Comets and Asteroids and Future
Cosmological Catastrophes

II Esdras 15:
6. For wickednes hath exceedingly polluted the whole earth , and their hurtful works are fulfilled
37 And there shall be great fearfulness and trembling upon the earth: and their hurtful are fulfilled.
38 And then shall there come great storms from the south, and from the north, and an other part from the west.
39 And strong winds shall arise from the east, and shall open it; and the clouds which he raised up in wrath, and the star stirred to cause fear toward the east and west wind, shall be destroyed.
40 The great and mighty clouds shall be lifted up full of wrath, and the star, that they may make all the earth afraid and them that dwell therein; and they shall pour out over every high and eminent place an horrible star. @
41 Fire, and hail and flying swords, and many waters, that all fields may be full, and all rivers, with the abundance of great waters
42 And they shall break down the cities and walls, mountains and hills, trees of the wood, and grass of the meadows, and their corn.
16:12 The earth quaketh, and the foundations thereof; the sea ariseth up with waves from the deep, and the waves of it are troubled, and the fishes thereof also, before the Lord, and before the glory of his power.

2 Baruch 25:
And he answered and said to me: You also will be preserved until that time, namely until that sign which the Most High will bring about before the inhabitants of the earth at the end of days. This then will be the sign: When horror seizes the inhabitants of earth, and they fall into many tribulations and further, they fall into great torments And it Will happen that they will say in their thoughts because of their great tribulations, ''The Mighty One does not anymore remember the earth"; It will happen when they lose hope that the time will awake @ [the dead?]

4 Ezra 5:
1. "Now concerning the signs: Behold. the days are coming when those who dwell upon the earth shall be seized with great terror, and the way of truth shall be hidden,
2. and the land shall be barren of faith. And unrighteousness shall be increased beyond what you yourself see. and beyond what you heard of formerly. And the land which you now see ruling shall be waste and untrodden, and men shall see it desolate. But if the Most High grants that you live, you shall see it thrown into confusion after the third period;
and the sun shall suddenly shine forth at night. and the moon during the day. Blood shall drip from wood, and the stone shall utter its voice the people shall be troubled, and the stars shall fall.

Testament of Moses
For the Heavenly One will arise from his kingly throne. Yea, he will go forth from his holy habitation' with indignation and wrath on behalf of his sons. And the earth will tremble, even to its ends shall it be shaken. And the high mountains will be made low. Yea, they will be shaken, as enclosed valleys will they fall. The sun will not give light. And in darkness the horns of the moon will flee. Yea, they will be broken in pieces. It will be turned wholly into blood. Yea, even the circle of the stars will be thrown into dismay. And the sea all the way to the abyss will retire, to the sources of waters which fail. Yea, the rivers will vanish away. For God Most High will surge forth, the Eternal One alone. In full view will he come to work vengeance on the nations. Yea, all their idols will he destroy.

Sybilline Oracles Book 3
"And God will speak, with a great voice, to the entire ignorant empty-minded people, and judgment will come upon them from the great God. and all will perish at the hand of the Immortal. Fiery swords will fall from heaven on the earth. Torches, great gleams [lights], will come shining into the midst of men The all-bearing earth will be shaken in those days by the hand of the Immortal, and the fish in the sea and all the wild beasts of the earth and innumerable tribes of birds, and all the souls of men and all the sea will shudder before the face of the Immortal and there will be a terror. He will break the lofty summits of the mountains and the mounds of giants and the dark abyss will appear to all. High ravines in lofty mountains will be full of corpses.

Rocks will flow with blood and every torrent will fill the plain. AII well-constructed walls of hostile men will fall to the ground, because they knew neither the law nor the judgment of the great God, but with mindless spirit you all launched and attack and raised spears against the sanctuary. God will judge all men by war and sword and fire and torrential rain. There will also be brimstone from heaven and stone and much grievous hail will come upon four-footed creatures. Then they will recognize the immortal God who judges these things. Wailing and tumult will spread throughout the boundless earth at the death of men. All the impious will bathe in blood.

The earth itself will also drink of the blood of the dying; wild beasts will be sated with flesh. God himself, the great eternal one, told me to prophesy all these things. These things will not go unfulfilled. Nor is anything left unaccomplished that he so much as puts in mind for the spirit of God which knows no falsehood is throughout the world."

Sybilline Oracles Book 8
"Stars will leave the vault of heaven. A raging storm with hurricane will lay the earth desolate and judgment of the immortal God . . . but when God changes the times . . . making winter summer, then all the oracles are fulfilled. But when the world perished . . .
All the stars will fall directly into the sea, all in turn, and men will call a shining comet "the star," a sign of much impending toil. He will judge the souls of flesh-bearing men on the tribunal when the whole world becomes barren land and thorns. Men will throw away idols and all wealth. Fire will burn-up land, heaven, and sea, A lament will rise from all and gnashing of teeth The light of the sun will be eclipsed and the troupes of stars He will roll up heaven. The light of the moon will perish. He will elevate ravines, and destroy the heights of hills. No longer will mournful height appear among men. Mountains will be equal to plains, and all the sea."

Sybilline Oracles 3
"God, whose dwelling is in the sky, shall roll up the heavens as a book is rolled, and the whole firmament in its varied forms shall fall on the divine earth and on the sea; and then shall flow a ceaseless cataract of raging fire and shall burn land and sea, and the firmament of heaven and the stars and creation itself it shall cast in one molten mass and clean dissolve. Then no more shall there be luminaries, twinkling orbs, no night, no. dawn ... no spring, no summer, no winter, no autumn "

SybillineOracles Book 2
"And then a great river of blazing fire will flow from heaven, and will consume every place, land and great ocean and gleaming sea, lakes and rivers, springs and implacable Hades and the heavenly vault. But the heavenly luminaries will crash together. also into an utterly desolate form. For all the stars will fall together from heaven on the sea. All the souls of men will gnash their teeth, burning in a river, and brimstone and a rush of fire in a fiery plain, and ashes will cover all. And then all the elements of the world will be bereft: air, land, sea, light, vault of heaven, days, nights. No longer will innumerable birds fly in the air. Swimming creatures will no longer swim the sea at all. No laden ship will voyage on the waves. No guiding oxen will plow the soil. No sound of trees under the winds. But at once. all will melt into one and separate into clear air."

Sybilline Oracles Book 4
"But if you do not obey me, evil-minded ones, but love impiety; and receive all these things with evil ears, there will be fire throughout the whole world. and a very great sign with sword and trumpet at the rising of the sun
The whole world will hear a bellowing noise and mighty sound. He will burn the whole earth and will destroy the whole race of men and all cities and rivers at once and thc sea. He will destroy everything by fire, and It will be smoking dust."

Sybilline Oracles Book 5
"But the wicked, who dispatched lawless utterance against heaven. will desist from speaking against each other but will hide themselves until the world is changed. There will be a shower of blazing fire from the clouds, and mortals will no longer enjoy bright corn, from the earth. All will remain unsown and unplowed."

2 Enoch 1:
6." The lofty mountains shall be shaken, they shall fall and be dissolved. The high hills shall be brought low: they shall flow down, melting like wax held close to a flame of fire.
7. And the earth shall be torn asunder, and all things on the earth shall perish; and judgment shall come upon all men.
8. But He will make peace with the righteous; and for the elect there will be safety and peace: His mercy shall be upon them.
9. For He is coming with His myriads even His holy ones, execute
judgment against all men and He will destroy all the ungodly."

Gizeh 1: (Another Book of Enoch)
5. And all the people shall fear . . . and trembling and great fear shall seize them to the extremities of the earth.
6. And high mountains shall be shaken and shall fall and be dissolved . . . and the mountains shall flow down and be turned into side channels, and shall melt like wax before a flame
7. And the earth will be rent with a splitting and a crackling, and everything on the earth will be destroyed.

1 Enoch 102:1
"And when he gives forth his voice against you,
2. will ye not be shaken and affrighted by the mighty sound? And the whole earth shall be shaken, and trembling, and thrown into confusion....
And the heaven and its lights be shaken and trembling, [and] all the sons of the earth."

Zoroaster (~2000 BC) a Persian Prophet
" Ahriman (Satan) will have great power during his last three thousand years. Before the end, Ormuzd will send his prophet Sosioch, who will try to convert mankind.

Then Ahriman will make a comet hit the earth causing a great conflagration. At this time Ormazd will call all the dead from their graves and give them bodies of new flesh, but they will be able to recognize their friends and relatives.

Then follows the great judgment and the separation of the wicked from the righteous. Ahriman and all the hosts of the abyss, after burning punishment, will finally be purified, and a pure eternal world will come from the fire of the old one."

This description of the religion of Zoroaster was
taken from the Library of Universal History, by Israel S. Clare. vol. 1
From Normon Cohn's book Cosmos, Chaos and the World to Come (1993)

" O Mazda, by Thy bright blazing fire and molten metal, is a sign to be given among all living beings, to destroy the wicked man. The very appearance of the world will change. The earth will be flattened by the fiery flood, so that its surface will he a single level plain the snow-covered mountains of Iran-first thrown up as a result of Angra Mainyu's onslaught - will be no more."

Vision of Charles Evans -- Mormon
In August, 1894 an article appeared in The Contributor, (Vol. 15, No. 20, pp. 638-647) a forerunner of The Improvement Era, entitled "A Dream." In the article, an account was given of a vision which Charles D. Evans, a patriarch in Springville, Utah, had been given of the last days.

"…. A voice now sounded aloud these words. "Yet once again I shake not the earth only, but also heaven. And this word yet once again signifies the removing of things that are shaken as of things that are made; that those things that cannot be shaken may remain."

Earthquakes rent the earth in vast chasms, which engulfed multitudes; terrible groanings and wailings filled the air; the shrieks of the suffering were indescribably awful. Water wildly rushed in from the tumultuous ocean whose very roaring under the mad rage of the fierce cyclone, was unendurable to the ear. Cities were swept away in an instant, missiles (meteors, asteroids) were hurled through the atmosphere at a terrible velocity and people were carried upward only to descend an unrecognized mass. Islands appeared where ocean waves once tossed the gigantic steamer. In other parts voluminous flames. emanating from vast fires, rolled with fearful velocity destroying life and property in their destructive course. The seal of the dread menace of despair was stamped on every human visage; men fell exhausted, appalled and trembling Every element of nature was a demon of wrathful fury. Dense clouds, blacker than midnight darkness, whose thunder reverberated with intonations which shook the earth. Obscured the sunlight. Darkness reigned, unrivaled and supreme."