had remain in widowhood for three years and a half years, or forty-two months, which was 1260 days. The Bible also said that with the Lord a day was like a year. At that point "that is in the year 1260" the present hierarchy would disappear; a new order of monks, truly spiritual men, would then guide mankind; and the human race would enjoy its long Sunday rest.

"After many prolonged sufferings endured by Christians, and after a too great effusion of innocent blood, the Lord shall give peace and happiness to the desolated nations. A remarkable Pope will be seated on the pontifical throne, under the special protection of the angels. Holy and full of gentleness, he shall undo all wrong, he shall recover the states of the Church, and reunite the exiled temporal powers. He shall be revered by all people, and shall recover the kingdom of Jerusalem. As the only Pastor he shall reunite the Eastern to the Western Church, and thus one only faith will be in vigour. The sanctity of this beneficent Pontiff will be so great that the highest potentates shall bow down before his presence. This holy man shall crush the arrogance of religious schism and heresy. All men will return to the primitive Church, and there shall be one only pastor, one law, one master-humble, modest, and fearing God. The true God of the Jews, our Lord Jesus Christ, will make everything prosper beyond all human hope, because God alone can and will pour down on the wounds of humanity the oily balm of sweetness.

"The heavens proclaim the glory of God, and the faithful are in joy and happiness, because the Lord has vouchsafed to be merciful to them. He shall invite his elect to the banquet of the Lamb, where melodious canticles and harmonious concerts will be heard.

"The power of this Pontiff's holiness will be so great as to be able to check the fury and impetuosity of threatening waves. Mountains shall be lowered before him, the sea shall be dried up, the dead shall be raised, the churches shall be reopened and altars erected.

"It should be known that there will be two heads, one in the East, and the other in the West. This Pope shall break the weapons and scatter the fighting hordes. He will be the joy of God's elect. This angelic Pope will preach the gospel in every country. Through his zeal and solicitude the Greek Church shall be forever reunited to the Catholic Church.

"Before, however, being firmly and solidly established in the Holy See, there will be innumerable wars and violent conflicts during which the sacred throne shall be shaken. But through the favor of Divine clemency, moved by the prayers of the faithful, everything will succeed so well that they shall be able to sing hymns of thanksgiving to the glory of the Lord.

"This holy Pope shall be both pastor and reformer. Through him the East and West shall be in everlasting con- cord. The city of Babylon shall then be the head and guide of the world. Rome, weakened in temporal power, shall for- ever preserve her spiritual dominion, and shall enjoy great peace. During these happy days the Angelic Pope shall be able to address to Heaven prayers full of sweetness. The dispersed nation shall also enjoy tranquility. Six and a half years after this time the Pope will render his soul to God. The end of his days shall arrive in an arid province, situated between a river and a lake near the mountains. . . .

"At the beginning, in order to obtain these happy results, having need of a powerful temporal assistance, this holy Pontiff will ask the cooperation of the generous monarch of France.

At that time a handsome monarch, a scion of King Pepin, will come as a pilgrim to witness the splendor of this glorious pontiff, whose name shall begin with R . . . A temporal throne becoming vacant, the Pope shall place on it this king whose assistance he shall ask.

"When a monster shall appear to thee in the sky, thou shalt find a ready escape towards the east, and after nine years thou shalt render thy soul to God."...."A man of remarkable sanctity will be his successor in the Pontifical chair. Through him God will work so many prodigies that all men shall revere him, and no person will dare to oppose his precepts. He shall not allow the clergy to have many benefices. He will induce them to live by the tithes and offerings of the faithful. He shall interdict pomp in dress, and all immorality in dances and songs. He will preach the gospel in person, and exhort all honest ladies to appear in public without any ornament of gold or precious stones. After having occupied the Holy See for a long period of time he shall happily return to the Lord.His three immediate successors shall be men of exemplary holiness. One after the other will be models of virtue, and shall work miracles, confirming the teaching of their predecessors. Under their government the Church shall spread, and these Popes shall be called the Angelic Pastors."

...... Bishop Christianos Ageda (d.1204)

"The Pope will change his residence and the Church will not be defended for twenty-five months or more because, during all that time there will be no Pope in Rome… After many tribulations, a Pope shall be elected out of those who survived the persecutions"           

"In the twentieth century France's union with England will prove to be her utter destruction: for there will be great shedding of blood by the people of the Kingdom. There will be wars and fury which will last long: provinces divested of their people and kingdoms in confusion; many strongholds and noble houses shall be destroyed and their cities and towns shall be forsaken of their inhabitants; in divers places the ground shall be untilled and there shall be great slaughter of the nobility; their sun shall be darkened and never shine again, for France shall be desolate and her leader destroyed. There shall be great mutations and changes of kings and rulers, for the right hand of the world shall fear the left and the north prevail over the south." ...."He shall inherit the Crown of the Fleur-de-Lis" ......"By his means the nation's religion and laws shall have an admirable change.When these things come to pass there shall be a firm alliance between the Lion and the Eagle and they shall live in peace between themselves for a long time. In these times mortals wearied with wars shall desire peace."

...... The Morrígan's Prophecy (1210)

Celtic goddess - After the Second Battle of Mag Tuired - Peace to the sky, sky to the earth, earth beneath sky, strength in everyone, a cup very full, a fullness of honey, honour enough, summer in winter spear supported by shield, shields supported by forts, forts fierce eager for battle, "sod" from sheep, woods grown with antler-tips forever destructions have departed, mast on trees, a branch drooping-down, drooping from growth, wealth for a son a son very learned, neck of bull, a bull from a song, knots in woods, wood for a fire, fire as wanted palisades new and bright, salmon their victory, the Boyne their hostel, hostel with an excellence of length blue growth after spring, autumn horses increase, the land held secure, land recounted with excellence of word Be might to the eternal much excellent woods, peace to sky, be nine times eternal Translation Copyright © 1993 John Kellnhauser.

...... Tochpanecatl - Mexico (1216)

Originating North of the Colorado River, the Peoples who were to become the Aztec leaders began a southward migration as six traveling tribes. They were searching for the prophesised appearance of an eagle with a Snake in its mouth, sitting on top of a Nopal cactus. These pilgrims wandered in what is now northern Mexico, arriving at Zumpango in the central Valley of Mexico in 1216.

The exisiting ruler there, Tochpanecatl, invited the wanderers to present a wife to his son, Ilhuicatle, and this marriage, combined with the sighting of the foretold Eagle, began the Aztec Empire's rule over Mexico. A transcription of the legendary communication between their god and these earliest Aztecs follows : " Verily I shall lead you where you must go. I shall appear as a white eagle; and wherever you go, you shall go singing. You shall go only where you see me, and when you come to a place where is shall seem good to me good that you stay, there I shall alight, and you shall see me there. Therefore in that place you shall build my temple, my house, my bed of grasses - where I have come to rest, poised and ready for flight. And in that place the people shall make their home and their dwelling. Your first task shall be to beautify the quality of the eagle, the quality of the tiger, the Holy War, the arrow and the shield. You shall eat what you have need of. " In this transcription of the early Aztec prophecy, the eagle is representing an animal incarnation of the people's God, Hiutzilopochtli, the sun. It is he who instructs them to become fierce warriors who create tremendous material wealth for themselves, leading to the conquest of all surrounding native peoples. So strongly did the Aztecs believe in their mythologies and gods, that when the Spanish conquistador Cortez appeared on their shore several hundred years later, they believed him to be a prophesized return of a god and were easily overtaken by a small band of Cortez's men, thus ending the Aztec empire. The transcription recounted above was recorded by Mexican anthropologist Alfonso Caso, and gathered from Mythology of the Americas, by Burland, Nicholson, Osborne; published by Hamlyn 1970, pg. 259.

...... The Prose Edda of Snorri Sturluson (1220)

The Prose Edda was written by Snorri Sturluson around 1220 C.E. to preserve the Norse mythology. Iceland was by this time an officially Christian nation. The book was devised to be a guide for poets wishing to make allusions to the old myths. Ragnarok ("Doom of the Gods"), also called Gotterdammerung, means the end of the cosmos in Norse (800 to 1050 AD) mythology.

It will be preceded by Fimbulvetr, the winter of winters. Three such winters will follow each other with no summers in between. Conflicts and feuds will break out, even between families, and all moral will disappear.This is the beginning of the end. The wolf Skoll will finally devour the sun, and his brother Hati will eat the moon, plunging the earth in darkness. The stars will vanish from the sky. The cock Fjalar will crow to the giants and the golden cock Gullinkambi will crow to the gods. A third cock will raise the dead. Earthquakes will shudder the earth, and every bond and fetter will burst, freeing the terrible wolf Fenrir. The sea will rear up because Jormungand, the Midgard Serpent, is twisting and writhing in fury, making his way toward the land. With every breath, Jormungand will stain to soil and the sky with his poison. The waves caused by the serpent's emerging will set free the ship Naglfar, and with the giant Hymir as their commander, the giants will sail towards the battlefield. From the realm of the dead a second ship will set sail, and this ship carries the inhabitants of the hell, with Loki as their helmsman. The fire giants, led by the giant Surt, will leave Muspell in the south to join against the gods. Surt, carrying a sword that blazes like the sun itself, will scorch the earth.

 Meanwhile, Heimdall will sound his horn, calling Odin's sons and heroes to the battlefield. From all the corners of the world, gods, giants, dwarves, demons and elves will ride towards the huge plain of Vigrid ("battle shaker") were the last battle will be fought. Odin will engage Fenrir in battle, and Thor will attack Jormungand. Thor will be victorious, but the serpent's poison will gradually kill the god of thunder. Surt will seek out the swordless Freyr, who will quickly succumb to the giant. The one-handed Tyr will fight the monstrous hound Garm and they will kill each other. Loki and Heimdall, age-old enemies, will meet for a final time, and neither will survive their encounter. The fight between Odin and Fenrir will rage for a long time, but finally Fenrir will seize Odin, and swallow him. Odin's son Vidar will at once leap towards the wolf, and kill him with his bear hands, ripping the wolf's jaws apart. Then Surt will fling fire in every direction. The nine worlds will burn, and friends and foes alike will perish. The earth will sink into the sea. After the destruction, a new and idyllic world will arise from the sea and this new earth is filled with abundant supplies. Some of the gods will survive, others will be reborn. Wickedness and misery will no longer exist and gods and men will live happily together. The descendants of Lif and Liftrasir will inhabit this earth.

...... St. Francis of Assisi (1181-1226)

Founder of the Franciscan Order, born Assisi in Umbria, Italy: "There will be an uncanonically elected pope who will cause a great schism, there will be diverse thoughts preached which will cause many, even those in the different orders to doubt, yea, even agree with those heretics which will cause my Orders to divide, then there will be such universal dissensions and persecutions that if those days were not shortened, even the elect would be lost."

...... Caesarius Heisterbach of Prum (1170-1240)

Born of the noble family Milendonk. At the beginning of the 13th Century he entered the Monestery of Prum where in 1212 he was elected abbot, to succeed Gerard of Vianden. Prum was then one of the richest Monesteries in Europe, with large estates scattered over Germany, France, and the Nethelands. After five years Caesarius resigned his abbatial dignity and became a humble Monk at the flourishing Cistercian monastery of Heisterbach. "Many and terrible signs will appear in the sky, the sun will darken and will show itself bloody-red. One will able to see two moons at the same time for four hours long one, surrounded by amazing things."..."There will be no Pope, and the air will be as a pestilence, destroying men and beasts alike. Not since the creation of the world has one experienced such misfortune."(Dialogus magnus visionum atque miraculorum, Libri XII).

...... Johannes Friede (1204-1257)

Austrian monk : When the great time will come, in which mankind will face its last, hard trial, it will be foreshadowed by striking changes in nature. The alteration between cold and heat will become more intensive, storms will have more catastrophic effects, earthquakes will destroy great regions, and the seas will overflow many lowlands. Not all of it will be the result of natural causes, but mankind will penetrate into the bowels of the earth and will reach into the clouds, gambling with its own existence. Before the powers of destruction will succeed in their design, the universe will be thrown into disorder, and the age of iron will plunge into nothingness. When nights will be filled with more intensive cold and days with heat, a new life will begin in nature. The heat means radiation from the earth, the cold the waning light of the sun. Only a few years more and you will become aware that sunlight has grown perceptibly weaker. When even your artificial light will cease to give service, the great event in the heavens will be near."The nebula of the Greater Bear will arrive in the vicinity of earth... and will fill the space of five hundred suns at the horizon. It will more and more cover up the light of the sun until the days will be like nights at full moon. The illumination will not come from the moon, but from Orion, which constellation, by the light of Jupiter, will send forth its rays on the Greater Bear and will dissolve its nebula with the force of light.

"By this time mankind will be stricken with terror. Birds will be like reptiles and will not use their wings. Animals of the ground, in fear and alarm, will raise such a clamor that it will make human hearts tremble. Men will flee their abodes in order not to see the weird occurrence. Finally, complete darkness will set in and last for three days and three nights.

"During this time, men, deprived of the power of light, will fall into a slumber-like sleep from which many will not awaken, especially those who have no spark of spiritual life. When the sun will again rise and emerge, earth will be covered with a blanket of ashes like snow in winter, except that the ashes will have the color of sulfur. Damp fog will ascend from the ground, illuminated by igneous gases.

"Of mankind there will be more dead than there have been casualties in all wars. In the abodes of the children of light, the Book of Revelations will be read, and in the palaces of the Church they will await the arrival of the great comet. On the seventh day after the return of light, earth will have absorbed the ashes and formed such a fertility as has not been experienced ever before. But Orion will cast its ray on the earth and show a path toward the last resting place of the greatest and most eminent man who had ever lived on the earth. The survivors will proclaim his ancient doctrine in peace and will institute the millennium, announced by the Messiah in the light of true brotherly and sisterly love for the glory of the Creator and for the blessedness of all mankind."

...... St Thomas Aquinas (1225-74)

Philosopher, Theologian. Born at Rocca Secca in the Kingdom of Naples.:"Although men be terrified by the signs appearing about the judgment day, yet before those signs begin to appear the wicked will think themselves to be in peace and security after the death of Antichrist and before the coming of Christ, seeing that the world is not at once destroyed as they thought hitherto." (Summa,  Sup. 73:1) ...... (Antichrist miracles may be) said to be real just as Pharaoh's magicians made real frogs, but they will not be real miracles because they will be done by the power of natural causes." (Summa II-II:178:1)

...... Nichiren (1222-82)

Early Japanese religious teacher who established a Buddhist sect. - When, at a certain future time, the union of the state law and the Buddhist Truth shall be established, and the harmony between the two completed, both sovereign and subjects will faithfully adhere to the Great Mysteries. Then the golden age, such as were the ages under the reign of the sage kings of old, will be realized in these days of degeneration and corruption, in the time of the Latter Law. Then the establishment of the Holy See will be completed, by imperial grant and the edict of the Dictator, at a spot comparable in its excellence with the Paradise of Vulture Peak. We have only to wait for the coming of the time. Then the moral law (kaiho) will be achieved in the actual life of mankind. The Holy See will be the seat where all men of the three countries [India, China and Japan] and the whole jambudvipa [world] will be initiated into the mysteries of confession and expiation; and even the great deities, Brahma and Indra, will come down into the sanctuary and participate in the initiation. Masahara Anesaki, Nichiren, the Buddhist Prophet (Cambridge, Mass., 1916), p. 110, as quoted in Wm. Theodore de Bary (ed.), Sources of Japanese Tradition (New York: Columbia University Press, 1958), P. 230

...... Agathanghelos (b. 1279)

Ieronymos Agathanghelos Born Rhodes, Greece. Priest and monk who lived in a Cenobitic monastery for 51 years. By his own testimony, he states that in his 79th year of age, he was at Messina of Sicily, where, at dawn on the 1st Sunday of Lent he experienced a majestic vision by which many future events were foretold to him :

Introduction to the Prophecies of Agathanghelos : "Oh, Agathanghelos, servant of the Lord, add the following prophecy to those by other prophets, observe carefully the visions of Ezekiel, of Isaiah, and realize what parts are missing from chapters 38 and 39 of Ezekiel, that they may become completed, for these events will happen at the same time; following this, add this complete prophecy to the one by the son of Zebedee and compare your apocalypse with the ones by the aforementioned prophets; what they saw and said and wrote about for the benefit of the Hebrews; therefore, you too, do the same for the sake of the Christian peoples, whom He purchased with His own blood, so that the new ordering of (all these prophecies) opens your eyes and instructs you to the effect that you entertain no more doubts concerning the future."

Punishment of the Byzantines : "Son of man, read the Divine Resolution and judgement against the sinfulness of the people of God. And know exactly that the sin of so ungrateful a people shouts before the throne of God, and on account of this sin God feels pressed to chastise this people."

The Fall Of Constantinople : "A Constantine began, and a Constantine shall lose the Byzantine kingdom of the East. Son of man, begin counting from the first Constantine until the twelfth number of the same name, and you will find out the number (year) in which this will come to pass. God has decided, and the fixed Divine Resolution, ascertained to be genuine, shall remain irremovable. It will be fulfilled during the fourth hundred of years (after the year 1000), from the fifty second to the fifty third, in which year the vast kingdom shall fall into the hands of the Saracenes. And the houses will become spoiled, the holy churches will become profaned and the believers persecuted until the eighteenth century decisively; because God wants that the people should learn His justice and feel the weight of His omnipotent hand, and repent and return to Him, and then become spiritually able and well acceptable. And in the manner the Jewish people were subjects of Nebuchadnezzar, so will this people be subjects to the impious Agarenes until the determined time, and they will remain captives under the yokeuntil the approximate completion of a fourth hundred of years."

Napoleon's fall in Russia : " But, Oh Frenchmen, where are you going? The new King leads you to the slaughterhouse, and you, like cruel victims and hungry wolves, shall leave your lives upon the high mountains, and your enterprises shall manifestly be abandoned"

 Re-emergence of Byzantium : "But you, son of man, do not fear. For it shall return to innovation toward My Divine mercy and grace. For you shall be more glorious than you were before, and under the command of this worldly power which will be eventually demolished at some future time, God again is going to conquer and submit countless new nations and most of the original ones."

Russia : "Oh, Russia, come on, wake up from your sleep! Behold, your most technically advanced military instruments are filling the air with melodies! Oh, sister of mine, go on, join your voice to mine and defend and advocate the eternal truth emanating from Him; because it was in you that the sign of such a luminous glory was kept alive."

"All the nations of Europe will be armed against Russia. The Tzar will summon all his European and Asiatic peoples. The belligerents will meet in an immensely wide plain where a terrific battle will be fought and will last eight days. The result of the terrific battle will be a victory of the West over the Russians."

Great Monarch or Great Hierarch of the Church : "The King, son, shall not come from Alexander or from Augustus"

Prophecies of Numbers : "Son of Man, unite the fifty-first to the thirty-fourth, and you shall see the perfect reckoning. Far be it, that Byzantium's greatly afflicted and utterly grieved blood should merge and co-exist "

"Son of man, join the fifty-first and second to the thirty-fourth. Then know the constant happiness for you and for yours, which the Saint among the saints has offered you"

"And the fifty one, with Christ's victorious sign, shall again shine in Byzantium, and shall wipe out Ismael's power. And then, in an unheard-of war cry in the west he shall adjudge the empire to Pavaros; he shall send High Priests bound up away from their thrones, and shall dethrone over three of them, and give their insignia to their sons and brothers, to avenge the insultive rejection-of-truth against the Faith of God and the Church."

Golden Tenth Number : "The terrible century shall forward the golden-tenth number. Then honey and milk will flow in everything, the sea storms shall cease, and for full fifty years shall peace reign. Truth shall triumph, and the sky shall rejoice in true glory. The Orthodox Faith shall be uplifted, and shall spring from East to West in order to be blessed and praised. The barbarians shall be overcome with fright and, wholly trembling, shall headlong flee speedily, abandoning the world's metropolis (Constantinople), then God shall be glorified, and man shall see the works of His omnipotence. Let it be so, and it shall be so, Amen"

"The golden number made up of a single syllable analyses the term; peace will be seen on earth; peace will be seen on earth; the decline of those from Agar follows; then the Apostolic Church shall triumph"

"And after that (war), from the paternal nests I will lead you to self-sufficiency"

"The terrible age approaches the golden number related to '10'. After honey and milk will flow everywhere, the anxieties and troubles will come to an end, and for fifty full years peace will reign upon the world; the truth will triumph, and the heavens will rejoice with true glory; the Orthodox Faith will be elevated and it will expand from East to West and will be glorified. The barbarians will shake and tremble and will depart in haste leaving the metropolis of the world. God will then be glorified and the humans the works of His omnipotence. This is how it should be and this is how it will be, amen.

The monosyllabic golden number dilutes the confines (or decomposes limits); peace will become manifest upon the earth; the destruction of the offspring of Agar will ensue; following that, will come the triumph of the Apostolic Church. The end of sorrows is promised to commence in 55 years; on the seventh (day) there will be no more exiles, no more wretched people. And following that, after you returned to the nests of you forefathers, I will lead you to self-sufficiency."

Three Year Woe : "The three year woe offers calmness, and, to you, the cessation of the terminated evils "

Germany : "But you Germany, be informed that one of your sons of the same blood turns against you, casts away in abhorrence the Latin dogma and becomes the Head of Heretics. I see our friends dispossessed, introducing so many novel heresies as there are shades on the wings of the white swan. I see the religious holidays pushed aside, the faith crippled and limping, your Church without a leader, like a tiny vessel without a rudder and a captain, and your faith without (spiritual) foundations. Terrible is the corpse, oh God! But you, son of man, you do have reason to feel amazed, because it is precisely from this very heretical Germany, and through her doings that the truth and the veritable worship of the Orthodox faith will be extolled at some future time. It is precisely Germany which, more than any other race, will support most firmly the Apostolic truth. The Eastern dogma will shine through Germany."

"Germany, Germany alas Germany! Because I see you in disagreement and divided and full of enmity. Number S upon you shall destroy the Roman haughtiness"

A prediction on the False Peace : "All of you consider it a good idea to draw up peace treaties but you are laboring in vain. I introduce a brief suspension of hostilities, (a brief truce) and I do not think about a true peace. Mars is threatening with a terrible destruction, the people will think that the end of the world will arrive soon."

On the Fate of the City of Rome : "O vain city! Rome, you have been painted in human blood; your kings shed torrents of blood through the martyrdom of the just, and Christ's believers ran like herds to become victims in the slaughter house. Where is your devoutness now? Where is your zeal? God has abandoned you, Christ rejects you, and the Devil shall conquer you; he is arrogant as you are, and a liar. You have become his conquest, daughter and concubine. For that reason, O lewd woman, you will utterly make a prostitute of yourself, and the East will humble you and you will be her captive and subdued to her, O infernal monster. Your royal purple shall be torn asunder by them, and the tiara shall be rejected under their feet. Because you have hidden Truth the eternal, and have colored it in falsehood. You have despised my Sanctity that I founded in the East, you have turned to the wineshop of perdition and to the robbers' den, you have inserted novelties in man's Faith and made my Church bankrupt. Yes, a stone upon a stone shall not remain in your walls, and you shall be as desolate as the holy town of David.. The East will shine at you, and you shall be tested through fire and (thus) be a corner stone. She (the East) will humble your arrogant neck. Most deeply doing homage, you shall go to worship (the genuine Faith) together with the conqueror of my Sanctuary in Byzantium, amen. amen. A link of hard iron will go through the tiny isthmus of your nostrils, and your unholy lip will drop disastrous poison. You, viper…hydra with seven heads, Babylonian tower, the Eternal Being shall defeat and evict you and put you to death".

Alternative translation -: "O, vainglorious town (Rome). Anyway you are painted in human blood; your kings shed torrents of blood through the martyrdom of the just, and Christ's believers ran like herds to become victims in the slaughter house. Where is your devoutness now? Where is your zeal? God has abandoned you, Christ rejects you, and the Devil shall conquer you; he is arrogant as you are, and a liar. You have become his conquest, daughter and concubine. For that reason, 0 lewd woman, you will utterly make a prostitute of yourself, and the East will humble you and you will be her captive and subdued to her, O infernal monster. Your royal purple shall be torn asunder by them, and the tiara shall be rejected under their feet. Because you have hidden Truth the eternal, and have colored it in falsehood. You have despised my Sanctity that I founded in the East, you have turned to the wineshop of perdition and to the robbers' den, you have inserted novelties in man's Faith and made my Church bankrupt. Yes, a stone upon a stone shall not remain in your walls, and you shall be as desolate as the holy town of David(,,). The East will shine at you, and you shall be tested through fire and (thus) be a corner stone. She (the East) will humble your arrogant neck. Most deeply doing homage, you shall go to worship (the genuine Faith) together with the conqueror of my Sanctuary in Byzantium, amen. amen. A link of hard iron will go through the tiny isthmus of your nostrils, and your unholy lip will drop disastrous poison. As it appears from these words, Rome will be destroyed "as the holy town of David was", that is, as Jerusalem was. But it will be rebuilt and will be a cornerstone for the Orthodox Church."

Final Prophecy : "The Devil's impious school, which seems holy to the people, behold, the whole of it shall pass away entirely; and then a super-brilliant and harmoniously arrayed army of Providence shall dawn upon the world, as spiritually…And behold, a Triangular stone (symbolizing the true Triune God) rejected by the builders has become a top cornerstone…. You, poor and destitute people! Exalt the name of God our Lord, sing to the Great King of the ages, glorify Him, come O come, devout nation. And sing, you too, inventors of perverted heresies, sing to the Lord, because He is Benevolent, because His Mercy is eternal. Amen: And behold, an immense multitude of Heaven's army took with them the Great Dragon and bound him up with fearful series of rope and threw him into the Tartarus of the burning furnace."

...... Roger Bacon (1214-1294)

Philosopher, surnamed DOCTOR MIRABILIS, b. at Ilchester, Somersetshire, England: "There shall arise a righteous true and holy priest to reform the Church. The Greeks will return, the Tartars will be converted, the Saracens destroyed, there will be one fold and one shepherd."

...... St Mechtilde of Helfta (1241-1298)

Benedictine nun: Both (Enoch and Elias) are in paradise living in Blessed happiness. An angel will lead Enoch and Elias out of paradise. The transparency and bliss which their bodies possessed there will then dissapear...As soon as they behold the earth they will become afriad, just as people do who when they first behold the sea do not know jow they will be able to traverse it. They will appear as preachers when the majority of the good have died as martyrs and for a long time will comfort the people.  Enoch and Elias will force antichrist to a show down; they will tell men who he is and through whose power he is working miracles. Then many men and women who had previously followed antichrist will be converted.

 They will be clad in a double garment, the undergarment white and the outer one red and fastened with a girdle. Their beards and hair will be unshorn. They will go barefooted except in winter when they will wear sandals (red) with white thongs. They will have no possessions and will not be allowed to have gold or silver. Each of them will bear at all times a staff which will be painted white and red and which will have a crook a span long. One one side of the staff will be portayed the passion of Christ and on the other side His ascension into heaven. No member of this order shall be younger than 24 years old. They will be priests, confessors and good preachers.

 "After the two prophets, (Henoch and Elias) are killed the greatest power on earth will be given to Antichrist.  Then they will set up cauldrons on the streets with boiling contents, and drive the men who are known as Christians, and their wives and children, there, to choose either to profess in the Deity of Antichrist and thereby to keep their family and be rewarded with riches and a home, or to profess the Christian faith, and thereby, death in the boiling cauldron.  Thereupon the women and their children, who will choose to die for love of Jesus, will be thrown into a pit of fire covered with wood and straw and burnt.

 Both men are in Paradises living in bliss and eating the same foods which once Adam had eaten.  They, too, must shun, in obedience to God, the same tree from which Adam and Eve were not to eat.  This tree is not large; its fruit looks very nice and lovely like a rose, in the interior, however, it is sour by nature whereby is indicated the bitter evil of sin.  God has forbidden this fruit because it is very harmful to men and is even now regarded as poison.  An angel will accompany Henoch and Elias from Paradise.  The clearness and bliss which surrounded their bodies will then disappear and they will receive again the terrestrial appearance and will become mortal beings.  As soon as they will see the earth they will be frightened like people who see the ocean and do not know how they can cross it.  They will eat honey and figs and drink water mixed with wine while their spirit will be nourished by God.  They will appear as preachers in the last time of misery when most of the good men have already died as martyrs, and they will console the people for a long time yet.  Henoch and Elias will close in on the Antichrist; they will tell the people who he is, by whose power he works miracles, in which way he came into the world and what will be his end.  Then many a man and woman will be converted.

  Henoch and Elias will expose the devilish trickery of Antichrist to the people.  As a consequence he will put them todeath.  For three and one-half days their bodies will be exposed to insults and the followers of Antichrist will presume that all danger is now past, but suddenly the bodies of the two prophets will move, rise and gaze on the crowd and begin to praise God.  A great earthquake, similar to that at Christ's resurrection, will take place: Jerusalem will be partially destroyed and thousands killed.  Then a voice from heaven will call out "Ascend," whereupon the prophets will ascend into heaven, resulting in the conversion of many.  Antichrist will reign thirty days after their ascension." 

...... Abbot Hermann of Lehnin (d.1300)

"Vaticinium Lehninense", supposed to have been written in the thirteenth or fourteenth century by a monk named Hermann. Manuscripts of the prophecy, which was first printed in 1722. exist in Berlin, Dresden, Breslau, and Göttingen.Unmasked as a fraud by Pastor Weiss, who proved in his "Vaticinium Germanicum" (Berlin, 1746) the pseudo-prophecy was really written between 1688 and 1700.:"Towards the end of the world Israel will commit a terrible crime for which it will suffer death."..." the Shepherd recovers his flock and the people their King. An era of prosperity follows."

...... St. Gertrude, (b.? d.1302)

Born at Eisleben in Saxony - cloistered mystic: "The love of the Incarnate Word as exemplified by His Divine Heart is reserved for the last ages to be made known; so that the world, carried away by follies, may regain a little of the warmth of early Christian Charity by learning of the love of the Sacred Heart."

...... Prophecy of Orval, (13th Century)

"Howl, ye sons of Brutus.' Call upon you the wild beasts, which are ready to devour you. God alone is great! What booming of arms! There is not yet a full number of moons, and, behold, many warriors are coming. What fire goes together with his arrows! Ten times six moons, and again six times ten moons have nourished his wrath. Woes to thee, populous city ! Behold kings armed by the Lord! . . . But fire hath already burned thee to the ground. . . . Thy just ones, however, shall not perish; God has heard them; the place of wickedness is purged by fire; the ample river has carried to the sea its waters all red with blood."......"It is finished. The mountain of God desolated has cried to God, the children of Juda have invoked God from a strange land, and behold, God is no longer deaf. France, that appeared disintegrated, is on the point of being united. God loves peace. Come, young Prince, leave the Island of Captivity. Join the lion to the white flower. Come. God wills what has been foreseen. The ancient blood of centuries will also put an end to long divisions. Then shall be seen in France one shepherd only."....."The powerful man, assisted by God, will establish himself well. Many wise laws shall restore peace. The scion of Capet will be so prudent and wise that all men will believe God to be with him. Thanks to the Father of mercies, the Holy Sion sings again in the temples, One only God. Many poor wandering sheep shall come to drink of the living spring of truth and grace. Three princes and kings shall throw off the garb of error, and will see clearly in the faith of God. At this time two-thirds of a great nation of the sea shall return to the true faith.."

...... Thomas the Rhymer:Thomas of Erceldoune (1300s)

scottish seer:"Tide, tide, whate'er betide, There'll aye be Haigs at Bemersyde" Bemersyde, a scottish castle was presented by the English nation to Earl Haig who was related to the original Haigs. (British Library MS Harley 2253 fol. 127r)

La countesse de Donbar demanda a Thomas de Essedoune quant la guere descoce prendreit fyn e yl la respoundy e dyt: (see note)

When man as mad a kyng of a capped man; a fool has been made a king; (see note)

When mon is levere othermones thyng then is owen; 1 When [a] man would rather have the goods of another than his own

When Londyon ys forest, ant forest ys felde; and; field; (see note)

When hares kendles o the herston; give birth; hearthstone

5 When wyt and wille werres togedere; war against one another

When mon makes stables of kyrkes, and steles castles wyth styes; 2 When men make stables out of churches, and capture castles with ladders

When Rokesbourh nys no burgh ant market is at Forweleye; 3 Roxburgh; city

When the alde is gan ant the newe is come that don notht; 4 old; gone; nothing

When Bambourne is donged wyth dede men; Bannockburn; manured; dead; (see note)

10 When men ledes men in ropes to buyen and to sellen;

When a quarter of whaty whete is chaunged for a colt of ten markes; 5 When a quarter of moldy (?) wheat is exchanged for a colt of ten marks

When prude prikes and pees is leyd in prisoun; pride gallops; peace

When a Scot ne may hym hude ase hare in forme that the Englysshe 6 When a Scot may not hide like a hare in its lair so that the English can't find him

ne shal hym fynde;

When rytht ant wrong ascenteth to-gedere; conspire

15 When laddes weddeth lovedis; churls wed ladies; (see note)

When Scottes flen so faste that for faute of ship hy drouneth hem-selve: 7 When Scots flee so fast that for lack of a ship they drown themselves

Whenne shal this be? Nouther in thine tyme ne in myne. shall; Neither

Ah comen and gon with-inne twenty wynter ant on. But [this] shall come to pass


Headnote: French reads, "The countess of Dunbar asked Thomas of Erceldoune when the Scots war should come to an end, and he replied and said." The Countess of Dunbar is probably Marjory, who surrendered Dunbar castle in 1296 (Turville-Petre). Both John Pinkerton and Sir Walter Scott believed that this Countess of Dunbar was Black Agnes, sister of Robert the Steward, who stoutly defended Dunbar castle in 1337 and of whom the Earl of Salisbury is reported to have said, when he besieged her castle for six months: "Came I early, came I late, I found Agnes at the gate." The poem and manuscript, however, were probably composed before Black Agnes's legendary defense.

1 When man. Murray translates: "When people have (man has) made a king of a capped man"; perhaps an allusion to Edward II. This line, and the poem's concept generally, anticipates Shakespeare's King Lear, especially the Fool's speech in III.ii (on which see The Prophecy of Merlin [Dublin MS], line 5 and note). Brandl puts quotation marks around lines 1-16, as if spoken by Thomas; 17a, by the Countess of Dunbar; and 17b-18, by Thomas.

3 Londyon. MS londyonus or loudyonys; Brandl Londyon; Turville-Petre Loudyon. This line may refer to Loudon Hill (Lothian) and its battle, 1307, when Robert Bruce defeated Aymer de Valence. Or it may refer to the city of London.

7 Rokesbourh. Roxburgh, one of the four boroughs of Scotland, which has a famous castle. Forweleye. MS and RHR fforweleye; Murray and Brandl Forwyleye. This place name has not been identified.

8 don notht. MS and RHR don no<thorn>t; Murray don (or dou) no<thorn>t; Brandl dou no<thorn>t.

9 Bambourne. The battle of Bannockburn, 1314, a stunning defeat for the English. Murray argues that the poem may have been composed "on the eve of the Battle of Bannockburn, and circulated under Thomas's name, in order to discourage the Scots and encourage the English in the battle" (EETS 61: xix). Murray also observes that "twenty wynter ant on" prior to 1314 was 1293, when Thomas was "still alive" (p. xix).

13 When a Scot. The syntax is difficult. Murray translates: "When a Scot cannot hide like a hare in form that the English shall not find him" (p. lxxxvi). The Scots were notorious for their abilities to vanish in battle and to escape detection. Brandl emends forme to forwe and reads sal for shal. See also Wynnere and Wastoure lines 12-13:

When wawes waxen schall wilde and walles bene doun,

And hares appon herthe-stones schall hurcle in hire fourme . . . .

For the text see Wynnere and Wastoure, ed. Warren Ginsberg (Kalamazoo: Medieval Institute Publications, 1992), p. 13.

15 When laddes weddeth lovedis. Social climbing was a common complaint in "Abuses of the Age" poetry. See also Ercyldoun's Prophecy, line 7; Piers the Plowman's Crede, lines 748-49 note; The Plowman's Tale, lines 301-08; and Wynnere and Wastoure, lines 14-15:

And eke boyes of blode with boste and with pryde

Schall wedde ladyes in londe and lede hem at will . . . .

Thomas Bestul comments: "The poet's disgust in Wynnere and Wastoure at men of inferior birth who marry their betters is a frequent topic of complaint, but the Harley prophecy (and other examples) show that it is expressed in the conventional diction of political prophecy" (Satire and Allegory in Wynnere and Wastoure [Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 1974], p.61).

...... Brother John of the Cleft Rock (d.1340)

"Towards the end of the world, tyrants and hostile mobs will rob the Church and the clergy of all their possessions and will afflict and martyr them. Those who heap the most abuse upon them will be held in high esteem." ..."At that time, the Pope with his cardinals will have to flee Rome in tragic circumstances to a place where they will be unknown. The Pope will die a cruel death in his exile. The sufferings of the Church will be much greater than at any previous time in her history.

"All kingdoms will have to unite in the fight since the Cock, the Leopard, and the White Eagle will not be able to overcome the Black Eagle, unless aided by the prayers and vows of all mankind. The Black Eagle will attack the Cock which will lose many of his feathers, but will strike heroically with its spurs - it would soon be exhausted were it not for the help of the Leopard and its claws. The Black Eagle from the land of Luther will surprise the Cock from another side and will invade half of the land of the Cock. The White Eagle coming from the North will attack the Black Eagle; and the other Eagle will invade his land from one end to the other.

"The Black Eagle will find himself compelled to let the Cock go in order to fight the White Eagle, but the White Eagle and the Cock will pursue the Black Eagle into his own land, thus helping the White Eagle.The battles waged until then will be trifling to those that will take place in the land of Luther because the seven angels simultaneously pour fire from their censors on the impious land of Luther.

"When the Beast sees that he is lost he will become furious - it is ordained that for several months the beak of the White Eagle, the claws of the Leopard, and the spurs of the Cock must tear his vitals.Rivers will be forded over masses of dead bodies: in some places this will change the course of waters - only the great will receive burial for the carnage caused by firearms will but be added to the numberless dead due to famine and plague.

"The Black Eagle will ask for peace again and again, but the seven angels who preceded the three animals have declared that victory must involve the absolute crushing of the Black Eagle. As a consequence, the executors of the justice of the Lamb cannot stop the fighting as long as the Black Eagle has a soldier left to defend him. This ruthless sentence of the Lamb against the Black Eagle is because he has claimed to be a Christian and to be acting in the name of God - hence if he did not perish the fruit of the Redemption would be lost and the gates of Hell prevail against the Saviour.

"It is obvious that this combat, which will be fought where the Black Eagle forges his arms is no human contest...

"The three animals will exter-minate the Black Eagle's last army, but the battlefield will become a funeral pyre larger than the greatest cities with the corpses changing the very landscape. The Black Eagle will lose his crown and will die abandoned and insane - his Empire will be divided into twenty two states with neither fortifications, army nor navy."

"The White Eagle, by order of the Archangel Michael, will drive the crescent from Europe where none but Christians will remain - he himself will rule from Constantinople. An era of peace and prosperity will begin for the world. There will no longer be Protestants or Schismatics; the Lamb will reign and the bliss of the human race will begin. Happy will they be who have escaped the perils of that terrible time, for they can taste of its fruit through the reign of the Holy Spirit and the sanctification of mankind, which can he accomplished only after the defeat of the Black Eagle.

"God will raise up a holy Pope over whom the angels will rejoice. Enlightened by God, this man will re- construct almost the entire world through his holiness and lead all to the true faith, and everywhere fear of God, virtue, and good morals will be dominant. He will lead all erring sheep back to the fold, and there shall be only one faith, one law, one rule of life, one baptism on earth. All men will love each other and do good, and all quarrels and war will disappear."

...... Richard Rolle of Hampole (1300-1349)

Solitary and writer, b. at Thornton, Yorkshire; d. at Hampole "There will be a general defection from the Church near the end of the world, especially regarding obedience to Her."

...... St. Bridget of Sweden (Birgitta) (1303-1373)

Swedish Visionary-"The son of man, the parvenu of the sea, shall be most invincible in war and shall subdue all Germany. The great house shall almost be pulled down. At last the Eagle will come from the North to the West, and shall, together with her children, be surrounded by the towers of Spain and they will raise Germany up again. The Eagle will also invade Mahometan countries and will carry the admirable sign in the land of promise. Peace and abundance shall return to the world."..."This most unhappy war shall end when an emperor of Spanish origin will be elected, who will, in a wonderful manner, be victorious through the sign of the Cross. He shall destroy the Jewish and the Mahometan sects: he will restore the church of Santa Sophia, and all the earth shall enjoy peace and prosperity; and new cities will be erected in many places."......"Let the Greeks know that their empire, their kingdoms, or dominions, shall never be secure or in settled peace, but will always be held in subjection by their enemies, from whom they shall have to suffer most grievous hardships and constant distresses: until, with true humility and good will, they shall have devoutly submitted themselves to the Church of Rome and to her faith, conforming themselves entirely to the holy ordinances and rites of that Church."....."When the Feast of St. Mark shall fall on Easter, the Feast of St. Anthony on Pentecost, and that of St. John on Corpus Christi, the whole world shall cry, Woe!"......."The time of Antichrist will be near when the measure of in justice will overflow and when wickedness has grown to immense proportions, when the Christians love heresies and the unjust trample underfoot the servants of God.At the end of this age, the Antichrist will be born. As Christ was born from the highest type of womanhood so Antichrist will be born from the lowest [prostitute]. He will be a child-wonder at birth. His mother will be an accursed woman, who will pretend to be well-informed in spiritual things, and his father will be an accursed man, from the seed of whom the devil shall form his work. The time of this Antichrist, well-known to me, will come when iniquity and impiety shall above measure abound, when injustice shall have filled the measure to overflowing, and wickedness shall have grown to immeasurable proportions.... He will reign during three years, and shall have dominion over the whole earth.... In the year 1980 the wicked shall prevail."

...... St. Cathrine of Siena (1347-1380)

Dominican tertiary mystic:The bride now all deformed and clothed in rags, will then gleam with beauty and jewels and crowned with the diadem of all virtue. All believing nations will rejoice and have such excellent and holy shepherds, and the unbelieving world attracted by the glory of the Church, will be converted to her.

...... Deshin Shegpa / 5th Karmapa (1384-1415)

During his lifetime, the Sakyamuni Buddha predicted there would come into being a lineage of fully realized teachers who would be known as the Karmapas. The Karmapas would continue their enlightened activity on behalf of all beings until the Buddhist teachings were no longer needed in this world.The Karmapas are revered as being the manifestation of all the Buddhas' enlightened activity. Their presence in the world over the past eight centuries has been the most perfect example of three points quintessential to Buddhism, known generally as basis, path and fruition.Uniquely each Karmapa, before he dies, leaves behind a letter foretelling the exact circumstances of his next rebirth. Deshin Shegpa - After the 16th in the rosary of Karmapa before the 17th, an incarnation of a demon one spoken of as relation will arise in this seat, Sacho By the power of the person's perverted aspirations. The Karmapa lineage will be near destruction. At that time, one having true aspirations from previous life. A heart emanation of Padmasambhava, from the Western direction (with Lhasa as the Center). One with a necklace of moles, fierce and wrathful Whose mouth speaks wrathful speech, Having dark maroon colour and eyes protruding (the colour of the wrathful aspect of Padmasambhava). This one will subdue the incarnation of the samaya breaker, He will protect Tibet and Kham for a while. At that time happiness, like beholding the sun In this Tibet will occur, I think. Without this even if karmically virtuous ones come The dharma will wane downwards. As fruit of the negative aspirations of the demon. It will be difficult for happiness to arise. From the inside the king of the centre will be defiled The emanation of demon, an officer of high rank. (also minister). Coming from Kong. Will disturb the centre and destroy the centre's domain (Also territory, kingdom). Many outsiders not existing before (not on the scene before). (Not knowing) what has arisen, will conceal (The meaning is clearer if the line following it is taken in context). The beings of the degenerate times, will be seduced by the demon (also duped). Not having faith in Dharma, will become full of suffering. Upper, lower and middle, in all three regions. Blood of disturbances and arguments will rain. From quarrels, disturbances and debates. There will be no place of peace even for a while. Except for this very tormented fetters (fetters, bonds, whether material or moral). There is no liberty. Three precious ones, the three roots and the Dharma protectors. It is not that they don't have compassion. Due to the Karma of beings and the power of aspirations of the demon. A time will arrive of a downward decrease. At that time the Secret Lineage Dharma. Will have more power and bring swift blessings.

...... Telesphorus de Cosenza (d.1388)

(THEOPHORUS, THEOLOPHORUS). A name assumed by one of the pseudo-prophets during the time of the Great Schism. He claimed that he was born at Cosenza and lived as a hermit near the site of the ancient Thebes., His book of predictions on the schism was the most popular of the numerous prophetic treatises that were spread broadcast by the many self-constituted prophets of that period. More than twenty manuscripts of it are still extant, and it first appeared in print with various interpolations: "Liber de magnis tribulationibus in proximo futuris, etc." (Venice, 1516). The work was originally compiled about 1386 from the writings of Joachim of Flora, John of Roquetaillande, the "Cyrillic Prophecy", and other apocalyptic treatises whose authors are mentioned in the dedicatory preface addressed to Antoniotto Adorno, the Doge of Venice. Its chief prophecies are: the schism will end in 1393 at Perugia, where the antipope and his followers will be punished; a short period of peace will follow, whereupon the Emperor Frederick III with three antipopes will inaugurate a cruel persecution of the clergy, who will be deprived of all their temporalities; King Charles of France will be imprisoned, but miraculously liberated; the "Angelic Pastor" will ascend the papal throne; under his pontificate, the clergy will voluntarily renounce their temporal possessions and a general council will legislate that the income of the clergy is limited to what is necessary for a decent livelihood; the "Angelic Pastor" will take from the German electors the right to elected the emperor, he will crown the French King Charles emperor, and restore the Church to its original poverty and service of God; finally, the pope and the emperor will undertake a crusade, regain the Holy Land, and bring the Jews, Greeks, and infidels back to Christ. A refutation of these prophecies, written by the German theologian Henry of Langenstein, is printed in Pez. "Thesaurus Anecdotorum Noviss," I, II, (Augsburg, 1721-9), 507-64

"A powerful French monarch and French Pope will regain the holy land after terrible wars in Europe, convert the world and bring universal peace. They will overcome the German Ruler."... "Terrible wars among nations of Europe will follow the secularization of Church property."

...... Cycil the Hermit (14th century)

"A German ruler will persecute priests and monks and do much harm to the Church."

...... Dolciano (14th century)

"Under a Holy Pope there will be universal conversion."

...... Monastery of Neamt, Romania. (14th century)

"Unknown diseases and plagues will accompany the end of the Millennium, because the last beast will liberate gold and poison... and the gold will produce despair, while the poison will produce death. In the time of the seventh seal, the earth will be an abandoned factory of poisons. And the few wise men that will remain, will not be able to make another thing but to invoke the anger of God, so that the impious beast which will have destroyed the life be destroyed".

...... The blind young man from Prague (14th century)

"Everything will come in such a way, because the humans will leave God, and God will leave and purify them. When they think to be supposed to copy God creation the end is there. When does it happen? It will last for a long time and still much water will go down the Moldau. But when it comes, it will happen like a lightning into the anthill, and it will also not forget the shepherds."....."A new war will break out, this will be the shortest. The people will destroy the world and the world will destroy the people. The revenge comes from across the large water. From across the large water the war will come, and the iron horses will destroy the Bohemian earth."..."It does not last longer than one needs to say Amen. The wild hunt roars over the earth. The deathbirds cry in the sky. O you powerful and enormous, you will be smaller than the poor shepherd."...."A sun will fall and the earth will tremble."....."The people in Bohemian will be destroyed by the war, and everything in the country will be buried. Twice the Bohemian land will be sieved: the second time only as much Czechs will remain as there is place on one hand. But there won't be rather peace in Europe, before Prague is not a heap of rubble. On the cherryblossom Prague will be destroyed again. Nobody of us will know anything, and the shepherd will push his stick into the soil and will say: Here was Prague."..."When for the second time the cherries mature, the refugees from Bohemian sadly return again to their sirs, their looms and fields. But it won't be many. And these few will ask each other: Where did you hide, and where you? And the country of the Bavarian has to suffer much."...."All over the world will be a new age, which will be called the golden one."

...... Abbot Reymond ? Monastery of Sainte Claire, Perpignan, France (14th century)

"For stranger than the last times may seem, the last century of the millennium will overcome all the others. It will be similar to one car that moves with difficulty, guided by unable and servants of Satan. In that period of terror, there will be great spiritual poverty. (...) Many kings will lose the throne and some kings will recover the throne. A war will begin.. After, another war comes. and so another war. From the sky the hell will fall. In the anguish of a bad life, the man will finish poisoning everything. Poisoned clouds will cover the earth. Monstrous machines will dominate the skies. The fire will destroy many cities. The men will finish destroying each other."

...... Cardinal d'Ally (d.1414)

"If the world last until those times, which God alone knows, there will occur many great and wonderful renovations and changes in the world, especially regarding laws."

...... St. Vincent Ferrer (1350-1419)

Dominican Missionary, born in Valencia. "In the days of peace that are to come after the desolation of revolutions and wars, before the end of the world, the Christians will become so lax in their religion that they will refuse to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation, saying, 'It is an unnecessary Sacrament.'; and when the false prophet and the Anti-Christ comes, all who are not confirmed will apostatize, while those who are confirmed will stand firm in the faith, and only a few will renounce Christ

 Armies from west, east and north will fight in Italy. The Eagle (Great Monarch) will capture the false king. All the world shall be made obedient to him and a reformation will ensure throughout the world

 Now he will be a veritable man but so proud that not only will he desire to have universal dominion in the whole world but will even demand to be called a god and will insist on receiving divine worship. The first affliction to come on the world in a short space of time is the advent of the antichrist a diabolical man who will bring darkness on the whole world. Again antichrist will direct his attacks against simple folk who because their hearts are turned to Him in rectitude and intention are so pleasing to God. He will make use of magic and produce life like apparitions which afterall the merest trickery. He will bring fire down from heaven and make images speak for the demon can cause their lips to move. To all appearance he will recall the dead spirit of your father, the phantom infants will seem to speak. You must know that Antichrist will perform other prodigies by the power of demons and these will be true miracles according to the nature of things in themselves but false in regard to the definition of a miracle (i.e by the power of God). For he will cause images and babes of a month old to speak. The followers of antichrist will question these statues or babies and they will make answer concerning this lord who has come in the latter times, affirming that he is the saviour. The deil will move their lips and form the words they utter when they declare the antichrist to be the true saviour of the world and this way he will cause the destruction of many souls…Those in the 3rd category whom he will try to seduce are learned folk such as masters and doctors of civil and canon law who can argue and grasp the proof of things. Against these antichrist will weave spells of enchantments, bringing out the most subtle arguments, the most seductive reasoning, to render these learned men tongue-tied and incapable of answering. It is not difficult to understand how this is done since the demon already holds their souls in the chains of sin, for the greater their knowledge the more heavy burdened will be their consciences if theu do not live upto it. If he can hold their souls on chains it is easy for him to bind a morsel of flesh like the tongue so that they cannot speak except when and what he chooses. The remedy for this state of bondage is faith, which follows simple obediance and not argument or reasoning. Argument may be good for the strengthening of intelligence but it is not the true foundation of faith. Those whose faith rests on reason will lose it when they hear the specious reasoning of antichrist. Those on the contrary who rely on a firm belief founded on obediance will reply "away with your arguments! Such reasonings are not the grounds of my faith" The temporal lords and eccesiastical prelates for fear of losing their power or position will be on his side, since there will exist neither king nor prelate unless he wills it."

...... Fr. Jerome Votin (d.1420)

"Woe! yes, thousand times woe, to the people who rebelled against all authority, and abolished the laws; they pulled up from the root the source of their prosperity; they tore to pieces the Lily but the Eagle shall seize upon them; it shall catch and destroy its prey, said the Spirit. The earth shall be deluged with the blood of its inhabitants. Her children, armed with iron, shall perish by the sword. Her innumerable calamities, says the Lord, shall not appease my wrath. My right hand shall be lifted up against the people; the power that will oppress them shall be my instrument of indignation against them, and against other nations. This is what the Spirit says.Some time after four centuries the altars of Beelzebub shall be destroyed. The workers of iniquity shall be punished and shall perish; the heavenly dew shall fall upon the desolated earth, and over the Church afflicted. A son of royal blood shall he born from the race of Artois. He shall govern France with prudence and with honour; the spirit of God will be with him; the Spirit said so.

"Before the end of the nineteenth century, another Pastor shall rise who will lead the people in equity, and the kings in justice. He shall be honoured by princes and by the people; but before his empire is established, let those who have not bowed down before Baal fly from Babylon.Let everybody think how to save his life; for behold the time wherein the Lord will have, with the severity of His punishments, to demonstrate the multitude and enormity of the crimes with which she is defiled. The Lord will cause to revert upon that city all the evils with which she has tyrannized over others. This impious city, the ravager of nations, the executioner of her own priests, of her kings, and of her own children, has been used by the Lord as the 'hand for presenting the cup of his vengeance to all the nations of the earth. All nations have drunk the wine of her frenzy; they shall suffer the anguish of her captivity and of her barbarity.

"But on a sudden this Babylon is fallen and in her fall she is broken to pieces, said the Spirit. All this shall come to pass for the purification of the just, and for the destruction of the wicked; in order to make men honour the Church of God, and fear and serve the Lord.Such are the words which the Spirit revealed to his servant Jerome, who wrote these things by his orders, the truth of which shall, in due time, be acknowledged."

...... St. John Capestran (1385-1456)

Italain priest "There shall arise a certain grave and constant man near Aquisgrave of the Rhine; who being chosen, shall restore the Apostolic Discipline: and in the third incursion of time, shall prevail and do great things; and there shall be of his race to the day of judgment."

(On the Last Eight Popes)

The ox shall again be full of life and his trumpets shall resound with sweet lowing.

A great city beast shall succeed and devour the pastures of little ones.

He shall come from the North Wind (Aquilone), enter into the Sanctuary and the Church will renew her seed.

He shall explain the ten heads of the Dragon and he shall destroy in the Holy Land the Author of Wickedness.

The people will be dying with hunger when he is created who will divide and give to the poor.

The Tree shall give forth its fruits, but the destroying beast shall devour them.

The brightness of the exposed countenance shall be lifted, and the faces of the proud shall fall before the face of the oppressor.

There shall be signs of the sun and moon when there shall be created a man stronger than any prince, and he shall renew the face of the Church. At this time Anti-Christ shall have been trodden under foot and all the world shall enjoy the faith and peace of the Most High.

...... St. Francis of Paola (1416-1507)

Well known for an extraordinary gift of prophecy he foretold the capture of Otranto by the Turks in 1480, and its subsequent recovery by the King of Naples. Founder of the order of Minim friars:

"From your lordship, (Simeon de Limena, Lord of Montalto), shall be born the great leader of the holy militia of the Holy Spirit, which shall overcome the world, and shall possess the earth so completely that no king or lord shall be able to exist, except he belongs to the sacred host of the Holy Spirit.These devout men shall wear on their breasts, and much more within their hearts, the sign of the living God, namely, the cross.

"The first members of this holy order shall be natives of the city of ... where iniquity, vice, and sin abound. However, they shall be converted from evil to good; from rebels against God they shall become most fervent and most faithful in His divine service. That city shall be cherished by God and by the Great Monarch, the elect and the beloved of the Most High Lord. For the sake of that place all holy souls who have done penance in it shall pray in the sight of God for that city and for its inhabitants. When the time shall come of the immense and most right justice of the Holy Spirit, His Divine Majesty wills that such city become converted to God, and that many of its citizens follow the great prince of the holy army. The first person that will openly wear the sign of the living God shall belong to that city, because he will through a letter be commanded by a holy hermit to have it impressed in his heart and to wear it externally on his breast.

"That man will begin to meditate on the secrets of God, about the long visitation which the Holy Spirit will make and the dominion that he will exercise over the world through the holy militia. 0 happy man, who shall receive from the Most High the greatest privileges! He will interpret the hidden secrets of the Holy Spirit, and he shall often excite the admiration of men by his revealed knowledge of the internal secrets of their hearts. Rejoice, my Lord, because that Prince above other princes, and King over other kings, will hold you in the greatest veneration, and after having been crowned with three most admirable crowns, will exalt that city, will declare it free, and the seat of the Empire, and it shall become one of the first cities in the world."

"You and your consort desire to have children; you shall have them. Your holy offspring shall be admired upon earth. Among your descendants there will be one who shall be like the sun amidst the stars, he shall be a first-born son; in his childhood he will be like a saint; in his Youth, a great sinner; then he will be converted entirely to God and will do great penance, his sins will be forgiven him, and he shall become a great saint.

"He shall be a great captain and prince of holy men, who shall be called 'the holy Cross-bearers of Jesus Christ,' with whom he shall destroy the Mahometan sect and the rest of the infidels. He shall annihilate all the heresies and tyrannies of the world. He shall reform the Church of God by means of his followers, who shall be the best men upon earth in holiness, in arms, in science, and in every virtue, because such is the will of the Most High. They shall obtain the dominion of the whole world, both temporal and spiritual, and they shall support the Church of God until the end of time."

"God Almighty will exalt a very poor man of the blood of the Emperor Constantine, son of St. Helena. and of the seed of Pepin, who shall on his breast wear the sign which you have seen at the beginning of this letter. Through the power of the Most High he shall confound the tyrants, the heretics, and infidels. He will gather a grand army, and the angels shall fight for them; they shall kill all God's enemies."

"From the beginning of the world, after the creation of man, and to the end of human generation, there have been and there shall be seen wonderful events upon the earth. Four hundred years shall not pass when his Divine Majesty shall visit the world with a new religious order much needed, which shall effect more good among men than all other religious institutions combined. This religious order shall be the last and the best in the Church; it shall proceed with arms, with prayer, and with hospitality. Woe to tyrants, to heretics, and to infidels, to whom no pity shall be shown, because such is the will of the Most High! An infinite number of wicked men shall perish through the hands of the Cross-bearers, the true servants of Jesus Christ. They shall act like good husbandmen when they extirpate noxious weeds and prickly thistles from the wheatfield. These holy servants of God shall purify the earth with the deaths of innumerable wicked men."

"How spiritually blind are those persons who, having no thought about the things of God, fix their end in earthly objects. Wretched men! by far worse than the very beasts which are guided by their senses, because they cannot have reason; but when men abandon the use of their reason, they become brutalized. Hence they shall ever be in confusion. Let, therefore, the princes of this world be prepared for the greatest scourges to fall upon them. But from whom? First from heretics and infidels, then from the holy and most faithful Crossbearers elected by the Most High, who, not succeeding in converting heretics with science, shall have to make a vigorous use of their arms. Many cities and villages shall be in ruins, with the deaths of an innumerable quantity of bad and good men. The infidels also will fight against Christians and heretics, sacking, destroying, and killing the largest portion of Christians. Lastly, the army, styled 'of the Church,' namely, the holy Cross-bearers, shall move, not against Christians or Christianity, but against the infidels in pagan countries, and they shall conquer all those kingdoms with the death of a very great number of infidels. After this they shall turn their victorious arms against bad Christians, and shall destroy all the rebels against Jesus Christ. These holy Cross-bearers shall reign and dominate holily over the world until the end of time. The founder of these holy men shall, my lord, be one of your posterity. But when shall this take place? When crosses with the stigmas shall be seen, and the crucifix shall be carried as the standard.

"The time is coming when his Divine Majesty will visit the world with a new religious order of holy Cross-bearers, who will carry a Crucifix, or the image of our Crucified Lord, lifted up upon the principal standard in view of all. This standard will be admired by all good Catholics; but at the beginning it will be derided by bad Christians and by infidels. Their sneers shall, however, be changed into mourning when they shall witness the wonderful victories achieved through it against tyrant, heretics, and infidels.

Many wicked men and obstinate rebels against God shall perish: their souls will be plunged into hell. This punishment shall fall upon all those transgressors of the Divine commandments who with new and false doctrines will attempt to corrupt mankind and turn men against the ministers of God's worship. The same chastisement is due to all obstinate sinners, but not to those who sin through weakness, because these being converted, doing penance, and amending the conduct of their life, shall find the divine mercy of the Most High full of kindness towards them. 0 holy Cross-bearers of the Most High Lord, how very pleasing you will be to the great God much more than the children of Israel! God will, through your instrumentality, work more wonderful prodigies than he has ever done before with any nation. You shall destroy the sect of Mahomet, and all infidels of every kind and of every sect. You shall put an end to all the heresies of the world by extinguishing all tyrants. You will remove every cause of complaint by establishing a universal peace, which shall last until the end of time. You will work the sanctification of mankind. 0 holy men: People blessed of the Most Holy Trinity! Your victorious founder shall triumph over the world, the flesh, and the Devil.

"One of your posterity shall achieve greater deeds and work greater wonders than your lordship. That man will be a great sinner in his youth, but like St. Paul he shall be drawn and converted to God. He shall be the great founder of a new religious order different from all the others. He shall divide it into three classes, namely:  1. Military knights; 2. Solitary priests; 3. Most pious hospitallers.  

This shall be the last religious order in the Church, and it will do more good for our holy religion than all other religious institutes. By force of arms he shall take possession of a great kingdom. He shall destroy the sect of Mahomet, extirpate all tyrants and heresies. He shall bring the world to a holy mode of life. There will be one fold and one Shepherd. He shall reign until the end of time. On the whole earth there shall be only twelve kings, one emperor, and one pope. Rich gentlemen shall be very few, but all saints. May Jesus Christ be praised and blessed; for He has vouched to grant to me, a poor unworthy sinner, the spirit of prophecy, not in an obscure way as to His other servants, but has enabled me to write and to speak in a most clear manner. I know that unbelieving and reprobate persons will scoff at my letters and will reject them; but they will be received by those faithful Catholic souls who aspire to the possession of heaven. These letters shall infuse such sweetness of divine love in their hearts, that they will be delighted in perusing them often, and in taking copies of them, because such is the will of the Most High. In these letters it will be found out who belongs to our Blessed Lord Jesus Christ and who does not, who is a predestinate or a reprobate. Much better will this be known through the holy sign of the living God. He shall be a saint of God who will take it, love it, and wear it."

...... Blessed Johannes Amadeus de Syloa (Sylva) (d.1482)

''In the latter days there shall be great wars and bloodshed. The fury of the wars shall last a long time. Whole provinces shall be left naked and unihabited, many cities forsaken of people, the nobility slaughtered, pricnipal persons ruined, great changes of kings, commonwealths, and rulers."Germany and Spain will unite under a great prince designated by God. After much slaughtering, the other nations will be forced to come into this union. There is no hope for the unbelievers until all Germany becomes converted; then all will happen quickly. Because of Germany's unfaithfulness, the time will be prolonged until all countries unite under the Great Ruler. After this union mass conversions will take place by the command of God, and peace and prosperity will follow"

...... Blessed Nicholas of Fluh (Flue) (1417-1487)

Born in Canton Obwalden, Switzerland. Lived as a hermit named "Brother Klaus" -"An unhappy time is coming of revolt and dissension in the church. Oh my children, do not let yourselves be lead astray by innovations. Rally and hold fast. Stay on the same raod, the same foot paths as your fathers trod. Preserve and maintain what they have taught you. It will be enough if you resist the attacks, the tempests, the hurricanes that will arise which such violence.The Church will be punished because the majority of her members, high and low, will become so perverted. The Church will sink deeper and deeper until she will at last seem to be extinguished, and the succession of Peter and the other Apostles to have expired. But, after this, she will be victoriously exalted in the sight of all doubters."

...... Bernadine Von Busto (d.1490)

The prophecy of the Pastor Angelicus or Angelic Pope appears in multiple sources.  Arguably the most popular and widely disseminated of these is found in the Apocalypsis Nova, a prophetic work attributed to the fifteenth century Franciscan Minorite, Amadeus.  In the Apocalypsis Nova the archangel Gabriel reveals divine knowledge to Amadeus in a series of eight raptus. In the oldest version of the Apocalypsis Nova, the prophetic sequence of popes extends only to the reign of Leo X (1513-1521).  Readers of the Apocalypsis Nova over a number of years annotated their manuscripts with various interpretations, inserting spaces of decades between one pope and another in order to lengthen the time span and maintain the validity of the prophecies.Many characteristics are attributed to the Angelic Pope.  He will be young and poor.  He will be concerned only with spiritual matters.  He will unite the western and eastern churches.  In all the prophecies the Angelic Pope will be a great reformer who will purge the church of evil.  According to Morisi-Guerra, the Apocalypsis Nova's prophecy of the Angelic Pope as a reformer was, a valid myth at a time when Popes were failing to respond adequately to the disarray of the Christian world, a disarray and confusion which found expression in anxiety for reform and in pressure for theological and cultural rethinking.

"The angelic Pope shall place an imperial crown on his head."

 "At the time when Antichrist is about twenty years old, most of the world will have lost the faith. Antichrist will be descended from the tribe of Dan.  The people at that time will be very corrupt.  He will preach to the people while flying through the air.  Many fervent priests and religious in the wilderness and desert will be miraculously sustained by God.  Some of them will travel about to encourage the Christians to remain firm in the faith till death. When a pious Christian is pleading to God for help before a crucifix in his room, Satan will disturb him in his prayers and confuse him.  He will cause a voice to come from the crucifix saying: `Why do you call on Me, as if I can help you?  I am not God nor the Saviour of the world, but a sorcerer, an instigator and deceiver of the people, for I was a false prophet and as a consequence I am damned to everlasting hell fire.  Therefore, call on me no more, lest by calling on me you increase the pain that I must suffer in Hell.  Through the power of Almighty God, whose gospel is now preached throughout the world, I am urged and compelled to tell you the truth and reveal to you that I am not the son of God, but rather the greatest sorcerer the world has ever had, and hence for all eternity I must suffer the severest pains without hope of redemption.'  Also the pictures of the Mother of God at times will speak when someone will be praying before them: `Cease your supplications.  I am not the Mother of God.  I have no power with God.  I am only a miserable creature.  You should take refuge with the true Brother of the Most High, whose teachings are being taught to you today.'  It will be the same with the pictures of the Saints.  That it is the devil who speaks from the crucifixes and pictures but few will perceive, on the contrary, many will run excitedly to the apostles of Antichrist to accept the new religion.  By order of these apostles they will trample on the crucifix and holy pictures and break them into pieces  When a mother has her infant in her arms or puts it in the cradle, in a clear and distinct voice it will begin to speak, acknowledging the deity of Antichrist and urging the mother to leave Christ and turn to Antichrist.  The child will reproach the parents, that they, in spite of the many miracles of Antichrist, still persist in their wickedness and obstinacy.  Oh how much anguish will those parents have to bear!  Yet many Christians will remember that this was all foretold of Antichrist for centuries past and perceive the fraud of Satan and refuse to be deceived.  They will stand firm and enlighten the faint-hearted and console them."  / " where a mother is carrying her infant in her arms or is laying it in its cradle the babe will begin to speak and with clear and distinct voice will acknowledge the divinity of the antichrist, calling on its mother to completely abandon Christ and turn to antichrist! The child will reproach its parents for remaining godless and obstinate against antichrist despite his many miracles. O what anguish of soul will such parents suffer!"

...... Leonardo Da Vinci (1452-1519)

Flight of Birds - A man with wings large enough and duly attached might learn to overcome the resistance of the air, and conquering it succeed in subjugating it and raise himself upon it.

From the notebooks transcribed 1938: COMMON HABIT - Some poor wretch will be flattered, and these same flatterers will always be his deceivers, robbers and assassins. 

THE PERCUSSION OF THE SUN'S DISC - Something will appear which will cover over the person who shall attempt to cover it. 

OF MONEY AND GOLD - That shall come forth from hollow caves which shall cause all the nationsthe world to toil and sweat with great agitation, anxiety and labour, inorder to gain its aid. 

OF THE FEAR OF POVERTY - The malevolent and terrifying thing shall of itself strike such terror into that almost like madmen, while thinking to escape from it, they will rush in swift course upon its boundless forces. 

OF ADVICE - He who shall be most necessary to whoever has need of him will be unknown, and if known will be held of less account. 

OF SNAKES CARRIED BY SWANS - Serpents of huge size will be seen at an immense height in the air fighting with birds. 

OF CANNON WHICH COME FORTH OUT OF A PIT AND FROM A MOULD - There shall come forth from beneath the ground that which by its terrific report shall stun all who are near it, and cause men to drop dead at its breath,and it shall devastate cities and castles. 

OF CHRISTIANS - There are many who hold the faith of the Son and only build temples in the name of the Mother. 

OF FOOD WHICH HAS BEEN ALIVE - A large part of the bodies which have had life will pass into the bodies ofother animals, that is the houses no longer inhabited will pass piecemeal through those which are inhabited, ministering to their needs and bearing away with them what is waste; that is to say that the life of man is made bythe things which he eats, and these carry with them that part of man which is dead. 

OF MEN WHO SLEEP UPON PLANKS MADE FROM TREES - Men will sleep and cat and make their dwelling among trees grown in theforests and the fields. 

OF DREAMING - It shall seem to men that they see new destructions in the sky, and the flames descending there from shall seem to have taken night and to flee away in terror; they shall hear creatures of every kind speaking human language;they shall run in a moment, in person, to divers parts of the world without movement; amidst the darkness they shall see the most radiant splendours.O marvel of mankind! What frenzy has thus impelled you! You shall holdconverse with animals of every species, and they with you in human language.You shall behold yourselves falling from great heights without suffering anyinjury; the torrents will bear you with them as they mingle in their rapidcourse. 

OF ANTS - Many communities there will be who will hide themselves and their young and their victuals within gloomy caverns, and there in dark placeswill sustain themselves and their families for many months without any light either artificial or natural. 

OF BEES - And many others will be robbed of their store of provisions and theirfood, and by an insensate folk will be cruelly immersed and drowned. Ojustice of God! why dost thou not awake to behold thy creatures thus abused? 

OF SHEEP, COWS, GOATS AND THE LIKE - From countless numbers will be stolen their little children, and thethroats of these shall be cut, and they shall be quartered most barbarously. 

OF NUTS, OLIVES, ACORNS, CHESTNUTS, AND THE LIKE - Many children shall be torn with pitiless beatings out of the very arms oftheir mothers, and flung upon the ground and then maimed. 

OF CHILDREN WHO ARE WRAPPED IN SWADDLING BANDS - O cities of the sea, I behold in you your citizens, women as well as men,tightly bound with stout bonds around their arms and legs by folk who will have no understanding of our speech; and you will only be able to give ventto your griefs and sense of loss of liberty by making tearful complaints, andsighs, and lamentation one to another; for those who bind you will not have understanding of your speech nor will you understand them. 

OF CATS THAT EAT RATS - In you, O cities of Africa! your own sons shall be seen torn to pieces within their own houses by most cruel and savage animals of your country. 

OF ASSES WHICH ARE BEATEN - O neglectful Nature, wherefore art thou thus partial, becoming to someof thy children a tender and benignant mother, to others a most cruel andruthless stepmother? I see thy children given into slavery to others withoutlever receiving any benefit, and in lieu of any reward for the services theyhave done for them they are repaid by the severest punishments, and they.constantly spend their lives in the service of their oppressor. 

DIVISION OF THE PROPHECIES - First of things which relate to the reasoning animals, second those which have not the power of reason, third of plants, fourth of ceremonies, fifth of customs, sixth of propositions, decrees or disputes, seventh of propositionscontrary to Nature (as to speak of a substance which the more there is taken from it is the more increased), and reserve the weighty propositions until theend, and begin with those of less import, and show first the evils and then the punishments, eight of philosophical things. 

OF FUNERAL RITES AND PROCESSIONS AND LIGHTS AND BELLSAND FOLLOWERS - The greatest honours and ceremonies shall be paid to men without their knowledge. All the astrologers will be castrated, that is the cockerels. 

CONJECTURE - Arrange in order the months and the ceremonies which are performed,and do this for the day and for the night. 

OF REAPERS - There will be many who will be moving one against another, holding in their hands the sharp cutting iron. These will not do each other any hurt other than that caused by fatigue, for as one leans forward the other drawsback an equal space; but woe to him who intervenes between them, for inthe end he will be left cut in pieces. 

OF SILK-SPINNING - There shall be heard mournful cries and loud shrieks, hoarse angry voices of those who are tortured and despoiled and at last left naked and motionless;and this shall be by reason of the motive power which turns the whole. 

OF PLACING BREAD WITHIN THE MOUTH OF THE OVEN AND DRAWING IT OUT AGAIN - In all the cities and lands and castles, villages and houses, men will be seen who through desire of eating will draw the very food out of each other's mouths, without their being able to make any resistance. 

PROPHECIES OF PLOUGHED LAND - The earth will be seen turned upside down and facing the opposite hemi-spheres, and laying bare the holes where lurk the fiercest animals. 

OF SOWING - Then a great part of the men who remain alive will throw out of their louses the victuals they have saved, as the free booty of the birds and beastsof the field, without taking any care of them. 

OF THE RAINS WHICH CAUSE THE RIVERS TO BECOME MUDDY AND CARRY AWAY THE SOIL - There will come from out the sky that which will transport a great part of Africa which lies beneath this sky (1) towards Europe, and that of Europe towards Africa; and those of the provinces will mingle together in great evolution.(1) MS., si mostra a esso cielo.    

OP BRICK-KILNS AND LIME-KILNS - At the last the earth will become red after being exposed to fire for many days, and the stones will become changed to ashes.

OF WOOD THAT IS BURNT - The trees and shrubs of the vast forests shall be changed to ashes. 

OF BOILED FISH - Creatures of the water will die in boiling water. 

THE OLIVES WHICH DROP FROM THE OLIVE-TREES GIVE US THEOIL WHICH MAKES LIGHT - There shall descend with fury from the direction of the sky that whichwill give us nourishment and light. 

OF HORNED AND TAWNY OWLS WITH WHICH ONE GOES FOWLING WITH BIRD-LIME - Many will perish by fracturing their skulls, and their eyes will almost startout of their heads on account of fearsome creatures which have come forthout of the darkness. 

OF FLAX WHEREBY PAPER IS MADE OUT OF RAGS - That shall be revered and honoured and its precepts shall be listened towith reverence and love, which was at first despised and mangled and tortured with many different blows. 

OF BOOKS WHICH INCULCATE PRECEPTS - Bodies without souls shall by their sayings supply precepts which shallhelp us to die well. 

OF THOSE WHO ARE BEATEN AND SCOURGED - Men will hide themselves within the bark of hollow trees, and there crying aloud they will make martyrs of themselves by beating their own limbs. 

OF WANTONNESS - And they will go wild after the things that arc most beautiful to seek after,to possess and make use of their vilest parts; and afterwards, having returned with loss and penitence to their understanding, they will be filled with great admiration for themselves. 

OF THE AVARICIOUS - Many there will be who with the utmost zeal and solicitude will pursue furiously that which has always filled them with awe, not knowing its evil nature. 

OF MEN WHO AS THEY GROW OLDER BECOME MORE MISERLY,WHEREAS, HAVING BUT A SHORT TIME TO STAY, THEY OUGHT TO BE MORE GENEROUS - You will see that those who arc considered to be of most experience and judgment, in proportion as they come to have less need of things, seek and hoard them with more eagerness. 

OF A DITCH (GIVE THIS AS AN INSTANCE OF FRENZY OK CRAZINESS OR MADNESS OF THE BRAIN) - There will be many busied in the practice of taking from that thing which increases the more the more they take from it. 

OF WEIGHT PLACED ON A FEATHER-PILLOW - And with many bodies it will be seen that as you raise your head fromthem they will increase perceptibly, and when the head that has been lifted up returns, their size will immediately diminish. 

OF CATCHING LICE - There will be many hunters of animals who the more they catch the fewer they will have; and so conversely they will have more in proportionas they catch less. 

OF DRAWING WATER WITH TWO BUCKETS BY A SINGLE ROPE - And many will be busying themselves with a thing which the more they draw it up will tend the more to escape in die contrary direction. 

OF SIEVES MADE OF THE SKIN OF ANIMALS - We shall see the food of animals pass through their skins in every way except through the mouth, and penetrate through the opposite side until it reaches the level ground. 

OF THE LIGHTS THAT ARE CARRIED BEFORE THE DEAD - They will make light for the dead. 

OF THE LANTERN - The fierce horns of powerful bulls will protect the light used at night fromthe impetuous fury of the winds. 

OF FEATHERS IN BEDS - Flying creatures will support men with their feathers. 

OF MEN WHO PASS ABOVE THE TREES WEARING WOODEN STILTS - The swamps will be so great that the men will go above the trees of their countries. 

OF THE SOLES OF SHOES WHICH ARE OF LEATHER - Over a great part of the country men shall be seen walking about on theskins of large animals. 

OF SAILING - There will be great winds through which the eastern things will become western, and those of the south mingled together in great measure by the course of the winds will follow these through distant lands. 

OF THE WORSHIPPING OF PICTURES OF SAINTS - Men shall speak with men who shall not hear them; their eyes shall beopen and they shall not see; they will speak to them and there shall be no reply; they will ask pardon from one who has ears and does not hear; they will offer light to one who is blind, and to the deaf they will appeal with loud clamour.(1)(1) MS.,faran lume a [chi] e' orbo [. . .} sordi con gran [. . .] ore.  

OF DREAMING - Men shall walk without moving, they shall speak with those who are absent, they shall hear those who do not speak. 

OF THE SHADOW THAT MOVES WITH MAN - There shall be seen shapes and figures of men and animals which shall pursue these men and animals where so ever they flee; and the movements of the one shall be as those of the other, but it shall seem a tiling to wonder at because of the different dimensions which they assume. 

OF THE SHADOW CAST BY THE SUN AND OF THE REFLECTION IN THE WATER SEEN AT ONE AND THE SAME TIME - Many times one man shall be seen to change into three and all shall proceed together, and often the one that is most real abandons him. 

OF WOODEN COFFERS WHICH ENCLOSE MANY TREASURES - Within walnuts and other trees and plants there shall be found very great treasures which lie hidden there.   

OF EXTINGUISHING THE LIGHT WHEN ONE GOES TO BED - Many by forcing their breath out too rapidly will lose the power of sight,and in a short time all power of sensation. 

OF THE BELLS OF MULES WHICH ARE CLOSE TO THEIR EARS - There shall be heard in many parts of Europe instruments of various sizes making divers melodies, causing great weariness to those who hear them most closely. 

OF ASSES - The many labours shall be repaid by hunger, thirst, wretchedness, blows and goadings. 

OF SOLDIERS ON HORSE BACK - Many shall be seen carried by large animals with great speed, to the loss of their lives and to instant death. In the air and on the earth shall be seen animals of different colours, bearing men furiously to the destruction of their lives. 

OF STARS ON SPURS - By reason of the stars you will see men moving as swiftly as any swift animal. 

OF A STICK WHICH IS A DEAD THING - The movement of the dead shall cause many who arc living to flee away with grief and lamentation and cries. 

OF TINDER - With stone and iron things will be rendered visible which were not previously seen. 

OF OXEN WHICH ARE EATEN - The masters of the estates will eat their own labourers. 

OF BEATING THE BED TO REMAKE IT - To such a pitch of ingratitude shall men come that that which shall give; them lodging without any price shall be loaded with blows, in such a waythat great parts of the inside of it shall be detached from their place, and shallbe turned over and over within it. 

OF THINGS WHICH ARE EATEN WHICH ARE FIRST PUT TO DEATH - Those who nourish them will be slain by them and scourged by barbarous death. 

OF THE WALLS OF CITIES REFLECTED IN THE WATER OF THEIR TRENCHES - The high walls of mighty cities shall be seen inverted, in their trenches. 

OF THE WATER WHICH FLOWS IN A TURBID STREAM MINGLED WITHEARTH, AND OF DUST AND MIST MINGLING WITH THE AIR, AND OF THE FIRE WHICH MINGLES ITS HEAT WITH EACH - All the elements shall be seen confounded together, surging in huge rolling mass, now towards the centre of the earth, now towards the sky,at one time coursing in fury from the southern regions towards the icy north, at another time from the east to the west, and so again from this hemisphere to the other. 

AT ANY POINT ONE MAY MAKE THE DIVISION OF THE TWO HEMISPHERES - All men will suddenly change their hemisphere. 

EVERY POINT FORMS A DIVISION BETWEEN THE EAST AND THE WEST - All the animals will move from the east to the west, and so also from the north to the south. 

OF THE MOVEMENT OP THE WATERS WHICH CARRY LOGS THAT ARE DEAD - Bodies without life will move of themselves and will carry with them innumerable generations of the dead, plundering the possessions of the living inhabitants. 

OF EGGS WHICH BEING EATEN CANNOT PRODUCE CHICKENS - Oh! how many will those be who will never be born. 

OF FISHES WHICH ARE EATEN WITH THEIR ROES - Endless generations will perish through the death of the pregnant. 

OF THE BEASTS FROM WHOM CHEESE IS MADE - The milk will be taken from the tiny children. 

OF THE LAMENTATIONS MADE ON GOOD FRIDAY - In all the parts of Europe there shall be lamentations by great nations for the death of one man. 

OF THE HAFTS OF KNIVES MADE OF RAMS' HORNS - In the horns of animals shall be seen sharp irons, which shall take away the lives of many of their species. 

OF THE NIGHT WHEN ONE CANNOT DISTINGUISH ANY COLOUR - It shall even come to pass that it will be impossible to tell the difference between colours, for all will become black in hue. 

OF SWORDS AND SPEARS WHICH OF THEMSE LVES NEVER DOANY HARM TO ANYONE - That which of itself is gentle and void of all offence will become terrible and ferocious by reason of evil companionship, and will take die lives of many people with the utmost cruelty; and it would slay many more if it were notthat these arc protected by bodies which are themselves without life, whichhave come forth out of pits-that is by cuirasses of iron. 

OP GINS AND SNARES - Many dead will move with fury, and will take and bind the living, and will set them before their enemies in order to compass their death and destruction. 

OF THE PRECIOUS METALS - There shall come forth out of dark and gloomy caves that which shall cause the whole human race to undergo great afflictions, perils, and death. To many of those who follow it, after much tribulation it will yield delight;but whosoever pays it no homage will die in want and misery. It shall bring to pass an endless number of crimes; it shall prompt and incite wretchedmen to assassinate, to steal, and to enslave; it shall hold its own followers in, suspicion; it shall deprive free cities of their rank: it shall take away life itself from many; it shall make men torment each other with many kinds of subterfuge, deceits, and treacheries.O vile monster! How much better were it for men that thou shouldst go back to hell! For this the vast forests shall be stripped of their trees; forthis an infinite number of creatures shall lose their lives. 

OF FIRE - From small beginnings shall arise that which shall rapidly become great;and it shall have respect for no created thing, but its power shall be such as to enable it to transform almost everything from its natural condition. 

OF SHIPS THAT FOUNDER - There shall be seen huge bodies devoid of life, carrying great numbers ofmen with fierce speed to the destruction of their lives. 

OF WRITING LETTERS FROM ONE COUNTRY TO ANOTHER - Men from the most remote countries shall speak one to another and shall reply.   

OF THE HEMISPHERES WHICH ARE INFINITE AND DIVIDED BY AN INFINITE NUMBER OF LINES, IN SUCH A WAY THAT EVERY MAN HAS ALWAYS ONE OF THESE LINES BETWEEN HIS FEET - Men shall speak with and touch and embrace each other while standing each in different hemispheres, and shall understand each other's language.  

OF PRIESTS WHO SAY MASS - Many shall there be who in order to practise their calling shall put on the richest vestments, and these shall seem to be made after the manner of aprons. 

OF FRIARS WHO HOLD CONFESSION - The unhappy women of their own accord shall go to reveal to men all their wantonness and their shameful and most secret acts. 

OF THE CHURCHES AND HABITATIONS OF FRIARS - There will be many who will abandon work and labour and poverty of life and possessions, and will go to dwell among riches and in splendid buildings, pretending that this is a means of becoming acceptable to God. 

OF THE SELLING OP PARADISE - A countless multitude will sell publicly and without hindrance things of the very greatest value, without licence from the Lord of these things, which were never theirs nor in their power; and human justice will take no account of this. 

OF THE DEAD WHO ARE TAKEN TO BE BURIED - The simple folk will carry a great number of lights to light up the journeys of all those who have wholly lost the power of sight. O human folly! O madness of mankind! These two phrases stand for the commencement of the matter. 

OF THE DOWRIES OF MAIDENS - And whereas at first young maidens could not be protected from the lust and violence of men, either by the watchfulness of parents or by the strength of walls, there will come a time when it will be necessary for the fathers and relatives of these maidens to pay a great price to whoever is willing to marry them, even although they may be rich and noble and exceedingly beautiful.Herein it seems certain that Nature desires to exterminate die human race, as a thing useless to the world and the destroyer of all created things. 

OF THE CRUELTY OF MAN - Creatures shall be seen upon the earth who will always be fighting one with another, with very great losses and frequent deaths on cither side.These shall set no bounds to their malice; by their fierce limbs a great number of the trees in the immense forests of the world shall be laid level with the ground; and when they have crammed themselves with food it shall gratify their desire to deal out death, affliction, labours, terrors and banishment to every living thing. And by reason of their boundless pride they shall wish to rise towards heaven, but the excessive weight of their limbs shall hold them down. There shall be nothing remaining on the earth or under the earth or in the waters that shall not be pursued and molested or destroyed,and that which is in one country taken away to another; and their own bodies I shall be made the tomb and the means of transit of all the living bodies which they have slain. O Earth! what delays thee to open and hurl them head long into the deep fissures of thy huge abysses and caverns, and no longer to display in the sight of heaven so savage and ruthless a monster? 

OF SAILING IN SHIPS - The trees of the vast forests of Taurus and of Sinai, of the Apennines and of Atlas, shall be seen speeding by means of the air from east to west, and from north to south, and transporting by means of the air a great quantity of men. Oh, how many vows! How many deaths! What partings between friends and relatives shall there be! How many who shall never more behold their own lands or their native country, and shall die unsepulchred and their bones be scattered in divers parts of the world! 

OF REMOVING ON ALL SAINTS' DAY - Many shall leave their own dwellings, and shall carry with them all their goods and go to dwell in other lands. 

OF ALL SOULS' DAY - How many will there be who will mourn for their dead ancestors, carrying lights for them! 

OF FRIARS WHO BY SPENDING ONLY WORDS RECEIVE GREAT RICHES AND BESTOW PARADISE - Invisible money will cause many who spend it to triumph. 

OF BOWS MADE FROM THE HORNS OF OXEN - Many there will be who by means of the horns of cattle will die a painfuldeath.Behold a thing which is valued the less the more one has need of it. It is advice.And many have made a trade in deceits and feigned miracles, cozening the foolish herd, and if no one showed himself cognisant of their deceits they would impose them upon all. 

FOR WELL-DOING - By the branch of the nut-tree which is struck and beaten just when it has brought its fruit to perfection, is represented those who as the sequel of their illustrious works are struck by envy in divers ways.All these things which in the winter are concealed and hidden beneath thesnow, will be left bare and exposed in summer:-said of a he which cannotremain hidden.You will see the lion tribe tearing open the earth with hooked claws, andburying themselves in the holes that they have made, together with die other animals which are in subjection to them.There shall come forth from the ground creatures clad in darkness who shall attack the human race with tremendous onslaughts, and it shall lave theblood poisoned by their fierce bites even while it is devoured by than.There shall also hurtle through the air a tribe of dreadful winged creatures who shall attack both men and beasts, and feed upon them with loud cries:-They shall fill their bellies full of crimson blood.You will see the blood streaming forth from the rent flesh of men and bedewing the surface parts.You will see men with so cruel a malady that they will tear their flesh withi their own nails:-This will be the itch.You will see plants continuing without leaves, and rivers standing stillin their courses.The water of the sea shall rise above the high summits of the mountainstowards die sky, and it shall fail down again on to the dwellings of men:-That is as clouds.You will sec the greatest trees of the forests borne by the fury of the winds,from the east to the west:-That is across the sea.Men shall cast away their own food:-That is in sowing.The generation of men shall come to such a pass as not to understand oneanother's speech:-That is a German with a Turk.I You will see fathers giving up their daughters to the sensuality of men, and rewarding them, and abandoning all their former care:-When the girls are married.Men shall come forth out of the graves changed to winged creatures, and they shall attack other men, taking away their food even from their handsand tables:The flies.Many there will be who will flay their own mother and fold back herskin:-The tillers of the ground.Happy will be those who give ear to the words of the dead:-The reading;of good works and die observing of their precepts.Feathers shall raise men towards heaven even as they do birds:-That is byletters written with their quills.The works of men's hands will become the cause of their death:-Swordsand spears.Men will pursue the thing they most fear:-That is they will be miserablelest they should fall into misery.Things severed shall be united and shall acquire of themselves such virtuethat they shall restore to men their lost memory:-That is the papyrus sheets,which are formed out of severed strips and preserve the memory of diethoughts and deeds of men.You shall behold the bones of the dead by their rapid movement directingthe fortunes of their mover:-The dice.Oxen shall by their horns protect the fire from death:-The lantern.The forests will bring forth young who will become the cause of theirdeath:-The handle of the hatchet. Men will deal rude blows to that which is the cause of their life:-They will thrash the grain.The skins of animals will make men rouse from their silence with loudcries and oaths:-Balls for playing games.Many times the thing that is severed becomes the cause of great union :-That is the comb made up of split canes, which unites the threads in the silk.The wind which passes through the skins of animals will make men leapup:-That is the bagpipes, which cause men to dance. 

OF NUT-TREES WHICH ARE BEATEN - Those which have done best will be most beaten, and their children will be carried off and stripped or despoiled, and their bones broken and crushed. 

OF SCULPTURE - Alas! whom do I see? The Saviour crucified again. 

OF THE MOUTH OF MAN WHICH IS A TOMB - There shall come forth loud noises out of the tombs of those who have diedby an evil and violent death. 

OF THE SKINS OF ANIMALS WHICH HAVE THE SENSE OF FEELING OF WHAT IS WRITTEN THERE - The more you converse with skins covered over with sentiments, the more you will acquire wisdom. 

OF PRIESTS WHO BEAR THE HOST IN THEIR BODIES - Then almost all the tabernacles where dwells the Corpus Domini will beplainly visible, walking about of themselves on the different roads of theworld.And those who feed the air will turn night into day:-Tallow.And many creatures of the earth and of the water will mount up among the stars:-The Planets.You shall see the dead carrying the living in divers parts of the world:-the chariots and ships.From many the food shall be taken away out of their mouths:-From ovens.And those who have their mouths filled by the hands of others, shall have the food taken away out of their mouths:-The oven. 

OF CRUCIFIXES WHICH ARE SOLD - I see Christ again sold and crucified, and his saints suffering martyrdom. 

OF DOCTORS WHO LIVE UPON THE SICK - Men will come to such a state of misery that they will be grateful that others should profit by their sufferings, or by the loss of their true riches, that is health.Of the religion of the Friars who live by means of the Saints, who have been dead for a long time : Those who are dead will after a thousand years be those who will make provision for many of the living. 

OF STONES CHANGED INTO LIME WITH WHICH PRISON WALLS ARE BUILT - Many things which have previously been destroyed by fire will deprive many men of their liberty. 

OF CHILDREN WHO TAKE THE BREAST - Many Franciscans, Dominicans, and Benedictines will eat that which has recently been eaten by others, and they will remain many months before being able to speak. 

OF COCKLES AND SEA-SNAILS CAST UP BY THE SEA WHICH ROT WITHIN THEIR SHELLS - How many shall there be who after they are dead will lie rotting in their own houses, filling all the air around with their foul stench! 

PLANT WITH ROOTS UPWARDS - For someone who would be on the point of coming to the end of all possessions and favour. 

OF JACKDAWS AND STARLINGS - Those who trust themselves to inhabit near him, and these will be in great crowds, will almost all die a cruel death, - and one will see fathers and mothers together with their families being devoured and slain by cruel animals. 

OF PEASANTS WHO WORK IN THEIR SHIRTS - Shadows will come from the East which will tinge with much darkness the sky that covers Italy.   

OF THE BARBERS - All men will take refuge in Africa.

OF THE SHADOW CAST BY MAN AT NIGHT WITH A LIGHT - There shall appear huge figures in human shape, and the nearer to you they approach the more will their immense size diminish. 

OF MULES WHICH CARRY RICH BURDENS OF SILVER AND GOLD - Many treasures and great riches will be laid upon four-footed animals,which will carry them to divers places.Those will be drowned who give light for divine service:-The bees which make the wax of the candles.The dead will come forth from under the earth, and by their fierce movenents will drive innumerable human creatures out of the world:-The iron which comes from under the earth is dead, and it makes theweapons wherewith so many men have been slain.The greatest mountains, even though they are remote from the sea borders,fill drive the sea from its place:-That is by the rivers which carry down the soil they have taken fromthe mountains and deposit it upon the sea shores; and where the earthcomes the sea retires.The water fallen from the clouds will so change its nature as to remain fora long space of time upon the slopes of the mountains without making anymovement. And this will happen in many and divers regions:-The snow that falls in flakes which is water.The great rocks of the mountains will dart forth fire, such that they willburn up the timber of many vast forests and many beasts both wild andtame:-The flint of the tinder-box, which makes a fire that consumes all theloads of faggots of which the forests are cleared, and with this the fleshof beasts is cooked.Oh! how many great buildings will be ruined by reason of fire:-By the fire of the guns.The oxen will become in great part the cause of the destruction of cities;and so also will horses and buffaloes:-They draw the guns.Many there will be who will wax great in their destruction:-The ball of snow rolling over the snow.There will be a great host who, forgetful of their existence and their name,will lie as though dead upon the spoils of other dead creatures:-By sleeping upon the feathers of birds.The east shall be seen to rush into the west, the south into the north,whirling themselves round about the universe with great noise, fury and trembling:-The wind from the east which will rush into the west.The rays of the sun will kindle fire on the earth, where by that which isbeneath the sky will be set alight; and, beaten back by that which impedes them, they will return downwards:-The burning-glass kindles the fire with which the oven is heated, andthis has its base standing beneath its vaulted roof.A great part of the sea will fly towards the sky, and for a long time it will not return:-That is in clouds. 

OF CORN AND OTHER SEEDS - Men shall throw away out of their houses those victuals which were meant for the sustenance of their lives:-[That is by sowing.] 

OF TREES WHICH GIVE SAP TO GRAFTED-SHOOTS - Fathers and mothers shall be seen to bestow much more attention upon their step-children than upon their own children. 

OF THE THURIFER WITH INCENSE - Some shall go about in white vestments with arrogant gestures threateningothers with metal and fire, which yet have never done them any harm. 

OF KIDS - The time of Herod shall return; for the innocent children shall be torn away from thieir nurses and shall die of great wounds at the hands of cruelmen. 

OF THE MOWING DOWN OF GRASS - Innumerable lives will be extinguished, and innumerable vacant spaces created upon the-earth. 

OF THE LIFE OF MEN WHO EVERY TEN YEARS ARE CHANGED IN BODILY SUBSTANCE - Men will pass when dead through their own bowels. 

OF SKINS - Many animals . . . 

OF LEATHER BOTTLES - The goats will carry wine to the cities. 

OF SHOEMAKERS - Men will take a pleasure in seeing their own works worn out and destroyed. 

OF BEES - They live together in communities. They are drowned in order that their honey may be seized. Many and very great communities will be drowned in their own dwellings. Snow in summer shall be gathered on the high mountain peaks and carried to warm places, and there be let to fall down, when festivals are held in the piazza in the time of summer.

...... Johannes Lichtenberger (1440-1503)

The court astrologer of Frederick III, published his encyclopedia Prognostico in Latino (1488)"There will come a time when the people of the desert will assemble in German lands and will conquer the circle of the earth. They will destroy cities and empires. They will drink from the holy vessels, and priests will be strangled in holy places. But they will be destroyed near Cologne...

"It says in The Book of the Frankish Kings that it will be from the Carolingian, that is from the race of King Charles of France, that an emperor names P will arise in the last days. He will be a prince and a monarch and will reform the churches of all Europe. After him there will be no other emperor...

"Afterwards a hermit will arise, known for his great sanctity, as Joachim says in his Booke of Concordance, "A man in great sanctity lifted up to the Roman throne like an apostle" God will do miracles through him; no one will obey his laws. He will condemn plural benefices and incomes and will command that clerics live from tithes and offerings. he will forbid ostentatious clothing and all unseemly choruses and songs. He will command women to be without gold and jewels, and will bid the gospel to be preached. He will be Pope only for a brief time --- when four years are up, this most holy man will go happily to God.

"Immediately after this, God will raise up three other very holy men, one after another. They will be alike in virtues and miracles and will confirm the decrees and deeds of their predecessor. Under their rule the Church will be renewed. They will be called the "Angelic Popes."

...... Book of Liber Mirabilis (pub.1524)

Liber Mirabilis are a collection of Medieval prophecies in written Latin and french, The first edition of it was published in 1522, the second by Jehan Besson of Lyon in 1523 (though it in fact bears the date '1524') . Some researchers suggest that It may even have been compiled by Jaume de Nostredame, Nostradamus's own father and, given its slight pro-French editings, may have been originally designed with a view to boosting Franois I's chances of election as Holy Roman Emperor (in the event, he lost to Charles V). It was translated from Latin to French by Jean de Vatiguerro in 1831. The following anonymous apocalyptic prophecy is drawn from the book:"All elements will become altered, because it is necessary, that the whole condition of the Centuries becomes changed; Certainly will the Earth at many places be in a dreadful state of collapse and all living things will be swallowed up. Numerous strong Towns and Cities will be shattered and collapse in Earthquakes... The Sea will scream out and raise itself against the whole World. The Air will be dirty and be polluted because of the Grossness and Discord of Men...The air will completely change and because of Pestilence, Illness through it will break out, and will completely spoiled. Men will become like animals from the various new Diseases. They will be overcome and die suddenly. An indescribable plague will break out from a sudden and terrible Famine and will torment Men. It will be such great suffering in the whole World, and there is nowherein the West that this will not find its place. Since the beginning of the World there has been nothing as horrible as this."

Also:"Spoliation, devastation and pillage of that most famous city, which is the capitol and mistress of the whole kingdom of France," will take place when the Church and world will be grievously troubled: "The Pope will change his residence, the Church will not be defended for the duration of twenty-five months, and more, because during all this time there will be no Pope, no Emperor of Rome and no ruler in France. Afterwards a young captive prince shall recover the crown of the Lilies and shall extend his dominion over all the universe. Once established he shall destroy the Sons of Brutus' and their Isle so that their memory shall pass into everlasting forgetfulness."... "After many tribulations a Pope will be elected out of those who escaped persecution. He, by his sanctity, will reform the clergy and the whole world will venerate them for their virtue and perfection. He will travel barefoot and be devoid of fear. Almost all unbelievers and the Jews will be converted and there will be one law, one faith, one baptism, one life. All people will love one another and peace will last a long time."

This final compilation includes an extract from a book called 'Stimulus Divine Contemplationis' of uncertain date (probably 14th century), and another called 'Le Baptesme de Sophie roy de Perse' dated 1508, both from the concluding, French section of the 'Mirabilis liber'..

" In France, before the time of trouble and terror, there shall be three trees which shall blossom and have leaves, but shall bear no fruit that shall survive to be harvested: and from their roots shall be born three other trees which shall bear neither blossoms nor leaves, but they shall bear fruit sufficient to produce three trees, and from their roots shall spring a scion which shall diminish and destroy much...

...around the year of our Lord 1527 there shall come a good king and a pope who shall transfer the see of Rome to Jerusalem, and he shall make everybody believe in Jesus Christ, and shall destroy all the evil-doers and idolaters who will not belief in our faith, and who refuse to be baptised. And he shall totally destroy all evil and perverse dispensations; and then he shall convert all evil Turks, idolaters and evil-doers to our faith in Jesus Christ, and all shall be destroyed who refuse to believe in him.

... and be assured that in around the year of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ 1530, from this said see of Limoges shall be the third pope in Rome. The which good pope of Rome, a native of France, shall be elected miraculously, and shall perform great and marvellous justice over evil and unfaithful Christians, and shall miraculously reform the whole Church, reduce and return it to its original state as it began, and in Rome there shall never again be a pope from France...

And he shall transfer from Rome to Jerusalem the holy seat and see of St Peter... and wondrously and miraculously the holy father from Rome shall deliver the Holy City and land of Jerusalem from the hands of the evil-doers. And after that all the countries of the world. And nearly all the evil-doers from among the faith and dispensation of our Lord Jesus Christ he shall convert to the said faith and belief in Jesus Christ."Translation copyright (c) 2002 Peter Lemesurier

...... Emperor Atahualpa - Peru (d.1533)

Having been sentenced to death by spanish soldiers he said."Cocaine shall fortify the Indian and destroy the white man."

...... Barton, Elizabeth (1506-1534)

After an illness in 1525 she experienced trances and uttered prophecies, the authenticity of which was confirmed by some ecclesiastics. However, her prophecies began to involve Henry VIII, condemning his proposed divorce from Catherine of Aragon and marriage to Anne Boleyn. A bill of attainder found her and her alleged supporters (including Sir Thomas More, whose name, however, was subsequently removed) guilty of treason, and she was executed at Tyburn.

...... Theophrastus von Hohenheim (Paracelsus) (1493-1541)

Swiss physician, alchemist and occultist. Author of 32 prophecies called Prognosticatio eximii doctoris Theophrasti Paracelsi (ca. 1530).The predictions were written in symbolic terms. Paracelsus associated the 4th Monarchy (the millennial new age) with the rediscovery of the alchemical Philosophers' Stone by the Grand Monarch, as suggested by the following section of a longer prophecy.

"... The people of the earth shall then be in commotion, and no ties of brotherhood, marriage, or friendship will be respected.

The lion will join himself to the fishes.
And the crown will be subject to the fine hat.
Then will the rue-wreath be soiled with milk.
And the pelican shall be devoured by his young.

But the phoenix shall be consumed in the fire, and when the dew moistens the ashes he will revive again according to his nature.

But he will become a noble phoenix, and will press hard upon the toad, and he will take to the lion and give him a choice.

The lion will select the best and no more.

Upon the other wild horse this phoenix will place a bridle and will ride it with spurs but without a saddle.

Then a new generation of beasts with various strange heads shall be born. They will have many mouths and stomachs, but only one natural draught.

The most profligate will maintain his magnificence, and his angels will be clothed in blood. They will be intent upon one work alone.

A pair of horses will appear and in all places the wail of the fugitives will be heard.

The dragon of sleep will cause the eagle to become weary of all magnificence.

The fountain of life will commence to flow.

And a white eagle will be changed into black.

Milk and blood will decrease, and the animal tree will begin to grow.

An old lion will be bound and a young lion will become free. He will please all those animals which the old had vexed.

He will do even more, for he will change his mane and hair into silk.

The bear will lay snares, and the ox-head will seek to gore him.

The griffin will fly over him but will not harm him.

Then shall the pearl, so long lost, be found by one of humble estate, and will be set, as a jewel, in gold.

It will be given to the prince of all beasts, that is, to the right lion.

He will hang it around his neck, and wear it with honor.

He will resist the bear and the wolf, and rend them asunder; so that the beast of the forest shall be safe.

Then will the old art flourish and no heed will be given to the new.

Then will the New World begin, and the white and black shall disappear.

All vain glory will be ended, and the plumes of the bird of the East shall be burned by the sun of the south.

How then will it be with thee, oh thou lion and earthly one who art painted and bound with gold?

All thy doing shall be changed, and the seven heads shall become one head. Out of this one, a head shall be born that shall be armed with a horn.

This horn shall bruise all that which has so long brought sorrow to Iffinos.

And the great city shall be the head of the less and shall become free from servitude.

Europe shall be the head, Asia the crown, but Africa shall be the jewel."

. Elias Artist In Chapter 8 of his treatise De Minerabilis, Paracelsus predicted the advent of Elias Artista (Elias the Artist), Master of Alchemy. Elsewhere in the literature of Hermetic science, Elias Artista is referred to as "a symbol of the ripeness of the age! He is the great day to come when all secrets shall be brought to light, and things now rooting in the dark earth shall be brought to light, and things now rooting in the dark earth shall come forth to full growth and flower and bear a treasure, which is for the healing of nations... a symbolic representation, the collective breath of generous vindications. Spirit of Liberty, of science and love which must regenerate the world!"

Paracelsus, Glauber, Thomas Norton, Alexander Seton and other alchemists wrote of Elias as if he were an individual. Paracelsus wrote: "What is small and humble, God has revealed, but the more important is still in the dark and shall likely remain so until the arrival of Elias Artista... One shall come after me whose splendor is not yet in this life, and who shall reveal much." According to Glauber, "This Elias Artista shall restore the true spagyric medicine of the old Egyptian Philosophy which was lost over a thousand years. He shall bring it with him and show it to the world."

...... Blessed Catherine of Racconigi - Blessed Catherine Mattei, OP Tert. V (AC) (1487-1547)

Born in the diocese of Cuneo in the Piedmont, Italy: "After three centuries, a descendant of Frances I of France will rule Europe like Charlemagne."

...... "Mother" Shipton (1488-1561)

Ursula Sontheil - Prophet who lived in a cave, Yorkshire,England. Not a single one of the blood-curling world predictions so often attributed to her is actually to be found in the earliest edition of her prophecies - and even this didn't appear until about a century after her death. The only one that is at all familiar is: Iron in the water shall float, As easy as a wooden boat....And this was part of a notorious spoof originally written by one Charles Hindley in 1862, which ends with the sobering words:...The world to an end shall come In eighteen hundred and eighty-one..

Here is the complete original edition of the 'prophecies of Mother Shipton' (1641) -- (published nearly a century after her death)


In the raigne of King Henry the Eighth.


As also what should happen in insuing time.

London, printed for Richard Lowndes, I641.


The Prophecy of Mother Shipton in the Reign of King Henry the Eighth.

WHEN she heard King Henry the Eighth should be King, and Cardinal Wolsey should be at York, she said that Cardinal Wolsey should never come to York with the King, and the Cardinal hearing, being angry, sent the Duke of Suffolk, the Lord Percy, and the Lord Darcy to her, who came with their men, disguised, to the King's house, near York, where, leaving their men, they went to Master Besley to York, and desired him to go with them to Mother Shipton's house, where when they came they knocked at the door, she said come in, Master Besley, and those honour able Lords with you, and Master Besley would have put in the Lords before him, but she said, come in, Master Besley, you know the way, but they do not. This they thought strange that she should know them, and never saw them; then they went into the house, where there was a great fire, and she bade them welcome, calling them all by their names, and sent for some cakes and ale, and they drunk and were very merry. Mother Shipton, said the Duke, if you knew what we come about, you would not make us so welcome, and she said the messenger should not be hanged. Mother Shipton, said the Duke, you said the Cardinal should never see York. Yea, said she, I said he might see York, but never come at it. But, said the Duke, when he comes to York thou shalt be burned. We shall see that, said she, and plucking her handkerchief off her head, she threw it into the fire, and it would not burn; then she took her staff and turned it into the fire, and it would not burn, then she took it and put it on again. Now, said the Duke, what mean you by


this? If this had burned (said she) I might have burned. Mother Shipton (quoth the Duke) what think you of me? My love, said she, the time will come when you will be as low as I am, and that's a low one indeed. My Lord Percy said, what say you of me? My Lord (said she) shoe your Horse in the quick, and you shall do well, but your body will be buried in York pavement, and your head shall be stolen from the bar and carried into France. Then, said the Lord Darcy, arid what think you of me? She said, you have made a great gun, shoot it off, for it will do you no good, you are going to war, you will pain many a man, but you will kill none, so they went away. Not long after the Cardinal came to Cawwood, and going to the top of the Tower, he asked where York was, and how far it was thither, and said that one had said he should never see York. Nay, said one, she said you might see York, but never come at it. He vowed to burn her when he came to York, and told him it was but eight miles thence ; he said that he will be soon here:

but being sent for by the King, he died in the way to London at Leicester of a lask; and Shipton's wife said to Master Besley, yonder is a fine stall built for the Cardinal in Minster, of Gold, Pearl, and King Henry, and he did so. Master Besley seeing these things fall out as she had foretold, desired her to tell him some more of her prophesies. Master, said she, before that Owes Bridge and Trinity Church meet, they shall build on the day, and it shhall fall in the night, until they get the highest stone of Trinity Church, to be the lowest stone of Owes Bridge; then the day will come when the North shall rue it wondrous sore, but the South shall rue it forevermore; when


Hares kindle on cold hearth stones, and lads shall marry ladies, and bring them home, then shall you have a year of pining hunger, and then a dearth without corn; a woeful day shall be seen in England, a King and Queen, the first coming of the King of Scots shall be at Holgate Town, but he shall not come through the bar, and when the King of the North shall be at London Bridge his tail shall be at Edenborotigh; after this shall water come over Owes Bridge, and a Windmill shall be set on a Tower, and an Elm tree shall lay at every man's door, at that time women shall wear great hats and great bands, and when there is a Lord Mayor at York let him beware of a stab; when two Knights shall fall out in the Castle yard, they shall never be kindly all their lives after ; when all Colton Hagge hath born seven years Crops of corn, seven years after you heard news, there shall two judges go in and out at Mungate bar.

Then Wars shall begin in the Spring,
Much woe to England it shall bring :
Then shall the Ladies cry well-away,
That ever we liv'd to see this day !

Then best for them that have the least, and worst for them that have the most, you shall not know of the War over night, yet you shall have it.in the morning, and when it comes it shall last three years, between Cadron and Aire shall be great warfare, when all the world is as a lost, it shall be called Christ's cross, ,when the battle begins, it shall be where Crookbackt Richard made his fray, they shall say, To warfare for your King for half-a-crown a day, but stir not (she will say) to warfare for your King, on pain on hanging, but stir not, for he that goes to complain, shall not


come back again. The time will come when England shall tremble and quake for fear of a dead man that shall be heard to speak, then will the Dragon give the Bull a great snap, and when the one is down they will go to London Town; then there will be a great battle between England and Scotland, and they will be pacified for a time, and when they come to Brammammore, they fight and are again pacified for a time, then there will be a great Battle at Knavesmore, and they will be pacified for a while; then there will be a great battle between England and Scotland at Stoknmore; then will Ravens sit on the Cross and drink as much blood of the Nobles as of the Commons; then woe is me, for L~don shall be destroyed for ever after; then there will come a woman with one eye, and she shall tread in many men's blood to the knee, and a man leaning on a staff by her, and she shall say to him, What art thou? and he shall say, I am King of the Scots, and she shall say, Go with me to my house, for there are three Knights, and he will go with her, and stay there three days and three nights, then will England be lost, and they will cry twice a day England is lost; then there will be three Knights in Petergate in York, and the one shall not know of the other; there shall be a child born in Pomfret with three thumbs, and those three Knights will give him three horses to hold, while they win England, and all Noble blood shall be gone but one, and they shall carry him to Sheriff Nutton's Castle, six miles from York, and he shall die there, and they shall choose there an Earl in the field, and hanging their horses on a thorn, and rue the' time that ever they were born, to see so much bloodshed; then they will come to York to besiege


it, and they shall keep them out three days and three nights, and a penny loaf shall be within the bar at half-a-crown, and without the bar at a penny; and they will swear if they will not yield to blow up the Town walls. Then they will let them in, and they will hang up the Mayor, Sheriffs, and Aldermen, and they will go into Crouch Church, there will three Knights go in, and but one come out again, and he will cause Proclamation to be made, that any may take House, Tower, or Bower for twenty one years, and whilst the world endureth there shall never be warfare again, nor any more Kings or Queens, but the Kingdom shall be governed by three Lords, and then York shall be London; and after this shall be a white Harvest of corn gotten in by women. Then shall be in the North, that one woman shall say unto another, mother, I have seen a man to-day, and for one man there shall be a thousand women; there shall be a man sitting upon St. ~ames Church hill weeping his fill, and after that a ship come sailing up the Thames till it come against London, and the Master of the ship shall weep, and the Mariners shall ask him why he weepeth, being he hath made so good a voyage, and he shall say, Ah! what a goodly city this was, none in the world comparable to it, and now there is scarce left any house that can let us have drink for our money.

Unhappy he that lives to see these days,

But happy are the dead Shipton's wife says.

(c) 2002 Peter Lemesurier


In his "Collections of Prophecies" (1646) William Lilly, a seventeenth-century astrologer, claims that sixteen out of eighteen predicitions made by Mother Shipton were already fulfilled at the time he authored his book. Here is the most common version of the prophecies as found on the web: "A carriage without horse will go, disaster fill the world with woe. In London, Primrose Hill shall be in center hold a bishops sea. Around the world men's thoughts will fly, quick as the twinkling of an eye. And water shall great wonders do, How strange, and yet it shall come true. Through towering hills proud men shall ride, no horse or ass move by his side. Beneath the water, men shall walk, shall ride, shall sleep, shall even talk. And in the air men shall be seen, In white and black and even green. A great man, shall come and go for prophecy declares it so. In water, iron then shall float as easy as a wooden boat. Gold shall be seen in stream and stone, In land that is yet unknown. And England shall admit a Jew, Do you think this strange, but it is true. The Jew that once was led in scorn, shall of a christian then be born.

A house of glass shall come to pass, In England. But alas, alas, a war will follow with the work where dwells the pagan and the turk. These states will lock in fiercest strife, and seek to take each other's life. When north shall thus divide the south an eagle build in lion's mouth then tax and blood and cruel war shall come to every humble door. Three times shall lovely sunny France be led to play a bloody dance. Before the people shall be free three tyrant rulers shall she see. Three rulers in succession be each springs from different dynasty. Then when the fiercest strife is done. England and France shall be as one. The British olive shall next then twine, in marriage with a German vine. Men walk beneath and over streams fulfilled shall be their wondrous dreams. For in those wondrous far off days, the women shall adopt a craze to dress like men, and trousers wear and to cut off their locks of hair. They'll ride astride with brazen brow, as witches do on broomsticks now. And roaring monsters with men atop, does seem to eat the verdent crop.And men shall fly as birds do now, and give away the horse and plow. They'll be a sign for all to see be sure that it will certain be. Then love shall die and marriage cease and nations wane as babes decrease. And wives shall fondle cats and dogs and men live much the same as hogs.

 ON THE OUTER WRAPPINGS OF THE SCROLLS I know I go, I know I'm free, I know that this will come to be, Secreted this, for this will be found by later dynasty. A dairy maid, a bonnie lass, shall kick this tome as she does pass And five generations she shall breed before one male child does learn to read. This is then held year by year, till an iron monster trembling fear, eats parchment, words and quill and ink, and mankind is given time to think. And only when this comes to be will mankind read this prophecy. But one man sweets anothers bain so I shall not have burned in vein.

 FOUND ON A SCROLL IN ANOTHER JAR The signs will be there for all to read; when man shall do most heinous deed man will ruin kinder lives; by taking them as to their wives. And murder foul and brutal deed: when man will only think of greed. and man shall walk as if asleep; he does not look - he may not peep And iron men the tail shall do; and iron cart and carriage too. The king shall false promise make; and talk just for talking's sake. And nations plan horrific war; the like as never seen before. and taxes rise and lively down; and nations wear perpetual frown. yet greater sign there be to see; as man nears latter century. three sleeping mountains gather breath, and spew out mud, ice and death. an earthquake swallow town and town; in lands as yet to me unknown And Christian one fights Christian two and nations sigh, yet nothing do. And yellow men great power gain; from mighty bear with whom they've lain. These mightly tyrants will fail to do, they fail to split the world in two. But from their acts a danger bred; an ague, leaving many dead. And physics find no remedy; for this is worse than leprosy. Oh many signs for all to see; the truth of this true prophecy.

 THE LAST PROPHECY In nineteen hundred and twenty-six build houses light of straw and sticks. For then shall mighty wars be planned and fire and swords shall sweep the land. When pictures seem alive with movements free, when boats like fishes swim beneath the sea. When men like birds shall scourthe sky. Then half the world, deep drenched in blood shall die. For those who live the century through in fear and trembling this shall do. Flee to the mountains and the dens to bog and forest and wild fens. For storms will rage and oceans roar when Gabriel stands on sea and shore, and as he blows his wondrous horn old worlds die and new be born. A fiery dragon will cross the sky six times before the earth shall die. Mankind will tremble and frightened be for the six heralds in this prophecy. For seven days and seven nights man will watch this awesome sight. The tides will rise beyond their ken. To bite away the shores and then the mountains will begin to roar and earthquakes split the plain to shore. And flooding waters rushing in, will flood the lands with such a din that mankind cowers in muddy fen and snarls about his fellow men. He bares his teeth and fights and kills and secrets food in secret hill and ugly in his fear, he lies to kill marauders, thieves and spies. Man flees in terror from the floods and kills, and rapes and lies in blood and spilling blood by mankind's hand will stain and bitter many lands. And when the dragon's tail is gone man forgets and smiles and carries on.

To apply himself - too late, too late for mankind has earned deserved fate. His masked smile, his false grandeur, will serve the gods their anger stir and they will send the dragon back to light the sky--his tail will crack. Upon the earth and rend the earth and man shall flee, king, lord and serf. But slowly they are routed out to seek diminishing water spout and men will die of thirst before the oceans rise to mount to the shore. And lands will crack and rend anew do you think it strange, it will come true. And in some far--off distant land some men--oh such a tiny band will have to leave their solid mount and span the earth, those few to count. Who survives this (unreadable) and then begin the human race again. But not on land already there, but on ocean beds, stark, dry and bare. Not every soul on earth will die, as the dragon's tail goes sweeping by, not every land on earth will sink, but these will wallow in stench and stink, of rotting bodies of beast and man, of vegetation crisped on land. But the land that rises from the sea will be dry and clean and soft and free. Of mankinds dirt and therefore be, the source of man's new dynasty. and those that live will ever fear the dragon's tail for many year but time erases memory You think it strange. but it will be. And before the race is built anew, a silver serpent comes to view and spew out men of like unknown to mingle with the earth now grown cold from its heat and these men can enlighten the minds of future man to intermingle and show them how to live and love and thus endow. the children with the second sight. a natural thing so that they might grow graceful, humble and when they do the golden age will start anew. The dragon's tail is but a sign for mankind's fall and man's decline. and before this prophecy is done I shall be burned at the stake, at l My body cinged and my soul set free You think I utter blasphemy you're wrong. These things have come to me this prophecy will come to be."

...... Nostradamus (1503-1566)

Born Michel de Nostredame in France, in 1555 he published Centuries, his 942 predictive quatrains of the future history of the world.

The Epistle to Henry II - "For God will take notice of the long barrenness of the great dame, who thereupon will conceive two principal children. But she will be in danger, and the female to whom she will have given birth will also, because of the temerity of the age, be in danger of death in her eighteenth year, and will be unable to live beyond her thirty-sixth year. She will leave three males, and one female, and of these two will not have had the same father. There will be great differences between the three brothers, and then there will be such great cooperation and agreement between them that the three and four parts of Europe will tremble. The youngest of them will sustain and augment the Christian monarchy, and under him sects will be elevated, and suddenly cast down, Arabs will be driven back, kingdoms united and new laws promulgated.The oldest one will rule the land whose escutcheon is that of the furious crowned lions with their paws resting upon intrepid arms.The one second in age, accompanied by the Latins, will penetrate far, until a second furious and trembling path has been beaten to the Great St. Bernard Pass. From there he will descend to mount the Pyrenees, which will not, however, be transferred to the French crown. And this third one will cause a great inundation of human blood, and for a long time Lent will not include March.The daughter will be given for the preservation of the Christian Church. Her lord will fall into the pagan sect of the new infidels. Of her two children, one will be faithful to the Catholic Church, the other an infidel. The unfaithful son, who, to his great confusion and later repentance, will want to ruin her, will have three widely scattered regions, namely, the Roman, Germany and Spain, which will set up diverse sects by armed force. The 50th to the 52nd degree of latitude will be left behind. And all will render the homage of ancient religions to the region of Europe north of the 48th parallel. The latter will have trembled first in vain timidity but afterwards the regions to its west, south and east will tremble. But the nature of their power will be such that what has been brought about by concord and union will prove insuperable by warlike conquests. "In nature they will be equal, but very different in faith."

and on 1999....... L'an mil neuf cens nonante neuf sept mois Du ciel viendra un grand Roy deffraieur Resusciter le grand Roy d'Angolmois. Avant apres Mars regner par bon heur.

 Whatever this verse is about, it is not (as most translations claim - to much justified public alarm) 'a great King of terror'. Not as it stands, at least. The last word in line 2, which only acquired an apostrophe (thus making it 'd'effraieur') in corrupt subsequent editions, means 'defraying' or even 'buying off'. The expression 'du ciel' ('of/from heaven' or 'of/from the sky') suggests, as elsewhere in the Propheties, that this big-spending or even appeasing ruler has some kind of divine authority. Far from being some kind of Antichrist,then, the figure concerned looks rather like the Pope himself. In fact comparative horoscopy suggests that he is to be 'another Pope Gregory the Great' (who in fact came from Rome's Mons Caelius [='du ciel'again!]). 'Angolmois' (actually a region in western France) is generally supposed to be an anagram for 'Mongolois', though its first half is also an anagram for the first half of 'Langobardi' - the 'Lombards' who invaded Italy in the 6th century, during Gregory's pontificate. 'Viendra . . . resusciter' is a standard Nostradamian form of future tense, as is 'regner'. 'Resusciter' itself (from Latin 're+sub+citare') originally meant 'to stir up again' - and Nostradamus and his contemporaries were very prone to use classical words in their original senses. As for 'par bon heur', this means not 'happily' (as many versions would have it) but 'by good luck'.The gist therefore seems to be that in July 1999 a possibly appeasing Pope will in some way stir up a leader with Mongol (or possibly Lombard) connections (some French observers prefer to take the word 'Angolmois' literally, and refer it to the former Fran*ois I, who was duke of Angoul*me), with the result that a previously-raging war may or may not accidentally flare up again. Lemesurier's latest suggested freeish translation therefore reads:

When 1999 is seven months o'er Shall Heaven's great Ruler, anxious to appease, Stir up the Mongol-Lombard king once more And war reign haply where it once did cease.

The exact context, though, (and thus the final interpretation) depends on successfully identifying the other verses that go with it.An alternative, more 'purist' version might read:

When 1999 is seven months o'er Shall Heaven's great Prince, so willing to defray, Revive the king from Angoumois once more And former war perchance resume its sway.

... in which case line 3 would instead suggest that the then Pope will in some way encourage 'a new King Fran*ois I of France' to take up again a war previously undertaken by the original one. (taken from newsgroup FAQ P.Lemesurier)

and on M A B U S....... Century 2, Quatrain 62

Mabus plus tost alors mourra, viendra, De gens & bestes vn horrible defaite: Puis tout ˆ coup la vengeance on verra, Cent, main, faim quand courra la comete.

Mabus then will soon die, there will come A horrible undoing of people and animals: At once vengeance one will see vengeance, One hundred hands, thirst, famine, when the comet will run.

Peter Lemesurier ' s Interpretation >>>> Not some kind of Antichrist, but a simple 'reincarnation' of the painter Mabuse.(Jan Gossaert de Mabuse,the Flemish painter, died on October 1st 1532)"...... "Thus, the prediction would seem to suggest that, following the death of a prominent painter, a battle will take place in October 2002 to the south of Lisbon during which invading Muslim forces (presumably from North Africa) will be dramatically pushed back and their invasion stalled for a while. A comet will mark the event.

Erika Cheetham's Interpretation >>>> Nostradamus mentions a comet together with destruction and war. The "hundred hands" is evocative of the many refugee camps all over the world, where people are suffering from thirst and hunger. When Halley's Comet passed in 1986 there were famines in Africa, the Far East and South America. Is Mabus the name, possible an anagram, of the Third Antichrist to come? Ms. Cheetham believes it more likely that he is envisaged as a forerunner, so the time of the Antichrist is still awaited. [From: The Final Prophecies of Nostradamus by Erika Cheetham]

John Hogue's Interpretation >>>> Nostradamus' Third Antichrist has yet to be positively identified. In contrast with his certainty about Napoleon and Hitler, Nostradamus is less clear who this third tyrant is. Perhaps this is an example of his prophetic myopia that enabled him to be clearest about events of local or European history. When contemplating future events in more distant lands, the prophet's vision tends to be cloudier. What does come through clearly is the fact that this Third and final Antichrist is not a prominent European leader. He may even be a minor player in a future conflict, an insignificant terrorist such as Gavrilo Princip, the Serbian nationalist who assassinated Archduke Ferdinand of Austria in Sarajevo, triggering World War I. The man we know as Mabus may be some obscure future terrorist who, if he is not identified and restrained in time, will trigger World War III and the extinction of civilization as we have known it. The time we have left to positively decode who or what Mabus is, and how to prevent the foretold terrible destiny, may already have passed. The final line could date the beginning of his legacy of terror around the time of the appearance of Halley's Comet (1985-86), the collision of the comet Shoemaker-Levi (1994), or the comet Hale-Bopp (1997), which appeared right at the millennium of the Jewish lunar calendar. Mabus could be a cryptogram for Thurbo Majus, the classical Roman name given to the infernal god of Hannibal, or a cryptogram for Megabyzus, one of several conspirators who overthrew a Zoroastrian priest who had usurped the throne of Persia. An argument could be made that upon this classical foundation, Nostradamus is building a prophecy for the near-future debacle of Saddam Hussein from within, by a Persian (Iranian) ally. Try this experiment: Take a piece of paper and write "SAddAM." Hold it in front of a mirror. The mysterious Mabus could be one of dozens of Saddam Hussein's more sophisticated Al Abbas versions of his Scud missiles. Mabus therefore becomes a weapon launched by the Antichrist in a surprise attack. It "will soon die" in the flames of its own successful explosion after its supersonic journey. [From: Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies by John Hogue]

:Cryptic anagrams are one of the many ways one can hide a text in plain sight (steganography) and a clever way to hide more than one text within the same text (polygraphy).

:(3797?: Nostradamus calcuations add up safely up to the year 4722-Which is presumably why he himself suggests in his Preface that we shall still be here in 3797")

...... Monk Pouskof, St. Nicolas chapel (15th century)

"At the end of the 20th century, Russia will see great disorders. The houses, people and lands will be transformed by blood. We will see terrible things through pictures. What is above will go down. What is below will return to the high".extract taken from St Nicholas Chaep in the City of Popovka, near Taganrog and the sea of Azov.

...... Nan Shigu / Ge An (1509-1571)

From a book tiyled 'Notes Left by Ge An' which contains the secrets obtained by the great Korean scholar and astronomer Nan Shigu (1509-1571) when he met a sage in his youth in Kum Kang San Mountain (a mountain in Korea). Nan Shigu later assumed the name of Ge An, which is why the book is named as 'Notes Left by Ge An' . Actually, Nan Shigu was just taking notes according to instructions of the sage. Even Nan Shigu himself who was very knowledgeable about astronomy and geography could not comprehend its entire meaning. In 1986, a Korean scholar, whose last name was Xin, started to explore the book's meaning for the first time. By the end of 1980's, this book had become a hot topic in South Korea.

' Notes Left by Ge An ' is a great prophecy book, unrivaled in the world. It has a great amount of detail describing the Great King of Falun descending to this world to teach the Great Fa [the laws and principles of the universe] and Great Tao, and saving all sentient beings at the present time. It has mentioned clearly Falun Gong and the Falun Emblem, as well as the persecution of Falun Gong in China. It points out clearly that the great sage is named Li, who will start to teach the Fa and the exercises in Changchun (a city in Jilin province, north east China). The Fa that he teaches is the Fa that compasses all other teachings in one at this period of time.

The book unmistakably hinted about the a sage named Li and Great Fa and Great Tao he teaches:

1. Who is the sage? He is named after wood (Li in Chinese means plum tree). He has the sign of the rabbit (born in 1951), born in April (of lunar calendar) at the north of the 38th parallel and in Gongzhuling under the Three Deity Mountain (Changbai Mountain in northeast China). He was born under the direction of "Gen", which corresponds to the northeast direction.

2. This sage is the king of all kings in heaven, that is, the Great King of Falun. People will refer to him as Buddha Maitreya when he descends to this world. He is the sage who teaches the orthodox Tao.

3. "Three Words and Two Whites" mentioned in the book: the three words are Zhen-Shan-Ren (Truthfullness-Compassion-Forbearence), and the two whites are white heart and white body (refer to cultivation of xinxing [the nature of the mind or the heart] and transformation of benti [one's physical body and bodies in other dimensions]).

4. The book describes in great detail the Falun Emblem.

5. It has mentioned that Falun Gong has effects of "clear circulation", "small clear circulation" and "unblocking the passages and channels".

6. It clearly indicates that Sage Li will start his teaching in Changchun ("green forest", which is what Changchun means in Chinese).

7. In the section Statement about Dharma Ending Period, the book describes in detail that on the (July) 20th in the summer, Dafa will be persecuted by evil beings.

8. It has mentioned that after enduring the tribulations, practitioners in China will see "daylight in the future."

9. It clearly indicates that after some years, the Chinese government will change its policy against Dafa [the Great Law, the laws and the principles of the universe].

10. Those who persecute Dafa will perish forever, and the day for hundreds of millions of practitioners all over the world to celebrate will eventually come. It warns people do not turn away from Dafa because of those temporary tribulations. Those who leave Dafa will perish, and those who follow will prevail.

11. The Fa that Sage Li teaches is the orthodox Fa that is flawless. It clearly points out that people should study the Fa and read the books more.

12. It says that the sage will not live in the capital city, and he will travel to the west.

13. The time of his teaching will not be very long.

14. No escape from prison. Dafa practitioners will suffer the tribulation of jail terms.

15. It states clearly that even though people in China are suffering great tribulations, most of the practitioners will be like "birds not leaving the branches", and it is hard for the vicious slander of the state authorities to change people's mind.

16. All religions at the time are no longer effective. The only way out is to attain the Fa quickly -- praying to heaven everyday will not lead you a single step towards heaven, chanting "Buddha Amitahba" everyday will not lead you to the Paradise ofUltimate Bliss.

17. It has clearly described those important historical moments, one by one. It also points out when the Dharma Ending Period is. Mankind in this age will be destroyed in a "strange disease", and it is hard for even one out ten households to survive.

18. It emphasizes that the key to the cultivation practice in this time is cultivating xinxing, "preserving life at the half-moon shape under the triangle mountain" (referring to Clear Moon Lake in Changchun).

19. It states that the current events happening now in China were arranged several thousand years ago.

...... Coinneach Odhar Fiosaiche/Kenneth MacKenzie (d.1577?)

Scottish Brahan Seer or "Warlock of the Glen"..."Rome was; London is; Edinburgh will be." .....doom for the entire country of Scotland when . "A dun, hornless, cow (supposed to mean a steamer) will appear in the Minch (off Carr Point, in Gairloch), and make a 'geum,' or bellow, which will knock six chimneys off Gairloch House."

 "This bleak moor, ere many generations have passed, shall be stained with the best blood in Scotland. Glad I am that I will not see that day."......(The battle of Culloden 1745) ........The day will come when the Big Sheep will overrun the country to its northmost shore"; and: "the clans will become so effeminate as to flee from their native hills before an army of sheep"....... (Highland Clearances)...... "the day will come when fire and water shall run in streams through all the streets and lanes of Inverness."...... (piped gas and water Installed in 1829). .........."that the day will come when there will be a road through the hills of Ross-shire from sea to sea, and a bridge upon every stream." ........"The time will come when whisky or dram shops will be so plentiful that one may be met with almost at the head of every plough furrow.".........."Policemen will become so numerous in every town that they may be met with at the corner of every street." ........"Travelling merchants" [pedlars and hawkers] "will be so plentiful that a person can scarcely walk a mile on the public highway without meeting one of them."

 "When two false teachers shall come across the seas who will revolutionise the religion of the land, and nine bridges shall span the River Ness, the Highlands will be overrun by ministers without grace and women without shame,"......"the people will degenerate as their country improves."

 " The day will come when a river in Wester Ross shall be dried up."......."a Loch above Beauly will burst through its banks and destroy in its rush a village in its vicinity."........."When Loch Shiel, in Kintail, shall become so narrow that a man can leap across it, the salmon shall desert the Loch and the River Shiel."

 The heir (or chief) of the Mackenzies will take A white rook out of the wood, And will take a wife from a music house (Dancing saloon), With his people against him!

And the heir will be great In deeds and as an orator, When the Pope in Rome Will be thrown off his throne. Over opposite Creag-a-Chow Will dwell a diminutive lean tailor, Also Foolish James as the laird, And Wise James as a measurer. Who will ride without a bridle The wild colt of his choice; But foolish pride without sense Will put in the place of the seed of the deer the seed of the goat, And the beautiful Black Isle will fall Under the management of the fishermen of Avoch.

 "A battle will be fought at Ault-nan-torcan, in the Lewis, which will be a bloody one indeed. It will truly take place, though the time may be far hence, but woe to the mothers of sucklings that day. The defeated host will continue to be cut down till it reaches Ard-a-chaolais (a place nearly seven miles from Ault-nan-Torcan), and there the swords will make terrible havoc."

 When there shall be two churches in the Parish of Ferrintosh, And a hand with two thumbs in "I-Stiana," Two bridges at "Sguideal" (Conan) of the gormandisers, Soldiers will come from "Carr a Chlarsair" (Tarradale) On a chariot without horse or bridle, Which will leave the "Blar-dubh" (Muir of Ord) a wilderness, Spilling blood with many knives; And the raven shall drink his three fulls Of the blood of the Gael from the Stone of Fionn.

 " however unlikely it may now appear, the Island of Lews will be laid waste by a destructive war, which will continue till the contending armies, slaughtering each other as they proceed, shall reach Tarbert in Harris. In the Caws of Tarbert, the retreating host will suddenly halt; an onslaught, led by a left-handed Macleod, called Donald, son of Donald, son of Donald, will then be made upon the persuers. The only weapon in this champion's hands will be a black sooty cabar, taken off a neighbouring hut; but his intrepidity and courage will so inspirit the fugitives that they will fight like mighty men, and overpower their pursuers. The Lews will then enjoy a long period of repose."

 "The day will come when there shall be such dire persecution and bloodshed in the county of Sutherland, that people can ford the River Oykel dryshod, over dead men's bodies."...."The day will come when a raven, attired in plaid and bonnet, will drink his full human blood on 'Fionn-bheinn,' three times a day, for successive days."

 "Oh, Ard-nan-Ceann, Ard-nan-Ceann, glad am I that I will not be at the end of the South Clachan that day, when the young men will be weary and faint; for Ard-nan-Ceann will be the scene of terrible conflict."

 "A severe conflict will be fought at the (present) Ardelve market stance, in Lochalsh, when the slaughter will be so great that the people can cross the ferry over dead men's bodies. The battle will be finally decided by a powerful man and his five sons, who will come across from the Strath (the Achamore district)."

 "When a holly bush (or tree) shall grow out of the face of the rock at Torr-a-Chuilinn (Kintail) to a size sufficiently large to make a shaft for a 'carn slaoid' (sledge-cart), a battle will be fought in the locality."

 "One day a black rain will fall on the City of Aberdeen"... "The day will come when the jaw-bone of the big sheep, or 'caoirich mhora,' will put the plough on the rafters (air an aradh); when sheep shall become so numerous that the bleating of the one shall be heard by the other from Conchra in Lochalsh to Bun-da-Loch in Kintail they shall be at their height in price, and henceforth will go back and deteriorate, until they disappear altogether, and be so thoroughly forgotten that a man finding the jaw-bone of a sheep in a cairn, will not recognise it, or be able to tell what animal it belonged to. The ancient proprietors of the soil shall give peace to strange merchant proprietors, and the whole Highlands will become one huge deer forest; the whole country will be so utterly desolated and depopulated that the crow of a cock shall not be heard north of Druim-Uachdair; the people will emigrate to Islands now unknown, but which shall yet be discovered in the boundless oceans, after which the deer and other wild animals in the huge wilderness shall be exterminated and drowned by horrid black rains (siantan dubha). The people will then return and take undisturbed possession of the lands of their ancestors."

...... St Robert Francis Romulus Ballarmine (1542-1621)

Jesuit theologian, writer, and Cardinal: "For all catholics actually perceive antichrist to be one certain man but all the previously referenced heretics in a manner peculiar to them proprie teach antichrist not to be a single person but rather they teach the antichrist to be a single throne or tyrannical kingdom or the apostolic chair of those who preside over the catholic church.

 For it must be known that in the divine letters the Holy Spirit to have given as six sure signs concerning the coming of the antichrist: two which precede himself namely the preaching of the gospel in the whole world and the devastation of the Roman Empire; the contemporaneous men (2 witnesses) which it is to be seen prophesied Enoch and Elias and the greatest and last persecution and alosoi that the public sacrifice (of the mass) shall completely cease; the two following signs surely the death if the antichrist after 3 and half years (after his rise to power) and the end of the world, none of which signs have we seen at this time. The 3rd demonstration arises from the coming of Enoch and Elias who live even now and and shall live until they come to oppose Antichrist himself and to preserve the elect in the faith of Christ and in the end shall convert the Jews and it is certain that this has not yet been fullfilled. But it is easily seen that by is truly this is not a childish fantasy but a most true concept the Enoch and Elias shall personally return and it is also seen that the contrary concept (that they will not personally return) is either absolutely heretical or a serious error very close to heretical.

 The sixth demonstration arises from the last sign, that follows antichrist which shall be the consummation of the world. After antichrist at once comes the last Judgement…the future reign of antichrist shall be one thousand two hundred and ninety days duration. Mat 24 "this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached to the whole world and then shall come the consummation (of the world). That is a little after antichrist shall come the end of the world"

...... David Poreaus (d.1622)

Apocalypsis Nova? : "The Great Monarch will be of French descent, large forehead, large dark eyes, light brown wavy hair and an eagle nose. He will crush the enemies of the Pope and will conquer the East."

...... Fr. Balthassar Mas (d.1630)

"I saw a land swallowed by the sea and covered with water, but afterwards I saw that little by little, the sea retreated and left the land visible, and the upper parts of the towers and turrets of the cities rose and appeared more beautiful than before being swallowed by the sea, and it was told me that was England."